Subject: Naval Tradition 37 Naval Tradition Bill Drake ail) NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. If not, sit back, unzip, pull it out, and enjoy. For more of my stories, see the Prolific Authors page here at Nifty archive. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does. Please consider supporting them with a donation. Naval Tradition 37 Baltimore December 2007 This Army-Navy game weekend just wasn’t the same. They’d moved the game to Baltimore for that year, so we were without all of our favorite haunts. The proximity to Annapolis placed it a little more on Navy territory, but the energy felt a little off. Still the excitement of Army-Navy, but different somehow. Most of all it just wasn’t the same without Sean there. He was overseas on his tour and I was missing him something awful. Meeting up for his R&R in Greece should have helped but it may have made it worse by reminding me how much I loved and missed him. Jack Grant was currently stationed abroad, too, so it was just me and Dad. My brother Matt was back in the US, in San Diego, and we tried to talk him into joining us, but he was dating a woman now and it sounded like it was getting serious. “Em would be so pissed if I fly across the country for a guy’s weekend,” he said over the phone. “You guys will have to try to have an awesome time without me.” It was a little surreal seeing my brother seeming more like an adult. He was a Lieutenant Junior Grade now and was well on his way to a successful career as an officer. Like Dad and like Grandad. I promised myself I wouldn’t be mopey this weekend, and once I was hanging out with Dad I was in fact having a good time. By our second beer at the restaurant for dinner, I was lightening up. “How’s Chicago treating you?” Dad asked. Since Dad had sold our Norfolk house, I’d taken up my Uncle Mike’s offer to stay with him in the off season up in Chicago, and my brother John had hooked me up with a temporary job at an accounting firm. “It’s cold! But pretty good. I was worried I was going to overstay my welcome at Uncle Mike’s but it’s worked out OK. Lisa’s actually been really cool with me staying there.” Mike was a committed bachelor, at least as far as marriage went, but he had a long-term girlfriend Lisa who was about ten years younger than him. “That’s great, Slugger,” Dad said. “You keeping busy?” I gave an emphatic nod of the head. “Yeah, a little too busy. I work 9 to 6 and hit the gym in the evening. Uncle Mike has me on a pretty intense workout and diet regimen,” I said. “I do get out an explore the city on the weekend or go visit John and Kate, but I don’t really have a social life to speak of.” “I don’t like when you get like that, Jim,” Dad said seriously. I shrugged. “It is what it is, Dad. Really, I’m OK.” “Well, I’m glad you could make it out here this weekend.” “I don’t think Mike will be happy I’m taking a break from the gym for two days,” I laughed. I then turned his question on him. “What about you, Dad? You enjoying DC?” “I am, Slugger. It’ll be better when Jack’s back, but it’s fun to have more going on for a change. You’ll have to come visit.” “I know. I’m sorry I haven’t.” He gave me a nudge of my elbow. “Don’t sweat it, Jim. You’ve had a lot going on. Me, too. But I still miss having you around more,” Dad said. “It’s the hard part of parenting. You want to see your kids go off and do amazing things and then once they do, you half-wish they never went away.” He looked at me with his goofy affectionate-Dad look and said, “I wasn’t sure you’d find a relationship, at least not so soon.” I blushed I’m sure and started to stammer an objection, but he stopped me to continue. “I know, I shouldn’t sell you short, son. I’m really glad. I want this for you.” “Thanks, Dad,” I said. “It’s been great with Sean. Beyond great. We gotta work around me being in the closet. He’s also selective about who knows.” “Does that bug you?” “It should bug me more,” I confessed. “But we’ve gotten used to doing what we have to do. I just wish I could see him more during the season.” “That’s gotta be tough,” Dad acknowledged. “Yeah,” I said. “But I’m not the only one. Some of the guys on the team have girlfriends there, but escort kocaeli others have to do some long-distance thing. I guess they can be more open about it but it’s still shitty for them.” I could tell Dad wanted to change the subject away from my missing Sean. He started asking me about baseball, my prospects for the 2008 season, and what my uncle had been advising me. “I figure I got two, maybe three years to see if I make the majors,” I said. “Then I’ll have to reassess.” We were a little buzzed and good-humored when we walked out of our bar around 10:30. The streets were buzzing with military guys and fans, and Dad and I soaked in the atmosphere as we walked back to our hotel. “Nothing like Army-Navy weekend, is there son?” Dad asked, clearly in a great mood. “Nope,” I said, thrilled to be included in this ritual. ***** The next day at the game the vibe was good=natured fun. Dad in his Navy windbreaker and cap, me in the Army fleece Sean had given me. This time I didn’t have divided loyalties. I was going to root for Army whole-heartedly. If Sean wasn’t going to be there, I had to cheer in his place. So we watched the game, giving each other some ribbing back and forth. But then something happened that changed my weekend. Navy won. Not just any win but a 38-3 blow out. Navy’s victory wasn’t a surprise, after the previous five years. But damn, I’d been rooting for Army to pull through this time. Maybe it wasn’t rational but it was like I was using them to root for Sean to pull through. To come home safe. I could tell Dad was pleased with the Navy win but his attention through dinner seemed on me, like he was trying to assess my emotions. We had one pint afterward, but as I offered to buy the next round Dad stopped me. “You know, what do think of heading back to the room early?” It was like he’d rescued me from going through the motions all evening and probably drinking too much to drown my emotions. “Yeah,” I agreed with a telltale sigh. “Sounds good.” The room felt warm and I peeled off my jacket and fleece, though I wasn’t ready to lose the Army cap Sean had given me. I laughed to myself thinking about how Sean used to tease me about always taking my cap off indoors. I absently sat on one of the beds, and Dad sat across from me. “You’re missing him today, aren’t you Slugger?” I nodded affirmatively, unable to speak. Then the tears just came out. I’d lost it before with Dad, but this felt even rawer emotionally. As I bawled, Dad crossed over and put his arm around my shoulder. “There, there, son,” he said. “Let it out.” I cradled my face in his neck and wrapped my arms around him and cried, while he held me. I felt embarrassed for breaking down like this in front of him, but I also knew this was one man in the world who wouldn’t judge me or think me weak for it. After several minutes, I calmed down a bit. Dad spoke, plainly. “He’s going to be OK, Slugger, I know it. And… you know I’m here for you. We’re all here for you.” His words were perfect and I clung to his body. As I returned to normal breathing, I asked. “You miss Jack, too?” “I miss him like the devil. Each time he goes away. Even if he’s not in a war zone, I worry.” We weren’t in a rush to let go, and the contact was doing more than comforting me. It reminded me of the sexual contact I’d been deprived of for the last two and a half months. Dad’s body felt warm and firm and really good in my arms. No doubt about it: holding him was making me horny. He didn’t seem eager to release his hold, and I decided to take a chance. “Dad,” I asked softly. “Can we have sex tonight?” I thought of what Sean had told me about it being OK sleeping with someone and while I didn’t feel proud of wanting this, I felt like I needed to connect with Dad right then and badly. I just hoped Sean would understand. I thought my words might catch him off guard or bug him, but I could tell he’d been thinking the same thoughts. “I’d like that, son. If that’s what you want.” He clutched my shoulder, somewhere between reassuring and sensual in its contact with me. “What about Sean?” he asked. “Sean’s given me permission to have sex with another guy,” I started, clarifying the situation. “I was hoping not to need to, but I think I do, Dad.” Dad’s hand ran along my chest and along my abs till it held the hem of my T-shirt and peeled kocaeli anal yapan escort it up. I helped him remove it by taking off my Army cap, though I put it back on once my chest was bared. I don’t know how, but it was like the cap was my connection to Sean. Dad leaned back and with a naughty, giddy look on his face he started unbuttoning his shirt, and soon he was bare-chested, too. It had been a year and a half since we’d had sex and Dad’s body was different. He was older, now 51, and while he still had his strong build, he had a definite beer belly around his middle. I didn’t care, and in fact something about it looked hot on him. And as our hands started exploring each other’s bodies it felt electric. His chest, torso and arm fur seemed thicker, too. He was certainly impressed with me. “I knew baseball was shaping a fine body on you, Jim, but wow,” he said, tracing his hands over my body. Our hard cocks raged in our jeans but we weren’t in an urgent rush, instead feeling the vibe of connection. “Dad,” I said, wanting to clear the air. “I told Sean about us.” Dad had a slight worry on his face. “If there was a problem, I would have heard already, right?” “There’s no problem.” I wondered how much to share. “If anything, he’s turned on by the idea.” Dad smiled, knowing exactly what I meant. “Jack’s like that. He’s the one who first introduced me to incest fantasies, years ago. And when he found out you and I did it for real, he was excited like a kid at Christmas.” “I knew we had something special,” I said, “but it’s funny to see how other people see it.” “Oh, Jack would love to see it,” Dad laughed, and I did, too. “Sean as well. He even asked me, you know if the situation ever came up, if he could watch.” I was definitely throwing the idea out there. I wasn’t sure if it was for my sake or for Sean’s. Maybe both. Dad had been thinking about it, too, but had some doubts. “We’ll see. It’s gotta feel right, Jim. And I love what I have going on with Jack and don’t want to mess anything up.” “I get it, sir,” I said, truthfully. “I just wanted you to know that Sean knows.” We undid our jeans and slipped out of them. Dad grinned and got off the bed. He returned from his bag with some lubricant. “I never travel without it,” he laughed. We were really hard now and leaking against our stomachs, and we lay next to each other and stroked off slowly, using our free hand to explore the other’s body. It was sensual but still sexual, not exactly romantic. Dad’s voice got real soft and he said, “We’re here now, Jim. Just us. What do you want to do? I’m happy just jerking off if that’s what you want.” I would have been A-OK with that. But while I missed everything about sex, I’d craved to top, since it was something I still wasn’t able to do as much with Sean. “I want to fuck you, Dad,” I answered. I leaned back while Dad reached down and slicked up my erection, while his even larger cock bounced excitedly in front of his crotch, his heavy nut sac hanging low. His touch made my dick twitch in his wet grip. “You like that?” “Yes, sir,” I said. Dad climbed back onto the bed with me. “I still can’t believe we’ve done this, are doing this,” Dad said. “Incest,” he said, letting the word hang heavy between us. “Fuck, Dad, I probably should have quit cold turkey, but it’s part of me, the way I’ve always been attracted to you.” “Hell, I’m the parent,” Dad replied. “I should be the responsible one.” As if to belie his words he gripped my dick again and held it up as he strode over my midsection. “You raised me right, Dad,” I asserted. “Whatever sex we’ve had, that’s a separate issue.” Dad arched has back and twisted his torso enough to let his right hand guide my cock to his crack. He settled it into place and looked back down at me, giving me a wink. “Listen to Slugger, being the one to give the lectures.” I laughed, but was caught off guard by the amazing sensation of Dad bearing down on my dick and the feel of his pucker giving way to me. I had to surmise that Jack was fucking him regularly enough to where Dad wasn’t super tight, and the idea thrilled me. “Oh Jesus you’re thick, Slugger,” Dad grunted as he sank further down. He gave me a nod to let me know he was doing OK and able to relax a little. Still he had more distance izmit yabancı escort to go. He didn’t rush, and I didn’t rush him. After all, it was amazingly hot to see my father fuck himself on my steel-hard cock. It’s irrational, but somehow his bulkier bod meant in my mind he was better able to take my thickness. As Dad sank further down, he leaned forward a little to steady himself with his hands on my chest. Then started pumping his ass up and down. Slowly but the slick tightness was incredible. Like Dad’s insides were stroking my dick and suctioning the cum straight from my balls. And that’s exactly what he was doing. I didn’t want to cum so quickly, but watching Dad’s meatier body partially hunched over and working his ass up and down my cock, his own gigantic prick ramrod hard – as well as just the rush that I was fucking Dad once again – I couldn’t hold off. “Oh, Dad,” I huffed. “I’m coming. Oh fuck oh FUCK!” I gripped his thighs and pushed into spurt the first of my load inside him. “Damn!” Dad grinned, impressed at the intensity of my orgasm. I nutted good and hard, at least eight pumps inside him, an orgasm that was overdue. It was a fevered release that swept my whole body. When I came down, Dad leaned back a little, adjusting to my size now. “You able to stay hard?” Dad asked. “That’s not going to be a problem,” I assured him. Dad started bouncing once more, and stroking in earnest, more in pace to his need for release now. His belly heaved and his shoulders bunched and a stream of cum spurted from the tip of his cock, smacking me in the neck and chin. The others sprayed my stomach, as I watched Dad have an intense orgasm of his own. He slowed his motion and leaned back, holding his jerking hand to the side, cum dripping from the fingers. “Damn, that was incredible, Jim,” Dad said. “You, too, Dad.” After we were done Dad got up and washed off, and I then took my turn in the bathroom. Dad had slipped on his jeans again, maybe to be modest now that the sex was over, but he was still barechested, and I couldn’t help but admire the powerchest and beefy muscle and feel my oats a little that I’d just fucked this powerful man. My dad. “I don’t think I’m ready for bed yet, son,” Dad said. “You feel like staying up and talking with your old man? I slipped on my briefs. “Sounds awesome,” I said. “Mind if I raid the minibar? Last time Sean and I were at Army-Navy weekend, we had a toast of some good bourbon.” Dad smiled and nodded. I pulled out a couple of airplane-sized bottles of bourbon and poured one each into a glass. “To Sean,” Dad toasted and we clinked. He gave me a serious look that was trying to read my expression. “You OK with what just happened, Slugger?” Dad asked. I felt surprisingly relaxed. “Yeah, Dad, I think I needed it. I didn’t put you in an uncomfortable place with Jack, did I?” Dad shook his. “We’re good, Jim.” “Cool.” I said. “I’m going to have to tell Sean this happened.” Not quite asking Dad’s permission, but I was hoping he was OK with it. Dad was a little quiet. “I understand. You know…” he started. “You don’t need me to lecture you, since you know what you’re doing. But damnit it would kill me if I came between you and Sean. He’s the best thing that’s happened to you, son.” “I know,” I sighed. “Maybe I shouldn’t have told him about us, I said. But it felt right. You ever know you can trust someone. You know, deep down?” Dad smiled and nodded, and I knew instantly he was thinking of Jack. I laughed. “I guess you do. Sorry, Dad, I shouldn’t be acting like I’m the only one in love.” Dad asked me in a plain, simple tone, “How serious are things with you and Sean?” I replied as simply as I could. “He’s my world, Dad. Him and baseball and you and family.” “We’ve always been close, Slugger, right?” I wasn’t sure where Dad was going with this but I replied, “Yes, sir.” “I don’t think I’ve heard you be so open and honest with me before. Not when you were a teenager. Not even in Mexico.” “I dunno,” I deflected. I hadn’t thought of myself as doing anything different, but I guess Dad was right. “You’re a man now, Jim.” It was so direct a statement that I felt my heart pound and my chest swell a little. Dad hadn’t told me that as a compliment to boost my mood, he’d been honest. We had another whiskey, and talked about matters serious and light. Finally Dad put his glass down and fixed me in the eye. “Bout ready for bed, son?” he asked. “Sure,” I replied. The day had been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and for all the close connection I just had with my father, I wouldn’t be sad to be heading back to Chicago tomorrow.

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