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NAVAL TRADITION Bill Drake, with Corporal Cody PART FOUR: BACK TO NORMAL Chapter Twenty-Three Norfolk, Easter 2004 The Orioles weren’t doing so hot. We sat in the living room, Dad, me, and my older brother Matt, watching them lose to Tampa Bay, who were not a strong team. Dad had grown up an Orioles fan, and they were my team, too. Well, them and the Twins, my Uncle Mike’s first team as a pro in the 80s. As a kid, I’d dreamed of playing shortstop like Cal Ripken. That is, until Mike McGrath’s career as a second baseman gave me a new role model and idol. “Jesus, I don’t know that I can take another season of this,” Dad said in frustration from his recliner, shaking his head as we listened to the color commentator drone on. The O’s were having a string of lousy seasons lately. “Another beer, Dad?” Matt asked as he stood up from his seat on the sofa with his empty bottle. Dad held his up, as if deciding whether he should have another. He nodded. “Sure. Thanks, Matt.” My older brother looked over at me with a playful smirk. “I’m not even gonna ask if you want another, Squirt, I already know the answer.” “Hey!” I laughed and half-objected as Matt stepped around the sofa. “Maybe I’m trying to work off my winter weight.” I had recovered from my knee injury like I expected, and was nearly back to playing baseball. Coach T was being conservative about easing me back into the lineup, using me as a pinch hitter. After almost six month on the bench, I was happy to be playing again. Ecstatic even. Going to practice, being on the field, hanging with my teammates – it helped me keep my mind off Dad, really. But I still had about five pounds of injury weight I wanted off. “It’s Easter weekend, Jim,” Matt countered from behind me, and I knew he’d be bringing me a beer, too. As my brother left the room, I snuck a look over at Dad from my seat on the far end of the sofa. Sitting back in his recliner, he had on an old and worn out Navy PT shirt that fell loose and stretched as it hung off his muscular and bulky built frame, especially his large shoulders and mounded chest. On his waist, he had on a pair of equally worn and loose khaki shorts. My father cut a notably strong profile – thick, knotted brow, his stark Roman nose, his thin lips, and strong jaw, the way his Adam’s apple bobbed from his thick neck as he drank the last of his beer bottle. His hair was freshly cut, nothing buzzed, but short and within Navy regulation. He liked to keep the top longer, parting it to the side with product. But today, Dad let his hair fall naturally, which still fell into the Navy style he liked – like I always remembered him having. Only now he had greying streaks in his thick dark brown hair and across his temples. As he leaned back in his recliner and let his legs spread out in front of him, the hem of his shorts rode up his thighs and I could make out the knotted quad and wide calf muscle, and the marvelous coating of dark hair that covered his legs and ran down across his feet. My gaze drifted higher to the prominent mound of his crotch as I imagined, and remembered, the amazing cock that my father has – large, beautiful, powerful. I quickly looked back at the TV, chastising myself for these thoughts. I was not going to lust after the man, I told myself. Things were complicated enough after Mexico. A year and a half earlier, at my brother Paul’s wedding, I put myself out there and made a move on Dad sexually. And a month ago, Dad reciprocated, fully, in five amazing days over my Spring Break in Cancun, just the two of us. That week we had the most incredible sex, the best in my life, coupled with an emotionally powerful connection, too. Too powerful. I was crushed out on my father, maybe in love with him, too. Even after weeks of being back in Virginia, I still wasn’t totally sure just how deep my feelings got. But by the end of our time in Mexico, we both knew we had to stop. I’d played with fire and gotten burned, giving into desires that would only make me unhappy and keep making me unhappy. Desires that were in danger of messing up the father-son relationship that was the bedrock of my life. I guess after the highs of a week with Dad over Spring Break, the comedown was inevitably going to be hard. Deep down, I knew it couldn’t last, this thing that Dad and I had going on. I knew I had to get back to some kind of real life – school, baseball, hanging with my friends… a normal life. But normal in a more profound way. You know, not being an incestuous pervert. Dad had changed, too. Since that trip, he still called me every week to talk, just like before, but he was less chatty. But the more he called, the more I actually began to see his side of things. He was making a conscious effort not to be withdrawn, like he’d been after Paul’s wedding. But at the same time, he was putting some distance between us. I could hear it in the tone of his voice as we talked. It was tough for him. And even as I was wrestling with my own emotions, I felt awful that I’d made things tough for him as well. The path of least resistance would have been for me to stay at school for Easter weekend. Dad was scheduled to ship out to sea soon, though, at the beginning of June. I knew I’d see him at Matt’s commissioning in May, but when Dad called me and casually asked if I was coming down for Easter, I knew what was on his mind – he wanted some time with me before his deployment, father-son time. Despite my apprehension, I couldn’t say no. *** As it turned out, my brother Paul would be spending the holiday with Megan’s family, but at least I would have Matt in Norfolk as a buffer. Matt had taken the slight detour on his way home from Annapolis and picked me up after my Friday afternoon game. He showed up at my apartment door, cheekily grinning as I hugged him before introducing him to Holt, who was getting ready to head back home to Daleville for Easter weekend. Holt seemed a bit surprised learning that I was Matt’s baby brother, since I was clearly taller with notably more muscle. The Naval Academy had kept Matt lean, but I knew he had strength in his lithe swimmer’s build. Matt wasn’t Paul’s meathead type or the muscle-jock type I ended up being. Matt was in his last year at the Naval Academy. And now that he was closer to his commissioning, Matt was in a lighter mood than I’d seen him in a few years. I’ll admit, it was still a little odd seeing Matt with a Navy Academy crew cut at times, as I remembered his shaggy chestnut brown hair from his youth. But while he now outwardly looked like a first class midshipman, the Academy’s college senior, the mischievous spark in his blue eyes told me that he was still the playful extrovert he’d always been. Once we were on the road, he and I easily slipped back into being close brothers, catching up on just about everything. I did talk to him on the phone, but it wasn’t the same as seeing him in person. I’d almost forgotten how hysterically funny he could be. He had a way of telling stories about his buddies or just random midshipmen at the Academy that had me in stitches. In high school, Matt was always the guy who managed to get away with a lot because he had a natural charm and because knew how to stop just shy of breaking the rules too much. I gathered discipline was a bigger deal at the Academy, but at least he hadn’t lost his fun-loving self or his cynical, wisecracking side. I gathered that he was still the popular guy in his class, easily making friends at the Academy with his outgoing personality and sense of humor. I ribbed him for the shitty emo music he’d gotten into, but Matt just gave a sly grin as his eyes stayed on the road. “Bro, it’s just `cause you don’t have to impress the girls. They eat that sensitive-guy act right up.” I laughed. In high school, Matt always had a different girlfriend every other month, and I could tell his girl-chasing ways hadn’t changed. “Another reason to be gay,” I said, glad Matt was more laid-back about things now. When I’d come out to him, it was during his first year at Annapolis. I’m not entirely sure what kind of environment it was, being a freshman at a military school, but when I told him I was gay, he seemed almost… cold – not mean about it, but not really supportive either. The change in his attitude toward my being gay must have been on his mind as well. His smile turned into a serious expression. “Listen, Jim… I have to apologize. I was kind of a dick when you came out to me, and maybe since then…. I just, well, I guess I didn’t think of you that way, and it kind of took me by surprise. And I guess I have some issues to work through.” “It’s cool,” I said, feeling almost like I was 15 again and wanting my big brother’s approval once more. “But thanks, Matt. That means a lot.” He was silent for a second, then asked, “You doing OK, bro? Seeing anybody?” “Nah,” I said, shaking my head as I looked out the window. “I gotta stay in the closet for now. I guess I have to find a guy who can accept that.” “Damn, that’s tough,” my brother said as he sighed. “Yep,” I agreed, shrugging my shoulders – it is the way it is. “But I guess I’ll know in a couple of years whether professional baseball is in the cards.” “You’re gonna go pro, Jim. I’m sure of it,” Matt said encouragingly. “But dammit you shouldn’t be a monk,” he said, almost reprimanding me. “Oh, I’m not, believe me,” I said, and blushed immediately after. “All right,” my brother chuckled. This was definitely not the Matt from a year ago. “You may have better odds than me right now, bro,” he said. “The ratio of men to women in Annapolis is insane.” That had to be tough. Even then, I suspected Matt had his share of luck. My brother and I had been told more than once that we’d both hit the jackpot with the McGrath good looks – Matt getting Dad’s brown hair, while I ended up blond like the men on mom’s side. We made good time on the road and soon were pulling into the familiar roads of Norfolk. Dad stepped outside the moment we pulled into the old driveway. He was noticeably happy to see us and gave us both hugs as we got out of Matt’s car. Dad told Matt that he was looking forward to pinning on his ensign shoulder boards come May. “Looking good, Slugger,” he said as he gave me a tight paternal hug. “How’d your game go?” “We lost,” I said simply, after we pulled away, before leaning into the back seat of the car to pull out my duffel bag. “But I was able to get a couple of at-bats this time.” “The knee feeling all right?” my father asked as he walked us up to the front door. “Pretty much,” I said. “I’m feeling 95% now. Just staying cautious.” It was about 7:30 and Dad ordered us a pizza and I almost immediately sat down to watch the Orioles-Tampa Bay baseball game Dad already had on. Matt stepped into the living room with cold, fresh beer bottles for each of us. As we all conversed during the ball game, Dad asked Matt, “You looking forward to Commissioning Week?” “God yes,” Matt chuckled, reclining into the sofa as he let his head fall back, letting a relieved smile break across his still youthfully cute face. Matt was gifted academically, like John. In high school, he would sometimes skate by on talent alone. But as he explained on the drive home, the Naval Academy was no walk in the park. He loved the guys he’d made close friends with, but he was ready to move on. He looked at Dad as he let a small frown form. “Though I’m not sure Pensacola will be much more exciting than Annapolis.” Service Assignment Day had come the previous November, and Matt got his first choice of Navy Pilot training. “No it won’t,” Dad said, smiling, with a playful reminder that the Navy required more sacrifice than maybe Matt expected. “I just feel bad for my buddy Zach…,” Matt added, “he’s been assigned to Nuclear.” Dad got a half-reprimanding tone in his voice. “It takes all of it to make the Navy run, Matt.” “Yeah, I know, Dad,” my brother said, his tone in turn deferring to Dad’s. But I watched as he got a little smirk as he added. “Submarine duty’s not as much of a chick magnet as being a pilot, though.” He was joking, but I’m sure it was also true. Dad chuckled. “Glad you’re doing it for the right reasons,” he said, grinning at Matt before taking a swig of beer and turning his attention back to the game. Matt turned to me with a playful smile, his dimples on full display as his blue eyes shone devilishly. “So, baby bro, what’s the gay equivalent? What job makes dudes interested?” “Baseball player,” I dead panned. Dad laughed. *** As a baseball fan you can never be too upset seeing your team lose any particular game. There will be another game tomorrow, or the next day. But that evening, I was very OK with the O’s losing by 1. It was like a sign that things were normal. That us McGrath men were having regular family time. Dad called it a night first. Matt and I stayed up and finished our beers as we watched late night TV, chatting a little – about life, school, goals, family. But soon he got up and picked up my empty bottle. “You ready to call it a night, squirt?” he asked as he yawned. I nodded. “Yeah, it’s been a long day,” I said, feeling relaxed and a little buzzed. I’d gotten up early for a workout and a morning class before I had my afternoon baseball game, and the day felt like it was finally catching up with me. I turned off the TV while Matt hit the lights as we finally made our way upstairs. It was a little weird being back in my old room. I had put a lot of things in storage, so the walls, desk, dresser and shelves were sparer now, making the room look tidier. It felt familiar, but still a reflection of my younger, high school self. I grabbed my toiletry bag from my duffle and quietly brushed my teeth in the hallway bathroom before stepping back into my room and stripping out of my clothes, down to my boxer briefs. I hit the lights. And as I got under the covers, I thought back to how many loads I had shot masturbating in this very bed. At one point I did it so frequently that I thought I had a problem. But eventually I realized I just had a heavy sex drive – one part teen hormones, one part a natural libido that stayed with me even now that I was in college. I felt my dick firming up now, stretching my underwear as I rolled unto my back. All of a sudden, I wasn’t feeling very sleepy anymore. Very quickly I was going from heavy to fully boned. Since Mexico, I had only my hand for release. No Bulldozer specials, no affairs with college professors, no one-off hookups. Thankfully, I’d gotten skilled at pleasuring myself. My hand felt particularly good as I peeled my boxer briefs down off my hips and gripped my rigid boner, the smooth skin hot against my palm. Fuck, I was already leaking. I reached down into my duffle on the floor. I’d packed a little trail-size tub of Vaseline – I was experimenting with different lubricants – and enjoyed the thicker viscous feel as I began stroking my erection. I flung off the covers as I gripped my ballsac with my right hand and slowly pumped my needy cock in my left. I rolled my head back into my pillow as I knew just the right spot to rub with just the right grip and pressure. I softly shut my eyes as I let out a slow exhale. I knew where my mind wanted to go. To Dad. To reliving Mexico, or imagining him coming into the room and fucking me then and there. But even in my horny state, I forced myself to think of something else. I knew just what would do the trick. My high school coach, Coach Weir. I used to feel bad fantasizing about him, because the man was an important mentor and role model in my life. He was a UVA alum, and had been thrilled that I’d gone there to play ball. I still kept in touch with him from time to time. But eventually, I embraced the fantasy. Tim Weir was hot as fuck. 40 years old, 5’10”, 215 pounds, beefy stud. Thinning brown hair and grey-streaked temples that accentuated his jowly and tanned masculine face…. Broad nose and thin lips that I knew would look amazing stretched around my fat hardon. I stroked more feverishly now, feeling my slicked fingers catch on the underside of my flared corona before running over the swollen head and across my leaking slit. I tugged my sac and listened to my soft but heavy breath mix with the sound of the low slick strokes of my fist. Not rushing my JO session, but not holding back or edging either. I had a nut to bust and my balls tingled as I got deeper in my fantasy with Coach Weir. He had on his nylon team windbreaker and nothing on from the waist down. In my head he was bent over that cluttered desk in his office, gripping the edge of the surface top, looking back at me with his hungry brown eyes. I knew that if I wanted his Coach’s ass, I had to eat it first. I crouched down behind him, helping him lift one knee of his beefy legs onto the desk, pulling apart those meaty, hairy, manly ass cheeks with my hands, admiring his dark and forested trench and diving in. The cleft was super hairy, hairier than any man I’d eaten out as my tongue found his smooth and silky hole. I listened to Coach Weir grunt as he brought his knee up higher onto his desk, opening his cleft up even more, offering me more of his manhole as I gripped each hefty cheek as I slipped my tongue inside him. Fuck, he tasted good in my dreams. I loved imagining it as I jerked my dick wildly, pressing and rubbing my thumb just under the head as I gasped. I could almost feel the soft brown hairs in my teeth, against my tongue, and taste Coach Weir’s masculine hole. I was getting real worked up now, and decided to go for my cum. Fantasy me stood up, naked except for my baseball cap, wiping the spittle and ass juice from my smooth chin as I lined up the tip of my prick against his wet and hungry, hairy hole. I felt him open up as I shoved my cock into Coach’s searing hot depths. Spearing his hole with a steady, resolute thrust. Coach cried out, throwing his head back as I gripped his windbreaker, wadding it up in my fist as I used it to pull him back against my groin, thrusting hard. Then again. My balls pressing against those meaty cheeks with each one. His rectum clenched tightly against my pistoning rod as he pushed himself up on his outstretched arms, arching his back and presenting his ass for deeper and harder thrusts. I could hear Weir’s unmistakable voice, urging me on. Deep, gravely, with a heavy Virginia twang. “That’s it. Fuck yeah… McGrath, knock it out of the park…” I shot. Heavy ropes landed on my chest and a couple lapped at the base of my neck. Taking me out of my fantasy and returning me to my quiet dark bedroom. I looked down at my load, catching my breath with a tiny smirk, a little proud of the amount of cum I’d shot. I’d needed that, for sure. I grabbed my t-shirt at the top of my duffle and wiped off, feeling weary from the day now as I pulled my boxer briefs back on, tucking away my now softening cock before I rolled over and went to sleep. *** Saturday was pretty low-key. Matt and I decided to take advantage of the gym on the Naval base to get a good workout in. Growing up, us McGrath boys always had military dependent ID cards to get us on base. Now that Matt had a military ID card, he couldn’t wait to use it. I will say, Matt was stronger than he looked as we worked out and spotted each other among the mostly enlisted sailors and marines. I was impressed with his focus working out, and he made some comment about wanting to get in top shape before his duty assignment. I was normally focused too, but I found myself surreptitiously scoping out the men in the weight room. While my brother was occupied re-racking our weights toward the end of our workout, one man in particular caught my eye… an older sailor sitting on the edge of a workout bench from across the gym. His thickly muscled chest and broad shoulders rose as he took in deep breaths, obviously taking a break between sets in his bench press workout. On the weekend, the military guys didn’t usually work out in their PT clothes, so he could have also been a marine. Late 30s… maybe early 40s, buzzed head, brown hair, tanned skin, hard stare… definitely enlisted with equally high rank. The sweat soaked the front of the athletic shirt, clinging to his shapely muscles as he caught his breath. And I suddenly realized, he was looking at me and wasn’t looking away. He narrowed his dark eyes, and I honestly couldn’t tell if he was checking me out or having a normal straight-guy’s reaction to my own glance his way. Fuck, either way the guy was smoking hot, and I felt my cock twitch in my compression shorts. “You ready, squirt? We told Dad we wouldn’t be too long,” Matt asked, elbowing me in the side. I broke my stare with the older military man. “Yeah,” I answered as I followed Matt towards the door. I took a quick look back, almost hoping the man’s eyes would be following me out of the gym, but instead he was already leaning his strong body back onto the bench for another set. I felt strangely thrilled and embarrassed by how much I wanted to sleep with a guy like that. Later that morning I went to run errands with Dad and Matt, picking up some provisions for Easter dinner. As we headed back on base şişli travesti to hit up the commissary, the gate guard saluted Dad, and I had the realization that in a few weeks, they’d be saluting Matt as well. The afternoon was a lazy one. It was Dad’s turn at the base gym as we both knew he went for his usual swim at the pool. Matt had some final homework assignments to do as Dad let him use his den. I hung out in my old room with that same intention, sitting at my clean and almost barren desk, the house oddly silent despite Matt and I under the same roof – so unlike the teenage versions of ourselves. I did get one assignment for my accounting class done. But as I had my laptop open, I got distracted by my horniness. The studly older sailor at the gym had stuck in my mind and made me return to a thought that had been preoccupying me lately. I turned around in my seat to make sure the coast was clear. On my internet browser, I opened the hookup website I’d signed up for – one that I knew Holt used. Recently I had set up a shell of a profile but hadn’t shared any pictures. I had spent the last couple of weeks since Mexico lurking, but still felt too afraid to use it. I chewed on my pencil as I stared at my bare profile. Maybe it was being back in Norfolk that made me feel like I could take a chance. The Norfolk-Virginia Beach area could feel like a small town sometimes, but it wasn’t Charlottesville small. Plus it had the military guys – like Petty Officer Kevin, Lieutenant Commander Evans… the sailor from the gym. I watched my fingers quickly work as I added my stats – Age: 20, Height: 6’3″, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Blonde, Build: Muscle Jock… I added a couple of pictures to my profile – no face shot, just cropped phone pics of shirtless me in front of the bathroom mirror, all defined lines and flexed muscles with just a dusting of light blond fur – before my injury, and before Mexico. And I also had a good dick pic ready to share if a guy was interested. And, man, were guys interested. I tried to go back to my homework but almost immediately I got a notification, and then another, and then another. Maybe I was just fresh meat, but it was a real ego boost. I looked up to check the door once more – no Matt. I chatted with a few guys and tried to figure out the etiquette, particularly if I wasn’t interested in sleeping with the guy. There were a couple of guys I was interested in sleeping with, but as I perused the profiles, one in particular excited me a lot. From his single, torso-only profile pic, I’d guessed he was in his 40s – strong body, beefy but fit. He was moderately hairy with dark swirls mostly across his thick chest. He lacked the toned definition I had, but the thick muscles were definitely there. And with his muscular body and his “discreet only” profile, I wondered if he maybe was a Navy officer or NCO. In any case, my dick twitched when I came across his profile. I was the one to initiate contact. Direct, and not what I expected myself to do after only lurking for weeks. But I knew what I wanted. His almost immediate replies were eager and flirty, but not too aggressive. I sent him my dick pic. I was horny but apprehensive, and “Brian,” as he introduced himself, was just the right speed for my mood at that moment. In fact, I was surprised how easy our chat seemed to flow. Finally, Brian grabbed the bull by the horns. “I’d love to suck that big cock of yours,” he wrote. I grinned, feeling myself start to bone up as I typed back, hitting “send.” “I’d love it if you did,” I replied. I wasn’t sure I was ready to get fucked again, not so soon after my and Dad’s amazing time in Mexico – particularly with a guy I’d never met. So the fact he suggested oral made me feel more at ease. He asked if I wanted to come over. I was nervous and not sure if I would really go through with this. It was about 3 o’clock, and I wondered if I could get away. I didn’t have my car there in Norfolk as Matt had picked me up. But maybe I could ask Matt to use his. I messaged back, “I don’t think I can right now. Maybe later?” “Sure,” he replied. “But let me know. I’m horny as fuck.” I logged off and tried to will my hardon back down. Accounting helped, sort of. But in the back of my mind, I was worried Brian would find another guy to hook up with, and I suddenly felt saddened by the prospect that I wouldn’t get to hook up with him. I did a little more homework until I heard Dad downstairs, shutting the front door and announcing he was back. I closed my laptop and made my way down to the kitchen. Dad had grabbed a few last-minute items from the commissary before leaving base. He was putting stuff in the fridge, his back to me as I noticed his still dampened hair along with the sheer width of his shoulders and back. I tried to act nonchalant as I asked Dad what time dinner was. “I was thinking 6,” he said, turning to face me as he shut the fridge. “It’s just going to be steaks on the grill.” “Sounds great,” I said. “I was wondering if it would be OK to use the car later tonight? A couple of buddies from my old team are hanging out and wanted to see if I wanted to come over.” “Of course,” Dad said with that handsome half-crooked smile of his. I think he worried about my social life sometimes, particularly since I’d come out to him. In fact, I had drifted apart from a lot of my high school friends. The only two I kept in touch with were Pete Miller and Rich Bryant, and even with them – with Pete in California and Rich in Nashville – I found myself talking less and less often. I thanked Dad and helped him do some of the prep for dinner. Eventually, I went back to my room, crawling up onto my bed as I reached for my laptop to send Brian a quick reply. “Didn’t think I’d hear back from you,” he replied almost immediately with a winking smiley face. “You’re so hot,” I admitted. “I hope I didn’t miss my opportunity?” Maybe I should be playing hard to get, but I figured with a hookup site, there was no need to pretend about wanting sex. “Nope,” the man replied. “Feel like coming over?” I was excited as I watched the words on the chat screen and as I typed back a reply. “Does 8 work? I can maybe make it a little earlier, but don’t know.” “Come over when you like,” he wrote. “I’m just sitting around my place, horny as fuck.” “I’m not doing much better here,” I replied, feeling my cock plump as I adjusted the crotch of my jeans. He gave me his address and directions. I had thought of changing into a nicer, less casual outfit, but I knew Dad might wonder why I was dressing up to meet my buddies. Brian would just have to see me in my jeans and my Virginia sweatshirt hoodie. I was nervous and eager all through dinner. Dad grilled out some steaks and veggies on the back porch, and I think the three of us had hearty appetites. I didn’t want to seem too ready to leave, but thankfully Matt was the first to push his chair back from the table and gathered up our empty plates. “I’ll clean up,” he volunteered. “Then I’ll probably head out if that’s OK,” he said to Dad. “Go ahead, Matt,” he urged my brother. “I can clean up.” But Matt didn’t seem to listen as he just grinned and started rinsing the dishes. “What are you doing tonight, Dad?” I asked. I felt a little bad for abandoning Dad in what was one of two nights of his holiday weekend. “I’ll probably have my friend Reg come over,” he said. Reggie Carson was another Navy Captain, and one of Dad’s good friends. “You sure it’s OK I’m taking the car?” I didn’t want to relinquish the opportunity to follow through on my hookup, and I regretted even giving Dad the chance to change his mind. But Dad shook his head. “I’m good, Slugger. You go have fun tonight. Just don’t drink and drive.” “I know, Dad,” I said, with a tone that was half respectful and half annoyed. “I won’t.” On the drive over to Brian’s place, I was throwing hard in my jeans, fully erect already. My heart beat excitedly. I wasn’t sure this was the right thing to do. I mean, I’d had sex with a number of guys by then and often without any strings attached. But finding a stranger online was both thrilling and scary. The spring night was chilly and as I parked along the street and walked up to Brian’s door, I was glad I’d kept with the sweatshirt. We weren’t too far from base, so my initial impression that Brian was in the Navy may still hold true. The two-story townhouse was nice, with a well-kept lawn and in a good-looking development. I walked up the driveway and up to the front door and gave it a firm knock. I stuffed my hands into pockets as I took a quick look around me, at the dark street and lit-up porches behind me. Why was I so nervous? I don’t know what I expected as I heard the door unlock in front of me. But as Brian answered the door bare-chested, wearing only a pair of gray gym sweatpants that did little to hide his own erect dick, I felt my nerves ease as my libido took over. I loved the way his sweats hung off his hips, and I could make out the admirable size of his cock, clearly cut and stiffening as it tented the material, as if pointing right at me. Brian was definitely my type, and his body was incredible. Not porn-model perfect, but muscled in a way that looked like a combination of manual labor and dedicated time in the gym. And best of all, it was an older man’s body. “Hey,” he greeted in a friendly tenor voice. “Come in.” He showed me in, closing the door behind me. The interior was dimly lit but it seemed like a nice place. I didn’t know for sure, but I got the feeling he lived alone. I turned around, now standing in front of Brian. He wasn’t exceptionally furry, Dad had more chest hair than he did, but the soft brown hair covered Brian’s full chest and meaty torso nicely, adding to his imposing appearance. I noticed the stark tan lines banding his biceps, making the brown hair on his thick forearms look even darker. He was pretty much my height too, which was a nice change from the other guys I’d slept with. While he wasn’t as handsome as Dad or Jack, he was still good-looking. He had shortly cropped brown hair – neither the military high n’ tight I was expecting nor the Navy officer style that Dad or Jack had either. But Brian kept it neat, combed back and to the side, not hiding his gently receding hairline and high forehead. I watched a lascivious smile quickly form on his lips as I noticed the thick couple-day stubble on his chin and jaw. His blue eyes mirrored my own as it looked as if he too was taking in the sight of me in front of him. The man stepped up to me and looked me up and down unabashedly and we both grinned excitedly. “I will say you were worth the wait,” he said with grinning lips and hungry eyes. I felt the heat in my face flush my cheeks. “I’m glad… Man, you’re really fucking hot,” I hissed, pulling my hands from my pockets and running my fingers through my longer blond hair as I took in his body once more, feeling me dick respond to everything about him. “Coming from a dude that’s way out of my league, that’s a huge compliment.” His blue eyes swept up and down my frame again as he took another step closer. “Mind showing me some of the goods?” he asked, winking as his voice took on a graveled tone. I nodded and peeled off my UVA sweatshirt, tossing it over the back of his nearby sofa. I’d worn just a simple T-shirt beneath, just snug enough to show off my muscle-jock physique. I pulled at the hem, tugging the thin cotton over my head, and I swore I heard Brian grunt a gasp of approval as I bared my upper body for him. Small sprouts of blond hair had started to come in on my chest, more stubble-length than anything, but I still looked pretty smooth. I tossed my discarded shirt onto my sweatshirt as Brian got a naughty grin on his face, hooking his thumbs in his waistband and pulling his sweats down off his hips and down his thighs. The man went commando. His thick brown pubes came into view before his dick came out swinging, aimed right at me. He had a nice, average length but it was still respectably thick. The whole piece looked almost angry red, the rounded head slick with precum and the fat shaft covered in bulging veins. “I’ve been edging all afternoon,” he confessed, cupping his cock and making it bounce with some obvious heft. I started undoing my jeans, eager to show off for the man. God, this was exciting, and I was now very glad I’d taken a chance with the online thing. I let my jeans drop to the floor as I toed off my sneakers, leaving in just my strained boxer briefs. “Yeah?” I said, finally taking my eyes off his enticing cock. “I bet you’re eager to get a load off then.” He lifted one leg to step out of his sweatpants, then the other, leaving them on the floor. His erection was rock hard and stood up from the brown pubes in a rigid spike as he took it in hand. “Yes and no… I was thinking, stud, if you have the time, I’d love to make this one last.” “Sounds perfect,” I said with a big smile. Brian was now completely naked, gently stroking his angry cock as he watched me continue to strip down completely. He looked like he wanted a front row seat as I slowly peeled my underwear off and down my thighs. I heard him groan as my deep golden pubes and then my eight inches were slowly revealed, the elastic holding my rigid shaft down until the moment my cock was finally allowed to swing free, heavy but hard as nails. He stepped up to me, gently taking hold of my cock as I felt his other hand snake around my waist – hands rough from manual work. He pulled himself closer as I felt the hairs and muscle of his chest gently press into mine. He let his face inch closer, his stubbled lips parting as I felt my hands wrap around his equally muscled back. I shut my eyes just before I felt his breath break across my lips. Fuck, he tasted good. His tongue pressed teasingly between my lips and gently battled mine before I returned the favor, pressing into his mouth with an insistent excitement as our grip on each other tightened. The man was a good kisser, not too hard-charging but able to communicate the lust that had clearly been building the whole afternoon. I could clearly feel Brian’s hardon leaking against my taut belly, which only turned me on more. Finally we broke the kiss, big grins on our faces. Brian looked down between our bodies. “Damn, you got a big cock,” he said, still holding my shaft as he admired my length. I felt a wave of proud confidence sweep through me. Having an older muscular man like this into me was a big rush for sure. “I believe you said you were gonna suck it.” He looked back up, excitement in those blue eyes. “Hell yes I’m gonna suck it.” He ran his hand down my shaft to the base and cupped my smooth nutsac. “I’m gonna suck these babies dry.” The man had a flirty approach to sex that surprised me, but I was into it. “But I’ve been edging all afternoon, I’m gonna torture you for a while.” “Sounds amazing,” I said, pulling his body back into me as I angled my mouth for another deep kiss. Kissing and groping each other, we clumsily made our way to his bed. He lay back, scooting onto his bed as I crawled on top of him and kissed him again. We took our time exploring each other’s bodies, first with our hands, then increasingly with our mouths. He told me to avoid sucking his dick as I dragged my tongue down between his furry pecs before taking one hairy nip into my mouth, and then the other. He parted his thick legs for me as I slipped further down his body. “I’ll blow the second your mouth is on me,” he grunted as my lips travelled along his firm hairy gut. So I went lower, to his balls and licked and slurped at his manly nuts for a good five minutes. I could feel his dick twitching wildly above me, batting rhythmically against my forehead as I orally teased him. “Fuck, I could watch this forever,” he hissed as I looked up and I saw his eyes were fixed on me and the meeting place between my mouth and his genitals, smirking as he folded his arms behind his head. “I’m gonna cash in on that blowjob now,” I instructed, lapping at his sac one more time before I scooted up until I was kneeling at his face, dick in hand as I offered him my hard prick. He nodded, excited yet also preparing for my girth. He took hold of my cock, stroking and spreading my leaking sap across the head and down my shaft. “Just hold off cumming. I don’t want you to nut right away,” he said, puckering his lips against the tip while taking my fresh precum into his mouth. “Yeah,” I replied, slowly thrusting my hips and spearing my leaking cut cock between his open wet lips. Brian moaned, and I immediately knew he loved it. Loved my endowment, loved my hardness. And probably my youth. I reached down and cupped the side and back of his head, running my fingers encouragingly, almost lovingly through his short brown hair as he filled his mouth with my dick. “Fuck man,” I growled, now softly thrusting less than half of my cock into his wonderfully wet and sucking mouth as his tongue coaxed more of my dick to go just a bit deeper with each jab. I know it sounds stupid to say, but at that moment I realized how much I loved sex. I could get into spells, like I had over the previous month, when sex with another man was not in the cards, or my focus was elsewhere. But as I worked more and more of my stalk in and out of Brian’s accommodating mouth, feeling his strong calloused hands work their way up my hamstrings and finally cup my ass to encourage each stroke, I wondered why I wasn’t experiencing this more often. “Oh fuck,” I groaned, as I felt the head of my cock slide past his tonsils and into his flexing throat. My quads tensed in automatic reflex as I caressed his head, careful not to give him too much too fast. But I felt his hands on my ass, fingers gripping each cheek as he guided me to feed him inch after inch. “Holy shit,” I cried as I felt my sac finally tap his chin, his nose in my pubes as his lips stretched around the base, his mouth and throat undulated around my buried cock. He groaned, the hum vibrating around my shaft, making me moan helplessly. His hands on my ass once again guiding me to fuck his face. The problem was, it felt too good. I went from riding a plateau of awesome pleasure to feeling like I was cumming imminently. I tried to hold my moans in. Roughly, I pulled back, extracting my meat, eliciting a sloppy wet sound from Brian as my dick fell from his open and drooling mouth, my cock now shiny with dripping strands of salvia. I was just in time, the pre-orgasmic clenching jolting from my perineum to my balls and the base of my cock. But I didn’t cum, not yet. Brian let out a rumble of a growl, still holding and cupping my ass as he watched my spit-coated cock jerk and leak mere inches from his face. “Goddamn!” he said. “You’re a fucking stallion, buddy.” He dove back into my crotch, careful to avoid my dick as I reeled in my orgasm with heavy breaths. His tongue started attacking my nuts, returning the teasing I’d given him earlier. I held on to his head, pressing him against my scrotum in a playful move of domination but mostly holding on to balance myself as my sexual excitement racked my body, loving the way my dick rested across his face. Finally I pulled away, guiding his face up as I leaned down to kiss him. I loved kissing men, and with Brian it was just as much a turn-on as the genital stimulation. As his lips writhed with mine, his stubble gave me a novel sensation, reminding me I was having sex with a man, a real man. Without letting his mouth go, I lay back down onto the bed next to him, now on our sides, facing each other as I let him pull me closer – chest to chest. We made out as his bearded mouth raked my lips and his rough hands traveled up and down my back – from my lats, to my ass, and back up again. “What do you think about fucking me?” he asked between kisses, his own dick still twitching against mine. “God yes,” I said, thrilled and surprised by the offer before I fed him my tongue once more. Fucking wasn’t something we’d talked about in advance. “Only I probably won’t last long,” I admitted as we ended our make-out session. Brian grinned and reached down between us to wrap his hand around my still wet cock – avoiding the over-stimulated head, but gripping the base. “I got a secret for you, stud,” he said, his voice low but dripping with lust. “A few strokes from this bad boy is gonna have me shooting to the moon. Go slow till you’re in me, then have at it.” I nodded, gladly accepting the instruction. I didn’t picture Brian as the kind of guy who bottomed a lot. But I had to wonder what preconceptions I had about guys who bottomed a lot. Brian rolled onto his back, reaching for his night stand and the small bottle of lube. I crawled on top of him as I settled between his spread thighs, my achingly hard dick now so close to his open ass. I took the lube from him, sat back on my knees, and dribbled a good amount along my dick. Brian looked up at me, grinning slyly as he gently stroked his red, angry, thick piece with the tips of his fingers. Honestly, he looked ready to blow. I watched his fingers dip past his balls and into his crack. I was so grateful he was going to offer his hole to me then. I coated my middle and index fingers in a shimmering slick coat as Brian raised his thick legs. I used my free hand to settle his ankles on my shoulders as I looked down to see the furred crevice of his ass open up even more for me. I knew that his hole was hidden under all that hair. I aimed my lubed fingers, not probing too far as I soon felt the hot and crinkled, silky entrance of the man’s ass. Brian let out a low groan as I circled his hole, coating him in lube right before I added just enough pressure to slide in knuckle-deep. He was hot, and instantly snug. I fingered his hole slowly with one finger, making him gently gasp before I gradually worked a second into him, loving the look on his face as I stretched him wider for my cock. This part was fun too, the teasing of his ass with my hand, surprising him with my finger strokes and the stimulation along his pucker. I was working him up all right, and getting him excited to take cock as his moans grew needy. beylikdüzü travesti “Fuck me, stud,” he groaned as I pulled out my juicy fingers, using them to coat and smear the slick up and down my prick. I gripped one of Brian’s legs by the ankle, pushing his leg back towards his chest, opening his ass wide enough to see his deep pink pucker winking just beneath the lube-soaked hairs. I watched as I scooted my groin closer, the tip of my cock now aching to press up against his waiting hole. I took a hold of my shaft, running the head of my cock up and down the cleft of his ass, feeling the hairs along with the smooth heat of his asslips. “…fuck yeah,” I said to myself as I finally zeroed in. When I finally pressed in with my meat, Brian’s body willingly accepted me as he let out a long low moan – for sure feeling my girth. I wasn’t rushing it, but as my inches slowly sank in I knew I wasn’t going to have to coax the man to relax for my size. “Aw… fuck… I’ve been thinking all afternoon about this,” Brian growled beneath me as he took a choking grip on his cock, looking up into my eyes with deep pleasure on his face. “Yeah?” I asked, not hiding the pleasure in my voice, pushing forward more with my hips, loving the sweet tightness of the man’s hole as his rectal muscles tugged me deeper into him. “You didn’t say anything about fucking earlier.” “I was scared of your size,” he admitted between gasps as I knew I had to be hitting some new spots. I gave the man another inch, watching his face react as I gripped his quads, pulling his ass to meet my slowly thrusting groin. “I worried I’d chicken out.” His voice went shaky, his face contorting as he let out a soft cry, letting his head fall back onto the bed as I watched all his hairy muscles flex beneath me – his pecs, his abs, his shoulders, and neck. His cock looked like a red-hot rocket in his fist, holding it tightly as if to stem off his imminent orgasm. All his flexing muscles only made his chute ripple around my shaft as I was now so close to filling him with my cock. “You’re not chickening out now,” I groaned as I finally filled him with my full 8 inches. We grunted together as I bottomed out. “Fuck no, this feels great,” he replied, shaking his head and smiling up at me. I grinned back down at him as I felt the heat of his inner depths. His hole felt so good tightly wrapped around my dick. I ground my pubes into his taint as my balls pressed against his hairy ass. He clenched his chute in return, making my dick throb in return as I felt my abs tighten. Fuck, I missed this – fucking a guy… a man. “Feels even better for me,” I grunted as Brian lowered his thick legs from shoulders only to wrap them around my trimmer waist. “Your ass is so fucking tight,” I hissed as I felt him lock his ankles over the top of my ass, as if holding me in place. “Aw.. yeah… Fuck… Kind of hard not to be, not with a piece your size,” he moaned. His face looked so keyed up I could tell he was fighting to keep his orgasm in check. We kept our eyes on each other as I slowly pulled out an inch or two, feeling his chute try hold me in as he let out a slow gasp. I slowly thrusted back into him, making his eyes and head roll back as he moaned out his pleasure, gripping his dick even harder. “Oh god, that ass feels so good,” I grunted as I gripped his waist and began to hump in and out with a slow but steady rhythm. With each shove inward, I aimed to maximize the sensation on my rod and to open up his guts for my girth. I didn’t get to pull out too much as Brian’s legs around my waist only pulled me back in, making me mash my balls into his ass with every shallow thrust. Brian had a twinkle of a challenge in his eyes. “You ready to fuck, stud?” he hissed. I nodded as I leaned down, hovering over him, my hands slipping beneath his shoulders as our lips met momentarily. Brian’s free hand took a fistful of my hair as he demanded a quick but deep kiss. Given our height, it was easier to say above him, stretched out on my arms as my face hovered just above his. “Fuck yes,” I replied as I pulled back for a long stroke, feeling the muscles of his innards slide around my shaft and grip at the flared head. I felt the firm ridge of his prostate, making the man stiffen and gasp. But I made him cry out as I slid all the way back in, making sure to grind the swollen head of my dick over his equally swollen spot. Brian wrapped his rough hand around my neck as I pulled out once more, long-dicking him before filling him once more. He grunted when I bottomed out. And I thrusted again. And again. “I mean really fuck, man,” Brian encouraged. “Just go for it.” His thighs loosened on my waist, allowing my hips to freely slide my cock in and out of his wet hole. “Fuck me… come on, big boy.” As he begged, I could tell my cock was making his voice shake. I nodded and thrust hard back into him, my glutes flexing tightly. Maybe slam is too strong a word, but it was a powerful shove into his insides as his rectal walls fluttered around me. “Aw, FF-UUCK YES, buddy!” Brian cried, tightening his legs once more around my waist as I plunged into the man with abandon. Brian let his cries and moans loose as I fed him all the jock cock he wanted. The whole afternoon edging had keyed his need up big time. Still above him, I groaned in response as I fucked harder into him. Not fast, but with quick, muscular strokes, using my full body strength. It was wild and horny, and I loved it. Particularly the way Brian’s hands clung to my hips and his fingers dug into my muscles, letting me know he wanted it. “Fucking horse-hung jock gonna pound me off!” Brian cried. It looked like he was on the edge, and I could feel the slick sap as his cock occasionally rubbed against my flexing abs between us. “Yessir!” I growled, loving the way his ass was taking my prick. “Take my fucking dick.” “God yes,” Brian moaned in reply. “Hot fucking ass gripping my bone.” I loved this fuck – the way Brain writhed beneath me as I pounded into him, his hairy muscles gleaming in the low light of his bedroom. I wanted it to last. But we were both too worked up. We didn’t even last a minute before Brian moans crescendoed to a litany of words – telling me how close he was, telling me not to stop, to fuck him harder… faster, until… “UNNGHH,” Brian cried as I felt his thick hot tool quiver against my stomach. I continued to pound into him as I looked between us just in time to watch his cock let out a spurt of liquid. That’s the thing sometimes about edging, how when you cum there’s a false orgasm at first, an involuntary discharge that arrives a few seconds before the real deal. The sight of that first spurt had me shooting. “Shit!” I grunted as I gave him one final thrust, burying myself to the root and firing hard and deep into his guts, just in time for Brian’s second, fuller ejaculation to shoot up his chest. Brian’s hole clenched my ejaculating cock and his hands pulled at my neck as our lips crashed together. At that point, I’d lost all consideration for Brian’s comfort and aimed to coat the deepest walls of his tunnel with my jock spunk. He probably didn’t care either as he moaned into my mouth and sucked at my lips. He clung tightly to my body, holding my jerking hips in place as we rode out our orgasms together. I finally pulled back from our kiss, only the slightest distance between our lips. I was actually out of breath when I felt my orgasm subside. “Fuck, that was good,” I muttered. “Hell yeah, well worth the wait,” Brain mumbled against my lips, giving me one final peck as I did a push-up off his body, feeling my now slimy and still hard cock slip slowly from his battered hole. I dismounted Brian and knelt between back on my knees, now noticing how sweaty my skin was and how damp my hair got. I looked down at my shiny cock and Brian’s now drenched crack, and I felt a certain relief to give my hardon a break. Not that it was going down quickly – my dick still pulsed in a mostly rigid form. It seemed that Brian wasn’t in much of a softer condition either as he got up off the bed, stepping across the master bedroom on initially wobbly legs. As he made his way to the bathroom to rinse off, I fell back onto the covers. I looked up at the ceiling and grinned to myself, catching my breath as I heard the shower run. That was one hell of a fuck, I thought. I looked up when Brian stepped back in. The man was naked with just a towel around his large shoulders as he dried his brown hair. His meat was now flaccid and looking very sated as it swung gently between his legs. “Shower’s yours if you want,” he said with a smile on his stubbled face. Now that his regular self had returned, Brian looked even more ruggedly handsome. “Um, yeah, thanks.” It felt a little awkward now that our orgasms were out of the way, but something about Brian’s laid-back nature put me at ease. As I sat up on the bed, Brian looked me over with a smile and said. “Thanks, Jim. That was just incredible.” Scooting off the bed, I finally stood up, my dong still half hard and my muscled jock body covered in sweat and some of Brian’s cum. “Yeah, I’d say the same thing.” “OK if I get another kiss?” he asked with a tentative grin and a sparkle in his blue eyes. I knew this was a one-time hookup, but I was glad the man enjoyed kissing too. I certainly missed it. I nodded and stepped up for a softer kiss as I pulled him into me. I loved the hard feel of his body nudging against mine and the heat emanating from him as he let me kiss him slowly. He pulled away and seemed to be mulling something over. “If you want to go, that’s cool, but I was thinking of firing up the hot tub if you want to stay a while.” My hands were still around his waist as he felt up my younger body. I smiled. “Sounds great.” I knew Dad wouldn’t expect me home any time soon, and I was enjoying this sexual connection with this hunky, older man. “Um, do you have a swimsuit?” I asked dumbly. Brian grinned. “Don’t worry… my back deck is private. If you’re not shy.” “Nice,” I replied, feeling the naughty thrill of being naked with this man for a bit longer. I quickly rinsed off in the shower and strutted out nude to join Brian at his back deck. The night was brisk as I felt the cool air against my skin and the cold deck beneath my feet. His yard wasn’t big, but it had a high fence, secluded and private like he mentioned. The large wooden hot tub sat under the large awning as I heard it roar to life. I watched as Brian leaned over and adjusted the water. His body was magnificent in the low illumination coming from the single deck light. Not fitness-model perfect, but I liked the balance of muscle and middle-aged padding. His butt in particular was a mix of soft and hard, the kind of full round ass that only older guys seemed to have. I felt lucky to have tapped it. There was also something appealing about how comfortable the man felt with his nudity. I was into letting him see my naked self, but the spring night air was chilly and made my dick shrink up and my nipples grow pointy as I rubbed my skin. “I got you a beer, if you want,” he said, gesturing to two cans he’d set down along the edge of the tub. He stepped into the bubbling water as I couldn’t help staring at his ass again. “Water’s still warming up, but come on in…” he said as he sat back, the rolling water just high enough to reach his nipples. I thought of passing on the beer, but I figured I could have one and still be good to drive, particularly since I wasn’t heading back home right away. I stepped in after him. The temperature wasn’t as hot as I usually liked it, but it was pleasantly warm and relaxing as the water bubbled around my thighs. Brian didn’t hide his stare as he eyed my swinging and softening dick with a grin. As I sat into the water, I reached over and popped open the can. The tub was large, but for two guys over 6 feet, our legs and feet easily brushed as we sat across from each other. We both had our arms draped across the lip of the tub at our backs as we sipped our beers. Brian had a hint of a smile on his gruff-handsome face. I wondered what was on his mind. “Feels nice, huh?” he prompted, settling in as the water grew hotter. “Fuck yes,” I said. “Perfect end to a perfect fuck.” It felt a little out of my nature to speak so lewdly with a stranger, but with the post-sex endorphins kicking in, I felt I could be free with Brian. He laughed and his gaze grew a little more direct. “You know… when you showed up… I recognized who you were.” Even in the relaxing, warm water, my body immediately tense up. In that split second, a hundred scenarios raced through my mind – the one that stuck out the most was that he was Navy, and he somehow knew my Dad. Brian must have recognized my reaction, the features of his face softening as he leaned forward and quickly added, “Don’t worry, man. I said discreet and I meant it. I’m just getting out of a messy divorce myself, so I don’t go advertising who I sleep with.” “Thanks,” I said softly, feeling my heart rate slowly calm down. I looked into his sincere blue eyes. “So… how did you know who I am?” I asked, curious and still a little bit spooked. Brian leaned back and took a sip of beer then answered, explaining that his daughter went to my high school. “Same year as you. She played basketball and let’s just say I very much remember you from one of the awards banquets.” I laughed, amused and relieved as I took a swig of beer, wondering why I didn’t notice Brian back then. “For real?” He nodded. “You must think I’m a big old perv. It wasn’t like I would’ve made a move on you back then.” I felt his shin purposefully brush the back of my calf. “But, yeah, you were a strikingly good-looking young man, even then.” He took a sip of beer, keeping his eyes on me as he shot me a wink. “It was kinda hard not to notice you.” “Thanks,” I said, smiling with a bit of embarrassment, remembering the teenager I was back then – learning about myself with my best friend, Pete, meeting random men in their hotel rooms, picking up Navy sailors on Norfolk beach,… my first time with Jack. I looked over at the man smiling back at me as his legs caressed mine under the water. “I’m surprised I didn’t notice you. You’re my type to a T.” He seemed surprised by my admission. “You like `em a little older, huh?” I don’t know what made me comfortable enough to open up to this guy, but I nodded. “Not exclusively, but yeah, guys your age do it for me. A lot actually.” I blushed as I said it, but I also enjoyed giving him a compliment. “I hope you don’t mind me saying so.” He chuckled. “Mind? Dude, you just gave me a rock star fuck. I’m not going to complain about shit.” He looked me over with a certain stare that made me wonder if he was getting hard again. I know I was firming up some. “I just know some lucky bastard is going to feel like he won the jackpot with you, if you ever end up with a steady guy.” I nodded at his compliment – somehow I had already hit the jackpot with my experience with Dad in Mexico, but long term, yeah, I thought about the future. I leaned back, sliding in my seat as I let my hardening dick stand up just beneath the water – deciding to enjoy the moment instead. “So, you know who I am… what do you do?” I had a feeling he could be a Navy man, maybe an officer or NCO, though given his age he’d have to be pretty high ranking. “I work at a marina. It can be hard work in high season, but I love being outside and by the water.” I nodded as that probably explained his tan. “Were you in the Navy?” I asked. He nodded and grinned. “It shows, huh? Yeah, I was enlisted for ten years – petty officer first class. After my service was up, well… I was married with two kids and it just made sense to kind of settle down here.” I don’t know why, but knowing he had been a military man sent a bit more blood to my growing hardon. “Glad I met you,” I said, nudging his calf with my foot playfully. “Even if it’s just a one night thing.” “Night’s still young,” he grinned as he let his eyes sweep out across the dark sky before settling back on me. “Fuck,” I grunted with a smile. “I’m hard again. Already.” He smirked and took his turn to run his foot up and down my leg now, which only made my erection throb. “If you can give me a little more time, I’ll happily take care of that.” “I’m not in a rush,” I said, slamming back the rest of my beer. The water was now steaming as Brian scooted across the tub. Our eyes locked as I watched him settle next to me. Our hands reached for each other’s neck, pulling one another closer as our lips met softly. Brian mouth opened against mine as his tongue slid between my lips. He held my neck as he fed me his tongue. God, this guy could kiss. His other hand felt up my chest before moving down my abs but didn’t make any move to go lower. I figured he didn’t want us to rush it, but I took the liberty of feeling up his strong hairy chest and shoulders as we alternated making out and just looking at each other, sharing goofy grins as the ribbons of steam curled around us. “I’m not looking to date,” he said softly, caressing my neck and the back of my head. “But maybe if you wanna hook-up again in the future…” “I don’t live in Norfolk any more,” I confessed. “But when I’m back, yeah, that would be great.” I paused and added, “this is my first time meeting a guy online actually,” my smile going even more goofy. His eyes widened. “Wow, really? You seemed to know what you were doing earlier.” “I’ve had sex with guys before,” I clarified. “But the online thing makes me nervous.” “I get it,” he said, massaging my neck. “Most guys are online for the same reason you are, but there are some fucking weirdos out there for sure.” We chatted softly a little more, enjoying the closeness and slow exploration of each other’s bodies. Eventually, the exploration became less slow, and we started clinging to one another’s nakedness and writhing against one another as our kisses grew deeper. I was so fucking hard again. “Wanna head back in?” Brian asked, his voice now low and husky as he nipped at my lips between kisses – he was horny. I would have enjoyed having hot tub sex for the first time, but I could tell my fingers were really pruning up then, so readily I agreed with a simple nod. His hands slipped from around my body as he stood, letting me watch the hot water roll off his mature and muscled, middle-aged body. His returning hardon stuck out from his bushy crotch as it looked just as wet and appetizing as the rest of him. His skin steamed as he turned off the hot tub and stepped out. I was right behind him, both our erections poking up and excited for round two. He handed me an oversized fluffy towel and we quickly dried off and stepped back in as the night felt extra chilly. As soon the backdoor shut behind me, Brian dropped his towel and immediately crouched down in front of me. I let my towel drop as well around my feet, widening my stance as I watched the man on his knees tentatively grip my hardon with careful fingers. The skin of his palm and my cock felt especially hot as he gave me a long slow stroke, hardening my dick beneath his touch. “Fucking beautiful dick, man,” he gasped, looking up at me as he started licking at the fattening shaft and just under the head. I stood with an erect posture, letting my hands swing at my sides as I watched and enjoyed his oral attention on my meat. He took me into his mouth, lips wrapping around the crown as his tongue fluttered at the slit. He sucked me in a bit more and bobbed a few times before, slurping and pulling back, giving my cock a gentle kiss. “Let’s go back to the bedroom,” he said as he stood back up, leading the way back towards the hall. Once we were back in his dark bedroom, Brian crawled back onto his bed as I followed right behind him – sliding on top of him as I retook his lips in mine, grinding my hardon against his as we let our hands wander up and down each other’s bodies. Nice and slow, skin still hot. This time wasn’t as heated as the first round, but I enjoyed it just as much – feeling each other’s body, making out, swapping blow jobs. I maneuvered Brain onto his stomach, spreading his legs and prying his furry ass cheeks apart as I rimmed him some. Brain moaned, pressing his ass back against my mouth as I could taste the faint flavor of my own cum oozing out of his relaxing hole. I wasn’t sure if fucking was on the agenda for our second go around, but I was happy with it all. Even a tandem JO would be hot with this man. Moments later, Brian was back to sucking my cock – me on my back, him on all fours between my legs bobbing up and down. His warm mouth and the saliva running down onto my balls felt so good. But he soon pulled off, let my spit-soaked dick slap my abs, and started licking my nuts. I knew my dark blond hairs had started to grow back in down there, but I could still feel the heightened sensations of his lapping tongue on my ball sac. And I loved the exquisite stimulation it gave me as I ran my fingers through his brown hair and across his scalp. Suddenly I felt his rough hands slip just under my ass, cupping beneath my thighs as he nudged my legs upward. “Here… lift up,” he instructed, helping me lift my hips. I did, raising my legs, spreading my thighs as my feet pointed towards the ceiling. I felt the cool air against my hole and I was immediately surprised to feel Brian’s hot breath brush across my open cleft followed by tentative and explorative flicks of his soft wet tongue, licking and exploring the edge of my now exposed anus. “Aww.. Brian…” I moaned and spread my legs a little wider for the man, hooking my arm in the crook of my knee, opening more of my ass for his tongue and mouth. His licks grew more assertive as I soon felt the thick stubble of his lips and chin rubbing the still smooth cleft of ass. I loved this – feeling a man’s scruff and a smooth talented tongue on my hole. Brian pressed his face harder in between my glutes as he took my cock in his fist, his other hand gripping my cheek, opening me up just a bit more as his tongue swirled and prodded at my pucker. “Mmm… you istanbul travesti taste good,” Brian groaned, his lips moving against my ass as he lapped at my hole, making me shudder before diving back in. I don’t know why I didn’t expect it, but it was awesome, particularly as Brian really started getting into the rim job. I felt him harden his tongue as he began prodding into my hole, loosening my bud with his expert tongue. His one hand kneaded my ass cheek as he finally slipped his oral muscle into me, his other hand gripping my pulsing cock as he immediately began eating out my hole. “Aw, fuck, Brian… Yeah… ffff-uck yeah… aww, yeah, eat my ass,” I moaned as I listened to his lips smack and his tongue work. It was nice to let loose verbally, to say aloud what I was feeling. Brain seemed to respond to my words with even more effort, drilling into my tender insides. The only men I’d met who were better than this were Jack Grant and my own father. It wasn’t fair to compare this almost-stranger to those perfect men, though, and I didn’t try. I just lay further back and held my thighs up and well apart to make a clear and ready offering to this middle-aged stud. Brian locked eyes with me, the lower half of his face buried between my thighs. The blue of eyes looking silver in the low light as he munched my hole, my dick still in his fist as he began to stroke me time with his soft but strong tongue. The soft light revealed the flecks of gray that I was just now noticing hidden in the soft brown hair. I was starting to realize I had a type, and this man was definitely it. We didn’t discuss it at first, but we both knew he was going to fuck me. He could sense it in how I responded to his rimjob. He slowly turned down the assault of his tongue as his fingers slid from around my cock to my balls, and then into my ass. I felt his tongue slip from my relaxed and tingling hole only to be replaced by a fluttering fingertip. Brian licked at my pucker while simultaneously prodding with his digit, until that one finger finally pushed in. My soft moan and the way my body accepted him was all the signal he needed – one knuckle, and then the next. He quickly reached over for the lube we’d left on the bed, dowsing my pucker and the point of contact to ease his finger’s entry with more than just spit. Pretty quickly he had two, then three of his thick fingers working in and out of my ring. “Oh damn,” I gasped at the prodding of his digits. “That’s so nice.” Brian’s eyes had been steadily fixated on my hole, his face close to the action and the sight of his fingers penetrating me, but now he looked up with excitement. “Yeah, stud? You like that?” “Fuck yes,” I replied. “You’re so good at that.” “I’m even better at fucking.” A boast, playful but confident, his words were also a way to give me an out in case I didn’t want to bottom. I actually had come over expecting to avoid any move the guy might make to top me. I knew that after my time with Dad, nothing would compare. And a weird part of me felt like it was disrespectful to Dad to expect another man to fill those shoes, so to speak. But I was in a hot man’s bedroom, feeling desired, very sexual, and turned on. And I knew that it was time to get back on the horse – to allow another man to fuck me. “Show me,” I said with a husky challenge. A small grin curled at the corner of Brian’s lips as he pulled his fingers from my hole. He rose back up onto his knees and now sat between my open thighs, his burly muscles and his furry pecs gently heaving with each breath. The sight of him looking down at me laid out below and before him, made my cock just that much harder and my hole pulse in anticipation. For all my sexual experiences, bottoming was still new enough that I got that psychological jolt in realizing that, yeah, I was about to get fucked. And Brian, with his rigid, meaty erect cock, was the one who was going to do it. The hunky man caressed my inner thighs and smoothly slid his calloused hands across my legs – up my quads and to my knees, and finally my calves and ankles. And like I did with him before, Brain placed my feet on his muscled shoulders, one hand reaching down to grip his hardon as he scooted his groin closer to my ass. His six-inch dick stuck up like a divining rod from between his fingers, the swollen head seeking out my now exposed pucker. As he scooted in closer, his body pushed my legs back just a little bit more as my ass opened up for his hips. I moaned just as I felt the hot tip of his dick swipe up and down my smooth crack, smearing the length of my crack with his sap and excess lube. Playfully, he nudged his round cockhead against me, gently using his dick to work me open some more and stretching my ring millimeter by millimeter with tiny thrusts from his hips. Brain looked down at his engorged cock pressed against my sealed entrance. He hissed as I could tell the temptation to plow into me was there. “Fuck, you’re tight,” he said with a deep exhale as he caressed my legs with his rough hands. I nodded as my will to relax fought with my body’s natural defenses. It had been a month since I’d been fucked, and while I really wanted this, I also knew it would be a tough penetration. Brian was a great top, though, and patient. He gripped my dick once more to keep me hard. As he watched my face to gauge my state of relaxation, his hips nudged his cock just a little more into my hole. I shuddered, then gasped as I felt my ring begin to loosen, his microthrusts nudging the head of his cock just a little deeper. “There you go,” Brain groaned low and deep as we both felt the flared head of his dick finally slide into my opening chute. “Aw, fuck!” I cried. After a couple of months without sex, I now remembered this distinct feeling – the discomfort of entry giving way to the wonderful sensation of my insides being filled. “Yes,” I added, to encourage Brian to go in now. Yeah, he was thick alright. He slowly worked himself deeper into me, getting past a couple of tight knots that formed inside me in the process. Eventually something switched inside me and that thick hard spike plunged all the way in. It felt marvelous, and lying beneath this man, I felt alive. He seemed to be thrilled too, smiling as he could now start plowing my hole with longer thrusts. “I did NOT expect this would be in the cards when you messaged me,” he said. I took my own cock in my hand and watched his hairy muscles flex with each push from his hips as he now gripped my thigh and calf, keeping my legs on his shoulders. “Fuck! That ass feels so good,” he growled. “Umfh… Your cock feels amazing,” I said, glad to be able to speak openly and to give him his due compliment. Brian re-angled his hips and thrust back in, mashing his thick pubes into my taint. Just the right amount of power to his hips sent his fat dick running along that spot inside me. Pleasure shot into my veins and raised my pulse. I groaned loud and deep and arched my back to accept his powerful thrusts. He repeated it. “Yeah, stud?” he asked in encouragement, excited that I was getting into this. “I’m glad I nutted already once, cause I don’t think I’d last in this ass otherwise.” His voice seemed somehow deeper now, sexier. “Fuck, that’s good… You’re so fucking tight.” “Open me up, then,” I challenged. It was like every porn video and every verbal session I’d had in my few years of being sexually active came pouring out then. “Open my fucking hole.” “Goddamnit!” Brian growled, fucking more steadily into me now as he gripped my ankles, lifting them from his shoulders, widening my legs so he could look down and watch his thrusting cock disappear into my jock hole. “You fucking hot jock fuck. I don’t know if I love your cock or your ass more… Fuuckk!” The sensations in my chute were intense but familiar. Brian was thicker than most, but thankfully the man wasn’t insanely hung because his strokes were now rapid and strong, pushing in and out and making my prostate quiver. If I stroked off, I know I’d get close to cumming. But if I didn’t jerk my dick, the stimulation in my ass would verge into discomfort. The need to masturbate with Brian’s cock nailing me won out. I was already gripping my hard, fat erection, but I started with a steady stroke in time with Brian’s thrusts as I let Brian drive me to a powerful, toe-curling orgasm. I was worried I was getting to the finish line too soon, but as I started climbing toward release, Brian got noticeably excited and doubled his efforts on my hole. “That’s it, stud… Bust that fucking nut. I’m right there with ya…” he groaned as his thrusts slowed but grew more powerful. I stroked harder, watching his face contort as I could see he was on the edge. “Oh FUCK! Here it comes!” he cried as I felt and watched his muscles seize as he tightly gripped my ankles. He clenched his jaw and his shaft thickened even more, right before that first scalding blast fired into my chute. One more pound against my prostate, that all I needed. “Don’t stop,” I begged as I fervently stroked my dick, feeling his second blast paint my anal walls. I knew I was getting sauced good, but most of my thoughts and existence were centered on the short circuit of pleasure from my ass and butt-nut to my balls and cock – and back again. Brian gave me one more deep thrust, his cumming cock hitting my nut just right, tipping me over the edge with him. I let out a series of soft cries, the words not forming, as the liquid pleasure ripped through my cock. Hot spurts of my semen were firing on to my chest and abs as my hole clenched tightly on his draining dick. We were both sweat-drenched and heaving as we caught our breaths, smiling, with our eyes locked on each other. Brian let go of my legs, resting them back on his shoulders as he finally dismounted me, his prick softly plopping out of my cum-drenched hole. He gave a proud and contented look down at my ass and my nude body, my chest and abs streaked with stripes of pearly cum. “Dude… definitely feel free to hit me up next time you’re in town. That was hot as fuck.” “It was,” I agreed. I caught my breath and lowered my legs, fighting off the cramping sensation in my quads and hip flexors. My hole buzzed and I felt royally fucked but all the better for it. It wasn’t “Dad in Mexico” level intense, but it was real, horny sex with another man into me as I was into him. Brian offered to let me wash off first but stepped into the shower as I was in there. “One last dip in the hot tub?” he asked as he soaped up my younger, muscular body. “Yeah,” I said, happy that this wasn’t just a fuck-and-go kind of hookup. Even if it wasn’t romance or going to lead to it, I craved this kind of connection with men. *** Sunday morning, I got up and went for an early morning run. I knew I was back in Norfolk, since I wasn’t the only one who decided to get some early morning cardio. The other jogging men I passed on the sidewalk were for the most part obviously Navy – buzzcuts with that Navy composure to them. Fit bodies, strong military builds. I was still riding the excitement of the sex the evening before, and sight of all these Navy sailors reminded me of Brian… and my father. What happened last night hadn’t resolved my issues with Dad, or my continued lust for him. But hooking up with Brian helped me put it into proper perspective. I was a young man with sexual needs, and a need to explore sexual connections with men. Last evening gave me the confidence that I’d meet someone who could be a steady presence in my life. I showered when I got back to the house and did some homework. My business management class was going to be tough to pull out an A for. It was remarkable how much easier it was to focus on school now that I’d gotten my rocks off. By 11, I went down to help Dad prepare for holiday dinner. Our family wasn’t particularly church going and ever since Mom died, Dad had never really pushed us to go to church. So I spent the latter part of the morning in the kitchen helping Dad get dinner ready. Dad wasn’t much of a cook, and I certainly wasn’t any help there, but we’d bought a prepared ham, a couple of easy sides, and ready-made rolls. The McGraths had a standing Easter tradition of an early-afternoon dinner with another family, the Morrisons. Cal Morrison was a Commander who lived just a few houses down from Dad. The Morrisons had invited us over for Easter dinner whenever Dad was out at sea, and we returned the favor with the Morrisons when CMDR Morrison was deployed. Cal and Ellen had a son Paul’s age, and a daughter who was a year younger than me. Even before Mom passed away, we had this joint Easter whenever it worked out, and since her passing it had meant a lot to us, particularly to Dad. Matt went out to pick up some last-minute ice and beer at the convenience store. As Dad and I made the salad we made superficial small talk as he asked how my evening had been. “It was cool,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant as I watched Dad slice some veggies. “We just hung out at Kevin Connors’ place.” In all honesty, I hadn’t seen Kevin in a good year, he was one of the many teammates I’d lost track with from high school, and the name was the first that popped into my head. Dad nodded thoughtfully. “The Connors moved away in December,” he said simply. Kevin’s dad was an officer on base, too. He didn’t look up at me as he kept on slicing. I felt awful that I’d been caught in a lie. “Yeah,” I stammered defeatedly, not knowing what to say. Dad stopped slicing as he looked up at me and patted my shoulder. “It’s OK, Jim. It’s your business, and I don’t need to know.” “Thanks,” I said, still feeling bad. “I trust your judgment,” he added as he went back to making salad. It was a Dad thing to say – a statement of fact that he did trust me with an implicit order that I should continue to have good judgment. Matt had barely gotten back around 12:30 when the Morrisons arrived. It was great to see them. When I was a teenager, I sometimes approached these events as a family obligation. But now that I was older I had a deeper awareness of what deployment meant for Dad. I really did value this time with family and family friends. After dinner, Matt had to head back to Annapolis early, so around 4 p.m. we both bid our goodbyes and hit the road. *** I got back to Charlottesville and my apartment a little after 7. I was glad I’d tackled a lot of my homework that weekend, but I had a couple hours worth to do still. I was at my desk in my room reading one assignment when I heard a knock on my open door. I hadn’t even heard my roommate come in, I’d been so absorbed in my textbook. “Hey, Holt,” I said as I looked up. Charlie was bulking up during his off season and now looked even bigger, every bit of what you’d expect a linebacker for a Division I team to look like. Big shoulders, big chest, girthy middle. Even with his oversized T-shirt and ill-fitting jeans, he cut a commanding presence. “How was your Easter, McGrath?” he asked, stepping into my room and plopping his butt familiarly on my bed. “It was good,” I said, spinning around in my chair, smiling as I remembered my fling with Brian and most of all appreciating the fact that Dad and I still had a good relationship after all that had happened. “Great to see my Dad and my brother.” It was the kind of thing I always said, but this time the words rang particularly true. I was happy that I’d taken the step to spend time with Dad as a son, and nothing more. My lust hadn’t gone away, but there hadn’t been the tension I’d feared. “How about yours?” I asked. “OK,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. I could see that he came in to tell me something. “Actually, I came out to my parents.” Holt’s family were very religious and conservative – small-town, Virginia folk. So, I knew this was a big weight on him. “Wow,” I said, surprised. “How’d it go?” “They weren’t happy,” my best friend said with his game face. He didn’t often show serious emotion, but this was clearly an important matter. “But they didn’t yell at me or disown me or anything…. So I guess that’s good.” “Oh, Charlie, man… I’m sorry,” I said, feeling for my bud. “This shit sucks, doesn’t it?” He grinned at me gamely and nodded. “Pretty much, McGrath. But they’ll probably come around some. Anyway… I’m glad I did it.” He nodded at my open textbook. “Too busy to have a drink with me tonight?” I turned back to my desk, shutting my book before pulling back my chair. I could get up early and finish the rest of my work. We didn’t watch TV. We just pulled out a fifth of bourbon and sipped our liquor and talked on the sofa in the living room. I think Holt needed someone to talk to, and I felt honored to be his friend. At some point, I decided to share my news. “So… this weekend… I finally tried out the online thing.” Charlie and I didn’t always share details of our sex lives. It was a way we kept boundaries as friends. But we weren’t shy about talking about sex in general, as two buds would. It was his turn to be surprised. He knew I didn’t use any of the dating or hookup sites. “Really? How’d it go McGrath?” he asked, finally grinning. I smiled, almost uncontrollably as I thought back to my session with Brian. “The sex was incredible, man. And I guess I’m glad I did it.” “You guess?” Charlie teased. “The sex couldn’t have been that incredible then.” I laughed. “I mean, yeah, no regrets when it came to the guy. He was my type totally…. Holt, I think I’m really into older guys.” I don’t know why I felt embarrassed to admit this to Charlie. I mean, the guy’s pretty laid-back about everything. He smirked, giving me a little side-eye. “No shit? I guess I should have guessed from that professor you had a fling with.” I’d told Holt about David, the Spanish professor I’d seen off and on the previous fall and winter. “But I figured you just were having fun with some forbidden fruit.” I blushed, thinking about how perceptive my buddy could be. Maybe one thing driving my attraction to older men was the sense that I shouldn’t be chasing them. Dad especially. “Maybe there’s a bit of that,” I admitted. “But physically and emotionally, older guys just do it for me. Like, I’d be happy to be with a guy in his 40s… is that fucked up, Holt?” He leaned back and took a sip of bourbon. “You want my honest opinion, McGrath?” he asked. Nervously, I told him I did. “Well…” Holt started thoughtfully, “If you were one of those dudes wired for no-strings sex, I’d say go for it. I mean, I enjoy sucking an older dick every now and again, it’s a nice change of pace…” He looked at me with a gaze that told me he wasn’t judging me, but speaking with my best interests at heart. “But you’re such a goddamn romantic, McGrath. I just don’t want you to keep chasing something that’s not going to work.” I nodded. “I’ve thought about that myself,” I said softly. “Goddamnit, Holt, why is this stuff so hard?” I asked as I leaned back into the sofa with clear frustration. “Don’t beat yourself up,” he said encouragingly. He paused and looked at me as if he were trying to read me. “You in love with someone, McGrath?” he asked point blank. I obviously couldn’t tell him about Dad. And to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what my emotions were when it came to my father. I just shook my head. “No… but I do want a boyfriend, Holt. Bad.” “It’ll come,” Charlie said. “Give it time.” “You ever think you’ll date someone, Holt?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. “Probably. For now, I enjoy playing the field. Fuck, I’m only 21, I figure I got plenty of time to be a boring married guy in my 30s.” I laughed. There was something infectious about Charlie’s devil-may-care attitude. “Thing is, I kind of enjoy playing the field, too. It’s like I can’t decide what I want.” “I was surprised to hear you’d gone online,” he said. “I got a little freaked out because the guy knew who I was…. You ever worry about that?” Holt shook his head. “It’s going to happen eventually,” my roommate said. “People are going to find out I’m gay. I guess I kind of want them to.” That made me quiet. The idea of being discovered weighted heavily on me. And I knew Holt was wrestling with his own coming out to his parents. In some ways, he had the opposite problem I did. My family had been great, but it was the rest of the world I was nervous about. Charlie couldn’t care less what the rest of the world thought of him, but he had to deal with what his parents thought. Holt poured another three-quarters inch of bourbon into our glasses. “All I can say, McGrath, is you damn well better make it to the pros. I don’t want all this worrying of yours to be for nothing.” “Yeah,” I agreed. “But McGrath?” he added. “You’re the best friend a guy could have. I don’t know where I’d be without you.” *** I was moody and a little drunk when I finally went to bed. It had been a long, wild weekend emotionally for me, and I thought that getting off would be the last thing on my mind. But as I turned out the lights and slipped into bed, I realized my dick was getting hard. Maybe it was the talk of sex. Or maybe I was like every other 20-year-old. I peeled down my briefs and pulled out the Vaseline in my night stand. The petroleum jelly felt cool and sticky in my palm but soon slicked out as I stroked my cock. I thought of men I’d slept with – Dad, Jack, Glen Evans, Kevin Marshall, Josiah the football player, David, the professor, my hookup Brian…. my brain conjured them all in succession, in vivid detail. I remembered the first time I’d sucked Pete Miller’s dick, or the times he’d sucked mine. I thought of my favorite porn actors and models. I thought of my accounting professor, and Coach Weir, and the 40-something guy who did the sports announcing on the local TV station. The bourbon had dulled my rapid sexual response, and I was able to indulge the wild fantasies, men interchanging. Sucking me, fucking me, sandwiching me in a threesome or orgy. For twenty minutes I stroked, getting more and more into it before my balls finally released their heavy wad, making me grunt loudly on my bed. I wiped down and realized I was in a better mood. Fearing that I’d go on chasing what I couldn’t get, I vowed that night I’d give guys my age more of a shot. But I also decided I wouldn’t be ashamed of my desires. These older men had a pull on me, a deep, sexually satisfying pull, and I knew that to fight that would be to deny a part of me.

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