Neighbor Surprise


Joe was a little late coming home from work. It was a beautiful and warm early October day, it was still nearly 80 degrees at 7pm as he pulled in the drive. Seeing a piece of trash in the grass, he picked it up and walked around back to toss it away. Approaching the back of the house, he heard something coming from the deck.

The first thing he saw as he turned the corner was his wife’s face, the familiar look of building pleasure evident. Karyn’s eyes were closed, her breathing ragged. Joe thought she was masturbating while the skies darkened. He smiled and quietly approached.

As he turned the corner, he stopped in his tracks. Karyn was not alone.

Joe stopped and watched as their neighbor Jen’s head was bobbing between his wife’s legs. She was all fours, in a black sundress and appeared to be rubbing herself with her left hand. Karyn had her hand on Jen’s head, pressing it down into her over-aroused pussy.

Karyn had her dress hiked up all the way. Joe could just see her white ass in the deepening dusk. Suddenly, Karyn’s back arched. She drew a deep breath and held it a moment before a grunt passed her lips. Joe knew Karyn was cumming. He figured Jen must know too, but she never slowed down. As Karyn started to come down from her high, Joe could just see Jen slide two fingers between Karyn’s soaked lips, making Karyn wiggle. Karyn now grabbed Jen’s head with both hands, locking her between Karyn’s thighs.

Jen’s right arm was moving quickly as she slammed her fingers in and out between Karyn’s swollen lips. Joe moved slightly and could see Jen’s tongue swirling around Karyn’s clit. Karyn began whimpering. As Jen began to curl her fingers, pressing into Karyn’s soft flesh, another orgasm burst from Karyn. “Oh my god, oh my god, fuck me, fuck me,” Karyn begged urgently as her body became rigid. Joe could see her legs begin to quiver, “yes, yes, yes baby!” Karyn encouraged Jen just before her entire body began to shake in an orgasmic explosion. She released so many juices, Joe could actually hear the difference as Jen continued to finger Karyn.

Over just a few more moments, Karyn came two more times before slumping back. Jen lifted her head, smiled, acıbadem escort and leaned up to kiss Karyn. Karyn tongued Jen’s mouth aggressively before licking her own juices off Jen’s face.

At this point, Joe was not sure if they were done. He stepped back, just out of sight. After he heard some movement, he stepped forward again to see that the women had changed places. As Karyn lifted Jen’s dress, she noticed Joe, winked, and waved him off, for now.

Joe wondered how this started. Jen had been a neighbor for years, divorced for years. Joe didn’t think she dated much if ever. She was attractive enough, so he wondered why. What Joe didn’t know was that Jen and Karyn had a long conversation that day.

Jen told Karyn that she was getting lonely. Her youngest was off to high school and Jen felt her daughter could now deal with mom dating. The problem was her small circle. There were no single men at work, in the neighborhood, or even in the PTA in which she volunteered.

Karyn asked about the truck we would see periodically seemingly spending the night. Jen laughed, “that’s my once a month fuck-buddy.” Turns out, Jen had friends who did not want to split, but were in a sexless marriage. The wife was fine with it, but not the husband. Though unclear how, eventually they agreed he would spend an evening a month with Jen.

At first, Jen said, she looked forward to the day. She got off fairly easily, so it took the edge off. Lately though, she feels it is really the same thing each time. She felt more like a sex doll than a woman during it.

She explained these evenings. Bob would come over around 10pm on a Saturday. She always greeted him with a kiss before they head right to the bedroom. They undress separately and climb into bed. Bob starts sucking her tits and fingers her for a minute, maybe two. Jen goes down on Bob for two or three minutes before he climbs on her in the missionary position. Here, Jen admits that Bob is pretty well built, nice 6 pack abs, broad shoulders and a thick cock.

Jen is wet and ready to accept Bob’s neglected member. Bob moves quickly, literally shoving his cock in deep akbatı escort and fast. He slams Jen 20 or 25 times, pulls out and cums on her tits. Each time, he says, “OK, that was for me, this is for you.” Bob rolls Jen over to her favorite position, doggie, and shoves in again.

Now, his month long celibacy relieved, he fucks Jen hard again. By now, she has a stream down her leg, soaking the sheets. Jen admits to being easily orgasmic, and in the short order would cum two or three times. This second time, Bob always pulled out to cream all over her round ass.

After that, they would get dressed and Bob went home, literally in less than 20 minutes. While Jen gets off, she has started wanting more. In fact, she cancelled their last rendezvous in favor of a 2 hour masturbation session.

At this point though, Joe knows none of this. His eyes are transfixed on his wife Karyn as she starts tongue lashing their long time neighbor. Joe noticed how quickly Jen began squirming under the attention. A regular stream of sweet nectar was running down her thighs, puddling on the deck. Joe admired his wife’s ass, waving back and forth as she earnestly attacked Jen’s throbbing clit and pussy. He could see her swollen lips, dark red from their exertion, her slit still wet and sloppy.

When he looked back at Jen, he saw her shaking, almost uncontrollably on the love seat. Waves ran through Jen’s muscles, every 30 seconds or so she would whimper out a low ‘yes’. Joe counted six in all. Karyn lifted her head, leaned up and kissed Jen with a smile. “Hey baby I think you owe me two more.”

With that, they changed positions one more time. As Jen lowered her head once more to lick Karyn’s still tender pussy, Karyn grabbed Jen’s dress and pulled it up. Joe could see Jen’s round ass in the fading light. As Joe got ready to watch another hot scene, Karyn waived him over, pointing at Jen’s bare ass, Joe didn’t need another invite.

Joe stepped onto the deck quietly. As he approached the women, he undid the zipper and button on his shorts. He stepped out of them and moved behind Jen. He could see that she still was dripping her sweet aksaray escort juices fairly heavily. Reaching out, he grabbed some of the natural lube in his hand and smeared it on his ready cock. He was so hard, it hurt as he lubed its crown.

After licking his fingers, Joe grabbed Jen by the hips, startling her for a moment as he shoved his cock between her velvety pussy lips. “Holy shit,” he thought. She’s like an oven in there. Joe was glad that he and Karyn had fucked that morning. Joe had watched so long, he was drunk with lust. Once he got balls deep, he decided he just wanted to fuck her with abandon. He was smashing into her, smacking her ass. With each stroke, his balls slapped off her soaking wet clit. Joe could actually feel the flow of hot liquid as it poured out of Jen’s hotbox.

Meanwhile, Jen made good her debt. She fingered Karyn furiously while licking her clit. Joe could still see well enough to see Karyn arch her back, swear, and start to quiver as her orgasm hit. As the tide of pleasure rolled out, Jen could no longer concentrate due to her own building orgasm. Joe reached around to finger her clit while continuing the pounding he was giving Jen’s overflowing cunt.

Joe could feel the spasms in Jen’s pussy, milking his cock as orgasm overcame her. He continued to fuck her as she came. To him, Jen was in one long continuous orgasm, her love muscles squeezing him harder and harder. Suddenly, she gasped, “Oh fuck!” was all Joe heard before a stream of hot liquid squirted from her pussy, soaking his balls. As the squirt subsided, Jen’s pussy clamped down so hard on Joe, he could no longer move. The spasms griping his cock provided the stimulation he needed. Joe shot his load deep inside Jen. Surprisingly, Joe shot five more shots into her. As Jen felt the ropes of cum hit the depths of her sex box, she begged, “yes, YES, fill me up, shoot that sweet, sticky load into me, I fucking love it!”

Finally, Jen’s grip was loosened and Joe slid out, his hard-on slowly subsiding.

The trio pulled themselves together and chatted around a small fire. Joe now heard the story Karyn had learned earlier, and how Jen was ready to get into a relationship. After a while, Jen got up to head home after some sweet, lingering kisses.

When she left, Karyn said, “I know just the guy. There’s a long-term temp at work, about our age. He’s been divorced a few years, but he seems really sweet.” She needs someone interested in her, not like this Bob guy. And so, her plan was hatched.

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