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In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any consequences of you viewing or downloading the story. ————————————————————————– Big Neighbor Men Series – Chapter 4 Neighbor Cop, Pt. 4 In the dead of night, Jack Masterson sat in his police cruiser with his mirrored sunglasses on and showed no acknowledgment of me pulling up beside him. I didn’t know what to do. It didn’t feel right somehow to wave, flash my headlights, or honk the horn. The longer I stayed stopped at the intersection, the more uncomfortable I felt. So, I took my foot off the brake and moved forward to eventually pull into my usual parking spot across from our house. He stayed like that as I walked across the street and then into the house. Putting my eye to the peep hole in the door, I watched until I saw his cop car finally drive slowly past. Afterward, I wandered off to my room with the house silent around me. Shutting the door and slowly peeling off my shoes, socks, and shorts, I tried to focus my mind back on the everything that had happened and what a great time I’d had with Mr. Blasingame. Yet, the nervousness in the pit of my stomach that had risen up when I’d noticed Mr. Masterson’s cruiser beside refused to subside. Even falling asleep with the hot tingle of my butt hole feeling sore and ragged as well as my balls feeling drained dry, the odd uncomfortable incident with Mr. Masterson left me unable to enjoy replaying the events of the evening. The next morning, my dad was waiting for me. “The lights at the field go out at 10:00. But, you didn’t get home until just before 11:30. Care t’ explain that?” He put the newspaper he’d been reading at the dining room table down as I walked into the room. I felt my face flush what must have been a million shades of red. “Mr. Blasingame asked for help replacing fuses on the control board in the announcer’s box.” I quickly latched onto the excuse. “That’s all fine, Tommy, but you could have called and let us know that. Your mom and I were up until you came in even though we should have been asleep a couple hours earlier.” “I’m sorry, Dad.” I looked down at my feet with my mind running through the fact I hadn’t considered that at all once everything got started with Mr. Blasingame. “That’s all fine, too. But, you’re grounded for a month.” I started to react with pleading for more leniency, but was cut off. “Now, at ten years old, we might have dismissed it with just a conversation. You’re becoming a young man, though. At sixteen, you should be showing much more responsibility than that. We’re not gonna ground you to your room…” I prematurely sighed with relief. “…we’re just takin’ away your driving privileges. Go get me your keys.” Crestfallen, I did as I was told. “I’ll take you t’ school t’day. After that, you need t’ make arrangements for the next couple of weeks. Now, get a move on. The office knows I’m gonna be late, but I’d still like t’ get there soon.” Every night after that, I walked or jogged to the football field to run and made sure I was back by close to 10:00. After several days of feeling a little depressed over losing the use of my car, I began watching with anticipation to see if Mr. Masterson or Mr. Blasingame might appear at some time. It didn’t happen and night after night my need for one or the other grew. Stroking my own prick to the memory of the two men came nowhere close to satisfying the need for more from either one of them. Six days into being grounded, I ran only two laps before losing all interest in continuing. I didn’t want to run, I didn’t want to go home, and I didn’t even care if Mr. Masterson or Mr. Blasingame showed up. I felt bored, sad, and listless. Every night, I’d looked for one of the two men to show up and repeat what had happened with them. But, night after night, neither one showed up and every night my sense of abandonment grew. As rough as Mr. Masterson had been with me, it still left me a sense of closeness much deeper than I’d felt with anyone else. The same was true with Mr. Blasingame only, if anything, even deeper. With my teenage hormones and emotions raging all over the place, I began to feel their interest and attention had been a lie. A dark shadow of having to wait until reaching twenty-one before getting to have sex again seemed to surround me. “Hey, what’cha doin’, Triathalon?” A baritone voice, cheerful and mischievous, rang out from my left and knocked me out of my pensive thoughts. I turned to see Ron Graham walking across the track toward me with a smile. A very tall man with a red-brown beard and hair down just past his wide shoulders, he ambled gregariously toward me. He was in a white baseball cap, the white coat of a chef, thin cool khaki pants, and big wide white tennis shoes. Even though he appeared to only be around thirty or so years old, he owned a small Italian restaurant that he also cooked for in a neighboring town. “You trainin’ for the olympics, or somethin’?” He chuckled as he continued toward me. “We have a track meet at the end of the week.” I answered as he lumbered toward me close enough to catch darting blue eyes glinting playfully in the stadium’s bright lights made all the more blue by the obvious red rims around them. “Had t’ stop off on the way home.” A distinctive smell hit me as he turned a big curved hand toward me to reveal about half a burning joint hidden inside. He brought it to lips hidden under a thick curving curtain of mustache. “Girlfriend bitches when I smoke at home.” He coughed a bit against the back of his hand as he expelled a long billowing stream of gray smoke. “A man’s gotta relax, right?” He widened his red-rimmed sparkling blue eyes comically as if he really wanted an answer. “For sure.” I responded, not knowing what else to say. “Well, you’re all relaxed out here.” His free hand reached as he bent his tall height somewhat to slap my prick from side to side inside my gym shorts. “Runnin’ around with your lap-monster floppin’ around. I wish I could get away with that.” “Hey,” his voice got quiet and conspiratorial as his hand fell away but he stayed leaning toward me, “anyone else around?” “No.” I answered back, scanning the stadium and street around it nervously while stunned by the contact of his hand on my prick. “Fuckin’ awesome. Stand right there.” Strong heavy fingers splayed across one of my shoulders for balance. He kicked off one shoe and then the other. His head, well above mine, alternated looking left and right as he reached both hands down to shove his soft thin pants to the ground. Tight black briefs and long widely muscled olive-skinned legs with a pelt of straight silky-looking burnished red-brown body hair came into view. His chef coat, buttoned all the way up on the right side of his chest, fell to just above a waistband with a designer name repeated across it and an excessively filled pouch below. Thick blocky thumbs hooked into either side of his waistband just before he shoved those down his strong hairy legs, too. He bent over to pull them from one big foot and then the other. His back blocked my view of what had been filling the pouch of his briefs so overly full. Then, he straightened. “There. Yeahhhhh…that’s the life.” His blue eyes drifted closed as he raised the joint to his mustache-draped lips. “Hope you don’t mind, but I’m not the shyest horse in the stable.” I looked down as he chuckled. Christ! Another huge cock hung out in the open in front of me. About eight inches of wide fat heavy adult meat swayed ponderously toward the ground in front of low slung hairy balls the size of AAA eggs as if massively weighed down by the enormous and defined broad sloping head covered almost entirely in soft inviting luxuriant masculine skin. Bulging dark hairy thighs provided a perfect frame for the dramatic sight of his super-fat column of impressive male flesh. “Man, too bad I can’t just stay that way.” He bent over to pull his pants back up one leg, then the other. One wide heavy hand came to my shoulder again as his shoved one big foot into a shoe and then the other, his pants pulled up under his big round hairy balls so his long fat cock arched out in front of him over the ground below. I stared at the long super-wide length of him with my own prick now fully hard and distending the front of my shorts. “Bet you couldn’t even fit your hand around that fat bastard, huh?” He leaned down toward speaking quietly. “Should give it a try sometime!” He blurted out straightening up with a goofy smile suddenly spilling across his bearded face and the light of the stadium glinting off sleepy looking blue eyes. “That is if you’re of a mind to. And, y’ look like y’ jusssst might be!” He chuckled again and stumbled back a couple steps before returning t’ stand right next to me, pants still cupping his heavy swinging male equipment. “How old are ya, by the way?” His brows knit together as if he just realized he should check. “Sixteen.” “Legal, then. We’re all good. So, anytime, my handsome friend. Any time. Sorry, but I say what’s on my mind when I’m really high. I keep things to myself when I’m not. When I am, though, there’s never any doubt what I’m thinkin’.” “Back t’ cotton jail, FB.” He stuffed the wealth of protruding male flesh down inside the thin material of his pants as he leaned into me to add in a mock whisper, “I call him FB since he’s such’a fat bastard. Damn appropriate, right?” He straightened and kind of shook my shoulder askingly. “I mean, that’s a really big cock, huh?” “I’d say ‘huge bastard’.” I mumbled, still stunned by the sheer overgrown size of it. “Ahhhh…feels good just outta those briefs and slidin’ around inside.” He moved his hips so the clearly visible thick length of him shifted left and right inside his pants. “Soft, right?” He grabbed my wrist in his wide mitt of a hand and moved it over the outline of his thick cock underneath. “I mean, the pants are soft.” He added as his heavy adult meat flexed under my hand. “Well, I’m sure it’s the same for yours!” He let out a soft chuckle and moved a big hand to my crotch. A wide thumb slid over the head of my obviously hard prick while a thick forefinger stroked the underneath through my shorts. “Well,” he released my prick and turned to stride away, throwing his tight black briefs onto one shoulder, “gotta get home before I set myself up t’ get bitched out.” “Hey,” he turned and continued walking away backward, his long wide cock shifting aggressively left and right, “you out here every night?” All I could do was nod and stare at the fascinating play of big thick adult cock under his pants as he walked backward. He saluted me from the bill of his cap and reached down to slide a broad hand over the long fat shifting meat between his solid legs before spinning on one heel and continuing to walk away. “Maybe I’ll see you again.” He threw over his shoulder one last time as he turned and disappeared through the gate into the darkened parking lot. I stood there not knowing what to make of what just happened. Had he flirted with me, or just hung out stoned and treated me like ‘one of the guys’? So many things I didn’t understand. What was it with suddenly meeting adult men willing to have sex with me. I mean, none of the guys I knew in school would ever do anything with another guy. None that I knew seemed like they would anyway. It was beginning to seem like it was very different with older adult men. But, what was up with that? Was it that after being with women for years, they wanted something new…something different? Was it that, like me, they’d always wanted to fool around with another guy but weren’t willing to try it until they were pursaklar escort older? And, why me? I mean, I was really glad…thrilled, actually. But, it did leave me with a lot of questions. It worried me I might be giving off some kind of signal without realizing it. But, no one at school seemed to key into anything. Neither of my parents or my friends seemed to pick up on anything either. Or, did I just keep ending up in situations that paved the way since I was way past willing and was now craving any sexual contact I could get with a man? Lost in those questions and no longer focused on running laps, I left the football field and started walking. I wasn’t really walking home, though I guess that was ultimately where I would end up. I just wanted to walk and think. I avoided the streets as I wandered aimlessly toward and then through the field behind the row of houses next to the stadium. Many of the neighborhoods on the outskirts of our small town had a row of houses with nothing but empty fields of wild brush behind them. I was grateful for the solitude of that quiet environment as I crossed into the first one. I began feeling frustrated and glum. It hit me that an opportunity had been right in front of me, but I did nothing to encourage it. I’d had a chance with another adult man, but had stood too nervous to act on it. Why hadn’t I given some sign I was interested? I looked up from my thoughts to realize I hadn’t considered there would be no street lights along this route. I had to walk slowly and carefully to avoid fallen limbs and other natural obstructions that could result in a fall. The uneven ground left me stumbling slightly so that my prick was left flopping and lurching around under the thin material of my shorts. In spite of my emotional turmoil, overworking hormones left my teen meat beginning to swell and harden again. Right at that moment, bright light to the right caught the corner of my eye. Most of the houses were fully privacy fenced. Some, though, just had the neighbors’ fences on either side without having gone to the trouble to fence the back side of theirs. All of the ones open to the field must have been dark or had the drapes drawn as none had snagged my attention. At the house now on my right, a very tall and burly man was outside on his patio up on the bottom rung of a ladder working on what looked like a porch light fixture. He was clad only in a snug plain white t-shirt and thick white socks while a really thick half-hard uncut cock and heavy balls thrust out from the juncture of two very hairy solidly muscled thighs. Twisting a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the light fixture in place made the big muscles of his thick meaty arms flex and ripple as he worked. It also left his fat sturdy cock bouncing and swaying free in the open night air. Light from what appeared to be a dining room spilled out through the open sliding glass door into the dark so it bathed the tall beefy man in a soft glow. Seeing him so deeply engrossed in removing the light fixture and unaware of my arrival, I stood completely still in the hope I could continue staring at the big man unnoticed. His fingers looked so thick they seemed about the same size as the handle on the screwdriver held within his large muscular paw. The long sausage-like fingers of his other hand moved to lift up the hem of the man’s t-shirt and reveal a thick wide patch of dense hair that gathered into a heavy swirling vertical stripe right in the center of it all. Hypnotically, those broad fingers raked through and pulled at the wealth of hair there. My eyes took in the powerful forearms attached to his huge meaty hands and the hair bursting out from them. The man’s upper arms that looked more like hams attached to his broad shoulders. His strong chest shoved outward so the t-shirt hung free straight down to the man’s crotch. He also had a full short dark beard with a striking white section of hair just under his lower lip. Fuck! It was Judd Larsen, the big man that had stroked his fat uncut cock next to me at the urinal when we’d been in the outdoor restroom at the baseball field! It was him! It must have been the surprise of coming across him in a state of being half undressed the left me not recognizing him immediately. There was no mistaking who he was even without having seen the distinctive white patch in the front of his beard. The completely average guy-next-door haircut parted on the side, the expressive sloping eyebrows, the broad jaw, the soft golden brown eyes, and the rimless glasses that gave him such a fatherly look in spite of his towering powerhouse physique. I remembered hearing all the talk about the tense situation with his wife. Mrs. Larsen had been assaulted leaving work one night. I knew from unintentionally overhearing bits and pieces of adult conversation that there was a rumor she no longer wanted to have sex. The assault left her feeling threatened by any kind of affection or sexual interest. The word was that she couldn’t even hug her friends or family any longer. The contact was just too upsetting. Everyone had great things to say about how Mr. Larsen was handling it, but the assault had been three years ago and she’d gotten no better. Even speaking admirably about how he stood by her, people wondered how long their marriage could last under those conditions. None of that mattered, though. Standing there frustrated with only being able to look at him was just too trying for me no matter how much I enjoyed staring at him with the hefty package of proud male equipment jutting out from between his strong hairy thighs. I was making the decision to leave, leave and go beat off out in the field away from where anyone could see. I was just about to step away when movement drew my eyes back to his hands as the one trailing through the thick rich dark hair of his stomach reached up to the other to separate the wiring and place the fixture on the ladder’s tray along with the screwdriver. Mr. Larsen stepped down off the ladder onto the patio where a heavy hand reached down to pull at his fat cock, roll the smooth foreskin back and forth over a wide flaring head, and then move a thick thumb to stroke the tip across a deep gash of piss slit. His other hand picked a beer up from a small table sitting nest to him and tipped it back against his lips. Next, he returned the beer exhaling deeply and grabbed the hem of his t-shirt to skin it awkwardly over his head. The sight of him bare chested wasn’t exactly as I expected. The muscle of him wasn’t hard and taut, it was just thick heavy and bulky with more flowing roundness than cut definition. He looked rather like a huge linebacker or retired and fit professional wrestler. His stomach had an almost teddy bear like outward curve to it with just a slight hint of a roll at the sides of his waist. The hair of his stomach spread out across the center where his abdominal muscles would be, but slimmed to just a thick swirling stripe rising up the center until it fanned out thickly again across his chest and shoulders. I wasn’t even thinking about his fat cock at that point. All I could think about at that moment was feeling his big brawny body around mine. I wanted to feel those big arms holding me with all that round heavy muscle and thick hair against my smooth skin and much smaller frame. I felt a deep sigh expel from my chest as my eyes drifted closed and my hands shoved my shorts down to my knees. My fingers curved around my steely young shaft and just held it in my grip as my mind imagined the big man enveloping me with his body. My mind wondered about where my fascination with big hairy men came as I continued teasing my hard flesh. My dad only had a hint of a line of hair below his belly button. I still only had a dusting of blond hair under my arms, around my prick, and on my calves. None of my friends had begun sprouting hair. All I could think of was that first time with Mr. Masterson and the feel of it bristling into my own soft smooth skin. Then, realizing I was missing what was the rare chance to see the big man almost completely naked, I opened my eyes to look toward him again. The t-shirt lay crumpled beside Mr. Larsen’s huge feet in their bright white socks and one big hand cupped the underside of his significantly long thick weighty cock while a muscular thumb lightly stroked the top side of its wide heavy length. The sight of him like that poured into my head. Relaxed, lazy, muscular, hairy, and tugging on his fat cock put my head in a hazy spin. Pulling the leg of my shorts up to release my hard prick, I lightly grazed my fingertips back and forth across my rigid chubby length as I watched the handsome naked bear of a man and his huge fat cock. Seeing Mr. Larsen stroke his cock beside me in the baseball field bathroom left me standing beside him nervous, yet dying to reach over and touch his huge adult male meat. That same feeling now blazed up inside me as I watched his bloated cock, impressively thick and long, begin to harden and expand in the huge hand stroking it. The bright light from inside the house threw the details of the fat hog between his legs out in high relief…the rich beige skin of it, the broad and slightly darker sloping head, the road map of prominent fascinating veins coursing over its full impressive length, the skin of his huge cock thick and dense to the point no color of the veins underneath showed through, and the big round hairy balls sitting up tight against the base of it all. I could see the head beginning to glisten and shine with precum ooze in the harsh light flooding the room as the big man stroked the wonderful rich foreskin of his beast of a cock over and back from it. Without even thinking, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and shoved them down to my feet. Completely freed to the open air, I began stroking my prick as I watched Mr. Larsen stroking the fat monster between his strong hairy legs. The man’s cock was really beautiful. It was bigger than Mr. Blasingame’s. It could have been bigger than Mr. Masterson’s, too, but I couldn’t tell for sure. Mr. Larsen’s fat meat flared out even wider than the rest about two-thirds of the way up and then tapered back in just a little right behind the big head of it that was just as wide as the thickest part of the shaft. The effect was that of him stroking a long wide cobra in his huge muscular hands. I wondered what it would feel like in my own hands. How would that extra-wide part of the shaft feel as I stroked it? How would all those wild thick veins tracing across every fat inch of it feel under my hands? My thoughts came to a full stop when Mr. Larsen grabbed the base of his hard fat arrogant cock and slapped it into the curve of his other hand several times, the wet sturdy smacks of skin against skin. Precum, thick and shiny, now coated the entire burgeoning length then slid in a heavy globby stream that pooled where his sturdy thumb and fingers held its muscular base. I needed to leave. I really needed to leave. Watching this was killing me. But, it looked like he might be about to cum. I was weighing leaving now or waiting till after he shot his load when his big hand abruptly stopped and his whole body went still. I looked up at his broad handsome face to find his eyes wide and staring at me from behind rimless glasses set below his heavy brow. I was caught with my shorts down spying on a naked man beating off inside the privacy of his own yard. My world felt like it was about to crumble around me when I realized this was a man who had stroked his fat cock beside me at a urinal. Eyes pinned to mine, he jerked his head in a quick ‘come here’ motion just before he reached back inside the patio door to flip off the light and plunge the patio into darkness. Eyes down with nervous embarrassment at getting caught staring and stroking my prick, I walked to him. He moved to put me between him and the house, a big arm reaching above my head to balance against the wall of the house. As he loomed over me in all his dark hairy muscular glory, a thick curved forefinger lifted the bottom of my chin until my downward cast eyes were forced back up to his. My stomach turned to ice. Recognition flashed across his square masculine features. It seemed clear he now remembered me as much as I remembered him. Golden-brown eyes looked at me in shock from behind his glasses and under thick downward-sloping expressive eyebrows. Just below his thick dark mustache and above the white patch in his beard, the big man’s mouth hung open as if struggling with what to say. Indecision and confusion filled the expression on his handsome mature face. Time stretched out as he stood over me saying nothing and his eyes seeming to search mine. He just kept staring at me, his expression unreadable. Occasionally, his mouth would close slightly only to drift open again, or his tongue would slip out slightly to almost imperceptibly slide across his full lower lip. It seemed as if his mind was at war with itself over what to do and finding no quick answers. Mr. Larsen’s chest then rose and fell with a single deep breath, his eyelids lowering to an almost sleepy half mast. He silently pulled his hand from the wall above me, straightened rize escort to his full height, and stepped forward to press the tall length of his imposing body lightly against the length of mine. His long thick brawny cock pressed its wide fleshy girth against my arm along the elbow. The big man slowly shifted his masculine hips slightly left and right so the swollen impressive bulk of his fat cock rolled back and forth in a lazy repeated motion across my arm. Swallowing hard at where I now found myself, my mind flashed back to Ron Graham and the missed opportunity at the football field. Determined not to let the opportunity in front of me slip away, I quietly moved my arm to slowly slide the open curve of my hand lightly over Mr. Larsen’s massive cock. He shuddered and his eyes drifted completely closed. I slid my hand slowly down his prominent husky length to where his balls hung heavily below and then retraced that path back up to the broad, hooded, now copiously leaking head. A deep sigh escaped his wide strong chest. He said nothing, however. So I eased down front of him, slowly to keep from breaking the quiet moment and the apparent decision he’d made not to immediately send me away. Mesmerized by the dense wealth of dark hair carpeting the handsome muscular man’s tall frame, I leaned in just enough to press my face lightly into him and let the soft yet wiry curls of it all bathe my face as I slid lower. The humid masculine musk of him assaulted my senses and spilled in to fill my lungs. The fingers of my hands raked through the lush forest covering the wide sweep of heavy muscle on each side of his wide sturdy thighs. Momentarily, my mind flicked to the question of how the man ever found pants to fit over his oversized legs as well as have room to contain the thick incredible cock and huge hairy balls spilling out in between. Coming down to rest my weight on my knees, I rubbed my face in heated awe back and forth across the firm pliant weight and thick velvet skin of Mr. Larsen’s cumbersome adult male meat as it hung low towards the ground. Huge cum-filled balls slung almost as low in their hairy testosterone teeming sack framed the massive width of it in front of my hungering young eyes. Here the scent of him turned darker and richer, more male and adult. Cedar and dust blended with a hint of the thick damp musk that comes only from heavy adult cock and hairy balls released from a full day trapped underneath clothes. I inhaled as deeply as I could, hoping the erotic scent would fill my lungs and seep into my bloodstream. I eased my face back, dizzy and floating in the feel, smell, and closeness of him. The stream of precum from the wonderfully cowled fat head of Mr. Larsen’s burly cock still hung thick and shimmering in the moonlight inches from my face. I moved back toward it, hunger wetting my tongue and rising in my stomach. My eyes flicked up to his. His bearded jaw was slack, his mouth still gaped slightly open as he inhaled and exhaled deeply while watching me intently from above. I dipped my open mouth onto the thick strand of glistening white precum streaming from the wide breadth of the fat beefy head capping his ponderously thick length. Even with the wide base hidden in the explosion of dark hair around it, it was obvious Mr. Larsen’s huge cock was bigger than Mr. Masterson’s. It had to come in at eleven or twelve inches and even wider at its thickest point. His wide hairy legs began to tremble as I followed the strand of thick and slightly salty precum up to force my mouth to stretch open over the impossibly wide head of Mr. Larsen’s mammoth beast of hard adult male flesh. A thick shot of savory precum blasted across my tongue and filled my mouth before it began sliding down my throat and into my hungering belly. He stumbled and grabbed for my shoulders as he bent slightly at the waist over me. I slid my tongue under thick velvety foreskin to lap and swirl it across the broad meaty head underneath. The curling steel wool of the dense hair on his legs bit into the soft skin of my hands and arms as I slid them across the broad expanse of the large man’s muscular thighs. Mr. Larsen began gasping and almost choking above me as his body began to shake in earnest. I forced my mouth hard on him with the wide fat head hitting the back of my throat. I heard him hiss through clenched teeth as I suctioned my mouth back to where just the thick head lay buried inside, swirling my tongue passionately along the underside once again. A powerful jet of thick hot cum shot across my tongue to blast the back of my throat. I swallowed just as a second massive rope of slick creamy cum burst across my tongue and against the back of my throat. Blast after blast Mr. Larsen’s thick rich cum bolted into my mouth and down my throat while I sucked on the man’s huge lurching cock for all I was worth. His taste was like a somewhat salty gravy with a tart edge as it filled my mouth full again and again. I began counting at four overflowing gushes, that number growing as the thick heaving cock went on spewing into my mouth. More adult male cum burst into my mouth and slid down into my craving stomach while I sucked the long fat cock and savored the taste pouring forth from it. As I gulped more and more of Mr. Larsen’s heavy load…eight, nine, ten blasts…I prayed it would take forever for it to slow to a stop. Still, bent at the waist and gasping heavily over me, Mr. Larsen kept feeding jolt after jolt of thick hot heavy cum across my tongue and down my throat…twelve, thirteen, fourteen. Just as the jets of cum finally began to subside, I shoved my mouth onto him until his incredibly fat lurching cock punched past the back of my mouth to thrust deep into my throat. A shocked gasp exploded from his chest as his impressive body rose up onto the balls of his feet. I could feel my throat stretched impossibly tight around the massive obscene girth of Mr. Larsen’s heavy uncut adult cock stuffing my neck to the hilt. I swallowed in rapid fire succession against the thick hard heaving male meat buried inside until my vision began to blur from lack of oxygen. The big man eased his fat bloated cock from my throat long enough for me to suck in a quick breath, then forced it back down deep inside. The sound of deep ragged breaths filled the quiet night air around me. He began a deceptively lazy pattern of forcing his huge thick meat slowly into my throat and then retreating back out. My mind was spinning at the feel of being slowly and deeply fucked in my throat. Mr. Larsen’s lazy thick ride into and out of tautly stretched throat left my mind spinning and my prick thrust painfully hard out into the warm night air. Trembling continued to flow through his large tall muscular body repeatedly as Mr. Larsen set up a steady rhythm of slowly fucking his massive thick cock in and out of the tight glove of my throat gripping and suctioning him wildly with a mind of its own. After what seemed much longer than I’m sure it actually was, the tall broad hairy man’s pace began increasing as did the depth of his breathing. I moved my hands as he started plunging lazily in and out of my throat to cup, stroke, and lightly pull on the full heavy hairy orbs hanging six or seven inches down from the base of the muscular man’s magnificent demanding cock. Mr. Larsen straightened and stumbled back from me, staring down at me as if I was something he’d never seen before. His fat heavy bear-cock had been yanked out from deep within my avidly suctioning throat. It now jutted out, tall and proud, curving upward slightly like a powerful arrogant cannon of beefy adult male meat, shiny and wet in front of me with spit and precum glistening in the moonlit night. He reached past me to pull a fresh beer from the patio table on the other side of me. He twisted off the cap and let it fall onto the patio floor, then tipped it back to down eight deep consecutive swallows before easing it from his lips and returning it to the table. Time passed in silence without him moving while he simply looked down at me with shock and indecision. I just knelt there with my shorts still halfway down and my prick slowly deflating. Watching him, I felt as if I’d just done something really horrible to him and should leave. Nervousness began to rise in my stomach again when a big muscular hand enveloped my upper arm completely, lifted me from the ground, and steered me across the back of the house to the side of it. I inadvertently stumbled out of my shorts along the way and then felt my tank top pulled off me as Mr. Larsen guided me around to the side of the house and out of the direct moonlight. Once we rounded the corner into deeper darkness, he released my arm and dropped my shirt to the ground. Stepping behind me, one arm came around to slide a big rough hand up my stomach to my chest and pull me back against him. I groaned at the feel of his coarse woolly body hair raking the soft skin on the back of my body from my legs up to my shoulders. A lightly calloused thumb and forefinger moved to roll one taut nipple cautiously. I moaned quietly and rose up on the balls of my feet to grind back against him as a slow bonfire began spreading through me. The huge thick cock between his heavily muscled hairy legs rolled from side to side burrowed along my spine upward from the base of my lower back, my body shifting left to right back against him as heat seared a million pathways though me. Two heavy fingers reached around to wipe through the spit and cum left on my lips and chin. Mr. Larsen’s big legs eased back from mine and that hand moved in between us to ease the slick thick fingertips up into the crack of my round teenage butt. They began to toy and tease the tight sensitive bud at the opening into my young body. My tiny hole unfurled and closed back tight over and over, almost kissing the rough fingers prodding the hyper-sensitive skin there. I began pressing back, I couldn’t help it. I wanted that feeling. I wanted to feel him inside me, even if it was just those lewd thick fingers on his broad muscular hands. First one finger moved just slightly inside then back out, then the other. The fingertips alternated back and forth until I was silently begging for more. My soft pert butt rotated and ground back against his hand until the two fingers finally slid all the way up inside the heat of my ass. I went slack in his grip, Mr. Larsen’s fingers still taunting one nipple while the others sat deep inside my hole. My tight ass-ring alternately gripped and released rapidly at the big man’s thick invading fingers. “Please…” I didn’t realize I said it even as the word quietly and breathlessly slipped from my mouth. “I’m really big.” It was the first time I heard his deep rolling voice and it made my whole body go weak as it filled my head. That deep heavy voice left me feeling lightheaded and warm as I responded with two quick intoxicated yet encouraging nods. Fingers retreated from my teen hole with excruciating jolts of fire shooting through me throughout the long slow drawn-out movement. Big sturdy hairy legs became braced wide apart behind me and I felt him lower himself until his hips were at the level of my ass because of my much shorter height. The blunt head of Mr. Larsen’s massively thick rhinoceros-cock slid up in between my slick cheeks and against my tight young inflamed hole. The pressure against my sensitive opening sent slow waves of intense pleasure rolling through every part of my body. I pushed back. I couldn’t do anything else and my body was completely overriding anything in my mind. It wouldn’t go in, though. I eased off and then pushed back again. My tight teen hole opened, but not enough before the dull dark pain rose too high. Over and over, I pushed back and eased off. I couldn’t tell if I was making any headway, but the sensations soaring through me left me without caring. I had the huge head of big muscular tall handsome and hairy Mr. Larsen’s massive thick adult cock prodding my tight little butt-hole into delirious heaven. Then, the broad aggressive head of his hulking male meat spat a thick slimy flow of slick precum into the strained opening into my body. That provided the final straw and the strong broad head of the big man’s huge cock finally breached my taut hole and punched inside. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” I whispered desperately as I began dancing from foot to foot and forcing myself to keep pushing back. It hurt. Dark and dull pain washed over and through me while I refused to let it stop the progression of the tall handsome man’s massive mature cock into my feverish body. The feeling of millions of tiny hot needles pricking my skin flowed up over me from my feet to the top of my head. That pain, though, warred inside me against intense pleasure that left my stomach somersaulting inside my erotically tormented body as excruciating pleasure thundered outward through me from my brutally stretched hole. I felt myself jerk upward at the feel of quarter inch after quarter inch of huge fat rugged cock forcing its way slowly into my young craving body. My head crashed back into the firm cushioning muscle of Mr. Larsen’s hairy chest. Rough hands and strong hairy arms encircled me, those ankara rus escort hands exploring, tugging, squeezing, and manhandling every inch of the front of my body. I squirmed in his crushing and dominating embrace while the soft wiry carpet of hair covering the big man’s powerful chest and stomach scoured my back and shoulders till my mind felt as if it was melting down my spine. Mr. Larsen suddenly bowed us both over, his bearded chin grinding into the top of my head and locking my body between it and his strong hips. Strong wide hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled them tightly back against him. Heaving breaths seemed choked out from behind me as the tall muscular man’s wide legs began to shake intermittently. Still, his humongous thick cock stretched me out farther and farther as each quarter inch got thick and thicker. My eyes alternated between opening wide and squeezing shut in disbelief that a cock that huge was making its way up inside me. It just didn’t seem possible. I wanted it. I did. I wanted it badly. It just didn’t seem like there was any way my butt-hole could open wide enough. There was no denying that it was happening, though. The electric fire rising up from my hole as it stretched further and further proved that. Mr. Larsen’s whole body began to shake behind me as I felt him nearing the point of being shoved fully inside me, the curly hair of his thighs teasing the soft skin of my round young butt. Suddenly, he pulled almost all the way out in one devastating assault exiting the tender entrance into my young body. I cried out and collapsed between the man’s tall powerful frame and the wall of his house only to have him grab my hips in huge hands with a steely grip and thrust brutally back inside. Stars filled my eyes as my brain bounced inside my skull and rapid fire rounds of pleasure tinged with pain shot out from my overly stretched and violated teenage hole. My whole body thrashed as wave after wave of lewd trauma rolled forcefully through every part of me. “Oh my god!” I whimpered as Mr. Larsen ripped the monster cock between his wide hairy thighs back out of me once again. He thrust savagely back inside, punching past the formerly tight ring at the entrance into my body, my hole stretching and widening over the massively thick gorilla girth at the center of his pummeling pulsing length. He thew deep gut-wrenching hole-pounding lunge after lunge into my quivering collapsing teenage ass. I was crying. Tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t explain why even to myself. Because he was fucking my young hole so brutally? Because the pleasure coursing through me was melting my mind inside my head? I had no answers other than that Mr. Larsen’s huge fat horse-cock slamming in and out of my young body left me feeling as if I was losing my grip on reality and sanity. I was overwhelmed by the deep powerful thrusts of his massive cock and even the difference in our size. I felt small and completely at the mercy of the big man behind me and the wide muscular hands anchoring me in place. Barreling his massive adult meat wildly in to the hilt and then almost all the way back out again in rapid dominating succession, I felt like a rag doll in the hands of the man who was probably four times my size. Just the thought of him towering over me as we stood side by side, made me groan deep inside my chest and my butt-hole flutter against the huge cock thrusting powerfully inside. The big lumbering man began shoving my ass and whole body on and off the massive beast between his strong hairy legs at the same time as he savagely slammed it in and out of me with animal power and need. I felt myself thrown forward and back. Mr. Larsen’s massive straining cock rammed into me to where every crashing thrust jolted through my entire body. The soft tight gripping ring of my ass was dragged inward and outward against the monster girth of the man’s huge lunging adult club of hard throbbing flesh with every thundering thrust. The unnerving suction inside me from it seemed to pull at my insides on every searing exit only to be shoved back open as that thick steely horse-dick slammed back through it all. Everything inside me gripped, stroked, hugged, and rode every massively thick inch of the rugged fat length of him ramming in and out of me like a huge wild grunting animal. I felt like I could feel him pile-driving deeper every time he shoved my sixteen year old hole brutishly wide and bottomed out deep within me. I could swear I felt him thrusting up into my stomach. The power of his muscular assaulting lunges into the depths of my body left my prick and balls bouncing forward and back while my teeth got slammed together over and over. Harder and harder he barreled into me. Faster and faster he rammed that massively thick and long meaty adult cock in and out of teen ass and guts. Again and again Mr. Larsen slammed his huge cock into me and then back out, the fire in my formerly tiny teenage hole burning hotter and deeper inside me each time. Each time he plowed brutally into the depths of my body, that incredibly wide muscular hooded cock branded my insides with the sheer size and heat of it He was driving me over the top. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t hear. Everything became a deafening roar in my ears. I couldn’t even see. My vision was just a blur of tears and the grass under me. All I could feel was the fire raging inside me through the tunnel of my young abused ass where it gripped and stroked the huge thick hulking cock ramming into and out of my abraded sixteen year old hole. Being pounded increasingly harder and faster, harder and faster, harder and faster…I felt myself melting into nothing but quivering flesh and whimpering cries in the man’s strong wide hands and massively thick twelve inches punishing my taut spasming hole. Suddenly, I also began to feel the telltale tingle begin at the base of my balls. Right alongside that, I began losing all strength in my legs and sinking toward the soft grass below us. The world tilted out of nowhere and I found myself flipped onto my back. Legs sliding down to wrap around the tall muscular man’s taut waist and his big hands coming down to each side of my face, the new angle had Mr. Larsen’s animal cock thrusting in at a different direction over something mysterious and excruciatingly intense just inside my hole. Each driving lunge into me and across that little place sent a shocking jolt of electric pleasure shooting up into the base of my skull. I strained my eyes upward as they shot wide with the explosions beginning deep within me. I could only see straining neck muscles, his face blocked by the hard line of his heavily bearded jaw as it angled up toward the night sky. Harder, deeper, faster, and more demanding, Mr. Larsen continued thrusting savagely and possessively into my shattered young body. The tingle at the base of my balls still telegraphing the imminent spew of cum from my chubby sixteen year old prick. The man’s massive bear-cock began flexing as it shoved ruthlessly in and out of my strained writhing body. I began feeling my hole get wetter, Mr. Larsen’s ass-wrecking lunges into me getting slicker with more pleasure and less pain. I could feel more of the textures of his thrusting fat cock, the rigid gristle throbbing under smooth velvety skin. The more his heavy powerful cock flexed, the wetter my young hole became until I could feel it frothing at the opening and wet slurping smacking sounds rising up to my ears. Precum. I knew from sucking the tall bearded man’s incredible cock that he leaked a lot of precum. That had to be what was drooling from his thrusting cock now and bathing my tender young ass in the creamy salty precum that still coated my tongue and throat. I groaned deep at the thought of it and ground back against his possessively plowing immense adult meat. My eyes slipped in a heated daze downward to where his chest broke into sharp straining striated muscle underneath the thick fur pelting his skin. His arms and shoulders flexed into hard rounded muscle wet with a sheen of sweat. The purely male musk of that sweat soaked and expanded into my lungs. My hands reached up to curl into the dense curling hair of his chest, my mind and body wanting as much of this handsome muscular man as I could get. It all pushed me past the balance of ache and pleasure assaulting my young body. The tingling in my balls increased wildly. Mr. Larsen’s huge and massively thick adult cock continued ramming in and out of my young accepting body and my nearly annihilating teenage butt-hole deeper and harder with every stroke. It was as if he was taking out all his anger, frustration, and sadness all at one time pulverizing my tender young ass. The power and intensity of it and him left cum boiling up into the shaft of my prick. I began writhing desperately in his grasp as cum finally raced up from my balls and through my rigid prick while the bristling hair of the big man’s stomach raked obscenely back and forth over my tender balls with every deep pummeling thrust of hard heavy fat adult cock. My ragged teenage hole clamped down in rapid succession…clutching, releasing, gripping, convulsing. Mr. Larsen’s warm golden brown eyes lowered suddenly to search my eyes in shock as if realizing what was happening for the first time. His body went completely still with his big brutal cock still slammed deep inside my stomach as his jaw began to slowly drop, my own body twisting and bucking as cum began splattering up from my prick onto my face, shoulders, and chest. His tall broad body began to quiver, then shake, his eyes thoroughly taking in every part of me underneath him from the hair on my head to my thighs wrapped desperately around his waist. Staring down at me as if half in confusion and half in amazement, he grunted once, twice, three times and then threw his head back as his tall hairy powerhouse body began heaving above me at the same time as his monster of a cock began heaving and lurching inside my thoroughly battered sixteen year old hole. Each time his body heaved, Mr. Larsen’s huge fat cock blasted a massive burst of thick white-hot searing cum up into the tight glove of my ass stretched to its limit, already filling my stomach up with his heavy cum with just the first three explosions. I ground back against him, flopping in his grasp and twisting my spasming hole left and right on the heavy rigid steely adult flesh rammed up deep inside my young body. As more and more cum poured into me from the huge wide exploding cock inside me, more and more shot up from my own young prick as I flailed wildly beneath him and ground my hips back against him to swing his incredible hulking cock around within my exploding body. Mr. Larsen’s face snapped back down to stare at me once again, his head slowly shaking back and forth in disbelief as his hips began moving again. Big hands slid down from my face, the sides of my chest, and fell to grip my hips in strong thick fingers and wide rough palms. Locking my writhing body in place, he began pumping his fat bulky cock in and out of me while continuing to dump more and more adult cum deep into my belly. I could the excess of the massive amount of it slowly seeping out of my battered sloppy teen hole from around the swollen thick cock still filling and plundering my tender young ass. Six or seven more times he shoved that huge fat spewing adult cock up into my weak, accepting, and ecstatic slim body before collapsing heavily on top of me long after my own prick had drooled the last of its load onto my stomach. Course beard and warm breath raked over the sensitive skin of my neck. Thick heavy muscle and dense damp hair enveloped my much slighter physique underneath him. Massive fat cock softened some, but lost none of its wildly thick girth nor shocking length. We laid there like that until both our breathing slowed to normal. Mr. Larsen then slowly rose onto his knees above me and began easing his fat heavy cock from within my young abused hole. Once the broad uncut battering ram head with its thick sleeve of velvety skin once again cowling over it slid free and my swollen butt hole, I looked at the watch on his wrist nestled deep in the thick curling hair of his arm. “What time is it?” I asked quietly. “9:40.” It was only the second time he’d spoken, and the last. “I have t’ be home by ten.” I just looked at him wishing I could think of something else to say or do before the opportunity was lost. However, that didn’t happen. He just nodded and rose to his feet. His tall muscular hairy bearded body towering over me in a way that somehow felt comforting to me. I got up as well, ignoring the stream of thick adult cum that drained out and slid down my left leg. We began walking around to the back of the house, me picking up my clothes and putting them back on. Not knowing what else to do and needing to get back home fast, I smiled at him and then headed out toward the back of his yard. Reaching the fence, I turned around to look back and found him looking back at me. He put his hand to his forehead in a lazy salute motion and then dropped it to slowly stroke and tug at his long fat heavy cock. (To be continued.) Other stories: Bad Uncles and Dads http://www.//gay/incest/bad-uncles-and-dads/ Big Neighbor Men http://www.//gay/adult-youth/big-neighbor-men Discovering Uncle Tip http://www.//gay/incest/discovering-uncle-tip/ Teddy’s Discovery http://www.//gay/incest/teddys-discovery/ Hay Baling and Uncle fty//gay/incest/hay-bailing-and-uncle-buck/

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