Neighbour Photoshoot (see photos)


Neighbour Photoshoot (see photos)NEIGHBOUR PHOTOSHOOT Rajesh and I were chatting late at nightPriya says:Sweet dreamsRajesh says:this was for Arvind ! I suppose?Priya says:no, for u Rajesh.. to think of ur wedding anniversary ….Priya says:it is noon for him… he cannot go to bed nowRajesh says:what sweet dreams ? all scary 1’s onlyPriya says:bye and good night RajeshRajesh says:bye but u din tell me when u wan 2 use my digi cam.Rajesh says:u’ll click for urself or need help?Priya says:what time u r back normally… actually he was on leave today so I could get him for so long todayPriya says:otherwise we cannot chat so long… ok If we take and send it he can see it whenever he log in, no,Rajesh says:I’ll take out time at ur convenienceRajesh says:I’m just freePriya says:ok, I will fix up some time .. common time with him also .. an d let u know ..okPriya says:I will leave a msg for u, okRajesh says:but digicam u hav to take beforehand and email them 2 himRajesh says:not like webcamPriya says:ya ya I understoodRajesh says:digital camera snaps we hav 2 take and send them 2 him by emailPriya says:it is like taking photos noRajesh says:tats itPriya says:then we can take it in the night after 8 or 9 and send it to him, okPriya says:I wil see if u are home and then I will ask u, okPriya says:actually I’m too tired in the eveRajesh says:whenever u prefer……..we could hav taken today becas tomorro I dunno I may be latePriya says:or morn what time u leavePriya says:or after 2 or 3 days, ok no probRajesh says:I can leave late also no prob but I don want bhabhi to knowPriya says:ya thats waht I was telling ArvindRajesh says:what ? what were u tellin himPriya says:and that is the reason I did not initiate though u offered.. actuallly Arvind was asking for it for a long time..Priya says:I told him that we stay in a cozy aptmt and my neighbnours especially ur bhabi and b*o next door knows all our movementsPriya says:also she is very orthodoxRajesh says:during day or by 8 or 9, they r watchinRajesh says:u wan 2 take now?Priya says:even today when Arvind was asking I told him that u had gone out of station so not possiblePriya says:it is too late and Im tired too.. may be some other day this time may be better I thinkRajesh says:as u wish………..jus a min she’s callinPriya says:in fact one hr back Arvind was forcing me to request u and I told him it is too late .. I think it would have been okPriya says:ok Rajesh; she must be wanting to wish u… bye have a good timeRajesh says:wait a minPriya says:okRajesh says:she jus called 2 wishPriya says:I guessed soPriya says:continue talking to herRajesh says:no its overPriya says:she must be surprised to see u online for such a long time so lateRajesh says:its no prob for me anytime provided bhabhi is not watchinPriya says:for us it is common we most of the time spend like this.. thatswhy I dont miss anuythingRajesh says:no not onlinePriya says:ok we will plan it and execute it , okRajesh says:she called on phonePriya says:u got 2 sep lines is it?Rajesh says:ya sure but when and howRajesh says:yaPriya says:I will ask Arvind and let u know , okRajesh says:no bahçelievler escort probsPriya says:ok good night RajeshRajesh says:I think i’m keepin u awake for so longPriya says:ok good night RajeshRajesh says:u din tell me where u go for yogaPriya says:in perumal street.. one gym called “aroma”Rajesh says:ok ! hows it ! only for ladies or wotPriya says:no general oneRajesh says:good eh?Priya says:but morn 5.30 to 7 more ladies are there and I found it simple and comfortablePriya says:there is one more clubsante is also there and that was also goodRajesh says:how many ppl in a batchPriya says:nowadays it goes upto 15 due to holsPriya says:otherwise 8 or 10Rajesh says:is it really beneficialRajesh says:any differencePriya says:ya, ya I found it good for me provided u do it regularly.. now one week I missed itRajesh says:I to wanted to join ! thas why askinPriya says:but I make it a point to go regularly if I m in pondyRajesh says:did u join to lose weightPriya says:ya u can try this also club sante.. club sante timing is not suitable for me as they open only aft er 6 amPriya says:ya to lose wt onlyRajesh says:there r many other ways 2 do that. easy ones. haha. You know what I mean.Rajesh says:I think i’m borin uPriya says:good nite Rajesh byeRajesh says:Hey don’t go.can we do something Priya says:what?Rajesh says:Tomorrow I will be late.Why not come now as my digi cam ready and wil take just few mins.Priya says:Its lateRajesh says:Its perfect now.. all are sleep and lights out. We may not get such chance.Priya says:Wait…let me see outsidRajesh says:OkRajesh says:I wil keep readyPriya says:Ok I wil have bath and come in 15mins.byeRajesh says:Ok ————————————————–He was very excited and hinted me while chatting that I can go to his house for the photo session and he will keep everything ready. He had charged the digital camera and kept his bed room also ready. He was wearing shorts and tshirt.He was hot as his wife was not at home and had gone to her mother’s house for a fortnight and was thrilled to have me there. I quickly had a bath and wore a churidar without bra and took other nighties, bra etc. and went there. As soon I went there he looked at me and then the tits first and his eyes were big. The nipples can be seen through the tops. Then I told him to take the normal photos first and he took few. Then I told him that I will change to nightie and he told me ok and sat on the chair looking at me. I turned the other side and lifted the tops and removed the bra. He could see the bare tits but I quickly changed to the nightie without bra. That was the Red nightie with strings on top and I was without bra and with thin panty. But the tits were hanging so he told me to adjust it and bring it up. I was trying to do so. Then he came near and lifted the tits with his hands and said it is gorgeous and lovely. I told him thanks and he adjusted a bit and took few photos with that. In fact he wanted me to give more sexier poses but I was bit nervous and uncomfortable. He told me to put one leg on the other so that he can balgat escort take more good ones… also he said that the nighties are not as sexier. Then I changed to swimsuit in front of him facing him and he took some photos of it in his bed room, he came near me and adjusted the tits and the nipples to show them well in the photos and lifted the tits and he was excited when he did that. Then he asked me whether we can take more spicy ones as these photos were not very sexy, he sat next to me very close and rewound the pictures and showed me. His thighs were touching mine and his hands by mistake were touching my tits too. He told me to remove the nightie and be in bra and panty. I removed the nightie and wore the bra and he took one or two in bra and panty and then said that the bra covers the whole tits so I better remove that too. So I removed that too and he asked me to hold the tits in my hand and pose it… In fact he suggested few poses from the magazines he had with him which was more vulgar… I tried few like holding the tits and posing on the bed etc… I was half naked wearing only panty now almost naked and Rajesh was still in his white shorts and t shirt he told me to walk up and down a little bit and took back pose of mine with bra and panty alone. Rajesh said it is sexier to see me like that and u will like these type of photos… I took 2,3 of them now the time was running out I was bit nervous and I told him to finish it fast and I have to go.. He then rewound the whole thing and showed me the photos and said they are not as spicy as it should have been… then he asked me why do I have to go so fast…and wanted to show some of his wife Geetha photos so I was interested and sat back to see them.. First he showed Geetha in sleeveless nighties etc. and then he showed Geetha and he fucking whole photos which were lovely and exciting… I will tell u what I saw there…Geetha was wearing red sari and she came into the bedroom and removed it and she lay down on the bed and started removing her blouse. Then she unhooked the bra and took her tits on her hand and started rubbing and squeezing it vulgarly. Her nipples were firm and big as she was pregnant at that time…I told Rajesh that Geetha’s tits are nice and sexy and Rajesh felt happy… she then walked up and down showing her tits and she slowly removed her skirt also and kept her legs apart and showed her cunt which was like mine but with full of hair.. Rajesh asked me whether I have pubic hair; I said I trim it…Now Geetha put her hand on her cunt and started rubbing it like they do in BF. It was nice to see a family lady doing it and she did it violently, rubbing her cunt with her fingers and made masturbating movements too… Then she turned and showed her buttocks and arse and posed for the camera… now Rajesh fixed the camera on the stand and he came to her naked… she took his cock and started rubbing it and sucked it nicely.. U wold have enjoyed it… she licked it nicely and Rajesh said he loves it… he then moved his cock up And down and then kept the cock in between her tits… batıkent escort Rajesh then made her turn and inserted the cock from the back into her cunt and fucked her for some Time…this time Rajesh put his hand on my thighs and rubbed my thighs and felt my panty, cupping my cunt. (He had by this time removed his shorts and pulled down my panty and was playing with my pubic hair and fingering my cunt.) Then in the photo Rajesh went to the bed and was lying on the bed with his cock standing up and Geetha sat on his cock and started fucking him… she fucked him for some time and took rest and fucked him again and again…. this time Rajesh asked whether I like to fuck in that style and I said I like to fuck the normal Indian style.. He then put his hand into the bra and took out my tits and started kissing it… and said he admired my tits and used to talk about it to Geetha when they fuck… he said it was his fantasy to fuck me and he did not expect that it will materialise so soon. He said that he wanted to try threesome with me and Geetha… (Here I was uncomfortable as he insisted for a fuck and I was not ready for it I only wanted to send the photos to u but he insisted that he fucks me) he removed my bra and made me fully naked and then took my tits violently and started squeezing the nipples and that excites me…Then he sucked my tits and it was paining as I had my period starting soon and the nipples were tender… he took his hand and made me feel his cock which was hard like a rod… I rubbed his cock and it was hot too… he then put his cock in between my tits and covered with the tits and making fucking movement…he wanted me to suck his cock and I refused it.. He did not force me…then I told him I may have my periods starting soon and so I had to go… he said it is not fair on my part to leave him like this and I should realise the pain he is in now… I told him that I may bleed and he said he will bring some old towel and brought some paper and towel and spread it on the bed… then I told him I will masturbate him and then leave… I tried it for some time holding his cock and masturbating it… he asked me whether his cock is nice… his cock is hard but average size but fat, trimmed and brown in colour…I said it is good… he said I smell nice and he is excited to rub my body and he kissed me lip to lip and kissed my tits and my body.. He again kissed me lip to lip. Then he got excited and pushed me back to lie on the bed and said that he has to fuck me and I should permit him to do so… he was sleeping fully on me and rubbed his cock on my cunt and kissed me violently and then he spread my legs wide with his knees and legs and forcefully inserted his cock into my cunt.. Mm mm mmm …. My cunt was fully wet and stuffed and it was lovely to have the hard cock in my cunt though I was nervous… and I loved it he then started kissing me and put his tongue into my mouth and kissed me… then he started fucking me violently and I moaned and said ” Rajesh it is lovely” he fucked me more violently with hard strokes for some time and he came deep in me nicely… he then kissed me again violently.. He lay down on me for a few minutes and by this time his cum started leaking out and he pulled his cock out and I went for a wash… he asked whether we can go in for one more fuck and be in that pose for some time but I heard ur phone so I came back running home..

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