Nephew’s Readjustment Pt. 17

Big Dick

This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story.


The next week went slower. He was studying for his final set of exams, and Cynthia didn’t want to interfere too much with that. Not that she had to. One look at the “new” Nicholas, word quickly spread among his fuck buddies, and he was constantly flooded with more requests than he could handle. He had to turn down quite a few out of simple time requirements. Between class, studying, returning to Belinda for work on his tattoos, bathroom quickies were the norm. His biggest thrill came from walking out of the bathroom, when a girl caught his eyes. She must have known something, because she giggled and winked at him. He wiped his lips quickly, there had been a trace of cum still there.

In an odd reversal from his previous life, he was starting to receive a lot more attention and friendship, albeit from a very selective crowd. There was always someone to hang out with, and he decided to accept an invite to a party being held that weekend. Every night that week, he would masturbate himself silly while imagining himself at a party. Mostly with students who were gay or bisexual, and he never would have engaged with something like that before. But now, nothing seemed more fun, a bunch of people who he could be all kinds of gay with. He had barely ever been to any parties, but he figured it would be pretty great, supposedly his fellows threw great parties.

It was a larger, student type apartment, with three roommates. Nicholas had been there before, he knew one of them. As he made his way around, it dawned on him that many of his fuck friends were in the room. He got a beer and talked to one of the guys who liked to make him gag on their cock. A couple of guys came out of a bathroom, both looking satisfied, and people gave them meaningful looks.

Nicholas looked at his friend, then nodded his head at the bathroom. The guy didn’t need a moment to think, and they made their way into the bathroom. It was a bit awkward to angle just right, but Nicholas dropped to his knees and got to work. He barely even played with himself, focused on pleasing the current cock in his mouth. Once he was done gulping down the first load of the night, they walked back out, and Nicholas basked in the stares. He found it out how so many people in a room could accept that he just blew a guy, then get back to the party, so he did as well.

Oddly enough, he was receiving female attention too, and it made him uncomfortable. He felt vastly indifferent to them lately, his chances with his aunt reminding of him what happened with girls. One of these women, a taller girl with dark hair and full breasts had started to flirt with him, and a nearby friend laughed “Give up, he’s gay.”, and Nicholas could almost see the disappointment form in her eyes. He was instantly fully hard.

Before he could think further, he heard “Nick?” and Nicholas’ heart caught in his throat. It was one of his old roommates, Chris. He hadn’t kept pretty much any contact with them, and certainly none in the past month or so. He suddenly felt almost sick, but his penis swelled in his panties almost agonizingly painful. Everything came crashing down on him for a moment: this was someone who knew him from before. He was having a hard time processing everything for a moment. “Uh… Hey.” Nicholas blurted out.

Chris just stood there for a moment, taking him in. It was as if he knew he shouldn’t stare, but he was damn well going to anyways. The Nicholas he had known was fairly average in all respects. Just another guy in college who needed low rent. The one in front of him right now screamed faggot. “What the fuck happened man? You were a little different, last time I saw you.”

Nicholas face was burning red. He wasn’t sure if it was from how horny he had just gotten, or because he couldn’t breathe. He shrugged, “People change, I guess.” Was all he could think of. He had been so lost for a moment, he finally noticed a girl at his shoulder. She was of average height with neck length brown hair and bangs, and confused look on her face. “Oh”, Chris said, “This is my girlfriend, Becky.”

Chris looked back and forth between them for a moment, wondering how to explain it. “Didn’t you say you liked that girl in your morning class? That was like, five months ago.” He asked.

It hit Nicholas that Chris had just ignored the possibility he was bisexual. True, he had mentioned a girl he had thought was cute, one night. It seemed a long time ago. Perhaps it was the alcohol releasing his inhibitions, but he suddenly imagined what it would be like to have Chris fucking him. It seemed like something out of another reality. But he was here with his girlfriend. Nicholas felt a surge of concern. Was Chris bisexual? Or maybe it was her? He hid all of this with a smile, “Well, I guess I was a little repressed at the time.” He said.

“Man, gebze escort you must have been so repressed, because you look like you’re some kind of gay explosion. Fuck, I never would’ve guessed.” Said Chris, bemused. He was taller than Nicholas, with a short crew cut, but of similar build. His girlfriend hit him in the arm, rolling her eyes at him. “Hey!” he said.

They ended up in a corner of the room, huddled together. It was later in the evening, and Nicholas learned that his former roommate and his girlfriend were both in a sort of experimental phase after they learned of his reputation, from the numerous guys who stopped by to say hello to Nicholas. With each one, he just grinned sheepishly after, secretly enjoying the feeling he got as Chris and Becky looked on dumbfounded.

It was Becky who eventually pushed the issue. The conversation had becoming more sexualized as they chatted and drank, and eventually she asked Nicholas if he’d be interested in a threesome. Nicholas felt surprisingly odd. This wasn’t something he had expected, his penis throbbing. He could have sex with his old roommate, but he wasn’t keen on having Becky there too. She was a girl, and she wasn’t his aunt, it was different. He looked between them, awkwardly, “Nah, I’m sorry Becky. I don’t have sex with women.” He said.

She looked down into her drink for a moment, and it was silent. Then she looked up, a cautious smile “But… you have sex with men, right?” she asked shyly. Nicholas shrugged casually, “Well, I’m a fag, so yeah.” It got easier to say the more he said it, Nicholas found.

“Well, Chris here is a man.” She said slyly, “I could just watch.” And let her hand casually fall onto Chris’ thigh. “Does that break your no sex with women rule?” she asked.

Before Nicholas could answer, Chris protested. Not that he had a problem with Nicholas, but more so that he wanted her to be involved too. Her hand started to rub inside his thighs, “But, babe, I think it’d be really hot to watch you fuck a guy. And he’s kind of cute and everything.” Chris was still hesitant, and Becky exasperatedly offered to let him watch her with a girl, when they found one, and he agreed.

Becky grabbed each of them by the hand, trying to pull them up. She seemed thrilled beyond belief at the whole situation. They stumbled out of the party, and made it the few blocks to Becky’s apartment. The walk was short and tense, like no one could talk or else someone might pull out. Her place was a small studio apartment, and the bed was messy, Nicholas thought they had probably had sex on it earlier.

Once the door was closed, Becky demanded they kiss. Chris seemed both excited and hesitant, but she was able to pick up on Nicholas’ eagerness “C’mon. Everyone kisses. Like, I hate to repeat myself, but it’d be so hot. Besides, I think Nick here would like being kissed by you as much as I do.” Nicholas blushed. Chris was the one he started the kiss, and Nicholas adjusted to him, instantly kissing him back with enthusiasm. Chris responded in kind and Becky watched, wondering if her jaw should’ve dropped in in shock. “Holy shit, you guys are doing it. Fuck.”

Nicholas didn’t waste any time, grabbing for Chris’ pants, unbuckling his jeans one handed, something he had gotten lots of practice at. The thought of getting fucked by someone who knew the old Nicholas, someone he knew fairly well, whom he had previously never thought of sexually, and enjoying it was overwhelmingly intoxicating. He didn’t really want Becky watching, but he also didn’t really mind. His train of thought jumped tracks when Chris grabbed his ass, making him squirm.

Becky was clearly amazed, “Damn, I didn’t think you’d do it Chris. I’m getting turned the fuck on. Go on, get naked.” She said, with glee. Chris had no problem complying, probably because of the alcohol and that his dick was being groped and he wanted to fuck.

They both watched Nicholas undress. His pants came off easily, revealing his panties and stiff penis pressed up against it. He slipped those off too, his full size evident. Removing his shirt though had them both astounded. The work on his tattoos was getting closer to finished, the roses and thorns up his arms had been completed, as well as the outline of his new chest tattoo. His was painfully erect, even his nipples. He smiled at them, turning around to show them his first tattoo, the flames surrounding “Faggot”.

Chris just looked, “When the fuck did you get so many piercings and tattoos, man?”, though his noticeable erection told Nicholas everything he needed to know. “When I heard men like getting head from a pierced tongue.” He opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out to show the small barbell.

Becky touched her lips for a moment, “Let’s find out!” she said, and since Chris didn’t seem to object, Nicholas got on his knees so he could get the dick he needed. Nicholas was quite the devoted cocksucker by this point, he felt comfortable with a cock göztepe escort in his mouth, and loved to please them. Nicholas reached up to grab Chris’ thighs. He didn’t want to touch himself, he would cum too quickly, and he wanted to cum anally, with his old roommates sperm filling him.

At some point Chris palmed Nicholas’ head, taking control of the pace. Nicholas angled Chris’ cock into the side of his cheek, looking sideways at Becky. She had a hand in her tights, rubbing, but when she saw Nicholas look at her she paused “Hold that you two! I want to get a picture of this!” she said in a rush, grabbing her phone. Neither of them moved, and Nicholas felt the head of Chris dick push his cheek out further, flexing with his hips, as Becky snapped several pictures quickly.

Chris pulled out, a sticky trail of saliva connecting Nicholas’ lips and his rock hard dick. It wasn’t twice the size of Nicholas’, but close enough. “Hold it man, anymore and I’m going to cum.” Becky got them some lubrication that her and Chris used occasionally, and started to slowly lube her boyfriend’s dick. She would stop, whisper something into his ear, then continue. Nicholas got on the bed, getting on his hands and knees, waiting, patiently.

“Go on honey. Fuck him in the ass, for me. OK?” Nicholas heard them moving around, then felt Chris’ weight on the bed. They had shared an apartment for nearly two years, and while they were never close, Nicholas could not have imagined this would ever be happening. He’d probably tell people about his very gay ex-roommate and he trembled as lube soaked dick pushed up against his anus.

Chris had never fucked anyone in the ass, let alone a guy. He didn’t start slowly, just filling Nicholas’ anal passage with yet another cock, stretching his sphincter a bit wider. Nicholas simply could not take it, and the moment all of Chris’ cock was in him, he started dribbling a long stream of creamy semen. Chris couldn’t see it, but Becky clearly could “Did you just cum when he stuck it in you? Holy fuck.” Nicholas was in the middle of an anal orgasm and raised his voice slightly “Fuck me. Fuck me now.” Nicholas begged through gritted teeth.

It wasn’t the longest fucking he’d had, not by a mile, but it was more than up to the job as he simply hammered at Nicholas’ ass for a couple of minutes. Nicholas second orgasm had him spasming and his ass contracting and clenching on Chris’ dick, and then he was pulling out, a trail of lube and semen leaking out. Becky had just watched the whole thing, silent, but her sticky fingers and smile said she had quite enjoyed herself as well.

They made awkward post sex small talk, while getting dressed. Becky invited him to have a few more drinks, but Nicholas could tell that Chris was not comfortable with the idea. Nicholas had seen it before, and was used to it, and left a few minutes later, after cleaning himself up. It stung, kind of. They already had each other’s contact information, and Nicholas was certain he’d be hearing from Chris again. It took him a moment to realize that was likely his first time having gay sex. He shrugged as he made his way home through public transit, barely even aware of the occasional stares of the other passengers which were becoming the norm for him.

Nicholas texted his aunt to let her know. He realized he’d been having quite a bit of gay sex without telling her. Less than he thought, since he still had no clue his apartment was wired like a porn studio. Regardless, Cynthia was pleased when she learned of it, it meant her conditioning had paid off in spades. She was more than pleased when Nicholas let her know he had enjoyed being the first guy to have gay sex with his friend. It made an idea pop into her head, and since they hadn’t seen each other for a while, she let him know she’d drop by on Wednesday afternoon.

Nicholas had finished up his current tattoo work, it had taken him several sessions, and he was eager to show off for his aunt, not to mention she always had something planned. He went to school, barely learned a thing, sucked and fucked a few guys, life as normal. His last class finished at one in the afternoon, and he was eager to get home and see her.

She was waiting outside his apartment when he showed up. It was a beautiful day outside, and as he looked at Cynthia, he realized something he hadn’t thought of for a while: His aunt was rather attractive. Not that he wanted to have sex with her, no. He knew that wasn’t for him anymore, but as she stood there, the sun shining off her hair just the right way, her soft skin, the way all her curves seemed to flow into each other… He wondered how he had ever possibly thought he would have sex with a woman, she was what she was, and well, he was what he was.

She gave him a quick little hug, grinning at him “How’s my little faggot doing?” and he smiled at her. They went into his apartment, which Cynthia hadn’t visited for a while. It was a little bit messy, but what hit halkalı escort her, what she couldn’t see or hear from her cameras was evident in real life: It smelled like sex. Sex and a light smell of weed. She moved over to the couch, and noticed there were clearly some dry cum stains, and gave her nephew a knowing look, and he blushed. She noted he would need another trip to a nail salon soon, and had him sit down.

“You’ve become a wonderful homosexual, Nicky.” She started, and he interrupted her, “Well, thanks. I do try.” He said. “I was so proud of you when you told me your friend’s girlfriend didn’t get involved. Men only, for you. And you’ve done tons and tons of gay things. Honestly, you’ve probably done more than most homos ever will. Sissy faggots like you aren’t all that common, but something you mentioned the other day about your friend… Well, it made me think.” She finished.

Nicholas looked at her. He was confused. Plain old confused. What had he said? He waited patiently for a moment and his phone vibrated. He took a quick look at it. She looked at him questioningly for a moment, and he said “Old roommate.” He said smugly.

Cynthia once again wondered if fate had somehow smiled down on her, she couldn’t have been offered a more perfect moment. “You liked being his first, didn’t you?” she asked, and he nodded. “He sampled your mouth and your ass. Maybe he’s bi. But, I think you’re gay enough to help some guys out. The type who are curious. I mean, weren’t there some nice men who were willing to play with the disgusting faggot you were becoming? Honestly, you’re really fucking gay now. You’re a pathetic homosexual who got off on being turned gay. Now, maybe, you can help open guys to all the pleasures boys like you can offer.”

Nicholas past few weeks had him feeling somewhat more comfortable with his place in life. The positive attention, a little bit of popularity after his change in appearance, knowing others who were gay, and he could talk to about gay things. And of course all the people who stopped talking to him, or stared with disgust as he walked by, well, that certainly still fueled his fantasies. But her words struck a chord within him. He had almost hated what had happened to him, for a while. The feelings of shame and inferiority were amplified further, knowing her words were true. That, and the fact that he had unbuckled his belt and slipped his hand onto his panties.

Cynthia was used to this by now. It was absolutely natural for her nephew to start masturbating himself in front of her at the slightest provocation. She had consistently provided him with more exciting experiences, and mind blowing orgasms. The mental and emotional things he went through were becoming almost required for a really good orgasm, and so he had been more than willing to do the next humiliating homosexual thing his aunt had asked of him. The thought of her nephew volunteering to have gay sex with curious men filled her with a rush of arousal.

“Wow, that made you horny fast.” She laughed, “You can take a lot of guys’ gay virginity. You could be their first step into being gay. I mean, not all of them will end up gay, but there are always plenty looking, so I’m sure some of them will go completely gay after you. And by your breathing” she paused, listening to slightly labored breathing as he rubbed at himself, “I think you like it a lot too. So we’re going to find you some.”

She didn’t even let Nicholas finish to his dismay, as they went over to his computer and she brought him to Craigslist. They browsed the ads in the man for man section, there were always men there looking. Very few pictures, just that they were curious about having sex with a man, couched in various common place phrasings, and usually just the generic information.

She picked one, seemingly at random. The man in question was 27 years old, who had been curious what it would be like to fuck a man, a fantasy he had for a while. While there was no picture, he stated he was 5’10 and of average weight, and white.

“How about this one? These kind of ads are all the same anyways. All that matters is that it’ll be a first for him, and that you need to make him feel as good as possible. Your ass is well trained by now, I’m certain.” What she failed to mention, was this was another ad she had put up, and she certainly knew who would be accepting Nicholas’ kind offer.

She had him buckle up, so she could take some pictures of him to show in the response, and included the fact that he liked to wear panties. The back and forth flowed smoothly, and it turned out the guy was indeed of average weight, neither chubby nor ripped, simply solid, and his penis was 5″, a bit smaller than Nicholas liked. Nicholas shrugged, accepting. The whole thing intrigued him greatly, and he ended up offering to host in thirty minutes.

Cynthia said she could go downstairs to the coffee shop, and she’d setup another appointment for him as soon after as she could. She winked at him, suggested he clean up a bit and put on the purple panties with the white frills, since she thought those looked cute on him. “I’ll just be downstairs. Think, you’re going to be helping some men no longer be gay virgins tonight. I’ll see how many I can get for you.” She walked out the door, lifting her phone “Text me when you’re done.”

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