Neighbours: A Nasty Story


‘That woman is the fucking limit,’ screamed Sonia as she stormed into the living room where her husband Jack was pretending to read a newspaper.

‘Do you know what she’s complaining about this time?’

Jack couldn’t know yet, because no one had told him. He was going to say so, but he thought better of it. Sarcasm did not seem like a good idea. He settled for

‘What is it this time?’

‘The shoes I wear when I walk on the stairs down to the front door of the building make too much noise.’

Even by the standards she had set herself since she had moved in a month before, this was a bit much; even for Jack.

‘What will it be next?’ he asked; ‘we breathe too loudly?’

Sonia raised her eyebrows. Jack wanted to make her laugh. It was the best way he knew of to calm her down. She had a quick temper, but he had learned how to sooth her. Jack was easy going and had an ironic sense of humour. He was an amateur psychologist too.

Sonia smiled and Jack said

‘She’s crazy, she complains about everything. We should make a lot of noise one of these nights; that would really set her going.’

‘Do you think that would send her running to Mrs Robins like she does about everything else?’ Sonia was laughing as she said it.

‘No. She is too much of a hypocrite. She’s the type that pretends that sex doesn’t exist.’

This was Jack’s explanation of the woman downstairs. He had not explained to Sonia what he really thought, though. He had a theory about why she was the type that pretended that sex doesn’t exist. He had not told Sonia about his theory about the woman downstairs and that he thought that she was having some sort of mid-life crisis, and he had stayed away from mentioning that she was quite clearly suffering from a very bad case of sexual frustration. His joke had alluded in that direction, but that was as far as he went. He did not want Sonia to think that he had been thinking about this woman’s sex life, or lack of one.

Jack had only seen the woman downstairs a couple of times. He only knew the little about her that Sonia had told him. Sonia got that from the landlady and a few bits and pieces of gossip from another neighbour. It was enough, taken with the way she complained all the time. Jack had her worked out.

The woman downstairs was called Christine. By Jack’s estimation Christine was probably in her late forties. She was not bad looking, but she dressed and behaved as though she was a lot younger than she clearly was. This was Jack’s first clue. She was not happy with getting older and she was not coping with it very well. She was not good looking enough, nor young looking enough, to get away with it. Common sense should have told her that; or a quick look in the mirror.

Jack did the sums; she spent the last twenty odd years raising a couple of kids, but they had flown the nest now, so she no longer had mother duties to deal with every day. She had a husband, who looked like he was a good fifteen years older than she was.

She wanted more and she hadn’t got it. All the things she had done were finished, yet she was not yet old and she did not know what to do with herself anymore.

Sonia would never have suspected the possibility that Christine could be a bored middle aged housewife who Jack might get an itch for. However, that was what had happened. Jack, although he did not like Christine, found her attractive. Jack wanted to fuck Christine. He wanted to fuck her for a number of reasons. Number one, he fancied her; number two he had never had an older woman; number three he thought she needed it; number four, he thought she needed teaching a lesson; number five, he wanted the apartment block to be peaceful again.

So, in more ways than one, Christine’s moving into the block had caused disturbance. Thinking about all of this made Jack realise how much he desired Christine and how much he disliked her, and these contradictory feelings in him about her, brought together thus, led him to fantasies about her that were rather sadistic. He had never had such thoughts before. Jack did not want to start bringing sadism into his sexual relationship with his wife, but he could not get rid of the thoughts that had come to him. He did not know what to do.

A few days later Jack was coming up the street and Christine was outside putting some bags of rubbish in the big dustbin outside the block. It was one of those rare moments when ambition and opportunity arrive at the same time. She saw him and pretended that she hadn’t. Jack got to the door to the block and unlocked it and let himself in. He was going to close it again, but then he decided not to. Although Jack could not see her, he had guessed that the reason she had not come behind him was because she wanted to avoid him. She had lingered by the dustbins, but when she saw that he was leaving the door open she came and followed him in.

‘Thank you’ she said curtly.

‘That’s ok,’ he said, ‘just wanted you to see that I’m not a nasty neighbour.’

His directness bostancı escort disarmed her, as he had intended. Then he said

‘I’m a nice neighbour, a very nice neighbour,’ and he gave her a look.

There was an awkward silence and Jack could see that Christine was lost for words and was not going to be the one who put a stop to the silence, even though she was the one who was suffering by it. But there was enough curiosity and hope in her eyes to tell him that he could get away with going on, so Jack said

‘Don’t worry, I was only joking. It happens, it’s life.’

Christine looked relieved and smiled, though she looked like she didn’t want to smile. But Jack had a winning way when he wanted to.

‘Why don’t you invite me in for coffee?’ he said; ‘we can solve all the neighbourhood problems. It will give us something to do.’

Christine hesitated for a moment and then she said ‘Ok, come in.’

Jack had known that her hesitation was an act. She just did not want to look too eager, but the chance of the revenge of having coffee with Sonia’s husband was too good an opportunity to miss.

He followed her into her apartment, looking around to make sure that no one had seen him. He checked his watch. It was one. He had more than four hours. He could take time over it. He had already decided that he was not going to go for a long seduction scene. He would be direct. This was a scene that was going to be directed by anger and envy and the desire for revenge and he was going to use those feelings to make sue it was rough and dirty. He was one hundred per cent sure that she would go for it when he propositioned her.

He followed her to the kitchen and sat at the table and watched her as she made coffee; reaching up to the high cupboard, making the tight material of her jeans stretch over her arse. It was a nice arse, small and tight, but shapely. Jack wondered if it had ever been fucked and the thought of how much he would like to have that arse excited him, and he wondered if she wondered what he was thinking about. He thought that she had made as much as she could have, displaying her arse to him. She suggested they went through to the living room. They sat opposite each other; her on the sofa, him in an armchair. He had the feeling that if he had sat next to her on the sofa, she would not have objected.

They started to chat and she told him all of the things about herself that he had already heard from Sonia, who had heard them from the landlady and the other neighbours, and he had not believed them. He did not believe them this time either. She just did not ring true. There was a shrillness about her, but despite that, his desire for her was growing, and the destructive feelings that had brought him there begun to become complicated by more tender ones. There was even a little pity in his feelings for her, and feelings of pity allowed him to see himself as a knight in shining armour, come to rescue her from her plight.

Even though he did not believe her stories about herself, he could understand now why she told them. She could have been who she wanted to be; someone who was something, if her life had turned out differently, or if she had made different decisions. It was not too late though. This was what he needed to show how, and he knew how he was going to show her.

They were getting along nicely. The conversation had flowed after a hesitant start and Jack had a full hard on in his shorts. He had kept it hidden so far, but he was waiting for the opportune moment to let her see it. That moment needed to be contrived, and he was getting to work on it.

She looked good in her outfit of black sweater and black jeans; tight and hugging. Her hair was dyed a nice shade of bold red too. Her brown eyes had a quizzical and eager look in them that revealed more of her than she might have liked. They showed a hunger in her.

He wanted to draw her out a little, so he told her something personal about himself. He told her that he and Sonia had been married for a few years now and he wondered what happened to married couples as the years went by and everything was just repetition of what had been before. He wanted to appeal to her experience, as a way of showing her that experience and age are good things; and he also wanted to suggest the possibility that he saw that there was more to sex than just one other person, even if that one other person was one’s spouse.

Christine understood his meaning, but at first she feigned coyness.

It was time to be bold.

‘We’re getting along nicely, Jack said, ‘you can tell me. It’s just between us.’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘it can happen.’

‘What; you mean people get bored and want something different?’

‘Well, yes,’ she said, and then after some hesitation she added ‘or it can just stop!’

‘Who could live like that?’ asked Jack, feigning incredulity.

‘Many people do…I’m sure,’ she said.

I hope I never do,’ said Jack, ‘I mean, could fatih escort you?’ asked her and looked straight into her eyes as he said it.

She looked away. She could not hold his gaze.

There was a silence and Jack allowed it to continue for as long as he could. Every second of that silence made her more vulnerable. He had his prey where he wanted her now. When he went in for the kill, she would welcome it. Anything would be better than that silence.

‘I know why you are the way you are,’ said Jack.

‘What!’ she said.

‘You are unhappy….’

Christine looked shocked and she looked angry.

Jack was undeterred; he went on

‘You are unfulfilled and there’s something that you need that you are not getting…’

As he said it, he at back and opened his legs, so that she could see the bulge in his crotch. She saw it immediately and stared.

‘Look,’ he said, ‘that’s for you; it’s because of you. My cock knows a hot woman when it feels one near.’

‘Me?’ she said, and she was not feigning coyness anymore.

‘Yes,’ he replied, ‘you dress sexily, you act sexy, you provoke, but you don’t really believe it yourself. He believes it.’

Christine was about to explode, though it was not certain whether it was with desire or humiliation and anger. Jack stayed her by reaching out across the small coffee table between them and placing his hand on her breast.

Fear was added to the anger and shock on her face, but she didn’t stop him. That was the desire.

‘Relax,’ he said; ‘why shouldn’t have what you want, when there is someone right in front of you who wants to give it to you.’

‘You are very arrogant,’ she snapped at him, but she still did not move away.

He reached out with his other hand, around her back and slid it up under her jumper. In a moment he had her bra strap between his fingers. Everything depended on him having the skill to open it one-handed. He managed it.

Her bra was sufficiently loose now for him to get his hand under it on onto her breast, so he slid the other hand down over her stomach and up under her jumper until it was under her bra and on her breast. It was not an especially large breast; she was a slim woman, but it was shapely and firm and the nipple was very erect. He pinched it gently between his fingers and said to her

‘I told you. You want it. You want it bad. You can’t deny it now. And I bet your pussy is soaking wet.’

Hr reached down with his other hand and placed it on her crotch. He could feel her heat through her jeans.

He was really pushing it now, but he felt absolutely confident that he had got her.

‘My husband,’ she said, ‘I can’t betray him.’

‘Your husband,’ Jack said, ‘has not been doing his duty. If he wants loyalty, he must pay for it.’

That pushed her over the edge. She pulled him round the table towards her and collapsed onto his chest. Jack took hold of her and pushed her gently back into the sofa. She sat there looking dazed. Then Jack stood in front of her and undressed. She watched as if mesmerized. He was down to his boxer shorts and he said to her

‘Help me. You take them off.’

She leaned forward in her trance and mechanically pulled down his shorts. His erect cock bounced upwards on release and she gasped.

‘How long since you saw one like that?’ he asked; gently taunting her. And then he said, ‘It’s all yours, all afternoon.

The sight of it seemed to bring her back to herself and she suddenly pounced forward and took it in her mouth.

‘How can your husband not want to get sucked off every fucking day, when his wife does it this good?’ Jack gasped, ‘suck my dick, you dirty slut.’

Christine sucked him harder and faster.

After a few minutes, in which she brought him close, but didn’t let him come, she stopped, but instead of leaning back on the sofa, she just sat gazing at his cock. He could hear her mumbling to herself

‘Beautiful, beautiful.’

‘You are hungry, aren’t you?’ taunted Jack.

‘Yes, yes,’ she gasped, ‘I need it. I need your cock. I need a fuck. Fuck me. Fuck me.’

‘You whore,’ he said, ‘you’re fuckin’ gagging for it. Beg, beg for it, whore.’

She would take any abuse he gave her, and the more powerful he felt, the more nasty he became; but not too nasty. He didn’t like her and he was enjoying making her beg, but he did desire her, and he was looking forward to getting up her, but he had something else he wanted to do. He felt sorry for her, and for some reason he wanted to make amends for all the disappointments and frustrations he believed life had given her.

‘I’m not going to fuck you yet,’ he told her and stood over her looking down.

‘Why?’ she asked, almost imploring him, ‘you can’t get me this excited and then let me down.’

‘I’m not going to let you down,’ he said, ‘I’m going to eat your cunt.’

She looked at him in wonder.

Jack knelt down between her legs and started lapping at her cunt. She writhed and moaned bağcılar escort and cried out as his tongue poked in and out of her soaking pussy. Her cunt was shaved bald and she had a fabulously large clit and he sucked on it and she almost screamed out.

Jack stopped eating her for a moment and raised his head so that he could look up over her stomach and her tits at her. Her hands were cupping her tits and she was rubbing and squeezing her nipples.

‘Do you like this?’ he asked.

‘My husband never did this to me,’ she said.

Jack was not surprised.

‘When was the last time you had some cock? I bet it’s been months,’ he said.

‘Years, years, it seems,’ she replied.

‘Do you want some now?’

‘Yes, yes,’

Jack positioned himself with his cock aimed at her burning cunt and shoved it up her. She screamed with delight. He fucked her hard, pushing his cock as deep into her hot and sopping cunt as far as it would go.

‘You love this, don’t you? Revenge on a woman you hate. You wish she was watching, don’t you? You wish she could see you taking her husband’s cock?’

‘Yes, yes!’ she cried.

Jack’s big cock ploughed the furrow of her cunt harder and faster and the faster and harder he fucked her the more she screamed and howled and cried out for more.

Christine probably thought that Jack was going to keep going at her cunt until he came up her, but Jack had other ideas. Jack liked anal sex and he was going to have Christine’s arse, whether she liked it or not. He pulled out of her pussy and lifted her. Christine did not know why he had stopped and she had wanted him to keep going, because she was very close to orgasm. Then, as Jack pressed the head of his cock against her sphincter, she realised what he intended.

‘No! No! Not there,’ she pleaded.

‘Yes! Yes! There,’ he told her.

‘It will hurt,’ she implored. She sounded like a frightened child.

To Jack, the smell of her fear was intoxicating.

‘Real sweet,’ he said and before she could protest further he had begun to ease his dick into her arsehole.

Through gritted teeth she whined in pain, hoping he would not notice. She did not want him to know how much it was hurting her arse; and she did not want to admit to herself how much she liked it. She had seen a porn film once, many years before, and she had seen in the film an anal sex scene and she had been revolted and excited by it at the same time. Now a man was driving his cock into her own rectal canal and it was as disgusting and exciting to her as it had been in the film. She was scared too; scared that it would do some real damage, and scared of what she was finding out about herself.

She had persuaded herself that she did not like sex; that sex was dirty, as people who desperately want sex and aren’t getting it and see no place from which it might come to them do. But now she was getting the dirtiest sex she could imagine; a big dick embedded in the hole that was intended only for expulsion.

‘You like that!’ said Jack.

‘Yes,’ she gasped, ‘I never had this before:’

‘You’re getting it now, and from now on you will want it forever.’

‘I will, I will,’ she simpered.

She was lying on her back and Jack looked down at her cunt, which was splayed open and he could see too the root of his cock gripped by the soft reddish pink ring of her sphincter. He began to pump her arsehole.

He grabbed her hand and took it and put it on her cunt.

‘Play with your cunt,’ he told her, ‘open it, open it wide, I want to see what you had for lunch.’

She readily complied. As his cock penetrated to the hitherto unexplored depths of her arsehole, she spread her cunt for his delectation. She wanked herself to climax in less than a minute, and as she came, her arsehole clamped itself tighter around his cock.

‘You have turned me into a whore,’ she cried.

‘No,’ he told her, ‘I have shown you the whore in you.’

He fucked her arse hard and mercilessly until he felt the cum in his balls beginning to boil. He wanted to flood her arse with his spunk, but her humiliation needed to be greater than that.

He pulled out of her arse and moved up over her so that his cock stuck out over her face.

‘Suck it you whore. Lick your own arse dirt off of my dick.’

She was on it like a dog on a prize bone, licking and sucking up the sweat and filth from her own rectal canal. And she loved it.

Soon he was ready to come. He pulled out of her mouth and spurted four strong jets of cum over her face. She opened her mouth as wide as she could to take it. She wanted to drink it, but Jack made sure it hit her cheeks and her chin and when he was done shooting, he used his cockhead to smear his spunk all over her face and smudge her make up with it.

Her degradation was complete, but what Jack had planned as a punishment for her complaining had turned into a reward and a moment of revelation for her.

He stuck his cock in her mouth again and told her

‘You won’t be complaining anymore, will you?’

‘Not for a while,’ she said, managing to speak somehow with the cock stuck in her mouth, ‘but you will have to come back, or the moods that make me unhappy will come back,’ she said, and grinned maliciously.

He had not thought of that.

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