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Neighbours Wife p4A couple of weeks ago Anne from a few houses down came to me all in a panic, she had dinged her car in a car park and really needed it sorted quickly before her husband found out.You see she had a history of banging and crashing her car and her husband was really getting fed up having to keep paying out to have it repaired, but she promised me if I could fix quickly in secret, then she would pay for it as soon as she could.Well, as I said, that was a couple of weeks ago and she still hadn’t paid, so wondering when I might get my money I took a stroll down to her house, and rung the doorbell.Anne answered the door, dressed in a blue blouse and tight fitting jeans, this slightly chubby thirty year old with dyed bright red hair on seeing me stood there said “What Steve? What do you want?””My money” I replied “You said you would pay me””Yes” she whispered before glancing back into the house “I will, but not right now””When?” I asked”Soon, I’ve nearly sorted, Jack won’t know a thing, I just need more time” she replied”Anne, I don’t want to be a pain, but I want paying, one way or another” I said sternly.”Fine!” she snapped “Let me see what I have in the house”Then she stepped back inside, now it wasn’t that I didn’t trust her, but seeing how she had just told me she still needed more time, and was now saying she had it in the house, I quickly followed her.”What are you doing?” she asked as I followed her into her house.”Making sure I get paid” I repliedSo she quickly led through her house and into the kitchen, where her purse was, before she began fiddling inside of it looking for some cash.”Where’s Jack?” I asked “In his game room, playing online, so I would really appreciate it if you would keep your voice down, I don’t want him to know you’re here!” she whispered.Then she pulled out a couple of notes and offered them to me “Here it’s all I have!”I took the notes and looked back at her “This only twenty, the job was at least fifty and that was just for the paint!””It’s all I have!” she replied “I’ll get more, you’ll just have to wait!””No, not good enough, I want paying now, or I go speak to your husband” I said really pushing the situation, because I generally believed she was now trying to fob me off with just a few notes.”It’s all I have, look if you want!” she said offering me the purse, I took it from her and glanced inside to see just a few coins and then dropped it on the counter.”Fine! Then maybe we can find some other way you can pay?” I said moving bursa escort towards her.”Oh no, Steve, no! I’m married, and Jacks upstairs in his room!” she protested.I pushed my large muscular body up against her soft chubby one and replied “Well, we should be quick then!” and then I pulled her to me and kissed her.At first she resisted, but then as my hands began to feel up her body, she began to kiss me back.After a few seconds of kissing and touching each other, I pulled open her blouse and her big white breasts that were held in a big black bra came into view, before I began fondling them through her material.Anne let out a soft moan, and her hand reached down to my jeans, and quickly began groping my growing cock through them.I then pulled slipped the straps off her chubby white shoulders, before pulling down the black cups and her big white boobs flopped out revealing her big pink nipples and a small dragon tattoo around the left one.Quickly I bent down and began sucking on her nipples, Anne groaned a little louder as I did, and then eagerly began squeezing my almost full hard cock through my jeans some more.As I happily sucked on one of her big pink nipples and then the other, she found my zip, and pulling it down, my hard cock sprang out, and quickly she wrapped her chubby white fingers around them, and began stroking my cock more.”Oh god, your cock is so thick!” she groaned “It must be even thicker than my dildo!””Why don’t we find out?” I replied back, standing up and facing her.Anne then began undoing her jeans, before glancing over at the kitchen door, and then slowly slipping them down her chubby white legs to reveal she was wearing no knickers, and had a completely bald pussy, all smooth and ready for fucking.Then she leant back on the counter, lifted one of her chubby legs out of her jeans, letting me have a full view of a moist pink pussy that I was eager to get into.Moving up to her, I placed my big round cockhead up against her moist slit, and then quickly rubbed it up and down “You ready to pay me?” I asked grinning.”Yes” she replied and then I gently pushed my cockhead between her pink wet lips, and slipped into her hole.We both groaned as I filled her pussy with my cock, and when I was at least half in, I began fucking her, pumping my cock back and forth between her stretched wet lips.”Oh god Steve, your stretching my pussy, your actually stretching my pussy” she groaned holding onto me.”Yeah, so I guess I’m definitely thicker than your toy then!” I bursa escort bayan grinned backThen I took hold of her leg and began thrusting a bit harder and a bit deeper, and immediately Anne groaned over and over as she clung to me, and pushed those big fat tits into my chest.”Oh god Steve, yes! yes! yes!” she groaned “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”I pumped my cock in and out of that pink moist pussy, stretching it to new limits as I did, and after a few minutes Anne was cling to me like her life depended on it, as she groaned over and over in my ear.”Oh god I fucking love this! oh god I fucking love this! Oh god I fucking love this!” she kept saying.I pumped her pussy full of my cock another few minutes in that position, before I pulled out of her, got her to turn around, and then slipped back inside that hot wet pussy from behind.Gripping hold of her chubby white hips, I then began thrusting hard and deep, letting her feel even more of my cock than before, and she gripped the counter crying for me to keep going.”Deeper! Harder! fuck me Harder! fuck me harder!” she cried “I want to feel you all the way in, I want you deep in my pussy you bastard!” she cried “Fuck me harder! harder!”I was soon pounding her little pink bald pussy from behind, really ramming my cock home, and loving the feeling of my balls slapping against her pussy, as she begged for more, and all the while her poor husband was upstairs somewhere shooting digital people on his TV.”Oh god, i’m cumming!” she then cried after a few more minutes “Oh god, i’m nearly there!”So I powered on, slamming my cock into her over and over and over, stretching that wet pink pussy like it had never been before and loving the noise my balls were making as they slapped against her soft red mound.Then her breathing got quicker and heavier, and she began to shake in my hands before finally as I plunged hard and deep into her pussy giving her everything I had, she cried out “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!” and then began twitching wildly on my cock.I felt her pussy tighten and begin to leak as she came all over my hard cock, and trying not to scream out, she groaned into her arm as she clung onto the kitchen work top.After a good few seconds of twitching and groaning, she finally began to calm, and as she held onto the work top still trying to catch her breathe, I pulled my cock from her pussy, and got her to turn around and face me.Then I lifted her chubby white leg again, placed my cock up against her wet leaking hole once more, and escort bursa slipped back into her, before I reached down and lifted her other leg, and now she was fully impaled on my cock.”Oh Steve! it fills like your filling my pussy with your cock!” she moaned.Then I began fucking her, thrusting hard and quick into her wet pussy, as I held her in my strong arms, and she placed her hands back on the counter and groaned repeatedly.”Oh fuck yes! oh fuck yes! oh fuck yes!” she cried loudly.I was pumping her pussy hard and quick now, and she was clearly loving it, and I was loving how her big round tits jiggled about as I fucked her.”Oh god Steve, I’ve never been fucked like this! oh god I’ve never been fucked like this!” she kept sayingMy cock was now shuttling back and forth in a blur, her pussy was still leaking all over it making it even more slippery, and her groans were getting louder as she was clearly getting close to another orgasm.”Oh fuck! oh fuck!” she groaned “Don’t stop Steve, take your payment! Just don’t stop!” I was more than happy to oblige, so I carried on fucking Anne in that position, and as she got louder and more excited, I too finally began to feel the excitement building as well.”Oh god, i’m nearly there! I’m nearly there!” she groaned”Me too! me too!” I groaned”Keep going! don’t stop! I want to cum on your cock once more!” she groaned.So I continued on, pumping her pussy hard and fast, my balls slapped against her ass, and Anne clung onto the counter begging for more, until finally she began crying out once again.”Oh shit! oh shit! oh shit Steve! I’m CUMMING!” and then she began bucking in my arms, her pussy twitched and squeezed around my hard cock, and as she came, I finally felt my balls tighten as well.”Oh I’m cumming!” I groaned still deep in her pussy”YES! YES! YES!” she screamed still thrashing about on my cock, and so unable to pull out, I began shooting my load deep in that hot chubby woman.”OH FUCK!” I cried as unloaded my balls into her wet cunt “OH FUCK YEAH!”Then I quickly leant forward and kissed her, and she quickly kissed me back as we came together.For a good few seconds we were lost in our own lust, until finally we stopped cumming, and relaxed, and then I pulled back from her mouth and she just grinned at me, as her wet sloppy pussy just ground it self slowly on my spent cock.”Oh fuck Steve, that was amazing!” she said”Oh yeah it was!” I replied back.After a few more seconds my cock finally flopped out of her leaking pussy, and quickly I let her down, and as I stood there with a dripping cock, I could my cum beginning to leak out of her pussy.”Well, I think that pretty well covers the payment!” I said smiling.”Until next time!” she said with a grin.

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