Naughty Boy


Have you ever slept with an acquaintance whose name you did not know? Well I had an interesting experience last week. I was at the poolhall, where most of my adventures begin, chatting with friends when the acquaintance in question entered.

She’s taller than my normal type, my height in fact. Her body slender, ass perky, breasts large, short light brown hair and brown eyes with glasses. She usually dresses very casually so as not to reveal her body too much. That night she was wearing red and white track pants and a white sweater and running shoes. Not exactly appealing to the average onlooker but to me was stimulating. It’s fun to guess where her curves are under all that fabric.

I was sitting with a group of five, talking about pool stuff. Gambling, hustlers, odds and rest of it when she wandered over to our table. Smiling at me she acknowledged the group and gave her piece of mind. Her boyfriend, in her opinion was the best shot around and debate ensued. The night wore on and people came and went at their whim but my ‘friend’ and I stayed at that table for much of the evening until it was just the two of us. And still I couldn’t remember her name. I couldn’t even remember if she ever told me.

Our conversation went through various stages until the topic of movies came up and her young 18 year old age showed it’s self when she couldn’t identify with some classics. Not the greatest classics mind you, more like Back to the Future.

“You mean you haven’t seen Back to the Future?” I asked her, “You poor child. You’ve missed out on classic 80’s cinema. Fortunately I happen to have a copy at home you could borrow.”

“Why don’t we just go watch it now?” Naturally in my permanent state of naivety I presumed she actually meant we should go watch the movie. Meanwhile I was being hunted down by a girl almost nine years my junior.

I agreed to the idea and we went out to my truck and drove to my apartment. This girl’s eyes are unreadable. She had always had a lustful look in her eyes since she met me but she never made a move on me so I thought nothing different this time. We entered my apartment and immediately she went exploring, taking herself on a quick tour of the place while I searched the ET unit for my copy of the 80’s classic. From my bedroom I heard my computer boot up and she laughing.

“Oh My God! This thing is ancient!” Was her mocking statement of my derelict PC. With all my personal junk at her fingertips I quickly went to see what she was up to. When I got to the room she was looking through my mp3’s. She had removed her sweater and was sitting at my desk in a tank top track pants.

“How about I turn on my lava lamp? Then we can be all retro.” She smiled and we set the mood, turning off the bedroom light and turning on the lamp with red lava.

“This looks good…” Innuendo? She was looking through my play lists and picked out a pre-made track list of what I considered to be soulful House. After she selected the play list she stood up and met me at eye level, inches away from me. She removed her glasses, her breasts were pressed against my chest and finally the message was clear. I closed the small gap between our lips with a kiss and felt her breathe on my cheek. My lips parted and I ran one lip across hers at a time before pendik escort introducing my tongue to her. I explored her body with my hands and her mouth with my tongue. Her arms barely moved from around the back of my neck. When I explored below her waist I felt no panty lines beneath her satiny track pants. My hands eventually found there way to a comfortable place around her ass, a cheek in each palm. My right thigh found the nook between her legs and her right thigh felt my stiffening cock beneath my jeans. Our kiss broke and all she could say was ‘wow’. She just stared at me for a moment and while I like to be watched this was supposed to be playtime. I removed my shirt to either spark her into action or give her more to look at.

For a moment still she just looked at me and then the music took her. We started to grind with the beat and her hands began to explore my chest. She ran her fingers along my sinewy pecks and modest abs. Then I thought her tank would look better on the floor but I teased her with it first. I pulled the tank up and she raised her arms to help but as the tank was going over her head I stopped, blindfolding her and binding her arms together above her head. I locked her arms together with my right hand and with the left I uncovered her mouth so I could kiss it. Her breathing had become uneasy until I kissed her, then she smiled. Then with my free hand I unclipped her bra. In the next moment we were locked together again, bare chested, shirts on the floor. Her large breasts actually made it harder to kiss her because they kept me so far back so I decided to make things more interesting.

I turned her around and attempted to cup her breasts in each hand. Failed, but it was fun trying. From this position we kissed more with our tongues. Wet, sloppy, sensual. My hands explored her bare upper body, stopping at each nipple to give them a little tug and a pinch. Her abdomen was hard but not lined with abs and her skin was so soft. Must be her age. I can’t believe I did that with an eighteen year old. I feel like a cradle robber!

I made circular motions around her tummy with one hand, going lower with each circle while the other hand busied itself with her huge mammeries. Finally I felt pubic hair. It was groomed. The hair was soft but short and she had the triangle thing going on. When I plunged downward to her pussy lips she quivered, like when you do when a strange hand gropes you under the table. But she was more excited than anything. Her pussy was soaked. Without seeing her pussy yet I could tell she was shaven underneath, her lips were slightly smaller than the norm but her clit was large and protruding out of its hood. When I set to work on her clit with my middle finger (the index and the ring spread what she had for lips) I also turned my lips attention to her neck and ears.

She moaned softly while I did my work and she mentioned something about me being talented and knowing what to do with a woman’s body. She ground her hips into my crotch when the music’s baseline went deep and low. I mentioned something about how well she could move with a man at her backdoor.

“You don’t know how well yet.” Was her response. I’ve never been able to gage how far someone was willing to go there first time with me so in this instance I decided tuzla escort to go for broke. I can’t remember what song was playing but there was a long lull. Long enough for me to slide myself down her body and pull her track pants to the floor so that her bare ass was right in front of my face. I kissed a cheek and she bent right over my desk, giving me access to her pussy and ass. Again I teased her, kissing and licking around her most sensitive parts before commencing on the goods. This girl’s pussy was a true work of art. Her vulva was puffy, her small lips were pink and flawless, and her clit peaked out at me. I paid close attention to her puffing vulva because I’d never seen a set so beautiful. Only in these moments am I grateful for God.

“Thank you God.” I said out loud before main event dining. I licked and kissed and sucked those outer lips with cruelty. Why cruel? Because for the longest time I paid no attention to anything else, just being a major tease though I didn’t mean to.

“Please! Stop teasing me!” That was my queue to move on. First I licked the crease between her vulva and labia on both sides, starting near her ass and down towards her clit. Then I explored inside her pussy. The walls were so smooth and the tunnel was so tight I wondered if she was a virgin but she couldn’t have been. Not her. After sucking all her pussy juice out of her I paid her clit a visit. It was like a little over inflated ball ready to burst. Up until this time her hands assisted me in spreading her ass and thighs apart but they let go when I touched her clit with my tongue. I smiled and let go of her over sensitive clit for the moment.

“I’ll get back to that little button later.”

“Uh huh…” Was all she could muster. I went back to her labia again and licked over her pee hole, which netted me another moan of approval. But her ass comments intrigued me and the fact she bent over meant her booty was in a better lapping zone than her pussy. I gave that crease between her vulva and labia another run before licking straight up to her asshole. By now her hands had gone back to assisting me, which freed my hands up to play with her pussy. When I reached her asshole I laid my tongue flat across the whole thing, which did a number of things. First, it moistens the area, increasing sensitivity. Second, the asshole has as many sex nerves as a clit, so by just laying my tongue across her anus that gave her a moment to adjust to hypersensitivity. Third, I wanted to make sure she was ok with getting a rim job and she responded with pulling her cheeks further apart.

When I felt comfortable with continuing the rim job I made a ripple effect with my tongue followed by large circular motion, again my tongue was still flat across when I did this. After a while I started to use the tip of my tongue, funneling towards the center of her outer sphincters. When I do a rim job I like to make sure the girl is… you know… clean. And the easiest way to do that in the heat of passion (don’t kill the mood!) is by sticking a finger in her pussy and feeling along the wall between her pussy and rectum. If there are lumps behind that wall don’t continue. I know. Not exactly a turn on but what are you gonna do? Stick your tongue in her ass only to lap up a turd ball? Occupational hazard.

When kartal escort I checked her out and she was clean I felt around for her G-spot with my finger while I continued licking and kissing her ass. When I found that familiar hump I started funneling again, this time with the intent of tongue fucking her ass. The outer sphincter ring is easy to get past because it’s controlled by your conscience but the inner ring does what it pleases so it takes some coaxing before it will trust you. After a few short minutes I was able to ram my tongue in a little more than half way (I have a big tongue. And I started rubbing her clit too along with the finger inside her on her g-spot and my tongue in her ass. She was making noises that ranged from serenity, to passion, to quivering feeble moans.

It didn’t take long before her legs were beginning to give out on her and her hand’s grip on her cheeks were slipping. So I suggested that she lay on my futon and she agreed with a feeble node. When she stood up I noticed her eyes were completely glazed and I could have probably done anything I wanted to her. But I had an unfinished job to attend to first. She still hadn’t come yet. I brought her to the brink several times only to back off again to her delight and dismay. She stood in front of me waiting for me to direct her somewhere. Her mind was completely gone, off somewhere in the land of serenity.

I gave her a little kiss and laid her down with her butt at the edge of my futon. Before going back down on her I kissed her again and moved slowly down her body kissing and fondling her tits, licking around navel. I ran my tongue along her pubic hair’s triangular border. Then I made my tongue flat lapped from her anus to her clit. As I passed over her labia I noticed they were completely slick with her juice. Mmm, sweet tang, I thought. When I reached her clit I went to work.

I flicked my tongue feverishly on that little button and that got her out of her blissful state. Her screams of pleasure were loud and clear. I put some pressure on her butt hole with an index finger but didn’t enter (cornholer’s secret). Then it was time for my specialty. I ran my tongue lower, off her clit and I left my upper lip there, still rubbing her clit. Then I stuffed my tongue up her pussy as far as it would go and resumed rubbing her clit with my upper lip. I tried covering as much of her pussy with my warm mouth so as to give her as much pleasure as possible. I also nudged my finger up so her outer sphincter ring covered my fingernail and I wiggled that around. With all that going on I felt her orgasm build up in no time. Then she tensed up, arched her back, her breathing ceased for a moment. That was my queue to carefully slide my finger right up her butt and suck the life out of her clit. She convulsed, she ground her hips into my mouth and finger, come poured into my mouth and then she gasped and collapsed.

Ten minutes later she awoke with a start, which startled me because I was just sitting at my computer minding my own business. I covered her up when she passed out. That never happened to me before so I just let her be and starting surfing the net while I waited for her to wake up.

“Oh my God! I have to go. I sorry, I shouldn’t even be here… I have to go.” She dressed as she said all that. She looked me in the eyes and kissed me quickly before racing out my door and out of my building.

“Shit. Do I have a use and discard sign over my head or something?” I said to myself. Damn.

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