Naughty Talk

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Sometimes it’s how you say it.

It had been an easy day at work. After a big project is completed, it always gets this way. The finals of the job went well and I hadn’t been home early in several weeks and I was missing my home life and my girl.

She’s a dream, shy but complex and sometimes not easy to understand. But I love her and more than anything I like to please her. I was home early and she hadn’t started dinner.

We talked for awhile and flirted in the way a couple does sometimes. She told me of her day and I told her of mine. She was radiant in a sleeveless sundress she’d put on when she got home. Her breasts are small but tantalizing and her cute little butt always wiggles in my mind.

The dress was short and in the warmth of the room it was unbuttoned to midway between her breasts. I always ogle her butt and her boobs. I can’t get enough of her smile, her mind, or her body… in no particular order. Today though it felt different maybe because I was so horny or maybe because of the cute ways she has of teasing me.

I helped her do dishes and put some laundry in the machine. Next we tidied up and did those little things that we were always putting off. Finally it was time for dinner and I helped by peeling potatoes and running the can opener. She always does the meals but I like to stick my nose in sometimes.

Tonight was no different and after I’d put some vegetables in a dish, I programmed and turned on the microwave. She’d thrown some chops in the electric pan and seasoned them and was now tending them. So, I set the table and then went in and sat in front of the TV. The evening news was on and there was a lot of stuff on the war, on politics and a little bit of what was happening locally.

I watched it all and watched the weather and sports reports before she called me for dinner.

Dinner was delicious as usual and I marveled at how skilled she is at work and at home. After we did the dishes I went in and settled with my legs on the sofa, and my back against an arm of it, with the TV blaring.

A few moments later she came in and nudged my legs apart and sat between them put her feet up too and then her head against my shoulder. She opened a pint of B & J. that she’d been hiding. Smiling, I asked her if she was going to eat the whole pint and she asked if I wanted some. I told her no and she turned half sideways with her shoulder against my chest and began with the spoon. I heard little noises for awhile and then looked down to see her tongue coated with a morsel of the ataşehir escort bayan creamy dessert. She rubbed it against her upper lip and smiled up at me. When she spoke I had an instant hard-on. She said that it reminded her of me just after a blowjob.

Where had that come from? She was always so proper about everything and mostly about her speech. It was arousing to think about as she began licking the confection from the spoon. She dug out a fresh spoonful and began laboring it again with her tongue as she watched me.

She said that it even felt like licking my cock except that it was cold and I was always so warm. I think she may have used that word twice since we’ve been together and now I was confused.

Next she wiggled her butt against me and said that it felt like I had a hard-on. Another new word, and followed it with a statement that her pussy was hot, too. I was definitely hot and finally asked her about it and she asked if I was shocked. Not exactly I told her, but it was new.

She asked if I liked it and I said sure… kind of. And then she almost blew my mind when she asked how many words I knew to refer to a cock and a pussy. I asked if she really wanted to know and she shook her head yes and looked me straight in the eyes.

I mentioned the usual cock, dick, prick, pussy and cunt. She asked if I could think of any more and I did. Now she repeated a few back for me telling me that she wanted me to shove my dick into her glory hole and fuck her until she screamed.

She always was delightful and innovative in sex. She is a dream in bed, but this was a new side of her and it seemed exciting to her. I replied that I might dick her so hard and deep that I’d be able to watch myself coming up if she opened her mouth while I screwed her.

She asked if I ever thought of her as a slut and I started to say no when she asked me to fuck her, and that she was my little slut. She said that she wanted to climb on top of my fuck pole after she polished my knob with her tonsils. I had trouble letting that one go but I replied now by telling her that if she wasn’t careful that I would ream her ass with that fuck pole and then shove it deep down her throat.

She raised her dress and put her hand to her mound and for the first time I noticed that she’d left the panties off. Her fingers began to circle and explore until I grabbed her hand and said that if she wasn’t careful that I would turn her into my fuck bunny bitch pole licking slimy wet smelly holed slut. Her hand began desperate escort kadıköy movements and I could smell the scent of her arousal. She dipped fingers in while the second hand worked on her clit. My straining cock was still contained within my pants as she slid down across the front of them.

She pulled her hands away and turned quickly. Her hands were frantic at my crotch as she whispered that she was going to suck me like a street whore and that I’d better be ready for it. My beltless slacks were no match for her passion as she literally tore at the button and zipper. Her hand was instantly inside and she grabbed me through my briefs and then grappled with the top of my briefs. She was hard on me as she sat up in frustration and finally told me to stand up and get rid of them.

I stood, but as I lowered slacks and briefs together her hands and mouth attacked me. It was as if she couldn’t get enough and I heard her mumbling as her hands came up to grab my balls and the base of my cock. She pulled back and whispered hoarsely that I’d better get started and she wanted to feel me trying to tear her tonsils out. I replied by grabbing her hair and head and forcing my cock deep into her mouth while telling her that she was my fuck slut.

I told her that she’d better be good after all this and that my throat reamer was going to tickle her tummy in a moment. She moaned and I pulled her hair toward me as I thrust deep. I could feel the muscles in the back of her mouth that weren’t accustomed to this kind of treatment but they felt so good that I had to go for more. I retracted and let her catch a breath and then I shoved as hard as I could. I felt her throat contract and she almost gagged, but she managed me until I extracted again.

I had never felt so exhilarated and turned on before… ever. Three more times I prodded her throat and then as she was catching her breath I grabbed the front of that dress and ripped all of the buttons off exposing her unbridled breasts and naked body from knees to face where she sat.

I dropped to my knees and told her to get her fucking whores knees up and hold open her snatch… wide. Her hands were instantly wet as I heard her utter something unintelligible and she strained to open and raise her pussy. I exclaimed with a question asking her how fucking wet that dirty hole got, just before descending to bury my mouth and face deep. She was wetter than I could remember her ever being and her hands went to my hair and fastened in it as I heard her tell me to eat her dirty bostancı escort fuck hole. She started telling me how big and hard I was and that she’d been able to feel my knob throbbing as I fucked her face.

She asked how her dirty hole tasted, but her hands and legs were working hard together and I’d never felt such strength as she ground her pussy against me. She hollered for me to suck her dirty clit, too and then to run my tongue up her filthy cunt and then her tight nasty asshole. She told me to smear her wet cum all over her and then she was going to wrap my horny cock in her asshole and ride me until I filled her.

She climaxed repeatedly for minutes as I worked and was unable to speak. Eventually she managed to wind down some and push me away. When I stood up she pulled my arm to sit beside her and I did. When I was down she lifted my arm over her shoulder and smiled at me. In a moment she whispered that she really needed a flesh injection and I replied that when she was ready that I’d love to fill her box with old one eye.

After a moment longer, she reached over and wrapped her fingers around my cock and told me that she wanted to give lip love to my cum snake. Still amazed, but rising quickly to such as occasion I told her I’d welcome her taking a turn in bushy park. She lowered her lips once again but didn’t apply suction but repeatedly squeezed my head with just her lips and then added her tongue to the event.

I felt that exquisite yearning that a woman can give a man as she applied suction and pulled me in deep. Her head began bobbing and her hands were busy with the maypole dance. My ass clenched on its own and my hips raised as my hands again wrapped her hair around my palm and my other went to the back of her head. I felt the wetness of saliva lubrication and the cool breeze each time she retracted to my head to tongue fondle it.

I told her that when she had finished, if I had remaining strength that I wanted to hump and pump her hole and fill it with my cum. I wanted to spray her body from my source and watch as she rubbed my softening lotion into her body. She was to be my cum slut and my succubus retrieving my life. She moaned with every word and seemed to work harder. I know she plunged deeper than ever before and it was no time and I heard myself telling her that little juice shot was coming right up and with a desperate plunge I delivered on everything. Again and again I spurted, regrouped and returned.

Later we exhausted her passion and sealed my fate on the bed. Now, we don’t talk like this all the time but when she is passionate we frequently return to this night and our litany of love words. Now I even listen for them at work and when I’m around a bunch of guys. She’s still shy but still my little cum slurper and ball lapper.

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