Neighborhood Watch

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Aletta Ocean

As you walk out of your house to get in your car to leave for work you notice that the house next door that has been for sale, has a sold sign. Your curiosity is peaked to see who will be moving in. Over the next several days all you ever see is a single car parked in the drive way, but never any moving trucks. One day after work you decide to go over and introduce yourself. As you walk up the front walk you notice that all of the windows are open and as you casually look inside, you also notice that it looks like all of the furniture and furnishings are already in place.

You can’t believe that someone was able to move in so completely, so quickly. As you reach the door you catch a glimpse of a very attractive woman walking by the foyer, in what you think is only her bra, pantyhose and heels. You try to see if you can see more, but she is already gone. You quickly ring the bell; however, when the door is finally answered the lady of the house is fully dressed. What greets you causes you to catch your breath. Your new neighbor is a full figured woman, but not in the sense that she has let herself go. On the contrary, her curves only help to accentuate her beauty. She also carries herself with an air of confidence.

She is wearing a very simple dress, 3″ heels, hose and very simple make up. You are taken aback by her beauty and when she asks you if she can help you, all you can do is stare at her with your mouth agape. If that wasn’t bad enough, your other “head” has also reacted and so you have quite a noticeable bulge in your pants, which does not go unnoticed by her either. She repeats her question again and this time you actually snap out of your stupor and begin to introduce yourself as her next door neighbor.

Upon hearing that, she noticeably relaxes and invites you in. You follow her into the front room and realize that her house is an exact mirror of your house, just flipped. As you sit and talk with her you keep hoping your hard on will subside, but every time it starts to deflate she moves her legs, which cause her pantyhose to rub creating that rasping sound which only reinforces your sexual desire. It also doesn’t help that besides staring at some very large breasts being restrained by her dress, her perfume is driving you crazy.

You are in such sensory overload that you are finding it very difficult to stay focused on the conversation at hand. If not for her sultry sexy voice, you would have probably zoned out and started jerking yourself off. During the course of your conversation you learn that she is not married and upon hearing that you offer to take her out to dinner. She seems a bit reluctant, but accepts after she realizes she doesn’t have much of anything to eat in the house.

She tells you that she needs to freshen up and to give her a couple of minutes. You tell her to take her time and as she walks back to her bedroom it is all you can do to contain your excitement. What luck, here is the woman of your dreams, not married and living next door. You realize that in canlı bahis order to make a good impression you had better get your act together and decide to visit the bathroom. After shutting the door, you take the opportunity to splash some water on your face and mentally slap yourself and tell yourself to behave. Just as you are exiting the bathroom she is coming down the hall way and has a bit of a surprised look on her face, but it quickly disappears. She looks as stunning as before and you are not really sure what all she had to freshen up, other than you notice her perfume is a bit stronger now.

As you wait for her to lock up her house, you offer to drive since you know a very nice steak house that you are sure she will enjoy. During the drive you resolve to focus only on the traffic so as not to get caught looking at her beautiful body and how her dress has slightly ridden up revealing just a little more of her pantyhose covered legs. You share some more small talk with her along the way, asking how her move went and such. Upon arriving at the restaurant you park and quickly make your way around to her side of the car and open her door for her.

She is pleasantly surprised by the act, and graciously takes your hand as you help her out of the car. The restaurant is not busy and you are seated immediately. The waiter arrives and you ask if she would like to share a bottle of wine. She agrees and you order a very nice bottle to go with your meals. While waiting for your food you learn that she is a manager at one of the downtown offices and that she was just transferred to the area due to some corporate changes. You both enjoy your dinners, another bottle of wine and some great conversation. On several occasions she accidentally brushes your leg with her high heeled foot.

You arrive back at the houses and she walks over to hers, she thanks you for a lovely evening and suggests that you do it again sometime. You walk into your house and can’t seem to get this beauty off of your mind. As it is Friday, and pretty late, you decide to see if maybe you can catch another glimpse of your new neighbor in her lingerie. You turn off all of your lights and the quietly sneak out the back door. Thankfully, there is a new moon and so it is extremely dark. You make sure to walk as quietly as possible, but eventually make you way to your neighbor’s bedroom window.

You see that she has both the bedroom and bathroom lights on and figure you might just get lucky. As you peek into her window, you see her standing in front of her closet, swaying to the music from the radio and you can’t take your eyes off of her marvelous ass. She then reaches behind her and unzips her dress and allows it to drop to the floor. Your breath catches in your throat and your dick instantly becomes hard.

She is not wearing pantyhose as you thought, but rather nylons and a garter belt. And if that wasn’t sweet enough, she has on a very lacy black thong that just disappears between her two beautiful globes. As she shifts between feet bahis siteleri to step out of her dress the garter straps pull tight against her beautiful flesh. You immediately unzip your pants and release your cock so you can begin masturbating. As she squats to pick up her dress, she seems to linger there giving you the most wonderful view you have ever seen.

The sight is just too much for you and you blow your load all over the bush outside her window. As you quickly come down from your sexual high, you realize that you better leave before she turns around and catches you there, so you put everything away and quietly slip back home. As you lay in bed that night rubbing your groin, thinking about her, you thank your lucky stars.

The next several months are much of the same. You taking your lovely neighbor out for dinner and when ever you can manage it, which is just about every night, you sneak over to the back of her house to peep in on her and watch her undress. You notice that when she does wear pantyhose, she doesn’t wear any panties under them and so after she has removed her dress or skirt, you are always able to see her wonderful ass through the nylon material. You also notice that she doesn’t seem to wear anything but high heels. Even her casual shoes she wears around the house have at least a 3″ heel.

You don’t mind this one bit as it gives her calves such a tight toned look about them. Thankfully, she moved in, in the spring and so she has been keeping her windows open this entire time. As summer approaches you notice that she is wearing her nylons and garters more often. One night as you are watching her with your dick in hand, after she lets her dress, bra and panties fall to the floor, you notice her right hand reach down and begin to rub her groin.

You figure she is merely scratching an itch, but then you notice her spread her legs and as her hand picks up speed, she begins to moan and before long she lets out a low guttural moan and as her orgasm racks through her body, her legs shake and she has to lean forward against the edge of the closet, least she fall down. As she comes down from her sexual high, she turns and starts to walk toward the window. You quickly pull back into the shadows, but are so captivated by the view of her sexually charged pussy framed by her garter straps that you can’t take your eyes off of it.

Not to mention the closer she gets to the window, the faster you pump your meat. She finally stops right in front of the window, and you can’t believe your luck. There, right in front of you is your neighbor wearing nothing but a garter, nylons and high heels. As you stare at her closely trimmed pussy, not only can you smell her intoxicating scent, but you can also see the puffiness of her lips. This is just too much for you and you blow your load all over the shrub beside the window. You also let out a low moan.

As you recover from your sexual release, you look up and see Sonya staring down at you with her hands on her hips. Before you can say bahis şirketleri anything, she merely tells you to get your sorry ass in there. You quickly hurry around to the front door and make your way back to her bedroom. As you enter, you hang your head expecting her to chew you out for being a peeing tom. However, as you enter her bedroom she merely tells you to take off all your clothes and get over here and clean her up. You can’t believe your ears and are brought out of your state of disbelief, by her telling you “get over here now!”

You quickly shed your clothes and crawl onto the bed and get between her outstretched legs. As you approach her pussy, her sexual scent is even stronger and you can see her lips glisten. You lick your lips and eagerly dive in and begin licking and sucking for all you are worth. You make sure to pay special attention to her clit, nibbling on it, teasing it, blowing on it and before long she is bucking against your face and moaning yet again. As you bring her to orgasm she clamps her legs together, trapping your head with in her nylon covered sex chamber. As she releases your head, you come up gasping for air as a huge smile spreads across your face.

She pulls you up to her and begins kissing you and licking her juices off your face. While she is doing this she reaches down and begins stroking your cock which is rock hard and throbbing. She then pushes you onto your back and straddles your groin. As she hovers above your twitching member, she asks you how long you have been a peeing tom. You decide to be completely honest with her and tell her about that initial glimpse you caught when you first came over to introduce yourself 4 months ago.

She just stares at you and asks how often you have come over in any give week. Sheepishly, you look at her and tell her pretty much every night. She can’t believe how tenacious you have been and instead of being angry with you she is actually flattered. During this conversation she is continually stroking your member and asks you if you would like to be actively involved verses being a bystander and destroying her shrubs. You are very close to cumming, but even if you weren’t, you would eagerly nod your head; she then lowers her pussy onto your cock until her groin is rubbing against yours.

As she sits there with her pussy wrapped around your cock, she begins to flex her pussy muscles which sends incredible sensations up and down your cock. You feel as if she is massaging your cock with her pussy. As you look up at her, you notice she is playing with her own nipples, pinching and pulling on them. You don’t think you can handle much more of this and just as you begin to feel your cum start to bubble up in your balls, she begins to slide up and down on your cock. Initially, she starts out slow, but then speeds up and with in a matter of minutes your cock begins to erupt and she slams her body down onto yours burying your cock all the way to the hilt inside of her and begins to shake as yet another orgasm rips through her body.

As her orgasm subsides, she collapses on top of you, sexually spent and content. You stroke her hair and just lay there with a smile that goes from ear to ear and can’t wait to see what happens next.


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