Subject: Naval Tradition Revised 39 Naval Tradition REVISED EDITION Bill Drake (ail) with Corporal Cody NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between men, including male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. This is the revised and retconned version of Naval Tradition, told in chronological order. While the overall story is the same, there is lot of new content here (and some of the old parts didn’t make the cut in this version). This revision has been a collaboration with fellow writer Corporal Cody. My thanks to him for his considerable contributions to and inspiration for this version. Feel free to drop a line if you enjoy it: ail. I hope to have a (free) ebook version at the end of this, so you can let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for that. PART FIVE: LOOKING FOR MR. RIGHT Chapter Thirty-Nine New York City, New Year’s, 2005-2006 It was my first time in New York City and I was overwhelmed, in a good way, by the city’s energy. Particularly for New Year’s Eve. The weather had taken a turn for the colder, but people were still out in droves, particularly anywhere near Times Square. My best friend Charlie and his boyfriend Scott had planned this two-night trip and invited me along. I had hesitations about being the third wheel, especially given we had only one hotel room, but they urged me to come along. It was a good opportunity to hang out with the guys. I saw them some since Holt’s graduation, but not as much now that Holt was coupled up and had a real job. I think he was fast leaving his college days behind him, and I was pretty much the only connection he maintained. We’d driven up from Charlottesville that morning, and by the time we reached the city and checked into our midtown hotel, the winter sun was already starting its descent. So we only had a couple of hours of daylight to explore the city. Scott knew New York better and was playing impromptu tour guide. We weren’t going to let the cold stop us, but I wish I’d dressed warmer. I had my winter coat on, but with no scarf and only my Orioles ball cap, my cheeks and ears felt defenseless against the wind whipping between the skyscrapers. We’d sort of had in the back of our minds that we might try to squeeze into Times Square for New Years, but the reality of the crowd, the folks who’d been staking out a spot all day, made an alternate plan seem better. We discussed our options as we walked down Broadway. “Somewhere indoors,” Holt said as we popped into a crowded coffee shop to warm up. Thankfully we had dinner reservations, so we rested up a bit at the hotel room and got ready to go out again in preparation for midnight. We were in a good mood after dinner and we found our way into an Irish pub. It started filling up pretty quickly, though, and pretty soon we barely had room to lift our pint glasses up, much less make it to the bar for another round. Scott gave a nod toward the door, having to shout a bit despite standing next to us. “Wanna head on?” Holt and I nodded. So we headed back out into the cold, but as we walked around the neighborhood, we found that the bars were either fancy places with astronomical cover charges or were completely packed, with lines out the door. Holt looked at his watch. “10:30,” he observed. Maybe we should have planned things better. As we walked on, Scott was mulling something over. “I don’t know how you guys feel about it, but I think we can get into one of the gay bars in Chelsea.” Holt looked over at me. “What do you think, McGrath?” I knew Scott had taken him to gay bars before, and in general he was a lot more comfortable in his skin than he was in college. If anything, he’d grown more comfortable as he and Scott continued to date more seriously. “Sure,” I said. But deep down, I had some major reservations. For all my sexual experience, I’d never been to a gay bar, and some part of me was inexplicably nervous. Being public scared me, though I figured this was New York on New Years’ and no one knew who the fuck I was. And at that point, I just wanted to get somewhere. “Lead the way.” I said. As we walked down one of the wide avenues, the high rises gave way to apartment buildings and lower development. Maybe it was the winter wind, but it felt more desolate. But then there were more people on the sidewalks, and even though I’d never been to a gay neighborhood before, I could tell that a good number of them were gay men. I wasn’t sure if Holt had been here, but I took it that Scott had been to this area before, maybe a lot. He led us to one place that looked big for a bar and small for a nightclub. The burly doorman gave us a stern look as we stepped up to the bar doors. “You gentlemen know this is a gay establishment?” I noticed then the way the three of us were dressed, especially in comparison to the others waiting in line behind us. Scott put his beefy arm around Holt’s shoulder. “Yeah. This is my boyfriend.” Holt took the initiative and pulled Scott into a quick but tongue-heavy kiss. The doorman laughed and held up his hands. “All right, I get the picture. Just keep it in your pants inside, fellas. We run a classy establishment,” he joked. He carded me and Holt and stamped our hands, and soon we were checking our coats before heading inside a bar that was full but not overly packed. The space was half bar, half dance floor and was dimly lit beyond the flashing lights. The thumping music was seemingly all bass… at least that’s all I could hear in the cavernous echo-heavy room. I followed the guys through a thick crowd of male bodies and over to the less packed bar area, where Charlie went to get us a round. My heart pounded nervously. In one way, I wasn’t sure I belonged there. I mean, it was a different culture, one I knew of but had been distant from. In another way, I felt at home, not having to worry. Besides, on top of it all, there were tons of hot guys everywhere. Young guys, old guys, and in between. Muscular guys and trim guys, beefy or thin. Not everyone was my type. But man, it seemed that everyone in New York was beautiful. Scott’s eyes were scoping out the crowd, too. His burly body, bulked up with a sweater, seemed at ease in the place and that helped me, too. He placed his hand on my shoulder as he leaned in to shout over the noise. “This OK, Jim?” “Yeah, I’m good,” I said, appreciating his looking out for me. Scott looked over and then went over to help Holt bring the drinks over. Charlie had ordered beers, with a round of shots to help us catch up on our buzz. In college he’d been very much a bourbon kind of guy, but now he handed me a clear shot with the telltale smell of tequila, which gave me flashbacks to Mexico. “Happy fucking New Year,” Holt growled and we all tossed them back. “Whoo…” he exclaimed at the burn. Between the cold night air and the alcohol, my friend’s cheeks were rosy. “It’s your first time in a gay bar, right, McGrath?” Holt asked as he raised his voice just a bit to be heard over the music. “Whaddya think?” “It feels a little weird,” I admitted, tilting my cap up higher on my head to take in the view, “but it’s great.” “Of course you think it’s great,” Scott deadpanned. “Every fucking eye in the place is on you.” He was right. Not every eye, but a lot of dudes were looking our way – at me. Some quick glances and some stares. It was flattering as hell, and made me stand a little taller. I didn’t always have a perspective on what other men saw in me, but being young, athletic and good looking, I was increasingly realizing that I had what a lot of other men were into. I thought of what Dad told me in Mexico, how he said he was glad that I wasn’t conceited about my looks, or else I’d be insufferable “Well, here’s to losing your gay bar cherry,” Holt toasted. “They say you never forget your first,” he teased, giving me a wink. “And here’s to a great 2006,” Scott chimed in and we clinked glasses. “Hopefully there are more new adventures ahead,” I said. For all my misgivings, previous and present, I was glad these guys got me out of my comfort zone. Holt and Scott enjoyed the atmosphere and were affectionate in a way they never were out in public – their bodies close, with Scott’s arms wrapped affectionately around Charlie’s waist. Before we knew it, the countdown to midnight was on us. All of a sudden the house music turned down and the TV sound turned up. Everyone started counting along with it and finally it was the new year. Next to me, Scott and Holt embraced in a passionate kiss as I looked on, both happy and a little wistful I didn’t have anyone to share the moment with. Just then I felt a finger tap my shoulder. A handsome man, shorter than me, older yet muscle-built, greeted, “Happy New Year,” and put his lips on mine. I kissed back. Not a French kiss, but not a quick peck either. “Everyone needs gaziantep travesti a kiss at midnight, it’s the rules,” he winked. Even over the noise of the club, I could hear a distinct accent… New York or somewhere in the Northeast. “I’m Jeff and this is my boyfriend, Tom.” Jeff had ginger hair cut pretty short and pale features with slight freckles and blue eyes. Tom stood smiling next to him and was just as attractive. A few inches shorter than Jeff, he was also muscular and fit, though a little beefier in build than Jeff’s tauter body. He had darker looks, maybe Latin or Southern European, and his hairstyle was an identical match to his boyfriend’s. “Happy New Year,” he greeted, his brown eyes looking at me plaintively. “Do I get a kiss, too?” I laughed and leaned forward, and soon I was kissing another stranger. He was more forward, pushing his alcohol-laden tongue against my lips. It opened my lips and accepted him into my mouth and we made out. I composed myself when we broke and I hoped Jeff wasn’t pissed, but he was looking on with a smirk on his face. “What’s your name, stud?” “Um, Jim,” I said. I then realized that my friends were standing next to us. Indeed, when I looked over, Holt and Scott were grinning at me. “These are my friends, Charlie and Scott.” We made small talk and red-headed Jeff went to buy us another round of drinks. I didn’t know what the dynamic was between Jeff and Tom, but I figured I’d accept the attention they were giving me. They were older guys in their 40s. As we talked I noticed the slight streaks of silver in Tom’s short dark hair, but both he and Jeff looked young, too. Model-like even. The beer helped loosen me up, but I was definitely attracted to both of them. At one point, the couple were talking, and I fished into my wallet for a few twenties to get the next round. I’d probably regret blowing this much money in a night, but it felt like a special occasion. Holt’s hand landed on my shoulder as he leaned in to talk above the music. “Think you’ll be OK on your own, McGrath? Scott and I were thinking of having a little alone time.” I looked back at him and Scott. Scott was in touchy-feely mode, with his paws on Charlie’s shoulders as he stood directly behind him. “Sure, buddy. An hour good? I can stay out longer if I need to.” I was in a good mood, and it was still not too late. Holt gave a glance over at our new friends, and I could tell what he was thinking. But he withheld teasing me. “An hour’s good. Stay out as long as you like.” Then grabbing me in a bro hug, he wished me a happy new year one more time. I gave Scott a good-night hug too, then they said goodnight to me and our new friends. “You dance, Jim?” Tom asked when it was finally the three of us. “I’m not very good at it,” I admitted. “I have to be pretty drunk before I get out on the dance floor.” “In that case we’re getting the boy a shot,” Jeff said to his boyfriend as he ran his hands along my back. He turned to me, “What’s your pleasure, Jim?” “Tequila,” I said. In the morning, I’d probably regret drinking so much. But in the meantime, I was having a lot of fun. They came back with four shots. “An extra for the man of honor.” “Man of honor?” I laughed as Jeff handed me the second shot. “The hottest guy in the place,” Tom said, looking me in the eye. We clinked glasses and tossed the shots back. “Nice,” I muttered as I felt the alcohol burn and the warmth spread through me. Jeff nudged my arm. “All right, number two. I want to see your dance moves.” I took a second then put down the second shot. I was definitely going from buzzed to drunk. A nice, giddy, happy drunk. Tom pulled my arm and soon I was guided right onto the crowded dance floor, with Jeff following close behind me. I couldn’t dance, and I looked like a fool out there, but I didn’t care. I was having a blast. Particularly as Jeff stepped up to me and muttered, “Yep, hottest guy in the place,” before placing his mouth on mine. We made out as our bodies swayed to the beat. I hadn’t kissed him deeply before, but he was a really good kisser, as good as his boyfriend. Speaking of which, Tom was closing in behind me, wrapping his arms around my midsection as his groin humped against my ass and his mouth attacked my neck. I was in heaven being sandwiched between these two hot men. It got more sexual too as Jeff’s paw gripped the crotch of my jeans, massaging my slowly growing erection, and Tom’s hands ran up under the hem of my undershirt, feeling my taut abs. Even drunk, I knew I’d get in trouble like this, so I maneuvered my way out from between them and got behind Tom, dance-grinding into him like he’d done me, while he and Jeff made out. Then, Tom turned his head as he and I kissed once more. “Come back to our place,” Tom said as our bodies ground against one another. “Yeah?” I asked. Of course the evening was leading up to this, but I was surprised how easy this was, hooking up with two hot guys. I’d not had a threesome since my time with Jack and the Rear Admiral. In comparison, this felt fun and spontaneous. **** The walk back to their condo felt long in the cold wind, but being drunk I didn’t feel it as bad. Thankfully, their place was warm. I wasn’t sure how the script was supposed to go, since I’d never been the third with an established couple. But the three of us shed our coats, and our bodies met in their living room. Tom took off my ball cap and tossed it onto the nearby sofa. They ran their fingers through my blond hair, longer than Jeff and Tom’s and curling at the ends. I quickly realized I was the center of attention when Tom and Jeff stepped up on either side of me, their arms pulling me into them, our mouths meeting, passing back and forth in multiple combos – kissing Tom, then Jeff, then watching them kiss, only to do it all over again. I was turned on as fuck. Jeff’s hand was back on my crotch, kneading my now fully hard bone as he turned to Tom with a grin. “He’s really hung.” Tom’s eyebrows lifted in excitement. He’d not gotten a closer feel at the club. But he was getting one now, his hand joining Jeff’s as the two men appraised my size through my jeans. Tom beamed as he looked up from my crotch and into my blue eyes. “Fuck, you’re hot!” he slurred a little with his thick accent and started undoing my jeans. His fingers fumbled with my belt before unfastening my fly and yanking down my zipper. Jeff’s hand cupped my jaw and pulled my lips back to his. We were kissing once more, his tongue dancing against mine as his fingers undid the buttons of my shirt. His fingers still a little cold as they brushed against my toned, muscled build underneath the T-shirt. I felt Tom’s fingers pull down my boxer briefs along with my pants, bunching them around my thighs. My erection swung out, and Tom’s hand quickly wrapped around my shaft, angling it down before his hot wet mouth descended onto my cock. I moaned into Jeff’s mouth and wrapped my hand around Tom’s skull. This felt awesome, all around. Jeff pulled back and looked down, watching his partner give me head. At first Tom could only take the first few fat inches just beyond the tip. Then Jeff watched my facial expressions as Tom started a suck-and-bob combo, stroking the rest of my shaft in his twisting fist. “Ever had a guy give you a blowjob?” Jeff asked. I guess I came across as a newbie. “Oh yeah. Plenty,” I said as I ran my fingers through Tom’s short but gelled dark hair, messing it a bit as he continued to slurp around my shaft. “Your boyfriend’s really good at it.” “I’m even better,” Jeff winked before leaning back in and kissing me once more. Pulling apart again, he placed his hand on Tom’s hair, his fingers next to mine as he started pushing Tom’s head harder and faster into my crotch. I looked down as I watched Tom gag a little on my dick, the head of my fat shaft hitting the back of his throat. His eyes began to water, but he took it, his hands on my thighs keeping himself steady. “He doesn’t get to play bottom much,” Jeff said and I realized the implication. Jeff was mostly to completely a bottom, and Tom took on top duties. I enjoyed the pleasure of a warm mouth on my cock and imagined the different sensations of an ass gripping my boner. “God, I’d love to fuck him,” I moaned, looked up from Tom to Jeff. “I’d love to fuck you both.” With that Tom plopped off my prick and stood up. “Fuck yeah, man,” he growled, his hands coming up to my jaw and holding my face to claim another kiss. Meanwhile Jeff took Tom’s place at my feet and shimmied my jeans and briefs further down, just below my knees, and started sucking me. His mouth made a gobbling sound as it stretched around the head, and then the shaft, his tongue stroking the underside just before I slid into his throat. My hands just about gripped Jeff’s head, my fingers ruining the man’s neat blondish-red hair. Tom swallowed my moans as he sucked on my tongue. Jeff wasn’t lying, he was better than Tom even. I finally had to stop the make out session with gaziantep masaj salonları Tom. “Ugh… You better pull your boyfriend off me if you don’t want me to cum.” Tom hurriedly nudged Jeff off, who gave one final swipe of my cock before standing up. “Let’s get naked, guys,” Jeff said. Their bodies looked even better nude. I’d seen in-shape men in their 40s, but Tom and Jeff had the distinctive look of men who kept their bodies built and religiously toned through the gym and cardio. From Tom’s build I knew he would be muscular, but I was surprised how buff Jeff was stripped of his clothes. His muscles were taut but still hard and bulging all over. Up till that point, I don’t think I’d really seen guys their age who had smooth bodies. The men had full furry crotches, trimmed and defined, and the normal armpit hair I’d expect. But their chests and taut abs were waxed smooth, and from the look of things their ass and back were equally hairless. I didn’t know if I preferred that look, but it was an exciting novelty for me. I got a kick out of the fact that I had more body hair than the both of them. Tom’s hands were on my torso, feeling the ridges and light blond hair on my chest and abs and finally down into my thicker bush, gripping my 8-inch cock, which pulsed and leaked in his hand. “You in college?” “Yeah. A senior.” Tom’s hand gripped my dick and appraised its girth and length. “Oh man, this is nice.” I turned and kissed Jeff now, then alternated back to Tom. “Why don’t you suck him?” I half asked, half ordered. Tom nodded, crouched down into a classic cocksucking position and took Jeff’s pale cock in his mouth. I stepped behind Jeff, running my hands across his shoulders, then down his back, and finally his ass. Tom’s BJ had Jeff’s smooth glutes flexing. I watched those toned, round ass cheeks tense before I dropped to my knees, putting my hands on Jeff’s bubble butt and prying it apart. It was too dark to really see his hole, but as I leaned my face between his cheeks, I could feel the heat from it. My tongue darted out, tasting his pucker and realizing that the smooth buns hid some soft fur deep inside his crack. Jeff moaned, tightening his ass as I lapped at him, gently squeezing my face. I pressed into his eager hole. Jeff was definitely not virgin tight, and his entrance spread open for my tongue. “Goddamn!” Jeff hissed as his knees bent and his ass spread even more as I took the opportunity to press my face further between his cheeks. “Oh fuck, I’m too close,” he warned pushing Tom off his cock. He did take a second to press his buns against my face, encouraging me for one last deep lick inside his hot hole. “Let’s take this to the bedroom, guys,” Tom said, standing up. His dick was thicker than Jeff’s, not quite as fat as mine but close. It was rock hard and his shaved-smooth nuts clung tightly to the stalk. It was amazing to watch both of their asses as I followed them into the adjoining room. Jeff’s was rounder, a more pert pair of globes, whereas Tom’s had a full meaty muscle ass that I decided I liked even better. And in the brighter light of their bedroom, I could see more of a difference between the two men. Not only was Tom meatier in build, but I guessed he was a couple years older than Jeff, maybe closer to 50. Jeff stepped up to their nightstand and pulled out some lube and some poppers while Tom took my hand and guided me to the bed. Tom crawled backwards onto the mattress, pulling me onto the bed with him. Both guys were way hot, but Tom somehow pushed my buttons more. I stretched myself on top of his reclining body, his hands feeling up my shoulders as we ground our cocks together and I met him with a soft kiss. A second later, Jeff joined us, running his hand over the hard curve of my back and ass and nudging his head toward Tom’s and my kiss. I got the message and pulled away to meet Jeff’s mouth while Tom watched. I’d been in threeway situations before, but I was quickly realizing this was different. It wasn’t just having sex with two men, it was having sex with a couple. My presence was an extra thrill to them both, and I somehow felt like a trophy in their bed. That made me hard and excited and I leaned into the depth of my kiss with Jeff. I was still positioned more on top of Tom’s meaty build, but my hand ran along Jeff’s body to cup his buns and root around for his hole. Tom was humping up against me, his hands feeling my build, over my chest and shoulders as he watched me make out with his boyfriend. “God you have an incredible body,” he hissed. “You guys do, too,” I said honestly as I pulled back from Jeff’s kiss. As nice as their muscle bodies were to look at it, they felt even better next to my nakedness. My fingers dug more into Jeff’s pucker. “Hand me the lube,” I ordered, though more in an urgent horny tone of voice than a commanding one. “I want to fuck both of you guys,” I said, maybe a little drunkenly, repeating my wish from earlier. Tom let out a happy grunt as Jeff twisted his bod and grabbed the bottle from the nightstand next to him. As I leaned back up onto my knees, Jeff squirted a healthy amount of liquid on my dick and we watched it run down the sides of my shaft before Tom gripped me and worked the slickness all up and down my 8-inch bone. “Need plenty of lube for that bad boy,” Jeff grinned, reaching back to smear an equally heavy amount between his buns. Tom’s eyes were fixated on my cock as he worked it over with his hand. “God you’re amazing. You do porn or anything?” It was a genuine question that caught me off guard. “No,” I laughed a little and Tom laughed, too. “Well you could,” he said looking up at me with his puppy dog brown eyes. “You got a big fucking cock.” He was now scooting up to meet me in a kiss while Jeff lay on his back on the bed next to us and pulled his legs back. I broke my kiss with Tom and turned my attention to Jeff, moving over into a mounting position and presing my hands into his hamstrings. He was clearly the skilled and regular bottom. I worked my dick over his ring as he unscrewed the cap of the poppers and sniffed in each nostril before giving me the OK nod. While I wouldn’t call his ring loose, it gave readily to my cock, which pushed up steadily inside his guts. “God yes,” the man hissed. I grunted at the feel of his ass opening up, his ring stretching only to immediately clamp down around my shaft. Jeff’s ripped muscle made a perfect V where his abs met his crotch and retracted legs. The smooth body was lightly freckled and tan and a smaller but rock hard dick rested flat against his belly. “This isn’t your first time fucking a guy,” he observed. Tom was now kneeling beside me, feeling me up as I fed his boyfriend my dick. “We thought you might be cherry when we saw you at the club.” Something about that admission turned me on. But I didn’t answer in words. Instead, I looked Tom in the eye and started giving firm, hard thrusts into Jeff. The kind of fucking that was meant more for show rather than to get me off, even if Jeff’s wet hole felt great around my cock. Besides, the bottom emitted some loud, excited grunts with each jab, sounds that just egged me on. Particularly as Jeff took another hit and then jerked his meat. It was a beautiful sight, but I turned again to Tom and met him in a kiss. That threeway circuit was amazing. Feeling Tom’s stubbled kiss and his strong hand play with my ass cheeks as I fucked Jeff with firmer strokes. I was drunk, and that’s what kept me from firing off anytime real soon. But I fed off the sexual energy and channeled it into the most athletic shafting I’d given in a long time. “Jesus,” Tom hissed as he pulled back, clearly turned on as hell. I saw his thick cock leaking some as he scooted back to take in the view of me and Jeff rutting, my hips now a steady pounding of his ass. My hands pressed Jeff’s legs back, giving Jeff the opportunity to run a hand openly and appreciatively over my muscled torso. I grinned down at Jeff. “You like this?” I teased. My hips went a little faster now. His eyes rolled back and he let out a hiss. “Oh FUCK!” His fist worked his boner more frantically. I got the sense he was gonna cum before long, so I turned to Tom. “Why don’t you suck him?” I don’t know how I was running this show, but I was and I loved it. Tom grinned and knelt down, right over Jeff’s crotch. The fit wasn’t easy, but I leaned back to give him room. My hips slowed some and I fucked on with deeper, harder shoves of my fat meat. It took a second, but I got the fuck rhythm back once more, and Tom was back to sucking his boyfriend. As good as this felt for me, my alcohol daze was making this fuck about Jeff. Getting him off. Pounding him with heavy thrusts now. Jeff let out a deep cry with each jab, one hand holding Tom head onto his cock. “Oh fuck, oh man,” he grunted. “I’m gonna cum, guys.” Those words excited me and I started to feel my own load churning, though I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I clenched my teeth, gaziantep escort bayan feeling the tightening spasm of Jeff’s hole clenching my cock as his balls unloaded into Tom’s greedy mouth. I love feeling a man as he orgasms, the excitement and strain pulsing through his body. And from the sound of Tom gulping down Jeff’s ejaculation, I gathered he enjoyed being on the receiving end of a man’s orgasm as well. My cock was still rock hard as I pulled out of his loosened hole. As we uncoupled and Tom pulled off, Jeff leaned up to kiss me in appreciation. “You didn’t cum,” he observed, feeling my still hard and slicked-up cock. “No, that’s for Tom.” I looked over at his beefier boyfriend, who grinned back with a hint of apprehension. “Go easy on me, man,” Tom said. “I’m not as experienced at bottoming.” “I will,” I promised, now feeling both the excitement and frustration of a fuck interrrupted. “Why don’t you lie face down?” I could sense the man’s apprehension as he did just that. Tom stretched his muscular body out while Jeff slipped a pillow beneath his hips. I slowly pulled his legs apart then leaned in to grip each cheek. Like Jeff, he was shaved or waxed smooth, but the fur was soft and thick in his crack. I wanted to eat out his hot, meaty ass real bad, so I dove in, pressing my face between his muscled cheeks, my tongue lunging into his crack, searching and finding his hole as I slicked down the hairs, focusing on his tangy pucker. Crouching above him, and going to town, licking and tonguing and munching his hole. Tom might not have been as experienced a bottom, but he responded to the rimjob even more than Jeff, bucking his hips back into my face and grinding his hole against my mouth. I could have stopped at that point and just mounted him, but I kept at it, licking and feasting on him, while Jeff looked on, stroking his renewed boner. “Jesus, man,” Tom cried. “Eat me out, guy.” I didn’t want to give the man any time to get nervous again, so in one smooth motion I came up, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand as I gave my cock one smooth stroke with the other, mixing my precum with the lube and ass juice from my fuck with Jeff. I pulled open one of Tom’s buns, my other hand holding the base of my cock steady as I started working my cockhead against, and finally into, his relaxed hole. We both grunted as I breached his entrance. He was definitely tighter than his boyfriend, and I savored the feel of his clenching chute around the head of my cock. I leaned down over him, my hands falling onto the mattress in the space just under his arms. While kissing his neck, I muttered, “Relax, man, just let me in. I’m not gonna rush you.” He was turned on now, bucking his hips back against me as more cock entered him. Slowly, still, but steady in its forward motion. And he wasn’t taking advantage of the poppers, either. Jeff’s hole had felt great, but Tom’s was fucking tight and the friction felt incredible against my bone. Tom grunted as I was finally buried in him, pausing at the full entry, but just for a second. Feeling the twin sensations of drunkenness and sexual heat, I took deep breaths while Tom’s tunnel pulsed and choked my entire cock. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists against the bed. I could feel the heat from his back an inch from my chest, and I wanted to fuck bad now. I was having a hard time with restraint, but I held steady. Eventually, maybe soon even. Tom’s hips began bucking up and grinding against my groin, stirring my cock still buried in his rectum. That was the sign I needed. I pulled out of him, feeling his hole tighten, only to then spear back into him with slow steady force. Tom gasped, so I took my time again. He was definitely going to feel me tomorrow. I could feel that this was something Tom only indulged in on special occasions. But soon I felt his hole beginning to relax, my cock now comfortably sliding in and out. So I started thrusting into the muscle guy. Gradually picking up steam, I leaned up and placed my hands on his muscled upper arms to hold his chest down as I pounded him. His head buried in the pillow, his ass stuck out, now eagerly taking my powerful thrusts as the wet base of my cock slapped his muscled cheeks. Deep groans turned into whimpers, and then his hand snaked down to his crotch. He wanted to get off. “That’s it,” I hissed. “Get off, man. Jack off with my fucking cock drilling your hole.” My body was in overdrive now, in a full-body, rapid fuck. I was surprised Tom could take it. But as he jerked off, I fed off his need, and my own, and just went to town. The second I heard his orgasmic grunts and felt his hole spasm around my cock, my own cum arrived in full force, spurting heavily into his insides. I collapsed on his body and gave a soft kiss to his neck. “Thanks, man, that was incredible.” Between the sex and alcohol, my body felt hot and flushed and spent. I pulled my hips back, feeling my wet and rubbery cock slip from his chute as his hole began pushing me out. Slowly, I gathered the energy to roll off him. “Lie right there,” Jeff urged Tom as he slid in behind and between his boyfriend’s spread thighs and started rimming his freshly-fucked hole, going for my fresh load with his tongue. All the while he jerked wildly on his dick, eager to get a second nut. I thought I’d help him out. Going around to kneel behind him, I guided my still mostly-stiff rod into his lubed and still open hole. I didn’t have the energy for a heavy fuck but instead just sawed gently in and out as he ate my muck from Tom’s ass. It did the trick. Within a minute flat, Jeff was coming once more, moaning wildly into Tom’s crack as he did. We gathered ourselves and I took a piss, briefly splashing water on my face to cool down. I was sobering up, just a little. When I sauntered back out into the living room, I picked up my briefs and stepped into them. “Thanks, guys, that made my New Year’s.” Tom looked embarrassed now. “Yeah, it was fun. You OK getting a cab back to your hotel?” I nodded. “I’m fine.” I was still drunk but had enough wits about me to get back. Jeff stepped up and gave me a quick peck. “You made our New Year’s too, stud.” I got dressed and bundled back up for the cold. “I’ll walk you out,” Tom said, slipping on sweats and a hoodie as Jeff went to clean up. He escorted me down the hall toward the stairs. “Thanks for tonight, Jim,” he said, his hand patting my shoulder. “I don’t often get a chance to bottom.” “You enjoyed it,” I said, half as a question, half as an observation. He nodded. “I don’t know if you satisfied my itch or made it worse.” We stopped on the next landing down the stairs. Both reading each other’s minds. Our faces met again, in a soft but sensual kiss. Both Jeff and Tom were smoking hot guys and I enjoyed fucking both, but something about Tom just clicked with me, and I gathered he was more of the driving force behind this threeway. Maybe my judgment wasn’t the best, nor Tom’s, but we made out in the stairwell, not eager to break off. We fed off each other’s desire, getting more into our kiss. His hand gripped my crotch. “You’re hard again.” I nodded. “Yeah.” “You able to come again?” “Probably.” I smiled. Tom pushed me gently against the wall and knelt down in front of me, undoing my jeans and fumbling with my briefs to free my dick. “Damn, your cock is beautiful,” he hissed and took me in his mouth once more. It was partly the impetuousness of the situation but Tom’s head felt even better than before. He couldn’t take me deep, but he was eager to blow me, and I loved looking down and seeing this handsome, older man giving me head. He wrapped his hand around my shaft and began stroking me in rhythm with his blowjob, the sounds wet but soft and muffled. I ran my hand over his scalp and through his now messy dark and gray-streaked hair. I suppose it was risky doing it right here on the stairs, but it was late and we’d probably hear if anyone was coming. Still, I knew not to hold back. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back agasint the wall as I conjured every sexual thought in my head. I thought of my first load that was probably dripping out of Tom’s hole right then. I thought of how much this hot guy wanted my cum. I pumped his cock-sucking mouth with gentle thrusts of my hips. My fingers on his head pushed him down a little more onto me. The snugness of the back of his mouth tipped me over the edge. I caught my gasps in my throat, keeping as quiet as possible as I spurted into his mouth. Not as copious a load as before, but that nut still felt great. Tom softly mumbled around my cock as he swallowed it all. Tom was all smiles as he stood up and kissed me, slowly and almost romantically. I was tasting a little bit of my own cum in the process. “Thanks,” he said. “Happy New Year.” “Happy New Year,” I grinned back, tucking myself in and zipping back up. “I gotta get back,” he half whispered. “Yeah,” I acknowledged. But we didn’t part immediately, but instead made out some more. Finally, he slipped from my grip, leaving me smiling dumbly and drunken at him. “Time for me to go?” I teased. He nodded, giving me a “you’re killing me” look of exasperation. “All right,” I said, starting down the steps. “Good night, Tom.” “Good night, Jim.” And I went out into the cold air and the first wee hours of 2006, one of the most important years of my life.

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