Subject: Naval Tradition Revised 36 Naval Tradition REVISED EDITION Bill Drake (ail) with Corporal Cody NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between men, including male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. This is the revised and retconned version of Naval Tradition, told in chronological order. While the overall story is the same, there is lot of new content here (and some of the old parts didn’t make the cut in this version). This revision has been a collaboration with fellow writer Corporal Cody. My thanks to him for his considerable contributions to and inspiration for this version. Feel free to drop a line if you enjoy it: ail. I hope to have a (free) ebook version at the end of this, so you can let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for that. PART FIVE: LOOKING FOR MR. RIGHT Chapter Thirty-Six Charlottesville and Delaware Beach, Eight Dates, Summer 2005 FIRST DATE “So, what was growing up in Norfolk like?” Greg asked. The 26-year-old EMT and I were seated out on the patio at a downtown restaurant, both of us dressed in just casual tees and shorts. The summer daylight hours were later, and the evening was muggy and warm. The place had calmed since the beginning of our meal, and our two-top was now pretty secluded. The restaurant was nicer than the kind of places me and my buddies would generally go to for a bite. That, and the quieter summer vibe of Charlottesville, made me more relaxed as I Iet my eyes linger on Greg’s short coppery hair and good looks as he sat across from me. Even though we’d finished our meal, Greg was still picking at his french fries as he looked at me with bright green eyes. And I had to smile at the realization that he was nervous, too. But the evening had been great so far. Even if it was just a casual dinner and conversation. “I dunno,” I said truthfully, shrugging a bit as I sat back in my chair. “It’s all right. Probably a good place to grow up, and if you’re a military kid, it’s kind of what you know,” I added, hinting that there was more to growing up in a Navy family. Greg nodded thoughtfully and gave me that bright smile, dimples and all. I knew exactly what all this was about. He and I were having a get-to-know you conversation, but in the back of our minds, we were thinking about just how attracted we were to one another. “I can see that. I’ll be honest,” he said. “In Northern Virginia, we can feel removed from the rest of the state.” “So what made you stick around Charlottesville?” I asked, sipping at the last of my iced tea. Greg had talked about initially just coming here for college. “I was dating someone and that seemed like reason enough to stay,” he said. Part of me was going to ask about that, but it occurred to me that talking about our dating history probably wasn’t a wise move. At least not at this point. But what did I know? Maybe this wasn’t technically my first date with a man. I’d asked Mr. Bryant, Rich’s dad, out over a year ago and he’d humored me. But that didn’t count as a real date. This one did. “I just realized. I don’t know your last name,” I said, changing the topic. “Collins,” Greg said. “Yours?” he asked. “McGrath,” I replied. He smiled again. That fucking sexy smile. White teeth framed by deep dimples. “Good. I can put something in my phone contact besides ‘Stud Jim.'” He was keeping his voice down. And even if he was joking, it felt like a confession of sorts. I blushed some but tried to fire back a fitting response. “No, that name works fine,” I deadpanned. Greg laughed. “Don’t take this the wrong way… but I expected you to be a little more… uptight.” “Yeah?” I prompted. He examined my face to see if I was upset at his comment. “You seemed a little on guard at the lake and, I dunno, maybe I’m stereotyping, but you act like a real jock.” “I am a real jock,” I countered, a little confused. “That’s what I mean,” Greg said. “You know, I guess I’m saying it all wrong… Sorry.” I shook my head. I wish the good vibe of the date hadn’t changed so quickly. “I get it,” I said. “I’ll admit, I’m still trying to figure myself out.” I leaned forward and lowered my voice. “But I told you I’m in the closet. That’s something I gotta do for now.” I looked at him to let him know how serious this was for me. “I almost didn’t tell anyone at the lake.” “Well, I’m glad you did,” Greg said, assuming a more positive tone as he gave me back a small smile. “And you’re up front about the need to be discreet. I can respect that,” he said. “Thanks,” I said, remembering how I felt that day at the lake, sneaking looks at him the whole time. “If I’m being honest, one reason I outed myself at the lake was that I hoped you’d be interested in me.” I blushed as I admitted this. Greg smiled wide and our eyes met again – his green eyes meeting the gaze of my blue ones as we sat at that quiet restaurant table. I wondered what was going through his head, but I knew we at least had a desire of mutual interest. Maybe it was purely sexual, but it felt like the sparks were there for something more. Finally, Greg looked down at the check that’d been sitting there neglected for the last ten or fifteen minutes. I’d insisted on splitting it and though we’d already paid, the change was piled on top in small bills. Greg did a quick double count, then looked up. “Ready to head out?” he asked, smiling once more as he slipped his wallet back into his back pocket. I nodded. I had walked over from my apartment, but Greg asked if I wanted a ride home. It was a nice summer evening, and the walk would have been fine, but I wanted a little extra time with him. So I agreed and soon I was walking with him to his car instead. It was a quick drive and we made mostly small talk, with Greg asking me how long I’d been at my apartment. But as we pulled up in front of my place, Greg got a serious, intent look on his face as he put the car in park but kept the engine running. “I had an amazing date, Jim,” he said, looking over at me as he let his hand slide down off the wheel and onto his lap. “Me too,” I said, looking back at him, the dim but cool blue lights of the dash illuminating his soft but masculine face. I paused. “I don’t know if I should admit this, but this was my first real date.” Rather than be taken aback, Greg smiled endearingly. “Well, here’s to more,” he said softly, unbuckling his seatbelt and leaning in across the center console. It was our first kiss. And it was electric. The neighborhood was quiet in the summer and I hoped we had enough privacy in his car. But a part of me didn’t care. I felt his fingers reach up and slip around my neck. I kissed him full on, feeling his clean shaven face against mine and the soft wetness of his tongue softly darting against mine as I leaned in deeper. It’s not right to say Greg Collins was the best kisser I’d ever experienced. But the kisses I’d had before felt sexual and direct, and I was pleasantly taken aback by Greg’s soft, romantic approach. It was sensual enough to give me a hard erection in my shorts, but it also wasn’t rushed. We kissed for about two minutes straight and I tried to match his finesse. When we finally broke it off, my heart was pounding as I slowly opened my eyes. This is what a date felt like, I realized. That giddy excitement I’d felt with Ben Feldman, without the shitty lack of reciprocation. That thrill of promise and that desire to know another man. Not only his body, but his whole self. And the realization I didn’t have to do it all at once, even if part of me wanted to. “I’ll be thinking about that kiss all night,” I said just above a whisper, getting another look at him smiling back at me with soft, wet, freshly-kissed lips. “Yeah, me too,” Greg breathed as he sat back into his seat. His voice got sexier when it was soft. “Talk tomorrow?” “Yeah,” I said. “Good night.” He nonverbally bid me good night with a nod, and I finally got the willpower to break away from his magnetic presence. I opened the car door and got out. I gave one last look back and waved, then strutted back into my place. SECOND DATE I looked at my reflection in my bedroom mirror again. I felt nervous as a schoolgirl as I tried tucking in my dark-colored polo shirt, then untucking it. I turned three-quarters to the side for a view of my body in the mirror, liking the V-cut of my torso and the width of my shoulders. Maybe I was getting conceited, but I figured I had a really great body now and that it was part of the appeal for Greg. I reached down and arranged my crotch, feeling my dick get heavy and full in my khaki shorts. I hadn’t jacked off in a couple of days with the hope that something might happen this date. Greg seemed to be on the take-it-slow approach, which was great, and in fact we’d set up a daytime activity – a walk in Pen Park. If we didn’t have sex that day, I could jack off a huge load later, but I just hoped I could manage my hardon in my shorts during the date. I stepped closer to the mirror and ran my fingers through my short-cropped blond hair, wondering if I should put on a ball cap or not. The doorbell rang. Forgetting about the cap, I made my way to the door and had a huge smile when I opened it. Greg looked incredible. His compact, buff body filled out a dark T-shirt, and just looking at him had my prick pulsing in my shorts. His short copper hair was parted to the side and slicked down, a less casual look than he usually had. Best of all was the eager smile on his face as he looked up at me. It gave me butterflies in my stomach. “Hey,” he said with almost a laugh, clearly nervous himself as he stuck his hands in his pockets. That nervousness put me at ease, actually. “Hey,” I greeted, my huge smile still on my face. “Wanna come in?” Greg nodded and stepped inside. He took a few steps into my living room, kind of looking around as I shut the door and followed him inside. He turned to me, a hint of seriousness to his smile now as he looked at me, trying to read me. “Great to see you,” I said, taking a step forward. I was feeling more confident now. This guy wanted me. I knew it. Just like I wanted him. “You, too, Jim,” Greg said softly as he stepped up to me. I held the gaze of his green eyes as his mouth came closer, soon feeling his breath on my lips and then the flavor of his kiss. I tried to match the softness of his kiss from our last date. I wanted to learn from him – how to take it slow, how to be romantic. How to have a proper date. I probably succeeded. But as we kissed, Greg quickly responded with a deeper desire, pulsing his tongue more steadily between my parted lips as his hands reached to grip my waist and pull me closer to him, undoubtedly feeling the growing hardon in my shorts. The slow approach had made both of us hungry. Greg was now sliding his hands under my shirt, touching the warm skin of my slightly furry abs while I ran my hands along the curve of his smooth lower back, bunching up his T-shirt in the process. “Bedroom?” I asked, barely pulling my lips from his. “Yeah,” he hissed with a nod, and like that, I was grabbing his hand and guiding him back playfully down the hall. I shut the bedroom door behind us. Kyle was off at a baseball camp for a month and a half, but careful habits die hard. I pulled off my polo shirt and kicked off my shoes while Greg stripped off his T-shirt. There it was, that amazing, creamy-skinned, compact body I’d eyed up at the lake. Greg too had his eyes locked on my body, taking in my ripped torso and chest until our eyes met once more. Like magnets, we approached each other from opposite sides of my bed as I yanked down the covers to let us crawl onto the sheets. We connected again, warm body to warm body, and kissed in that romantic way Greg liked. Greg’s hands gripped my lat muscle while I ran my hands along his thick arms. Greg had a gym-bunny body rather than an athlete’s body, but in size there was a similarity, and his shorter height accentuated the sinewed bulk as it was packed into his smaller frame. When Greg finally broke our make out session, I laughed. “What?” he asked with an amused grin. “I was kind of humping you,” I explained. “Guess I’ve been waiting for this part.” He smirked and seemed to be on the same wavelength. Already, he was reaching down and undoing his shorts, and I quickly followed suit, shucking my briefs as well as we kicked off the last of our clothes. Now completely naked and looking down between us, I was really into his prick. Fully hard, thick, and nicely shaped and average in length, a cut tool that was already drooling from the tip. A shaved sac hung beneath and seemed to draw up to the stalk under my gaze. My attention was so focused on Greg’s genitals that I didn’t at first notice his own reaction to my endowment. “Fuck!” he said with a disbelieving laugh as he reached forward to touch my erection, brushing his fingertips down and across my now thick, 8-inch length. I parted my legs slightly to give him free access and encourage him. He finally gripped me in his hand and gave my shaft a squeeze. “Please tell me you’re a top,” he almost pleaded. I guess that told me where the afternoon was going. “I like to fuck, all right,” I said, gaining a bit of cockiness in my voice. I didn’t see myself as one or the other, but I guess maybe Greg did. I scooted up, kind of holding myself above Greg as he let go of my large cock and gently rolled onto his back. Taking the more dominant position on top of him, I kissed the guy again, like he wanted, letting our pricks and groins come together, our chests pressed into one another as I felt his arms wrap around my back. I kissed a bit harder, taking control of his lips as he moaned into my mouth. Maybe it had been too long since I’d had sex like this, but the full body contact felt like electrical jolts all over my skin as our lips met. He writhed beneath me, pushing his erection up into and against mine, the heat of his dick grinding against my shaft, smearing his sap across my length. Still holding his lips, I reached down and explored his body with my right hand as he ran his hands over my back and my glute muscle. I reached between us. Roughly, yet playfully, I gripped his prick and stroked it with a sudden jerking motion. Greg moaned into my mouth. I pulled back and looked down at his body. It was terrific. Gym-toned and tight. şişli travesti He was mostly hairless, though he had some stray copper hairs on his chest and along his abs. Beginning at his neck, I kissed my way down his chest, sternum and abs, making his body shiver beneath me and his muscles contract against my lips. He spread his legs for me as I moved down his body until I felt his cock beneath my chin. I scooted down further until his dick was now at my lips. I brushed them against his shaft, and I could feel the heat radiate off his skin as I finally licked his bone. Greg moaned softly. “You have a nice cock,” I said between slow swipes of my tongue. And he did, too. Just the right amount of thickness, six inches of alabaster white dick, perfectly shaped with ridges of veins along the length and a crown of a pink head to top it off. I gripped his waist just above his hips, my thumbs pressing into the V-cut lines below his abs. I licked up his length some more, swiping my tongue across the drooling tip and then plopping that cock into my mouth. Greg instantly sighed with pleasure, and I knew he was a guy who liked getting blown. I mean, I suppose most guys do, but some are more into oral than others. Greg’s hands reached down and gently massaged my shoulders and the base of my neck as I took him deeper between my lips and started going up and down in his lap, taking most of him into my mouth. I massaged his cock with my tongue as my lips latched around his shaft. I didn’t pull out the full Bulldozer Technique though. I wanted this to be foreplay. So I bobbed on his spike some, then spit him out gently, watching his prick twitch as it now shimmered with spit. I knew what I wanted next. I took his cock in hand, gently stroking him as I kissed down, past his drawn-up nutsac. Greg spread his thighs open wider as I slipped my hands around his hamstrings, gripping his thighs and pulling his legs apart and up. Greg got the picture and accommodated my silent request. His ass rolled up into view as I watched his thighs part to reveal his bright pink pucker dusted with fine fiery red hairs. Greg gripped his legs as well as I watched his hole widen slightly in anticipation. And like that, I was kissing Greg Collin’s pucker. I expected a response in words, but instead I just got a choked moan as Greg pulled his legs further back. Despite my desire for a more verbal bottom, I still had an amazing ass to eat. Round buns and tight pucker; I was making the most of it. I found myself channeling Jack Grant, the man who’d showed me how amazing it was to be eaten out before being fucked. I wanted to give Greg at least a fraction of what I felt then. It must have done the trick because soon he tapped my shoulder. “Come on, Jim…” he urged. “Just go slow.” I nodded with a grin and reached over to fish for my lube in my nightstand drawer. He raised his legs again as I settled between his thighs on my knees. He rested one calf on my shoulder as he gently took his cock in hand, slowly stroking it as he showed his now wet hole for me. I slid my hand down the inside of his thigh as the other let a cool drizzle of lube fall over his hot hole. I took my time fingering Greg. I was almost frustrated to wait as I sawed one finger in, then another, feeling his tightness begin to relax. But it gave me a chance to look at his fit-as-fuck body as he writhed and tensed below me and I gazed into his eyes. I wouldn’t say this was better sex than I’d had with men before, but the fact that I was romantically interested in Greg, and he in me, added a fresh new intensity and excited the hell out of me. With Greg now lubed from the inside, I extracted my fingers and finally placed the head of my prick at his slick entrance. Massaging his lightly furred legs while I eased him open, I added a little pressure and felt his tightness slowly give way. He bit his lip softly and gave me a hungry, sexual look but didn’t say anything as his hole opened up to finally take the fat head. I won’t lie, Greg’s ass took a lot of work to enter, but once I cleared my way in a few inches, it was a lot easier. Soon my date was nodding and looking up at me eagerly. Adjusting to my girth, he was definitely a more experienced bottom than I was. I pulled back, feeling his chute gently clench at my shaft before slowly plunging back in. Greg’s eyes widened, and he flashed me a smile that both excited and encouraged me. I was fucking him now. Not hard, but with a nice smooth deliberate stroke, in and out. Given my size, I could tell it was still a challenge for Greg, but he didn’t seem to complain or try to get me to go slow. Instead, his erection was sticking up off his belly. “God, you’re so hot,” I growled as I ran my hands up and down his quads, the leg still on my shoulder and one at my side. I kept plowing into him, making him moan with every thrust. I then ran my hand over and along his hard and flexing stomach, on the other side from where his hand softly caressed his cock. “Wanted to fuck you at the Lake.” He nodded and looked up at me, but didn’t reply. “More?” I asked, wanting more of a cue of what to do. He nodded, his green eyes growing wider. “Um, can I get some lube?” he asked. I paused and picked up the tube. I should have thought of that before, but I held steady as Greg pumped some liquid into his palm. “OK, go ahead,” he said, his voice louder in excitement. It wasn’t perfectly paced or timed sex, but I was into this for sure. I held his thigh firmly against my tightened abs and chest, keeping his ass close to my thrusting hips. I thrust again, trying to put more power to my movements without getting too carried away. It was like Greg had waited to stroke off and was now really going for it. I shoved in rhythmically and watched his cute-handsome face climb toward orgasm. “UNNNGH!!” he cried and I watched thick white ropes of cum shoot all over his clenched upper body. I clenched my teeth as I felt his hole tighten, and the pleasure rippled down my shaft as I continued to drive into him. I hadn’t quite got to the finish line. I wanted to continue but worried it would be too much for Greg now. Quickly, I pulled out, feeling all 8 inches slip from his spasming hole before I rapidly fisted my lubed cock. About six strokes got me there. “Fuck!” I hissed and shut my eyes a second right before my wad sailed out from the tip and landed on his chin and neck in a long streak. That made Greg smile and chuckle, till the next one pumped onto his chest and stomach. Then another. “Goddamn,” he laughed. “You shoot a hell of a lot.” I let his leg down off my shoulder and felt my dong fall heavy, half-hard and greasy between my thighs. I was surprisingly sweaty now. “You didn’t do so bad yourself.” Greg looked down and ran his fingers through the mixed cum deposit on his chest and abs. “Mind if I rinse off?” he asked. I awkwardly hoisted myself off the bed and gave Greg a hand to get to his feet as well. “Bathroom’s down the hall to the right. Towels are in the closet. Help yourself.” “Thanks,” he said. Globs of semen began to run down his chest and torso as he padded naked into the hall. I heard the shower come on as I tried to tidy up while I waited for him, and made my way to the kitchen for some water. I got a glass for Greg in case he wanted some. I cleaned off after him in the bathroom, and when I was done, walking naked back into my bedroom, I found him dressed again, sitting on the edge of my bed next to my clothes he had picked up off the floor. His coppery hair was no longer neat and parted, and was now more spiky and damp. “Hope you weren’t in a hurry to go on our walk,” he said with a smirk. I shook my head. “I think you read my mind. I was worried I might have had to wait a bit longer for that….” I blushed, feeling I was being too crude. “I do like to take it slow,” Greg said, smiling as he leaned back onto my bed. “But sometimes it feels right, you know.” I did. THIRD DATE “Mind if I come in?” Greg asked as we sat in his car outside my apartment. The summer evening was just getting dark. We’d had a nice dinner out, and I certainly didn’t want the evening to end just yet. “I’d be mad if you didn’t,” I joked. Greg turned off the car and we were soon walking up toward my apartment. I was giddy in anticipation as I fiddled with the lock and soon we were entering my place. As the door shut behind us, I took the initiative, stepping up to him and leaning down for a kiss as I slowly wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him in close. He met me, lifting his chin up, his arms sliding around my back, and Greg’s soft-approach made a comeback as he gently kissed me back. He tasted of spearmint gum and smelled of cologne. I was rock hard in anticipation of sex again. I knew he could feel my eagerness trapped between us as it pressed up against his abs. Greg broke our kiss. “OK if we take it slower this time?” he asked, his fingertips caressing my oblique muscle through my T-shirt. “We got a little carried away last time.” “Yeah,” I said and smiled softly, still holding him close. “Sorry…. I guess I have one speed sometimes.” “Nah, that’s cool,” he replied. Then he smirked up at me. “You’re tall.” I took the cue to pull him in even closer, accentuating our height difference and sliding my hands up off his waist, holding the curve of his back where his lats flared out. “Hope that’s not a problem,” I said with a tone that understood it probably wasn’t. Greg’s hands slid down off my neck and ran softly over my chest. “Maybe I shouldn’t pump your ego any more, Jim, but you’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met.” I leaned back down and kissed him again. Achingly soft this time as I held his hard body against mine. If Greg Collins wanted slow, I was going to show him slow. “Let’s sit on the couch for a bit,” I finally suggested. We talked some and made out a lot. And as fun as it was to tower over him just then, it was better now that we were face to face, or at least closer to it, sitting down. I loved the feel of our clean shaven cheeks brushing against one another and the soft touch of his fingers on my arms, legs and torso. We were enjoying exploring each other’s bodies, and it was the most incredible foreplay. When Greg started pawing at my crotch, I decided to push things to the next level. I gave him a playful smile as I stood up off the couch and then knelt on the floor in front of him. “Oh fuck,” he gasped as I felt up his thighs and he realized what I had planned. I scooted in as Greg leaned back into the sofa and spread his legs to accommodate me. My hands slid over his groin, feeling his swelling cock beneath the thick fabric before I reached his fly and began undoing his shorts. He’d gone commando, allowing me to quickly free his already rockhard erection. Since I’m pretty endowed, my dick tends to fill up with a hard heaviness. Greg’s on the other hand was an iron railroad spike jutting up from his copper-haired crotch. I took him in my fist, giving him a slow and smooth stroke that made his legs tense. I loved that rigidity, a testament to Greg’s desire as we both watched that clear dollop form at the tip. Looking up at him, I angled his dick up and away from his crotch and leaned forward. I lapped at the underside of his six-inch stalk, just above his balls. He tasted fresh, his skin was hot and mildly salty as I started licking him from base to tip. Greg looked down at me, wide-eyed and thrilled, but didn’t say anything. I took him into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the dripping head, tasting his salty precum. Greg gasped. His hands holding at the couch cushions at his sides, he thrust his hips up, gently dipping his dick deeper into my mouth. I took hold of each quad to hold his body steady as I sucked his meat further between my lips. The previous time, I’d held off giving Greg the full Bulldozer treatment, but now I worked his boner steadily and once I got used to it filling my mouth and edge of my throat, I started it. Tonguing and applying just the right amount of suction. Applying a little extra attention to the part of the upstroke where my tongue was beneath the head. Working faster. “Shit!” Greg gasped while my hands slid up his thighs, across his waist and finally over the hard ridges of his abs. I tried to glance up but it was easier to focus on giving head with my eyes on his belly and crotch. I could tell though that Greg loved my technique and was responding with a rising pleasure. I wondered if he wanted to hold off cumming, but soon I felt his hands on the side of my face, his fingers slipping to the back of my neck to urge me to keep sucking his dick. So I went for it, working his cock with concerted, hard suctioning bobs. “Unnnff!” was all I heard before Greg started shooting. Hard. My mouth quickly filled with his heavy load, briny and thick and I got a kick out of the way his muscles flexed as he shot. I sucked each shot down readily in gulps as I worked his prick and rode out his orgasm. I knew Holt’s blowjob lessons had made a difference in my skills, but I was now inwardly proud of my ability. “Wow!” Greg gasped when I finally pulled off his now softening cock, letting it fall, plump and satisfied. He clearly was surprised by the head I’d just given him. I stood up, towering over him as he stayed slouched on the couch and started undoing my shorts. I was fully erect now, and as I yanked down my boxer briefs, I enjoyed the sensation of freeing my prick, which swayed and bounced up a little in front of my date. “Think you can return the favor?” I asked, horny and hopeful as I pushed my shorts all the way off my hips. Greg nodded but said, “Can you give me a sec?” “Yeah,” I said. Then worried he wasn’t in the mood to reciprocate, I added, “You OK to suck me, too?” I was really horny, and though I guess I could have made do with my own hand, I really wanted a blowjob. “Yeah,” he said. “I’m good for it.” He took a breath then seemed to focus on me, leaning forward, his hands gripping my thighs to bring my crotch closer to his face. I left my hands on my hips while his green eyes looked up at me. My dick looked obscene against his face as he dragged his lips down my length until his nose finally buried in my golden pubes. Then I felt Greg’s tongue begin lapping and exploring my dick. “Suck me,” I urged once his mouth neared the head. “Suck my hard fucking cock,” I added with an edge to my voice. Greg just gave a slight nod and gripped my shaft in one hand. As he pulled the tip to his lips and started beylikdüzü travesti taking me in, I watched his lips stretch around the head. I let out a low groan in response to the warmth of his mouth descending on my over-excited cock. My girth gave him a challenge, but he did pretty well. It wasn’t fair to compare him to Holt, or even Dad. This was Greg, and his own tentative approach turned me on in its distinct way. Particularly once Greg got into a groove, bobbing up and down on about five inches of my fat cock. Greg’s muffled moans were strained around the thickness of my cock stretching the back of his mouth. I wasn’t going to get a deep throat, at least not this time. But his mouth still felt amazing as I could feel my balls beginning to draw up. “I’m gonna fucking come, Greg,” I growled. “Gonna cum down your hot fucking throat.” I felt his moan almost more than I heard it. A signal to go ahead. My hands still on my hips, I fired off. Greg choked a little on it, mostly from the surprise, but he started swallowing my seed, slowing his mouth movement to do so. I tried to keep my thrusts in check, but my hips flexed in place with each shot, only nudging into his mouth by millimeters even if I wanted so badly to grip his head and fire down his throat. I had a huge smile on my face when he finally pulled off, his lips wet and his gaze on my satisfied cock as it fell free, hanging and dripping happily with spit. “Damn, you’ve got a big cock, Jim,” he said, implicitly apologizing for his difficulty blowing me. “You were amazing,” I said. Not lying exactly, but exaggerating a little and playing up how much I’d enjoyed it. I plopped down on the couch next to him, my plump cock still hanging out from my open fly as I spread my legs some to touch my bare knee to his affectionately. I reached over, gently pulling his face towards mine and gave him a quick, tongue-filled kiss, tasting some of my own cum still on his lips and tongue. I felt mile-high right then. Something about getting my rocks off usually did, I realized, but there was a special connection I felt with Greg. “I thought you didn’t have much dating experience,” he said, his dimples showing. I shrugged. “You’re the first guy I’ve dated, but I guess I’ve had a lot of sexual experience.” “A lot?” he prompted. I sighed. “I don’t know what’s normal, but yeah, I have.” I looked into his green eyes. “Is that a problem?” Greg chuckled. “Jesus, after that blowjob, I’d say not. I was NOT expecting that from you.” I felt more at ease as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. “What were you expecting?” “To be honest?” he replied. “A little fumbling around before you spit out my dick and asked me to service you instead.” “I’m that bad, huh?” I teased. “Guys can be inexperienced or selfish. Or both.” I ran my fingers along his lightly furred leg, enjoying the afterglow. “Have you had a lot of experience?” Greg seemed to anticipate my question. I felt him shuffle a bit in my embrace. “I’ve had a couple of serious boyfriends, and a couple of flings. I guess I’ve had about a half dozen hookups over the years, but I’m more into dating someone, getting to know him.” “It’s nice, I’ll admit,” I said. He leaned in this time, craning his neck up to reach mine as we kissed again, longer. “I won’t get sick of that,” Greg said as we parted. “Me either,” I grinned. “So…” I said, “We haven’t talked much about what we’re into sexually.” “I’m more into oral and jacking off than anal usually,” he admitted. “You caught me in a rare mood last time.” “I’m glad,” I said. “You’re more into fucking, aren’t you?” he asked, trying to read my tone. “I’m into sex, period,” I said. “Oral just now was incredible. But yeah, if I had to choose, I love the intensity of fucking.” Then I added, eyes intently on Greg’s, “Or getting fucked.” “A man of surprises,” he laughed. “Think you’d be up for that sometime?” I asked. “I’m more of a bottom, but I’m sure something can be arranged.” “Hot,” I said. Something else was on my mind, and I decided to bring it up before it went unsaid. “I noticed, um, you don’t seem to enjoy talking during sex.” He shook his head. “No, I don’t. It’s kind of a distraction, actually.” “Yeah?” I was a little disappointed in his answer, but I wanted to hear where he was coming from. “Yeah. I just, well, it’s like guys have to pretend their in some porno instead of just enjoying the sex.” He looked at my reaction. “You’re into it, though,” he observed. I nodded. “Usually, yeah. But I’m open to try a different approach.” He looked me up and down. “Jim, you’re the hottest stud ever… you don’t need sex talk to get a guy into it.” I blushed at the compliment. “I’m pretty into you, too, man.” “I’m glad,” Greg said with a smile. Then, he added, “Listen, I should probably go, I have a training thing in the morning.” Greg had a weird four-days-on, four-days-off schedule, and his training classes occupied some of his off time. It sounded pretty grueling, but we had found ways to meet up in his free time. “All right,” I said. I got up and got fully dressed again as I watched Greg tuck back in. “Talk to you tomorrow?” “You bet,” Greg said. “Good night, handsome,” he said, stepping up for a final kiss. It wasn’t a long kiss, but I shared Greg’s sentiment. I’d never get sick of making out with him. FOURTH DATE “How do you know the gang from the Lake House?” I asked Greg as we sat in a booth at a local diner, enjoying coffee and breakfast after the morning rush. I was dressed for the gym, athletic shorts and a UVA Baseball t-shirt. My blond hair was a bit of a mess, while Greg’s red hair was gelled and neatly combed. Greg was dressed in his fire department uniform, short-sleeve, navy blue, button-up shirt and cargo pants with black shoes. The departmental patches on his shoulders and the badge on chest along with “G. COLLINS” in white lettering, kind of reminded me of the Navy uniforms I’d seen back in Norfolk. And it was hot seeing him all dressed up for work. He had an EMT training session later that morning and I had a long workout and batting practice planned. “Clayton and I had a fling a few years ago. It was after I broke up with Mark,” he said. I’d learned that Mark was his long-term boyfriend in college, the one he’d stayed in Charlottesville for. “Oh,” I said, surprised, before sipping at my coffee. “Would you rather not talk about our past?” Greg asked, concerned. I laughed nervously. “It’s a little awkward, but it’s cool. I guess it’s part of who we are.” I felt a flash of shame realizing that I’d always have a secret history with my father. But beyond that even, I worried Greg would be turned off to know I’d slept with a number of older men. Certainly, I could give him the abridged version of my history. Greg nodded and continued. “Clayton and I weren’t serious. And honestly,” he said, lowering his voice, “We’re both bottoms, so I don’t think it could have worked out.” I chuckled. Greg had still not topped me. I’d thrown out the idea but figured he could make the move when he was in the mood. “But we stayed good friends, though,” Greg added. “I guess I got to know a lot of those guys that way.” I nodded. “That’s cool,” I said. “Scott’s boyfriend, Charlie, was my best friend, still is… it was a life saver to know another athlete who was into guys. Ya know.” My own voice was quieter now, even if we were probably out of earshot of other customers then. Greg seemed sympathetic. “You know, I can’t imagine. Things weren’t always easy for me either, but it seems like you’re in a different world.” These conversations were always tough for me, but it was also good to have another person to talk to. “Sometimes, yeah. The tough thing is I don’t want to trade that in. Even my teammates… they’re good guys and important to me, too.” I tried to read his reaction. I kind of thought Greg was judging me, silently disapproving behind the friendly face. But maybe I was imagining it. SIXTH DATE I pulled off of Greg’s cock, seeing its six-inch symmetrical perfection shiny with my spit. Greg was naked in his bed, his head rolling back in his pillow, while I was between his sinewed legs slowly blowing him. He began running his fingers through my hair, so I bobbed my head up and down between his thighs more intently. Greg let out a grunt of a moan in response. We’d been enjoying the foreplay for a while, but I was starting to get really worked up, humping the mattress and feeling the wet spot I’d created beneath my trapped cock. I sensed Greg wasn’t able to last as long before I had to pull off. I ran my finger along his ball sac. I think he shaved it smooth, because it was a contrast to the trimmed, dark-copper bush of his crotch. Playfully, I traced my finger down, below the testicles. “Think I can fuck you tonight?” I asked, my question tentative but my voice urgent in lust. Greg had said he was more into oral and JO than anal, but that first time fucking him had been incredible, and I kept thinking about it. Thankfully, he was on the same wavelength. Nodding, he scooted down further onto the bed and parted his legs. “Just go slow, OK?” “You got it,” I said excitedly as I crawled up his body, then leaned forward to kiss him softly as he wrapped his arms around my back. We made out a little, then I took my time prepping him. Using the lube and fingering his pucker with one, then two digits before venturing a third. Greg was ready every step of the way, and when I finally got into a mounting missionary position, placing his calves on my shoulders, the entry was pretty easy. I felt less wild than our first time, and that headspace made the sex better. I was able to feed off Greg’s body, his eventual relaxation and acceptance of my cock. I put my emphasis on the power of my thrusts rather than the speed. Seeing Greg respond excitedly made me push in roughly in slow, measured fucks. It was probably intense for the guy, but our eyes locked and I amped up the intensity. Remembering Greg’s preference for staying in the moment, I tried to stay silent and my physicality took over from the words in my head. Greg kept his hand off his dick for a while, but pretty soon after he gripped it, he was entering a deep orgasm as I shoved in hard with each thrust. It was like I was piledriving that semen out of him. It was a crazy turn on and this time I felt the pleasure rise in my cock and I was cumming, too. Deep inside his ass. I leaned forward and met him in a kiss, feeling his intense need at that moment. Finally, I withdrew and lay beside him. Maybe next time we’d try something besides missionary, but I couldn’t complain. That orgasm had been amazing. “Holy fuck, that was great,” I breathed, staring up at his ceiling while I caught my breath. I finally looked over at him with an appreciative gaze. He looked so goddamn handsome then, the sweat forming a contrast to his dimpled cuteness. He gave me a wry smile. On his face, I could see the postcoital relaxation kicking in. “I’m gonna sleep well tonight for sure,” he said, then asked, “Feel like staying over?” My heart pounded. “Um, yeah, I’d like that,” I said. “A lot.” Greg gave my thigh a gentle pat then slipped out of bed to wash off and get ready. When he came back, I admired his compact naked body, the way that cock hung soft and sated. I loved sex with men, but this part was incredible too. “I set out a toothbrush and washcloth for you,” he said. “And there’s a spare water glass.” I nodded and took my turn in the bathroom. Greg was a consummate host, and I had to wonder how much of that came with having boyfriends or tricks before. I had a hint of his dating history, but not a lot. By the time I’d come back to bed, Greg’s eyes were drooping even as he gave me a smitten look. “Jesus, you’re hot,” he said softly. “Right back at you,” I replied as I got in under the top sheet. “Thanks again for just now. That was incredible.” “I’m glad,” he said. “I loved it, too.” He ran his fingers along my bare chest. “I don’t know your thoughts on cuddling, but I love to sleep with a guy holding me.” “I’m not sure I can fall asleep that way,” I said truthfully. “But I can try.” So Greg turned on his side and I spooned up next to his naked body. Greg reached up and turned off the light. It felt great, my arm around his waist, my chest pressing up into his back as I took in the scent of his hair. We hadn’t made anything official, but I had a boyfriend. Just holding him felt amazing. His taut body and his warmth and smell. Everything. Still, I couldn’t fall asleep like that, so after about fifteen minutes, I pulled away and rolled onto my back. EIGHTH DATE “It was the movie, wasn’t it?” Greg asked with concern as he plated out Chinese takeout in his kitchen. It was date night and we’d just got done watching a gay movie. The whole thing started when Greg asked on one date if I had any favorite gay movies. I had to admit, I hadn’t seen any besides porn. “For real?” he asked when I told I didn’t have a favorite. “So you’ve watched porn but never was interested in anything else?” When he put it that way it sounded weird. I shrugged. “I dunno. I guess it never occurred to me.” So the next time I came over to his place for date night, he popped in a DVD. It was a gay romantic comedy in which the straight-passing guy comes out in the end. I could tell Greg was enjoying it as we sat on his couch. He kind of snuggled up to me and I draped my arm over his shoulder. It was nice to be able to do that in the privacy of his home. But as I watched, the story started to bother me. I began to feel judged, like Greg had picked it as a way to convince me to come out. I tried to shake it off, but I was low key seething by the time we ordered dinner. A beer didn’t help my mood either, and Greg was picking up on it. When he asked if it was the movie, I thought of lying, but I didn’t. “Yeah. I don’t know. It felt like you picked out a film about coming out of the closet,” I said softly. I could see in his face that he was surprised. “Um, wow… I guess I didn’t see it from your perspective.” I shook my head and replied with a measured tone, “If you want someone who’s out, Greg, I can’t be that.” That seemed to piss him off. “I haven’t pushed you to,” he said simply with a bit of defensiveness. “And you’re putting words in my mouth.” I acknowledged his comment with a shrug but didn’t say anything more. We were quiet during dinner as we sat at the dining room table. But as we finished up, Greg seemed contrite. “I istanbul travesti guess the movie killed the mood, huh?” “It’s OK,” I said. “Sorry I got pissy.” His demeanor softened and his green eyes twinkled as he looked over at me from across the small table. “Think I can make it up to you with a blowjob?” That got a big smile from me. “I would not object to that,” I grinned. I scooted my chair back away from the table and reached down to my crotch to pull down the waistband of the casual, mesh, sports shorts I was wearing. My soft cock plopped out as I slid the elastic down onto my hips. My dick was responding fast, quickly plumping up as Greg came around the table, a smile on his face as he knelt down before me. I was about to have my first experience with make-up sex. NINTH DATE It was a matinee movie. Maybe a comedy, I don’t remember. I just remember that surprise when partway through the film, I felt Greg’s hand on the seat divider. Next to mine, fingers nudging. We weren’t alone in the theater, but it wasn’t crowded and it was dark. Still, I was nervous. But I pressed my finger against his. Then got up the courage to put my hand over his. My heart pounded fast and I felt a thrill through my whole body. This simple act felt so powerful. I could barely pay attention to the film, but that was OK. ELEVENTH DATE It was my first time in Delaware, but Greg’s family had a vacation place at the beach, about a block off the ocean. He regularly took a week’s vacation to himself there before his parents and sister joined him. He seemed nervous when he asked me to come with him for that first week. I think he was nervous that he was moving too fast with me. Or that I’d think he was. I hesitated to agree at first. But Kyle had just returned to Charlottesville from his baseball camp, and I craved a chance to spend some more time with Greg, stress free. I ended up telling Kyle my brothers had a beach house and I was going to join them for the week. After the long drive, and after settling in, I realized that this mini vacation was just what the doctor ordered. Delaware is less built up than Virginia Beach, and I enjoyed the down time and the relaxation of the beach with my boyfriend. I brought a few books with me, and while Greg wasn’t much of a reader, he seemed to enjoy the quiet of sitting next to me and dozing while I read in the living room or out on the deck. We’d swim a little in the heat of the day, then go back to the beach house for a nap or some midday sex. My libido was keyed up, as it often was, and if it were up to me we would have gone at it a couple of times each day. Greg, however, was more often a once-a-day kind of guy. Over that past few weeks, I had convinced him to let me fuck him more frequently. It was the major concession he’d made to my desires, but I think he’d enjoyed it equally, particularly as he got used to taking a cock my size. Over that week we explored different positions and it was almost an unspoken game that we try something different each day. Monday was doggy in bed, Tuesday was standing in the shower as I fucked him from behind. Given our height difference, that one didn’t work so well, but it was fun to try anyway. Wednesday we stuck to oral, swapping and edging before getting off with a 69. It was now Thursday, and I was in the mood for something different. It was early afternoon and we were humping in Greg’s unmade bed in just our swim trunks, enjoying an extended make out session – me on top of him as I pinned him beneath me. As we kissed, Greg’s strong hands traveled down my back and then caressingly gripped my buns, clutching at my muscled glutes as I thrust my crotch into his. Uncharacteristically breaking the silence, he spoke up. “You got a great ass.” I smiled. “Wanna fuck it?” That caught him by surprise and he raised his brow. We had discussed my desire to bottom for him sometime, but he’d never made the move to. I think he thought of me as merely a top. He certainly professed a preference for bottoming. He seemed more open to switching now. “For real?” He asked, excitement in his voice and dimples forming on his cute face as he continued gripping my glutes and grinding his six-inch erection into my lower abs. I pushed up off him, feeling his hands slip from my body as I sat back on my knees above him. Still on his back, he looked up at me, watching me undo my swim trunks, loosening the drawstrings and tearing at the velcro fly. I slowly pulled them down, just under my buns. With my trunks still high around my thighs, I plopped down on my stomach next to him, letting him see my ass as I stretched my burly arms forward and crossed them next to the pillow. “Gonna rim me first?” I asked with some hope as I rested my cheek against my bicep. “Fuck yes,” Greg growled next to me and peeled down his trunks, rolling them off his hips and raising his legs as they came off his feet, showing me the erection that was going to be boring its way in me in due time. Greg Collins wasn’t on par with a man like Jack Grant, or my father. He didn’t have the experience or the rimming technique down, and maybe I didn’t feel that intense sexual connection with him. But his tongue still felt magnificent prodding at my pucker as he squeezed my glutes in his hands. It had been a while since I’d been rimmed… Dad in Baltimore, before he shipped out, and I missed it. Greg got into it the more he rimmed, feeding off the gently grinding motion of my buns against his cheeks and learning which moves of his tongue turned me on. I got the feeling he was doing this for my pleasure rather than his, but that was OK. “All right, put your dick in me,” I urged, trying to not make it sound like a command as Greg liked the gentler approach. “Yes,” he hissed as he pulled his mouth from my hole and reached for the lube. I lay there stretched out beneath him, my head resting in my crossed arms as I waited for him to mount me. I spread my legs as far as my trunks would allow as he maneuvered his groin closer to my ass. Then I felt it, his muscular taut body on top of mine, his hands siding just underneath my armpits as he hovered above me, his slick erection poking in between my cheeks and rooting for my hole. I pressed my ass up, presenting my hole, but it took him a few seconds to find it. “Take it slow,” I said, suddenly concerned he’d ram it up me. “Yeah, I’ve done this before,” he chuckled. “Never with a dude as hot as you, though. Fuck!” I felt the gentle pressure of his sticky-wet rod, then a more insistent shove to clear the gate. I suppressed a grunt and clenched my fingers. I wanted to take this. But I was just surprised at how tight my hole had gotten from lack of use. Fortunately, Greg did know how to patiently open me up. He was slow at first, only letting my hole take so much pressure before backing off, letting my hole shrink back, and then pressing in again, thrusting in a little further each time. Pretty soon he was able to work the whole 6-inch length into my bowels. As he sank the final inch into me, I could feel every part of his torso and crotch pressed against my ass. Greg finally pressed his muscled chest into my back, his arms curling under and gripping my shoulders as he kissed my neck. I felt him lean up slightly, his hips pulling back, sliding his dick out a few inches. My tightened chute gripped the head of his cock as he slid past my prostate and plunged back into me. It’d been so long, but the first thrust of his hips felt like magic. Not to take away from his technique, but Greg had a tool that pressed my inner spot just right. Repeatedly. The more he thrust in, the better it felt. I felt like every nerve ending in my body was alive. “Fuck me!” I urged, wanting more of what I was feeling. My muscles tensed and relaxed in response. Greg got excited, humping into me more readily, his whole body getting into it. He huffed above me, slapping his groin into my ass. “Yeah,” I hissed. “Love your dick.” I heard my boyfriend gulp above me. “I don’t think I can last long,” he warned, almost complaining at how good my hole felt on his dick. “Don’t hold back, man,” I urged. “Just fuck me!” I was needy in a way that surprised me. But, fuck, this was feeling good. Greg just went for it. Fucking me faster, not rough, but definitely with firm, steady strokes. His hips were going spastic now. He was close to getting his nut, I could tell, and he was going to fuck me off in the process. I stretched out my arms, my palms pressing onto the headboard as his pistoning dick drove me past the finish line. “Oh god, oh FUUCKK!” I cried as shots of my semen created a wet spot that spread onto his bed sheets. Almost at the same moment, Greg’s thrusting got urgent and hard and I felt him have his own orgasm as he let out soft grunts. I could feel his cock spasm in my chute, pulsing with each shot. Almost as quickly, his body stopped its motion and he just lay on top of me a moment before letting his cock slide out of my hole. Then, he rolled off me. Lazily, we gathered the energy to kiss, and I rolled over on my side. We parted slowly, and I got up to take off my trunks and clean off the lube and cum from my body. Afterwards, we slipped our trunks back on, and we went out to the outdoor balcony under the afternoon sun. I helped myself to a beer, but Greg stuck to a soda. “Didn’t think you’d be so into that,” he said simply with a grin as he leaned up on the rail. The sea breeze was blowing and it rustled his short, spiky red hair. “I told you I like bottoming, too,” I said. He shrugged. “I guess I’m getting my head around the fact you’ve had some experience.” I took in that idea. I wondered if Greg had an idea of me that didn’t match who I was. But I had to admit, I sometimes wasn’t sure of who I was myself. I looked at his shirtless body, feeling that glow of post-sex satisfaction. “I thought you weren’t into topping,” I said. “But you seemed to enjoy it just now.” “It’s hard to explain,” Greg said. “I enjoy it on occasion, and the act itself is pleasurable. But psychologically, it doesn’t meet my craving, you know?” “I guess.” I sort of understood where he was coming from, but not entirely. “We’re not gonna be flipping a coin for bottom bunk are we?” he teased. I laughed, “Nah, man. I’m very happy fucking you, if that’s what you prefer. But just now… well, I liked that, too.” Greg smirked. “You’re fucking adorable, Jim McGrath… you know that?” *** Friday was a slow buildup of a day. We’d kissed and made out after breakfast, but somehow decided to hold off cumming. We knew it was my last day there, and I worried that if Greg came we wouldn’t have sex later. “Wanna get some sun?” he asked as he slid out of bed, his erection firm as he found some clean trunks. I found my own too, and soon we were padding our way down to the beach in our flip flops and sunglasses, and me with my Orioles cap. It was a lazy morning. But after lunch, Greg seemed in a chatty mood. “Sucks you have to go back tomorrow,” Greg said as he laid back on his beach towel next to me, eyes closed with his arms folded behind his head. “Eh, yeah, I know,” I said sitting up as I put my book down. From behind my sunglasses, I’d been kind of scoping out one of the hot older men on the beach, but in a low-key way. I figured it was just looking. Besides, when I turned to Greg, I had to admit my boyfriend was just as hot, if not hotter. “I gotta get back to practice and workouts, though. Besides, I’m not sure I’m ready to meet your family.” He nodded. “Yeah, it’s kind of early for that.” I could see the gears turning in his head. “And I’m not gonna pressure you, Jim….” “Thanks,” I said. “So, are we serious boyfriends? I mean, how do you see us?” he asked. I could sense his apprehension but I was glad he was bringing the topic up. “Serious, how?” I asked with a shrug as I took off my Ray-Bans. “I dunno, exclusive. With a future. Do you want something long-term?” “I do,” I said. “But, well, dating’s pretty new to me, and I need to take my time to figure it out. That’s probably not fair to you, but that’s where I am.” “Fair enough,” he said, sitting up as well and looking at me with a clear affection before averting his eyes momentarily to the ocean. “I’m all for exclusive though,” I added. “I’m not sleeping with anyone else.” That brought a smile to Greg’s face. “Me either.” He added in a joke, “I’m not sure when I’d even have time, we meet up on practically every day off I have.” “I love it,” I said with a smirk. “Only it’s gonna get tougher now that baseball and school are starting up.” “We’ll make it work,” Greg said optimistically. We made some small talk, then went back to shower and change for dinner – T-shirts, shorts, flip flops, and our short but beach-mussed hair. It was a nice night, walking along the boardwalk and people watching before our eye contact got heavier and we started walking back to Greg’s place. Back at the beach house, we kissed and made our way straight to the bedroom. We stripped quickly, getting off on the feel of each other’s sun-warmed, naked body as we writhed on the bed together. “Gonna miss you, Jim,” Greg hissed as I humped into his horny crotch, looking down into his green eyes. I enjoyed being on top of him, and feeling him beneath me. “Gonna miss you, too,” I said and met him for another soft kiss. I went at it as gently as I could, matching Greg’s romantic vibe and darting my tongue softly against his. But I was getting turned on, and was growing more excited and impatient. “Can I fuck you?” I whispered against his lips. Maybe I was pushing my luck making the request so much this week, but I was horny and aching to get back inside him. “Yeah,” Greg replied in a soft mutter of his own. We’d held off on a midday sex, so I felt extra worked up as I ate him out, relaxing his hole and then mounted his ass after a quick prep. I leaned over him, mounting him, face to face as he held onto my body. I fed off the sounds and feel of his body as he enjoyed mine. It all felt like making love as much as intense sex. I even brought us to simultaneous orgasms. Our kiss afterward was soft and affectionate. I didn’t want our vacation to end, even though I knew I needed to get back and would probably have to hit the road before it was too late in the morning. Maybe that was on Greg’s mind too, and we were quiet as we uncoupled and washed off. But as we got into bed, sleepy now, I scooted over to spoon him, the combined warmth of our naked bodies battling the coolness of the sea air. I draped my arm over him and felt his back press against my chest. My soft cock settled against his hard round buns. I gave a soft kiss to his neck, feeling his soft bristly hair against my nose. Holding him in that position, I fell asleep and stayed asleep.

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