Naughty Girl


Naughty GirlYou are waiting in the corridor outside the headmasters office,you have been sent to him for playing with your moble phone and how you was playing, when they did a smokers check of the toilets they found you, knickers down with your moble on vibrate inbetween your splayed legs and when the teacher said Suzie get to the heads office that familier tingle of exitement went through you because you had been there several times before and knew what to expect.So waiting in the corridor your 18 year old already experienced body tingling with anticipation of what was to come.Suzie the voice shouted come in now please,as you entered the office it was obvious from your already erect nipples pushing against the tight blouse which housed your large heaving pert breasts and your already flushing cheeks that you were ready for what adiosbet yeni giriş was to come.Suzie suzie suzie will you never learn that to flaunt school rules specially like you have just done will just keep fetching you to my office i said. You know the routine by know over the desk please, so you dutifully put your hands on the desk and bend over the exitement and anticipation almost at boiling point. I then slowly walk round behind you and lift your grey school skirt up as far as it will go exposing your perfectly formed long 18 year old legs, then i slowly slide your red already wet panties down to your ankles leaving your soft round arse exposed to the cool air in the air conditioned office. As this is becoming a regular thing with you flaunting the rules i’m going to give you 12 strokes instead of the adiosbet giriş normal six lets see if that teaches you a lesson. So postioning myself i take aim with the wooden paddle and let fly the paddle landing perfectly across both cheeks,you don’t yell but grip the table harder an d let out a sharp gasp already a perfect red mark across both cheeks,by the time of the third stroke you are so wet you are almost dripping and my rock hard cock is pushing against my trousers but you are unable to see this plus your eyes are clenched tight waiting for the next strokes,by the sixth stroke i have silently undone my fly buttons and released my engorged cock already weeping a bit of precum ,at the ninth stroke your now glowing bottom and legs trembling and i know you are nearly cumming and my cock is about ready to explode, adiosbet güvenilirmi its now too much for me and in one move i am behind you sliding all seven inches into your sopping pussy you then reach behind and softly stroke my balls with your fingertips but have to stop as i start thrusting harder and faster,then with a long moan your pussy musles tighten around my thrusting cock and a fantastic warmness surrounds my cock as you cum time and time this point i’m past the point of no return and start pumping steam after stream of thick white cum into your eagerly waiting pussy, my legs are still trembling as i slowly slide out my still hard length wet and dribbling which i then wipe on your grey skirt.then as if nothing had happened i sit back at my desk. well suzie i said i hope you’ve learnt a lesson today pull your knickers and skirt up and get out , then with a knowing wink and smile i say same time next week suzie and with that you leave on unsteady trembling legs fresh spunk dripping into your knickers and a look like the cat who had the cream which i suppose you did.

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