Neuro submission transmitter 3

Neuro submission transmitter 3″I couldn’t do it, Nick.” Nicole says, taking the ear buds out and walking towards the bed. She’s still naked; her pink nipples are pointing straight out from her small, white mounds and her face is flush.”What’s going on, Nicole?” I ask. A second ago she was going to zap me with the transmitter and make me forget all about… Wait! We’re in uncle Harry’s bedroom and my cock is throbbing like crazy; it’s harder than I’ve ever seen it. The veins are popping out and the head is so dark it’s almost purple. “I was afraid that if I made you forget about the transmitter, you’d forget about us.” Nicole says as she climbs on the bed, positioning her pussy over my rigid cock. Her pussy lips, slick with her juices, easily glide down my shaft, engulfing my cock completely inside her snug, velvety pussy. “Oh fuck! I feel like I’m about to burst!” I yell as Nicole starts rolling her hips and grinding her clit against my pelvic bone. “You know in those science fiction movies.” Nicole says as she slides up and down on my cock. “Where they turn back time and end up erasing their own existence?” She’s picking up speed and panting as she continues. “Well… I couldn’t… figure out… what command… to give you… that wouldn’t… fuck everything… up!” She says this last word as she starts frantically riding my hard cock. I’ve been ready to cum since she first mounted me and I’m surprised that I’m not already shooting inside her enflamed pussy. I’m so fucking close!Nicole is riding me like a woman on fire, bouncing up to the tip of my throbbing, hard cock and then slamming her pussy down around me. Her thin, pink nipples are harder than ever, while her firm young tits are jiggling all around. I cup my hands around them, rolling her eraser-hard nipples against my palms. “Oh fuck, Nicole! I’m cumming!” I yell, as I feel my balls constrict and the build up in my cock has reached the bursting point. I’m bucking my ass off the bed, matching her frantic onslaught and readying myself for the welcome relief. Nicole just smiles and keeps riding me like I’m a bronco she’s trying to tame. Her pussy juice is gushing around my cock and soaking my ass. I can hear the sloshing sound each time we slam together, pushing my aching cock deep inside her fiery hole.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I yell as the sweat runs down my face and I buck harder against her soaking wet pussy. I can’t think. I can’t do anything except pound my cock deeper inside her cunt, driving for that elusive release. Nicole’s body abruptly stiffens and she clenches her pussy muscles tightly around my burning cock, as she spasms through a convulsive orgasm.”You can cum now, Nick.” Nicole pants, as her body shakes with the pleasure of her explosive orgasm. My cock bursts loose; jerking wildly, I shoot load after load of cum deep inside her tight, pulsating pussy. My hips keep bucking against her until every drop of built-up cum is released and I fall back on the bed gasping for air.Nicole falls forward onto my chest, our sweat-soaked bodies heaving against each other as we try to catch our breath. I’m the first to find my voice.”What just happened, Nicole?” I ask, testily. “Well, when I couldn’t figure out how to erase your memory.” She says, with her head on my shoulder, “I decided the best way to help you control your impulses was to create some empathy for your victims.” She’s explaining, like she’s talking to a c***d. “So, I gave you a few suggestions, made a video of you and got so fucking horny doing it, that I gave you a Post Transmission Suggestion that you would stay hard and not cum until I let you.””You what!” I’m furious. “A fucking video! Nicole, I never did anything like that to you!” I’m yelling at her and pushing her off of me. “That wasn’t me! You still have me confused with uncle Harry!” I push her over on her back and sit up, sliding my ass over a pool of our combined juices.Nicole jumps off the bed and starts to get dressed. “Fine!” She yells. “I had to do something, Nick! You were out of control! I know you’re not your uncle Harry, but you were heading in that direction!” She’s pulling her shorts on as she yells at me. She throws a DVD on the bed and stands there with her hands on her hips, her naked tits jutting out from her chest. “Just watch this, so you know how it feels to be treated this way.” She says, pulling her top on as she walks out of the bedroom.”Fuck you, Nicole!” I yell just before she slams the front door. I sit on the bed trying to make sense of what just happened. I look at the clock. Fuck! It’s been over two hours since Nicole was going to zap me. I look at the DVD. What did she do?I get dressed, go into the library and put the DVD in the computer.The picture is a close up of me, sitting naked on uncle Harry’s bed, very similar to the position of the women in uncle Harry’s videos.”Nick, have you used the transmitter on anyone you haven’t told me about?” Nicole asks from behind the camera.”No.” I answer in that weird monotone voice.”Did you do anything to me or make any suggestions that you haven’t told me about?” She asks.”No.” I say, flatly.”What do you really think of my tits, Nick?” She asks. Christ, not this again, I think, as I’m waiting for the answer on the video. I wonder if I can give her a Post Transmission Suggestion not to be self-conscious about her tits.”I love your tits, Nicole.” I hear myself in that flat, monotone voice. “I love how firm they are, I love touching them and I love how your nipples get really hard when I suck on them.””Okay. Um… did you fuck your mother, Nick?” Nicole sounds anxious as she asks this question. She really doesn’t trust me does she?”No, I didn’t.” I answer on the video. At least she’s seeing that I was honest with her.”What did you and your mother do besides sleep naked together?” Nicole is really trying to trap me, now.”She gave me a blow job and jacked me off in the shower a couple of times.” Oh fuck, I’d forgotten all about that.”You showered with your mother?” Nicole asks incredulously.”Yes, twice. We washed each other and she soaped my cock and balls until I came on her arm.” Damn, I didn’t have to volunteer so much information! “Have you done anything with your mother since you left here?” Nicole asks, with a tone of disgust in her voice.”No.””Just your sister, huh?” She says.”Yes.” “I don’t want to know about that.” She says, dismissively. The camera zooms in on my chest and Nicole’s voice comes through, “Make your nipples hard, Nick.” I watch in amazement as my nipples push out into two little hard points on my chest. The video cuts to a close up shot of my cock and balls. My legs are spread and my knees are bent. Nicole’s voice again. “Make your dick hard, Nick.” Wow! My cock starts stretching out to its full length, pointing toward the ceiling.”Harder.” Nicole says and I watch as my dick grows slightly larger and puffs out on the sides.”Harder.” Her voice is calm but demanding. My cock swells a little more and the veins become more prominent.”Harder.” She says and I can almost see the blood rushing to the head of my cock as it turns a dark shade of bluish-purple. My cock actually looks swollen as it stands rigidly at an angle from my crotch. It really looks sore and I find myself squirming on my chair.”Make your cock as aroused as you can without cumming.” Nicole says and I watch my balls tighten and my swollen cock twitch as pre-cum oozes out over the tip.What the fuck was she thinking? I’m getting angry all over again.On the video, Nicole says, “Now make your cock go limp, Nick.” My cock immediately returns to its pre-arousal state. My balls are hanging loose and my soft cock is drooped to the side.”Now make it as hard as you can and hold it in its highest state of arousal without cumming.” Nicole says and my cock jumps; extending and swelling to its largest size, veins popping out, twitching and oozing pre-cum from the purple head as my balls again constrict. “How does that feel?” Nicole asks. She really is trying to mimic the video that uncle Harry made of her.”Fine.” I answer as my cock is obviously throbbing and aching. I wonder if Nicole got as horny watching this video as I did watching hers.Nicole says, “Now cum.” And my cock bursts like a cannon, shooting cum straight up in the air out of view of the camera. A second shot goes out of view also, then cum just oozes out of the tip and runs down over my cock. The camera zooms out showing globs of spunk on my stomach and chest as my cock goes limp. The video cuts to another close up of my cock, all cleaned up.”Make your cock fully aroused and hold it at the highest level of arousal.” Nicole says and my cock again responds. I wonder if she’s going to make me masturbate like uncle Harry made her.I hear Nicole say, “Nick, when I turn off the transmitter, you will be aching for me to fuck your hard cock. You will lose yourself in the pleasure of the moment but not cum until I say you can.” The video ends abruptly. That must have been when she couldn’t take it anymore and needed to ride my cock, I think, staring at the blue screen on the monitor.I spend a restless night trying to figure out what to do about Nicole. I know I can’t ever let her get her hands on the transmitter again and I’m really tired of her postulating about how impulsive I am with it. As I’m tossing and turning, I think about her initial reaction to the transmitter and how erotic she thought it was, she even went with me when I fucked Carolyn. So what changed? I finally fall asleep, dreaming of Carolyn’s sexy brown body.I wake up still pissed off at Nicole and decide I might as well go home today rather than spend another night at uncle Harry’s house. Dreaming about Carolyn left me really horny and after breakfast I drive to the mall to see if she’s working. Spotting her car in the usual spot, I walk in to the store and look for the jewelry counter. I see her before she sees me and I just stand across the aisle and watch her for a few minutes. She’s wearing a tight brown skirt that stops mid-calf, with a slit up the side that teasingly displays some of her shapely brown thigh. A light green blouse is stretched across her ample breasts, unbuttoned to reveal an arousing amount of chocolate brown cleavage. God she’s hot! Carolyn waits on several customers before she looks up and finally sees me. A huge smile is followed by a disappointed frown as I walk over and say hi.”Well, hello stranger.” Carolyn smiles. “I’ve been waiting for your call.””Yeah.” I smile. “I’m sorry about that. I don’t actually live in the area, I just visit frequently.” I tell her. My cock stirs as I admire her cleavage and the roundness of her luscious brown tits. “Any chance we can get together?” I ask.”Oh, God, I wish.” She says, frowning. “I’m short handed today and the store is having its monthly sale. My husband is picking me up when I’m done, so we can’t meet after work either. I wish I’d known.” She says, sincerely sounding disappointed.”Yeah, I should have called.” I tell her, visibly disappointed. “You look really hot, by the way.” I tell her, motioning to her outfit.”Thanks. We get a lot of men at the jewelry counter, so… hey, it helps sales.” She says laughing. “When are you going to be back in town?” She asks anxiously.”I don’t know, but next time I will definitely call you and give you some advance notice.” I tell her, as she looks nervously around at the line of customers. “Well, I’ll let you get back to work and I will see you soon.” I say, walking away.”You better!” She calls after me.Fuck! Fighting with Nicole, and Carolyn can’t get away. I’m just going to go back to uncle Harry’s get my stuff and drive home. While I’m there, I put the DVDs that uncle Harry made of mom, Susan, Nicole and her mom in my overnight bag to take home with me.The drive back is uneventful, I stop for lunch and I’m tempted to use the transmitter on the lovely blonde eating at the next table, but I decide against it. I noticed her immediately when she walked in, as I imagine every other guy in the place did. She’s wearing form-fitting blue jeans and a bright red sweater that accentuates her classic hourglass figure. She must be close to six feet tall, with nicely rounded hips, a narrow waist and bountiful tits. Her sweater is stretched across her tits and I’m almost gawking, as she sits down facing me, in an adjacent booth. She smiles once and then lowers her eyes to read her menu. Like I said, I’m tempted but what would I do; take her out to the car and have her give me a blowjob? Nah, I pay my bill and leave. I’m hornier than ever, but surprisingly pleased with myself for resisting the impulse to use the transmitter.All the way home I keep thinking about Nicole and how close I came to losing the transmitter. I can’t believe she did that. I know I’ll have to deal with her, but right now I just want to relax and forget about Nicole for a while. By the time I get home, I’m wondering when Susan is coming home again. I pull in the driveway, get my overnight bag from the car and let myself in the front door. I don’t see mom, but it’s not unusual for her to be gone on a Saturday afternoon. Heading down the hallway to my room, I hear sound coming from mom’s room at the end of the hall. As I get closer, it sounds like people moaning. Fuck! I wonder if mom has someone here. I quietly set my bag in my room and tiptoe down to her room. I hear two women moaning like their having sex. My mom with another woman, I don’t think so. Finally it hits me; it’s the fucking TV! Mom must be watching something pretty sexy in her bedroom. I let out a sigh of relief, although I don’t know why it should bother me if mom was having sex, even with another woman. Standing near her bedroom door, I peek in and see mom lying on her bed, naked. Holy shit! She has her knees pulled up, her legs spread wide apart and she’s working a light blue vibrator in and out of her pussy. From where I’m standing I can only see the side of the TV, not the screen, but the moans and the grunts sound like a porn film of a man with two women. I move back a little until I can see my mom from the neck down but she can’t see me. She obviously wasn’t expecting me home today! I was already horny and my cock immediately responds to the sight of my mom masturbating with a vibrator.I watch her pump the vibrator in and out of her pussy as she rubs and squeezes her tits with her other hand. I’m rubbing my hard cock through my shorts as I watch my sexy mother pinch her nipples and stretch them out from her dark areolas. I’m mesmerized by the vibrator sliding nearly all the way out and then back in, between her swollen, wet pussy lips. I quietly drop my shorts and start stroking my hard cock, as I watch my mom picking up speed with the vibrator. Letting go of her nipple, she slides her hand over her stomach, across her neatly trimmed brown patch and begins rubbing her clit. Oh God! This is so fucking amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. My mom is thrusting her ass off the bed, while fucking herself with the vibrator and frantically rubbing her clit. I can now hear the sound of my mother moaning over the moaning coming from the TV. I’m pumping my cock furiously, matching my mother’s rhythm, stroke for stroke, as she pistons the vibrator in and out of her shiny, pussy. I’m getting close to cumming, when I see mom slide the vibrator all the way out of her pussy and hold it against her clit. Arching her back, with her ass more than a foot off the bed, she just holds it there for a minute before she jerks wildly, and struggles to keep the vibrator against her clit. I grab my jockey shorts from the floor where I dropped them, wrap them around my cock and shoot a huge load of cum, as I watch my mom climax. Pulling the vibrator away from her clit, she relaxes her legs, and her whole body drops back on the bed, her chest heaving. I watch her hard nipples rise and fall with her breathing and stare at her sopping wet pussy, leaking juice all over the bed. I remember how good it felt when I touched her tits and she jacked me off when we were at uncle Harry’s. As she catches her breath, she reaches for the remote and turns off the TV. It is deathly quiet as I pick up my shorts and sneak back down the hall. Ditching my cum filled jockey shorts in my bedroom to deal with later, I slip my shorts back on, grab my bag and go to the front door. I open and close the front door and yell, “Anybody home?” “Hey, Nick! I’m back here. I’ll be out in a second.” Mom yells and I hear her bedroom door close. Goddamn! I’m thinking seriously about giving mom her Post Transmission Suggestion back. That was extremely hot and I already want to see more. I drop my overnight bag in my room and go into the kitchen for a coke. I’m standing by the kitchen counter, drinking it when mom comes in, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “You’re back early.” She says, her face still flush from her orgasm. She’s wearing a tank top, without a bra and a pair of shorts that fit the curves of her ass perfectly. Her nipples are still erect and I’m trying not to stare at them as I answer her.”Yeah. Nicole and I had a little falling out, so I decided to come home.” I tell her, taking another drink from my coke. Mom opens the fridge and bends over to get herself a coke. My cock jumps at the sight of her shorts stretched across her firm, round ass cheeks. I reflect on how good it felt to squeeze those cheeks.”Nothing serious, I hope.” Mom says, turning around and smiling at me. I return her smile, but I’m staring at her hard nipples poking out the thin material of her tank top. I need to get the transmitter.”No. I don’t think so. I’m going to call her later.” I say. “I just thought it would be better to come home.” I start down the hall. “I’m going to unpack my stuff.” I yell from halfway down the hall.I go to my room get the transmitter, fit the ear buds in my ears and start turning the thumb wheel as I walk back into the kitchen. Finding mom’s frequency, I push the button.”Mom.” I say, entering the kitchen.”Yes.” She says in her monotone voice.”Do you remember how intimate we were at uncle Harry’s, how completely comfortable we were with being naked around each other, showering and sleeping together?” I ask her.”Yes I remember that.” Mom says without inflection.”Well, that’s how we’re going to be around here, too. When it’s just the two of us, we’ll be very affectionate towards each other, touching and hugging and feel no modesty whatsoever around each other.” I’m trying to decide if I want to add anything else, when I remember the porn video. “Mom, what video were you watching a few minutes ago?””Oh, I don’t know the name, something like Slutty Sorority sisters.” She says, very flustered that she can’t answer my question.”That’s alright.” I tell her. “What was it about?” I ask.”These two girls who seduce this man into having sex with both of them at the same time.” Mom answers.”Do you often masturbate while watching videos?” I ask.”Whenever I can. Sometimes I have to watch them late at night with the sound off, so you don’t hear it from your room.” Wow! Who knew my mom masturbated to porn videos?”Is there a particular scene that you like in this movie?” I ask, really curious about my mom’s sexual tastes.”Yes. I really like the scene where one girl is riding the man’s cock and the other girl is sitting on his tongue. They are facing each other, kissing and rubbing their tits together. It’s very erotic.””Mom, have you ever kissed another woman, sexually.” I slowly ask. This is getting interesting.”Not since college. A couple of us girls experimented with kissing and things, a few times.” She says, flatly.”Things? What kind of things, mom?” I ask, my cock springing to life at the thought of my mom with another woman.”Sex.” She answers matter-of-factly. “We rubbed our tits together and ate each other to orgasm a few times.” I think about Susan and Sherrie and realize that mom must have been doing the same thing when she was in college. Thinking about Susan, I decide to give mom another Post Transmission Suggestion. “Mom, you won’t worry about the relationship between Susan and I. You will accept that Susan and I are as comfortable around each other as you and I are.” I push the button as I’m leaving the kitchen to go back to my room. Fuck! The things you never think about your mom!As I finish unpacking my bag, mom comes in my room and gives me a big hug, pressing her nipples against my chest. “I’m sorry you and Nicole had a fight.” She says. “But I’m glad you’re home. I missed you.” She says. “I missed you too.” I tell her as I rub my hands up and down her back, pulling her even tighter against me. As my cock hardens between us, I decide to test out my new suggestions. “It was a long drive and I’m going to take a shower before we have dinner.” “Good idea.” Mom says. “Would you like me to wash your back?” She asks, tilting her head back from our embrace and smiling up at me.”I sure would!” I tell her, excitedly. It’s working! “Come on.” She says, heading for the door. “I’ll get the shower ready for you.” She walks into her bedroom, pulling her tank top over her head. I’m not wearing any underwear and my cock is tenting the front of my shorts, as I follow the swivel of my mom’s ass cheeks into her bedroom. Stopping by her bed, she strips off her shorts and panties in one motion and walks naked into the master bathroom. I leave my clothes by her bedroom door and my stiff cock leads the way into the bathroom to join her. She’s leaning in adjusting the temperature of the water and I run my hand over her sexy ass.”I think it’s ready.” She says, sliding the shower door open and turning to look at me. Glancing down at my hard cock, she smiles and says. “Yes, I’m sure it’s ready.” Stepping into the shower, with her back to the spray, she says, “These girls just keep leaving you in this condition, don’t they?” I don’t argue with her this time. It doesn’t matter that I’m hard because of her sexy body and not Nicole’s.Facing each other in the shower, mom is already stroking my cock and cupping my balls, before she even reaches for the soap. “Is this what the fight was about, Nick?” Mom asks as she expertly massages my cock and balls. “Were you pushing Nicole for something she wasn’t ready for?” She asks, looking directly in my eyes.”No, Absolutely not, mom! Nicole and I are doing fine in that area.” I tell her, but she looks down at my hard cock with her eyebrows raised. “Really, mom! The fight was totally about something else, but it did affect us not getting around to this.” I tell her honestly.”Okay.” She says, smiling. “Because you promised to always be respectful and not push girls into anything before they’re ready, right?” She says.”Right, I’m keeping my promise!” I tell her as I hump my hard cock against her hand.”Okay, then let’s take care of this for you.” Mom says. Pushing me back out of the spray of water, she drops to her knees and starts licking the beads of water off my cock. Oh fuck! I didn’t expect this. I just gave her the same suggestion I gave her at uncle Harry’s house, didn’t I? I can’t believe it when she wraps her warm lips around the head of my cock and slowly slides them up and down my rigid shaft.”Oh mom!” I pant. “That’s amazing.” She’s pumping my hard cock in and out of her mouth, while her tongue dances all around it. Caressing my balls with her other hand, her head glides back and forth, faster and faster, creating an intoxicating rhythm that I thrust my hips in time with. Letting go with her hand, she slides her lips all the way to the base of my cock, burying the head in her tight throat. With my hands on her head, I start really fucking her mouth as I get close to my release. She feels the change in my balls and pulls her lips back along my shaft to take my cum in her mouth, rather than her throat. Jerking wildly, with my hand against the tile wall for balance, I shoot multiple loads of cum into my mom’s warm mouth. Sucking and swallowing, while she gently massages my balls, mom milks every drop of cum from my cock before releasing it from her mouth. Standing up, wiping the cum from her lips, mom says, “That was some built up frustration! I haven’t had that much cum in my mouth for a long time.” Smiling she adds, “You better get serious about making up with Nicole if that’s what she does to you.” We stay in the shower, washing each other while I try and figure out how this happened. As I’m rubbing soap all over my mom’s tits, it hits me. I told her to be intimate like we were at uncle Harry’s. I forgot about the blowjob I had her give me at uncle Harry’s. It was right after I saw the video of her and uncle Harry and it was suppose to be a one-time thing. I told her not to remember it, but that must not apply when she’s under the transmitter’s power. Okay, it was unintentional, but…”Hey! You’re going to rub them off!” Mom says, moving my hands from her tits.”Sorry, I was just distracted a little.” I say sheepishly. “I know.” Mom says. “You can’t wait to get away from your old mother so you can call and make up with Nicole, right?” She’s soaping my ass cheeks and slithering her soapy tits against my chest. I could care less about talking to Nicole right now.”I’m sorry.” I say, as I squeeze her ass cheeks with my soapy hands and rub up and down against her body. “We can at least finish our shower first.””We’re done.” She says, laughing. “You got what you needed, now go call your girl friend.” She says, giving me a playful slap on the ass. We towel each other off and I take my time drying mom’s body, admiring her firm tits and ass and how flat her stomach is after two k**s. When I kneel down to dry her legs, my face is level with her delectable pussy. I rub the towel against her trimmed patch of hair and she spreads her legs so I can dry between them. I breathe in her scent and wonder how she would react if I licked my tongue along her protruding pussy lips…”Oh for Christ’s sake!” Mom says, laughing and taking the towel from me, drying her pussy. “We don’t have all day. I have to make dinner.”As I stand up, my hard cock bumps against my mom’s leg and she let’s out a sigh. “You’d better make up with Nicole quickly, honey, if just the idea of calling her gets you like that.” She says laughing. I wonder what it is about the transmitter that makes mom so clueless about the affect she has on me.I call Nicole and tell her I watched the video. I apologize for getting so mad and tell her I understand more about how she feels. She seems pleased with herself for making me see the light and we agree that I’ll come see her next weekend. This gives me a week to figure out some Post Transmission Suggestions that will make Nicole see the light! On an impulse, I also call Carolyn she agrees to meet me at uncle Harry’s after work on Saturday afternoon. I give her the address and even tell her my name, joking that I hope it doesn’t ruin her fantasy.When mom calls me for dinner she’s wearing a long T-shirt with nothing under it. It barely covers her ass and when she reaches up to put her arms around my neck, to give me a hug, it pulls up over her ass cheeks. I squeeze her ass, give her a kiss on the cheek and enjoy the feeling of her barely covered tits pressing against my chest. I can’t help but wonder why I never noticed how attractive my mom was before. I guess we just don’t normally think of our mom that way.”How did it go with Nicole?” She asks, breaking the embrace and taking a seat at the table. I pour some milk and sit down across from her. “Everything’s fine.” I tell her. “I’m going to go down there next weekend.” I say smiling at her.”Good.” She says, smiling back. Then, laughing she adds, “Think you can last that long?” “Yeah, with your help, I can.” I say candidly.”We’ll see.” She laughs.After dinner, mom and I watch a movie. It’s a comedy and we laugh a lot. Mom’s tits bounce up and down against the thin material of her t-shirt when she laughs and I again struggle with my desire for her. It’s one thing to be naked, squeezing her tits and ass. Well, the blowjob took it to the next level, but I didn’t really mean for that to happen again. As comfortable as mom is making me cum, she doesn’t seem to be interested in me sexually. For now, I decide to leave her Post Transmission Suggestion as it is. I’ll enjoy the look and feel of her body, the occasional blowjob and see what else happens.When the movie ends, mom says she’s going to bed and I get up and go with her. In her bedroom, she pulls the t-shirt over her head and smiles at me as she goes into the bathroom. I take off my clothes and slip under the covers, assuming we’re going to share a bed like we did at uncle Harry’s. When she comes to bed, she kisses me on the cheek and rolls over on her side. I spoon my body against hers, my hard cock pressing against the crack of her ass, my arm over her side and my hand cupping her tit. I expect we’ll sleep like this, but mom surprises me by reaching back and wrapping her hand around my cock.”Jesus, Nick, you’re rock hard again.” Mom says, turning over on her back, my cock in her hand. “I’d forgotten just how virile young men can be. How many times a day does this happen?” She asks.”I don’t know.” I answer, enjoying the feel of her hand on my cock. “A lot.” I say.”Well.” She says, rolling me onto my back. “Just don’t expect this every time.” She’s leaning up on her side, stroking her hand up and down my cock. Mom lays her head on my chest while she jacks me off. This is so amazing. I hump my cock against her hand, wondering if I’ll ever have to masturbate again. Mom tilts her head back and answers that question with her next statement. “You’re either going to have to masturbate or find a girl friend who lives closer. canlı bahis I’m not going to do this six times a day.” She laughs. “I just don’t want to clean up a mess.” She says, leaning up and pressing her tits against my side as she lowers her mouth over my cock. She sucks on the head of my cock while she continues jacking me off with her hand. It doesn’t take long and I’m jerking my ass up off the bed, trying to push more of my cock into my mom’s mouth. She’s obviously just using it as a receptacle for the machinations with her hand and has no intention of sliding her lips further down my cock. It still feels incredible! Bucking wildly, I finally shoot streams of cum into mom’s mouth and she sucks it all down, swallowing quickly so it doesn’t spill out. I collapse back on the bed and she lets my cock slip from her lips. “Now, go to sleep.” Mom says, kissing me on the cheek and rolling over. Holy fuck! I cuddle up against my mom’s back and dream of eating her pussy.I wake up as mom’s getting out of the shower. The bathroom door is open and I turn on my side to watch her dry off. I love the way her tits hang down and how they sway back and forth when she dries her legs. Hanging up the towel, she reaches for the hair dryer and starts drying her hair. My cock gets hard as I assess her naked body. Looking at her from the side like this, the nice curve of her ass catches my eye first, then her long, tan, shapely legs. Her firm, medium size tits hang beautifully from her chest, half tan and half creamy white. The way she’s standing, I can barely see the fuzz of her neatly trimmed bush, but her flat stomach is testimony to her daily workouts at the gym. I’m really beginning to think about what it would be like to have sex with my mom. From the video uncle Harry made, she would be…”Good morning.” Mom interrupts my fantasy. “What are you thinking about, all dreamy-eyed?””Good morning.” I answer. “Just admiring the view.” I tell her. “Do you realize how sexy you look, standing there drying your hair.””Yeah, right!” Mom says, sarcastically. “Do you realize that any naked woman looks sexy to a teenage boy?””No, it’s not just that.” I answer, smiling at her. “You’ve had two k**s and look at your body, mom. Your ass is still firm, your tits look great and you’ve still got a flat stomach. Surely you can see how good you look.””Well thank you.” She says, smiling back. “I really do work hard at the gym, it’s nice to get a compliment.” I’m lying on my back and I don’t realize that my cock is making a big tent in the blanket until I see mom glance at it.”I didn’t know you’d be home and I made plans to go shopping with Mary.” She says. Nodding at the tent in the blanket, she adds, “So, you’ll just have to handle things for yourself today.””Okay.” I say. “Maybe I’ll rent some porn videos and just stay in bed all day.” I tell her, laughing.She turns towards me with a look on her face like she’s trying to decide about something. I take the moment to admire the front view of her enticing body, my eyes shifting between her neatly trimmed mound above her protruding pussy lips and her luscious nipple tipped breasts. My cock stiffens under the blanket. Mom apparently makes up her mind.”I’ve got a few videos that might help.” Mom says slowly. “I guess if you’re old enough to rent them, you’re old enough to watch ones I already have. They’re on my closet shelf in a shoe box, help yourself.” She says, smiling. “I can’t believe I’m sharing porn videos with my teenage son.” She chuckles, shaking her head. The sight of her putting her makeup on and getting dressed does nothing to relieve the tension in my cock and as soon as she leaves I retrieve the shoebox from the closet shelf. Inside I find, not only some DVDs, but also mom’s vibrator and a large dildo. Damn, I wonder if mom meant for me to see these. There are three DVDs in the box; Sorority Sex Kittens, 5 Rooms and Taboo. Just from the covers, the first two look hot. My cock is still hard from watching my mom, so I only see about 15 minutes of the first DVD before I shoot my load. I scan through the rest of that DVD as well as the second one, trying to figure out what mom likes. The first two have a lot of threesomes, lesbian sex and some group sex scenes. It’s the third movie that really blows my mind. I almost don’t watch Taboo because it’s an old movie, made before I was born and it looks really dated. But when I read on the jacket that it’s about i****t between a mother and her son after her husband leaves her for a younger woman, I watch it all the way through. I can’t help but wonder what mom thinks about when she’s watching it. I make a sandwich, take it into my room and boot up my computer. I watch the video of mom and uncle Harry again, making notes of the specific Post Transmission Suggestion that uncle Harry gives mom, particularly the part where he tells her to eagerly engage in uninhibited sex with him. I get myself off again as I watch uncle Harry eat mom’s pussy and watch her jerking wildly during her explosive orgasm. I’m still not sure how I feel about fucking my mother, but I know I want to taste her pussy. I wonder if I can do it without another Post Transmission Suggestion.I’m in my room, making notes about the Suggestions I’m planning for Nicole next weekend, when I hear mom come home. I meet her in the hallway and help her with the shopping bags she’s carrying.”Just take them into my room, it’s all clothes.” She says. “What did you buy?” I ask.”Oh, a couple of new skirts, some blouses and a few other things.” She says, following me into her room. I set the bags on the bed and start looking through them.”Try them on, mom.” I say. “I want to see what you bought.” I pull out the skirts and lay them on the bed. Reaching back into the bag, I bring out a package of thong panties. It has three pair in different colors. “Mary thinks I need sexy underwear to feel better about myself.” She says, taking the thongs from me. “She says it’s time I started thinking about men and dating and… oh, whatever.””Come on, mom.” I say, sitting on the bed and leaning against the headboard. “Do a fashion show for me. Show me what you got?” I know what she’s got and I want to see it. I don’t really care about the skirts and blouses. I pull the other bag toward me and take the blouses out, then several sexy bras that match the colors of the thongs. Holding them up, I say, “Let’s see it all, new underwear and everything.””Oh, alright.” She says, smiling. I think she’s actually pleased that someone is interested in her purchases. She pulls her blouse over her head, unfastens her bra and lets it slide off her arms, then starts undoing her jeans. My cock reacts immediately to the sight of my mom’s tits and I can hardly wait for her to take her jeans off. She kicks off her shoes and bends over, pulling her jeans and panties down together. I still can’t believe my mother is standing here naked, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. I watch her remove the tags from a light green bra and slip her arms in it. It fastens in the front and I enjoy watching her reach inside the cups to adjust her tits behind the material. The cup is completely transparent and her nipples are visible through the sheer material. Removing the green thong from the package, she pulls it on and wiggles the thin strip of material between her ass cheeks. “What do you think?” Mom asks, doing a little spin. I whistle and say, “Very sexy, mom. You look so hot!” My cock is pushing against the zipper of my jeans as I admire my mom’s sexy underwear and her bare ass cheeks.”Do I need a bikini wax to wear this thong?” She asks, walking closer to the bed. “Not that anyone is going to see it anyway, I’d just rather not have hair sticking out around my panties.” She laughs. I lean closer and put my face inches from my mom’s barely covered pussy. I breathe in her scent without being obvious. God, I want to taste her sweet pussy juice!”Spread your legs a little.” I tell her. “I can’t see very well.” Mom lifts one foot up on the bed so I have a perfect view of her thong covered pussy. Mom’s bush is trimmed, but the thong’s triangle of material is so thin that a few stray hairs are visible around it. “Yeah, you probably need to wax just a little bit more, but not much.” I take a chance and run my finger inside the thong, tucking the hairs inside. “You can make it so no hair shows, but I don’t think you want to do that every time you wear them.” I tell her, smoothing the material over her pussy mound, in effect, running my fingers up and down her pussy. “My, aren’t we the little lingerie expert.” Mom laughs. “Okay, hand me that skirt.” She tries on the various skirt and blouse combinations as I just sit back and enjoy the show, telling her how great everything looks. When she’s finished trying everything on, she leaves on just the underwear and starts hanging up her new clothes. “Mom.” I say, shifting my hard cock so it’s not so noticeable. “You know when you help me relieve my sexual tension?” “Yes.” She says hesitantly, stopping what she’s doing and looking at me.”Well, do you ever get aroused while you’re doing it?” I ask, and then quickly add. “I mean, I’ve been with a few girls and when they’re done going down on me, they’re so wet that they’re anxious for me to do the same for them.””No, honey, it doesn’t make me wet or aroused.” She says, sitting on the bed next to me. “It’s not like we’re having sex, Nick. I’m just helping you relieve your frustration, that’s all.” “Okay. But based on the toys and the videos in your shoebox, you must relieve your frustration sometimes, too, right?” I ask.”Yes.” She says hesitantly. “That’s right, since your father left, I’ve been taking care of myself.” She says, “That’s why Mary is so concerned that I start dating again, but I’m not sure I’m ready for all that.” She laughs. “I really appreciate what you’ve been doing to help me, mom. I was just thinking that when you need to relieve your frustration that I could help you, too. It’s only fair after all you’ve been doing for me.” My cock is throbbing as I stare at her nipples through the sheer bra and wait for her reaction.”Oh Nick, honey, you can’t do that to me. I’m your mother.” She says, clearly taken aback by my suggestion.”But I’m your son and you’re doing it to me. How is it different?” I ask, trying to sway her opinion. She seems genuinely confused for a minute and I realize she doesn’t know how it’s different.”It just is.” She says forcefully. I decide not to push it. The Suggestion I gave her apparently makes it okay for her to jack and suck me off, but not for me to do anything to her. Interesting. I’ll have to think about what I can do about that.”Okay, mom. I see.” I tell her. She goes back to hanging up the clothes and I stare at her firm round ass cheeks and the thin strip of green material that disappears between them as she moves around in the closet. After dinner we play some backgammon, I finish up some homework and then tell mom I’m going to take a shower. Mom offers to wash my back, I accept and we soap each other thoroughly. As I’m rubbing my soapy body against hers, my hard cock pushes against her mound and her tits slither across my chest. Squeezing her ass cheeks and pulling her tighter against me, I’m trying to figure out how my Suggestion allows this, but nothing else. Mom again jacks me off in the shower and I pump my hard cock into her soapy hand, as she tantalizes my balls with her other hand. With her tits pushing against my chest and my hands massaging her ass, I shoot a huge load of cum onto the tile floor. The release feels good, but I want more; I want to suck on her nipples and tongue fuck her pussy. I know I can use the transmitter to make her do it, but I’ve started to realize that it’s a lot more satisfying as a Post Transmission Suggestion and I want to make sure I word it just right. I think about it as I snuggle up to mom’s naked body and fall asleep.Over the next couple of days, I do a lot of Internet research on hypnotic suggestions. I figure it’s the closest thing I’m going to find to the Neuro Submission Transmitter, and the information I find is interesting. I study the three types of hypnotic suggestions. The first is having the subject do something while they are under, like the blowjobs I got from Alison at Victoria Secret and from mom at uncle Harry’s. Then there’s the post hypnotic suggestion that makes the subject do something when you bring them out of the trance, like mom being more intimate with me, and Susan masturbating in front of me. Finally, there are triggers that you can use to put someone back in the trance later; I’m not sure if that works with the transmitter, but I plan to experiment with Nicole.On Wednesday, my English teacher asks to see me after class. I’m standing around, waiting until everyone is gone before she invites me to sit in the chair next to her desk.”Nick, I’ve been impressed with the writing assignments you’ve done this year.” Miss Edwards says, looking at a folder on her desk. Staring at her beautiful face I realize that I haven’t given Miss Edwards much thought since I got the transmitter. I’ve been preoccupied with Nicole, mom and Susan. Before the transmitter, Miss Edwards was the star of most of my jack-off fantasies. Now I’m mesmerized, watching her brush her black hair out of her eyes as she talks. Every time she lifts her hand to her face, it jiggles her large round tits inside her tight maroon sweater. My cock is responding accordingly.”I’ve been asked to recommend one student for the state writing competition and I think you’d be a good candidate.” She continues, but I’m barely listening. I’m staring at her tongue moistening her crimson lips as she’s talking, fantasizing about how that tongue would feel against my cock. “So, what do you think?” She doesn’t want to know I think.”What would I have to do exactly?” I ask, starring into her dark brown eyes. “Well, the fiction competition has a specific topic.” She says, getting up and walking over to a filing cabinet. Miss Edwards is about 5′ 5″ tall and very well proportioned, with a thin waist, flat stomach and a tight, curvy ass. Her ass gets as much attention as her tits when the guys are discussing what they’d like to do with her. “The subject this year is ethics and morals. You’d have to write a short story with a main character who is struggling with a moral dilemma.” She says, handing me the entry form and rules. I guess I know the subject pretty well, but I’m not sure I could submit a story about my current moral dilemmas.”Would you be able to help me with it?” I ask, hoping that we’d have to meet regularly.”You have to write it yourself, without help.” She says, “But I can help you decide on a topic and an outline for the story, if you’d like.” I’d like very much!”Okay, when does it have to be done by?” I ask, tearing my eyes away from her stunning body to look at the entry form. “You have a little over a month to complete the story.” She says, pointing to the date on the form. “But you have to sign up by next week. Do you want to think about it?” She asks.”Yes please.” I tell her. “Can we meet again in a couple of days?” I ask, that gives me time to think about my own morale dilemma.”Sure, why don’t we meet after school on Friday?” She says smiling. “I think you’ll do very well, Nick.” She says. As I stand up, the bulge in my pants is obvious and she pretends not to notice. “See you tomorrow, Nick.” She says as I walk to the door.Taking out the transmitter, I get the ear buds in as I get to the door. Tuning in her frequency, I push the button.”Miss Edwards.” I say, walking back over to her desk.”Yes.” She says, in the familiar monotone voice. I sit back down in the chair, staring at her tits that I’ve jacked off to a hundred times, imagining how they look naked. I just have to see them.”Do you realize the sexual affect you have on the guys in your class?” I ask her.”Yes. I watch them stare at my body and adjust their hard-ons.” She says matter-of-factly.”How do you feel about it?” I ask her. “I have mixed feelings. While I don’t do anything to encourage it, I find it rather flattering and somewhat of a turn on to know that I’m part of these teenage boy’s fantasies.” She answers. She’s right; she doesn’t do anything to encourage us. She doesn’t dress provocatively or show any cleavage. She’s just so damn attractive.”How old are you, Miss Edwards?” I ask her.”Twenty-eight.” She answers. I can’t wait any longer to see her tits.”Miss Edwards, please lock the classroom doors.” She walks over and locks both doors; her ass sways provocatively in her tight skirt. I lead her over to a corner of the room that is out of view of the windows in the doors.”Please take off your sweater and your bra.” I tell her, my cock jumping in my pants. She lifts her sweater over her head revealing a flat stomach below a black lace bra, which can barely contain her abundant breasts. She reaches behind her, unfastens the bra and lets it fall forward from her tits. Fuck! They’re even better than I imagined! Large, smooth, fleshy mounds sitting firmly against her chest with inch and a half areolas perched right in the center. Her nipples are thick even in their non-aroused state. “Make your nipples hard, Miss Edwards.” I tell her and watch the two buds immediately come to life, pointing straight out over half an inch. “Miss Edwards, do you have a boyfriend?” I ask her while I fondle her incredible tits.”Yes.” She answers, not responding at all to my touch, but I don’t care.”Tell me about the best sex you’ve ever had with your boyfriend?” I ask her. She actually thinks for a few minutes before she answers.”Well, it would be either the time he tied me to the bed and teased me forever before he took me or the time he spanked my ass while playing with my clit. Both times I came really hard.” Shit, who would think that my English teacher would have kinky sex? “So you like being tied up and spanked?” I ask, hardly believing what I’m hearing.”Oh yeah! I think it’s because I have to be in charge all day long in the classroom, that when I want to relax, I just love being dominated. We role-play a lot.” She says as I’m licking her thick nipples. I’m getting nervous that we’ve been locked in the classroom this long, but I’ve got to ask a couple more questions.”What’s your favorite role-play, Miss Edwards?” I’m cupping her tits now, lifting and massaging them.”I like it when he pretends he’s one of my students who follows me home, ties me up and calls me Miss Edwards while he’s fucking me. That gets me so hot, I cum like crazy.” She tells me.”Do you ever think seriously about fucking one of your students?” I ask, hopefully.”Oh no! I wouldn’t do that, it’s wrong, morally, ethically and legally. But it’s fun to play games sometimes, with someone you trust.” She says.”Miss Edwards, you can get dressed now.” I tell her and she starts putting her bra back on. “You won’t remember that I came back in your classroom, you’ll just be surprised how the time has flown by.” As she’s pulling her sweater over her head, I add, “From now on when we’re alone, you will become very aroused whenever I’m within three feet of you. Your nipples will harden, your pussy will get soaking wet and you’ll have an overwhelming urge for release.” I unlock the doors and push the button on the transmitter as I leave. I can’t wait for Friday. God, those tits! I really need to see her pussy and her ass.My cock is still rock hard when I get home. I think about masturbating, but realize mom will be home in a few minutes. I kept thinking about how to notch up my experience with mom as I researched the hypnotic suggestions. I’ve decided to take baby steps with her and create arousal rather than just tell her to let me eat her pussy. I’m in my bedroom when she gets home. “How was your day?” She asks, coming into my room and giving me a full body embrace. “Great!” I tell her, “Miss Edwards wants me to enter a state writing competition. She likes the way I write.” That’s not all she’ll like about me by the time I’m done.”Congratulations!” Mom says, hugging me again. “I’m not surprised, as smart as you are.” Mom leaves, walking into her bedroom to change clothes. I follow her and lie on her bed, watching her change. “I see you’re wearing your new underwear.” I say, admiring her sheer bra with matching thong. “Well, It would be a waste of money, if I didn’t wear them.” She says. “Besides, the thong does feel sexy.” She says smiling at me. My cock, aroused from my session with Miss Edwards is back to its full state of erection. As mom’s getting a t-shirt and jeans from her dresser, I put the ear buds in and tune in her frequency.”Mom.” I say, pushing the button.”Yes.” She answers, turning around. I’ve been preparing this suggestion for a couple of days.”From now on, whenever you are sexually aroused it will feel perfectly natural for me to help you relieve your sexual tension. You will also feel normal arousal whenever we’re intimately touching, or you’re helping relieve my sexual tension.” That’s all I’m going to say for now and see where that takes us. I push the button and remove the ear buds. Mom continues getting dressed in her jeans and t-shirt.”There doesn’t seem to be anything good on tonight.” Mom says, flipping channels. We’ve just finished dinner and I’m anxious to try out the new suggestion.”How about if we watch one of the movies from your shoebox?” I ask her, hoping she’ll agree and get aroused. She’s looking at me, like she’s trying to decide. “Really?” She asks. “You want to watch those with your mother?” “Sure.” I say casually. “There’s nothing else on and I didn’t get a chance to watch them all the other day.” “Well, you’re not suppose to watch them as a marathon.” She laughs. “They’re for… um, stimulating your libido.” She says. “Fine, if that’s what you want to watch, pick whichever one you want.” She says.I get Taboo, the one about the mother and son i****t, and put it in the DVD player. As we watch the sexual tension build between the mother and son in the video, we’re matching the sexual tension in our living room. Just sitting next to my mom on the couch, watching a porn video has made my cock rock solid. I watch mom’s nipples pushing against the sheer fabric of her bra, making bumps on her t-shirt. “Why do you like this video, mom?” I ask her, as I adjust my bulge inside my pants. “I don’t know.” Mom says, clearing her throat and calming her breathing. “I think because it’s not just wham, bam. There is a story and a slow build until they finally can’t help themselves.” She says, looking at the bulge in my pants, she adds, “You seem to be enjoying it, too.””Yeah.” I answer. “I think I need to undo my pants a little.” I say, as I unsnap my jeans and pull my zipper down. My cock pushes my jockey shorts through the opening in my pants, creating a little white tent in my lap.”My, you are enjoying it, aren’t you?” Mom says, reaching under the elastic of my jockey shorts and wrapping her hand around my cock.”Yes. But I don’t seem to be the only one.” I answer, running my fingers over the bumps in her t-shirt. “I bet you’re as wet as I am hard. It just not as obvious on you.” I say, continuing to tease her nipples. In the video, the mom is giving the son a blowjob. “Let’s see.” I say, unsnapping mom’s jeans.”Okay, smarty.” She says, removing her hand from my pants and standing up to take her jeans off. She tosses them aside and looking at the bulge in my pants, pulls my jeans off, too. Before sitting back down, she pulls her t-shirt over her head and drops it on the floor. In just her bra and panties she sits back down and says, “Okay, You’re right, I’m very wet.” I take a chance on my suggestion working and slip my hand inside her thong. Her velvet patch of hair brushes against my palm, as I slide one finger between her wet pussy lips. I hold my breath for my mom’s reaction. We’re oblivious to the moans coming from the television.”Mmmmm.” She moans, spreading her legs wider while she reaches for my cock. “That feels nice.” Mom breathes as I run my finger up and down her slit before slipping it inside her hot, wet pussy. I can’t believe I’m touching my mom’s pussy! The suggestion worked! She moans again as I start finger fucking her and she’s jacking my cock up and down inside my jockey shorts. I want to suck her nipples, but she still has her bra on and I don’t want either of us to stop what we’re doing to remove it. What the fuck, I just lean over and suck her nipple into my mouth through the sheer material of the bra. “Oh, Nick!” Mom says, humping her pussy against my finger and increasing the speed of her strokes on my cock. “We need to finish this in bed.” She says, abruptly pulling her hand out of my shorts and removing my hand from her thong. “Come on.” She says, pulling on my hand as she stands up. In the bedroom, she takes off her bra and thong while I shed my shirt and jockey shorts. We fall on the bed naked, picking up exactly where we left off in the living room.”Put two fingers in me, Nick.” Mom pants, as she continues stroking my cock up and down and I suck on her bare nipple. Her thick nipple feels so incredible between my lips as I push my face against her soft breast. I slide a second finger inside her gyrating pussy and start massaging her clit with my thumb.”Oh God, Nick!” Mom is moving her ass off the bed, humping my hand and holding my head against her tit. She is bucking hard against my two fingers as I keep teasing her clit with my thumb. My cock is throbbing as her hand stops moving and she clamps her legs together, pushing down hard against my hand. Her quivering pussy gushes juices over my hand and I just hold my thumb against her clit. Mom’s hand is still wrapped around my hard cock, but just holding it while she gasps for air.I slowly slide my fingers from her pussy and move down to position myself between her legs. I sit there for a minute between her legs, savoring my first real look at her fully aroused pussy. Her puffy lips are glistening with her juices, begging me to take a taste. I watch the rise and fall of her tits as her breathing returns to normal and lean my face down to her pussy. With one long lick I glide my tongue from the bottom of her slit up along her pussy lips and over the top of her clit. “Ohhhh?” Mom seems surprised. She starts to close her legs and push my head away with her hand. Before she can succeed, I push my head forward plunging my tongue inside her steamy, wet pussy. “Oh my god!” Mom moans, as I keep lapping her tasty nectar from inside her burning snatch. She hesitates a minute and then slowly, relaxes her legs, allowing me to push them open and suck on her pussy lips. I gently suck one and then the other of her lips into my mouth, eliciting another moan from mom. The taste mixed with her aroma is driving me crazy and I feel like I’m getting high on my mom’s pussy. “Oh my god, Nick! It’s been so long!” She moans, pushing her ass off the bed and driving my tongue deeper into her pussy. I slide my arms behind mom’s knees and lift her legs to give me better access to her pussy. Slipping my tongue between her lips, I piston it in and out, licking all around, pushing against her inner walls. She is sloppy wet and I have pussy juice all over my mouth and my cheeks as I move my head from side to side to give her different sensations with my tongue. My suggestion for her to get aroused seems to have really worked!”Ahhhh!” Mom sighs. I move my tongue up so I’m licking the top of her slit, just below her clit and slip two fingers inside her pussy. I slide my fingers in and out of her pussy as I lightly lick her clit. Mom is moaning and moving her body around, humping my fingers and pushing her clit against my tongue. “Don’t stop! It’s building again! Just keep doing that! Exactly that! Don’t Stop!” I have no intention of stopping. I keep sucking her clit, flicking my tongue across it inside my mouth. “Oh God, Nick! Ohhh!!! Yes! So good! So good!” She’s bucking her ass wildly in the air. My tongue flicks across her clit, which I’ve sucked completely inside my mouth. I’m pushing my fingers in and out, twisting them back and forth, sloshing her hot juices all around inside her fiery pussy. She pulls hard on the bedspread and her head and shoulders lift off the bed. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open and she’s moaning loudly as she pushes harder against my mouth and my fingers. My face and hand are completely soaked with her juices as she grinds against my mouth and clamps her legs around my fingers, jerking wildly. Her juices run down my arm and soak the bedspread beneath her ass. She collapses back on the bed, her pussy pulsating around my fingers, as I let her clit slip from my mouth. My cock is rock hard and for a minute I toy with the idea of slipping it into her steaming, wet pussy. As much as I want to, I’m not sure mom’s ready for me to fuck her. Instead, I leave my fingers inside her hot pussy as I begin tracing kisses up her body. She’s still catching her breath from her orgasm and I gently kiss her rising and falling nipples, which are sticking straight up from the center of her dark areolas. I continue planting kisses up her neck and onto her face. I’ve never kissed my mother on her lips, at least not like this. I hesitate, lightly pressing my lips against hers, and then licking across her lips with my tongue, to see how she reacts. She opens her mouth and sucks my pussy-soaked tongue inside and we kiss slowly and passionately, alternating pushing our tongues into each other’s mouth. “I suppose it’s your turn.” Mom says, breaking the kiss and pushing me over. My fingers slip from her pussy as I roll onto my back, my rigid cock sticking bahis siteleri straight up. Mom throws her leg over and straddles me with her sopping pussy lips cradling my cock. She’s rocking back and forth, sliding her slick lips along my rigid shaft, coating my cock with her juices. Our eyes meet in a look of pure lust and I push my cock against my mom’s pussy, trying to position the head against her opening. Wow! I guess I was wrong about her readiness. I’m going to fuck my mom! Then, instead of sliding her pussy down over my cock, she glides her slippery pussy lips down my shaft and over my balls. Moving down my body, she drags her tits across my stomach, over my hard, throbbing cock and down my thighs. Her breath against my cock gives me shivers and the first touch of her tongue pushes a moan from my lips. “Oh mom!” I cry, as she lightly flicks her tongue against my shaft. I’m humping against her tongue, as she teases me mercilessly with slow, gentle licks up the length of my cock. Finally, wrapping her hand around the base of my cock she feeds it into her mouth, sucking on my engorged cock head. “Oh my god!” I yell as I try to push more of my cock into her warm wet mouth. She relents and lets a little more slip inside, while flicking her tongue along the underside of my shaft. Pumping me in and out of her mouth with one hand, she starts caressing my balls with her other hand. I’m bouncing my ass off the bed trying to fuck deeper inside my mom’s mouth, while I feel my climax building in my balls. Mom starts pumping faster, bobbing her head up and down and teasing my balls with her fingertips.”I’m cumming!” I yell as my cock erupts, spewing my heavy load inside her mouth. Mom sucks and slurps my cum, swallowing every drop before letting my cock drop from her lips and taking a deep breath. Lifting my spent cock, she gently sucks the remaining cum from my cock head before moving her body up next to mine. Resting her head on my shoulder, I wrap my arm around her back and we drift off into a blissful sleep.Mom works late on Thursday night and I try to write an outline for the writing contest to show Miss Edwards on Friday. I keep getting distracted by everything that’s happening. Images keep flashing through my brain as I try to work; Miss Edwards role playing and getting spanked by her boyfriend, me finally fucking my mom, another threesome with Carolyn and Nicole. Maybe I am letting this transmitter thing get out of control. When we go to bed, I cuddle up to my mom’s back with my hard cock pressing against her ass, and she just laughs.”Not tonight, stud.” Mom says, patting my thigh. “Save it for your girlfriend this weekend.” She adds. “I’m still recovering from last night.” I laugh and kiss her neck, wrapping my arm around her, cupping her tit in my hand. I fall asleep and dream of spanking Miss Edwards curvy ass while she’s tied to the bed.After school on Friday, I show Miss Edwards my outline. When I get close to her desk, I see her nipples push against her blouse and her face get flushed. I guess my suggestion for her to get aroused is working.”I don’t have much time today, Nick. “She says fidgeting in her chair. “My boyfriend is picking me up in a few minutes.” She’s reading my outline and squeezing her knees together. Her boyfriend is coming here? I put the ear buds in as she reads, tune in her frequency and hit the button.”Miss Edwards, is your boyfriend meeting you here in the classroom?” I ask her.”Yes.” She says blandly, “We’re going to get some dinner and see a movie.””Have you ever had sex in your classroom, Miss Edwards?” I ask, an idea formulating in my mind. “No.” She answers.”Today, when your boyfriend comes in, lock the doors and put the black out paper over the windows. Tell him you need him right now and you want to role-play in your classroom. Tell him you want him to tie you up, spank you and fuck you. I’m going to be hiding in the tall cabinet where we hang our coats and you won’t tell your boyfriend I’m here. You’ll have an explosive orgasm knowing that I’m watching you get spanked and fucked. Okay?””Okay.” She says.”What time will he be here?” I ask.”Any minute now.” She answers.”Okay, when I push the button, you’ll hand me back my outline, telling me it’s fine. Then you’ll tell me to get in the closet because your boyfriend is coming.” I hesitate, and then add, “You’ll kiss me passionately before I get in the closet.” I push the button on the transmitter, and put it away.”This is fine, Nick.” Miss Edwards says, handing me my outline. “Now you’d better get in the closet because Kevin will be here any minute.” She stands up and walks me over to the closet opening the door. Just before I get in, she leans up and wraps her arms around my neck, pushing her lips against mine. Our tongues intermingle and I feel her hard nipples press against my chest, making my cock stiffen between us. I climb in the closet; kneeling with the door open about an inch and watch Miss Edwards walk back over to her desk. I can’t wait to see if this is going to work. “Hi babe.” Kevin says as he walks into the classroom, smiling at Miss Edwards. “You ready to go.””I’m ready.” She breathes seductively, kissing him hard on the lips. “But not ready to go, yet.” Breaking the kiss, she closes and locks the doors, securing the window coverings. “Kevin, I need you right now.” She says walking back over to him unbuttoning her blouse. “I want you to tie me up, spank me and fuck me in my classroom.” She says removing her blouse and unfastening her bra.”Here? Now?” Kevin says staring at her. “Babe, are you sure? You could lose your job if we get caught.” He’s taking in her lustful look and glancing around the classroom.”Yes.” She says, pushing her bare tits against his chest and rubbing her hand over his emerging bulge in his pants. “I want you to role-play with me.” She says. “I’ve been bad.” She adds, demurely. “Okay.” He says, getting in character, he pushes her away from him. “What have you been doing?” He yells, pinching her nipple between his thumb and finger and twisting it hard. Damn, that has to hurt, I think, but my cock is getting hard watching him.”I’ve been teasing a boy in my class.” She says quietly, her nipples getting rock hard.”Teasing? How have you been teasing him?” Kevin asks, still pulling and twisting her nipples. He releases the right nipple and slaps the side of her tit. “And don’t lie to me!” He yells.”Oww!” She cries. “I kissed him and pushed my nipples against his chest.” She says, glancing at the closet, then casting her eyes down. “You deserve punishment, don’t you, slut?” Kevin yells. “Oh yes!” Miss Edwards says quickly. “You need to punish me.””Take off the rest of your clothes.” He says as he mauls her tits, squeezing hard, leaving red blotches where his fingers press into her fleshy mounds. Miss Edwards unzips her skirt and slips it down revealing a black thong and thigh high nylons. He smacks her bare ass cheeks and tells her to hurry up. She sits on her desk to remove her nylons, staring at Kevin, her face flush with excitement. I can’t believe what he’s doing to her and how much it’s turning her on. It’s also turning me on and my hard cock is pushing against my jeans.”I said, hurry up!” Kevin yells, taking the nylons from her. Grabbing a pair of scissors from the top of her desk, he cuts the thin black strips of material on either side of her thigh and roughly pulls her thong from between her legs. Holding it up to her face he yells, “This is soaking wet! What have you been doing, slut?” He flings the thong across the room and it hits the closet door I’m kneeling behind. As she’s sitting on the desk he pushes her legs apart and jams two fingers up inside her pussy.”Ohhhhh!” Miss Edwards moans, spreading her legs and leaning her head back.”Aren’t you the horny slut?” He says, removing his fingers and putting them under her nose. “What you need is a good spanking.” He sits down on Miss Edwards’ desk chair and pulls her across his lap. As he does this, I get a quick glimpse of Miss Edward’s pussy and it appears she has just a thin strip of neatly trimmed hair on her pussy mound. Kevin has his back to me and I can see Miss Edwards’ ass and legs on one side of him and her head on the other. I reach out of the closet and pick up her thong and as I’m closing the door, I see her smile at me and wink. “This is what you deserve for teasing that boy!” Kevin says as he brings his hand down hard across Miss Edwards’ ass.Smack!”Ow!” Miss Edwards squeals. Smack! Smack! Smack!”Ow! Ow! Ow!” Miss Edwards yells.Kevin is really hitting her hard. I watch Miss Edwards’ face and I can’t tell if she’s flushed with excitement or pain. I start to wonder if I’ve done the right thing with my suggestions when Kevin abruptly pulls her off his lap and stands up.”You little slut! You’re getting my pants all wet! Your cunt is dripping wet!” He yells as he rubs his hand between her legs. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?””I can’t help it!” She says, batting her eyes at him and thrusting out her chest. “I’m just a little slut!” She whimpers. Kevin turns her around and when I see her red ass cheeks, my cock begs for release from my pants. I don’t understand why this turns me on so much, maybe because she likes it. I have her wet thong up to my face and I’m breathing in her aroma as I watch the role play unfold in the classroom.Kevin ties her nylons around her wrists and leans Miss Edwards over her desk. Walking around the desk he pulls the nylons tight, tying them to the desk legs. Miss Edwards is now stretched across her metal desk; her tits smashed flat against her desk blotter and her shiny red ass cheeks sticking up in the air. My view is from the side of the desk and I can see the side of her flattened tit, her ass in the air and her face as she looks over at me. She smiles at me and gives her ass a little wiggle, knowing I’m watching. Kevin stands behind her and begins spanking her again. Miss Edwards is on her tiptoes and she appears to be rubbing her pussy against the edge of the desk. Smack! Smack! Smack! “Ow! Ow!” Miss Edwards is rolling her hips and humping her pussy against the desk, while Kevin slaps her ass. “You are shameless!” He roars, as she bucks her hips against the desk. “Alright, there’s only one thing to do.” Kevin says as he sheds his clothes and steps up behind her, his hard cock pointing at her burning ass. I’ve pulled my cock out, too and I’m stroking it furiously as Kevin slams his hard cock into Miss Edwards’ pussy.”Oh yes! Fuck me, Kevin! Fuck me hard!” Miss Edwards screams, pushing her tender ass back against him as he thrusts into her. He has his hands on her hips and he’s pounding her like a jackhammer. “Ohhhhh! Fuck yes!” Miss Edwards is moaning and pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts. “You don’t deserve this much pleasure!” Kevin says, pulling his cock out of her. “How about we change holes, slut? What do you think about that?” He says positioning his cock head against her puckered asshole. I can’t believe he’s going to fuck her in the ass!”Oh yeah! Fuck my ass, Kevin!” She moans, spreading her legs as wide as possible. Kevin pushes his hard, pussy-soaked cock into her tight ass, burying it all the way to his balls. “Oh my god!” Miss Edwards cries as Kevin pumps his cock in and out of her asshole. This pushes me over the edge and I cum in Miss Edwards’ thong, panting and leaning against the back of the closet. Miss Edwards is rubbing her pussy against the edge of the desk while Kevin pistons her ass with his hard cock. “I’m cumming!” Miss Edwards breathes, closing her eyes, opening her mouth and rolling her pussy against the plastic edge of the desk.”Me too, babe!” Kevin responds, jerking wildly as he spews his cum inside Miss Edwards’ ass. He leans against her back, catching his breath and then slowly removes his spent cock from her ass. He doesn’t immediately untie her. Instead, he gets a tissue, wads it up and pushes it up in her ass, to keep her from dripping his cum on the floor. “Any lotion, babe?” He asks Miss Edwards.She nods. “In the bottom drawer of my desk.” She says dreamily, still breathing hard and shivering all over. Kevin pumps some lotion into his hand and gently rubs in on her bright red ass cheeks. “Mmmm. Thanks.” She says. “I needed that.” “Obviously.” He says. “Glad I happened by.” He laughs. “You might have acted on your fantasies with one of your students.” Kevin steps back from her ass, smiles and sits down at a desk in the front row. “If it wasn’t Friday, I might be tempted to leave you like this. Wouldn’t that be a treat for your horny boys in the front row?” “Very funny.” She says, smiling at me and winking again. Kevin unties her hands and when she stands up they embrace in a passionate kiss, rubbing their bodies together. “Lets go home.” Miss Edwards says. “I’m not done with you.” She adds, wrapping her hand around his recovering cock. I want to suck you, but not until you’ve had a shower, you nasty boy.” “No dinner or movie?” Kevin says playfully.”We can have each other for dinner and I have a digital video camera if you want movies.” She says laughing. I’ve got my cock back in my pants and I’m watching them get dressed. Miss Edwards has her bra on and is looking around for her thong, then smiles and just starts putting her skirt on without it. I can clearly see the stripe of black pubic hair over her mound and it looks like the rest of her pussy is bald! Miss Edwards not only has the hottest body, she is the sexiest, kinkiest fucking woman ever! As they are leaving the classroom, I realize that I didn’t give her any commands to forget about me watching her. She looks back and gives me a little wave and I wonder what will happen when I see her on Monday. I also wonder if Nicole would like to be tied up and spanked.I’m on the road early the next morning, anxious to try out my new suggestions on Nicole. I’ve been working on them all week. I even wrote them down so I don’t mess up. I don’t want to change who she is, I just want her to get excited about the possibilities of the transmitter, like she was initially. I also want to experiment with the trigger concept. Of all the people I’ve had sexual contact with recently, Nicole is the only one I can relate to outside of the sex. We’re the same age with a lot of the same interests, if I can just get rid of her hang-ups about the transmitter.I call her when I get to uncle Harry’s and she comes right over. I’m waiting for her and tuning in her frequency before I open the door. I press the button as I turn the doorknob and she’s zapped before she sees the transmitter. I tell her to remember exactly how she’s standing and invite her into the house. She looks very sexy in a tank top with no bra and tight jeans. I read to her from the bullet points I typed up before I left home. “Nicole, * You will regain the excitement you initially had about the erotic possibilities of the transmitter. * You will never use it on me or cause anyone else to use it on me. * You will realize that it was uncle Harry who abused the transmitter, not me and forego any further interference in my use of the transmitter. * You will accept my use of the transmitter on my sister and my mother as a natural outgrowth of my sexual curiosity and not view it as perverted. * You will be proud of your body, especially your beautifully shaped, firm tits. * When I say the words, ‘Think about it, Nicole’ whatever I suggest next will be totally accepted and enthusiastically embraced by you.” I finish reading and add, “Now you will go back outside in the exact same position you were in and not remember that you were zapped.” I wait until Nicole is back outside, close the door almost all the way, press the button and open the door.”Hi Nicole.” I say embracing her and kissing her passionately. “I’ve missed you.””I missed you, too, Nick!” She says, kissing me back. “I’m so sorry about using the transmitter on you and making the video, Nick.” “I’m sorry I got so angry and left.” I tell her. “Come on, let’s make up for lost time.” I say, leading her into the bedroom. Flopping on the bed, we snuggle together, running our hands up and down each other’s body. Slipping her tongue into my mouth, she pushes me on to my back and straddles me rubbing her crotch against the bulge in my pants. Sitting up she pulls her tank top over her head and runs her hands seductively over her firm white mounds. Leaning forward, she offers her nipple for me to suckle. I wrap my lips around her nipple, sucking a large portion of her tit into my mouth and flicking her nipple with my tongue.”Mmmm.” I love it when you suck my tits.” Nicole says, rocking against my aroused cock and working her fingers on the buttons of my shirt. I move to her other nipple and suckle it as I unfasten her jeans. We break apart long enough to shed our clothing. Nicole straddles my cock again; rubbing her pussy lips up and down it’s length before impaling herself on it. Sitting up she starts rocking back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her hot, young pussy.”So, tell me.” Nicole says, adopting a slow, steady rhythm with her hips and running her hands up and down my chest. “Who have you been using the transmitter on while you were gone?” She’s smiling and rocking back and forth.”Just my mom and Miss Edwards, my English teacher.” I tell her, wondering how my suggestions are going to work.”Your English teacher? Cool!” she smiles. “What happened? How old is she? What does she look like? Tell me everything.” She picks up the rhythm as I tell her everything, starting from when Miss Edwards asked me to stay after school until her boyfriend spanked and fucked her in the classroom. I watch Nicole get progressively turned on and hump my cock faster and faster. Obviously the suggestions are working.”That is so hot!” She says, almost bouncing off my cock. “She really got turned on being tied up and spanked?” She asks incredulously.”Yeah! And having her nipples pinched and twisted, like this.” I answer, pinching her nipples and twisting them like I watched Kevin do to Miss Edwards. “Ow! Ohhh!” Nicole yells. “That hurt, but it sent a bolt of lightning to my pussy, too.” She says with a quizzical look on her face. “Try it again, I want to see something.” She says as she rocks her hips faster and I thrust my ass off the bed to match her rhythm. I reach up and massage her tit and then pinch and twist her nipple with my thumb and index finger just as I thrust my cock deep inside her burning pussy. “Oooo. It’s really weird.” She says, bouncing frantically on my cock and pinching her own nipples. “A little pain really is exciting, but be careful, okay?” she asks.”Sure. I’m not trying to hurt you.” I tell her. “Do you want to try the spanking or being tied up? I watched Miss Edwards get off so hard, it was amazing.” I explain.”I don’t think so, Nick.” She says, still bouncing on my cock. “That’s a little kinky.” Time to test the trigger.”Think about it, Nicole.” I say, “We’ll role-play that you’ve been bad, I’ll spank you over my knee and then fuck you against your burning ass. I think you’ll like it.” I wait for her reaction.”Okay, let’s try it!” She says, jumping off my cock, leaving me humping the air. “What do we do?” She asks, kneeling on the bed. I sit up on the edge of the bed, my feet on the floor. Goddamn! The trigger works!”Come over here.” I tell her, “Lay across my lap.” My hard cock is sticking straight out and I position her so that her side is against my slippery cock. I run my hand over her firm round cheeks, slipping a finger between them into her sopping wet pussy, and remember how much I love her tight little ass.”Mmmm.” She moans. “Come on, spank me, Nick. I want to see what it’s like.”I slap her ass hard. Smack!”Ow! That really hurts!” She cries.I hit her two hard slaps in rapid succession.Smack! Smack!”Fuck!” She yells, but then raises her ass up for another slap.Smack! Smack! Smack!Her ass is getting red, but she’s squirming around trying to push her pussy against my leg. She raises her ass off my lap and slides her hand between us, rubbing her pussy. “Go ahead.” She says, “Spank me, Nick. Spank me while I rub my clit!” She says.Smack! Smack! Smack!I’m alternating ass cheeks until they are both glowing bright red.”Ohhhhh! Fuck!” She yells, humping against her hand. “That’s enough, Nick. Please fuck me now.” She pleads. I stand her up and turn her around, positioning her on the bed on all fours, her shiny red ass cheeks pointing towards me. I stand next to the bed and slide my cock inside her drenched pussy. Holding her hips, I pump frantically in and out of her extremely slippery hole. She’s still rubbing her clit with her hand and rocking back against me with each stroke. “Oh god, Nick! I’m cumming!” Nicole yells. I pump faster, feeling my own imminent release building fast. Nicole’s body shakes as the first wave of her orgasm rolls through her. I keep pumping and finally shoot inside her with quick, jerky thrusts. Nicole falls forward on the bed, pulling my cock from her sopping wet pussy. I get some body lotion from the bathroom and crawl up beside her. Massaging the cool lotion over her glowing, red ass cheeks, I ask her how it felt.”It was an amazing turn on. I couldn’t believe it made me so hot!” She says, but then adds, “But it hurts now!” “Is it something you’d like to try again sometime?” I ask her, still rubbing cool lotion against her heated skin and wondering what it would feel like to fuck her ass. Running my hands over her sexy, curvaceous ass has my cock stirring again.”I don’t know.” She answers. “Let me see how I feel in a couple of hours.” She laughs. Turning over she kisses me and says, “I really came hard though, so maybe. Did you enjoy spanking me?” She asks.”Yeah!” I say, maybe too enthusiastically. “I don’t know why it’s so erotic. I don’t ever want to hurt you, but it didn’t feel like that. It just felt really exciting.””Thanks for the lotion. It really helps.” She says, pushing me back on the bed. Getting up on her knees, she starts licking her juices off my semi-erect cock. “I haven’t properly said hello, down here, yet.” Nicole laughs, sucking the head of my cock into her mouth. My cock quickly responds to her oral stimulation and I’m soon humping my ass off the bed while she bobs her head up and down. Cupping my balls with her hand, she slides her lips all the way to the base of my shaft, slipping my cock head just inside the entrance to her throat.”Oh fuck, Nicole! That feels amazing.” I tell her. Nicole shifts her body around, straddling my shoulders, without breaking the rhythm of her mouth on my cock. Her pussy is positioned just over my face and for a minute I hesitate to eat the mixture of juices that are dripping from her pussy lips. Then, I think what the fuck, she’s always been willing to swallow my cum. I pull her pussy down to my face and bury my tongue between her drenched lips. Her taste and aroma overwhelm most of the taste of my cum and I vigorously tongue fuck her as she sucks my cock. “Mmmmm.” Nicole moans around my cock, creating a vibrating sensation up and down my shaft. I’m sucking and nibbling at her pussy lips and lapping up her juices. Resting my hand on her ass cheek, I can still feel the heat from her earlier spanking and her cheeks are still bright red. Nicole is grinding her pussy against my face and I’m pumping my cock in and out of her mouth, as we build to our individual orgasms. Sixty-nine has never been my favorite position; I’d rather just concentrate on eating pussy or getting a blowjob; not both. But this feels different. We seem to be in sync with each other, building to a mutual climax, as my balls constrict and I feel a tremor from Nicole’s pussy. She tenses her legs at the same time as I tense mine, both of us so close to our much-needed release. She grinds down hard, almost smothering me, just as I start shooting my load in her mouth. She continues sucking my cock and swallowing my cum through several tremors of her own, each releasing a flood of juices in my mouth and overflowing down my cheeks. As we relax our legs, Nicole releases my cock from her mouth, flips her body around and shoves her tongue in my mouth. We trade juices, as our tongues entwine in a passionate love dance. Her naked body feels right at home, lying on top of mine, and I cup her hot ass cheeks, just holding her against me. “Remember Carolyn, from the mall?” I ask Nicole, as our naked bodies lie molded together on the bed. “Yeah.” She says. “I remember watching you fuck her in the department store.””I invited her over when she gets off work, today.” I tell Nicole.”Really?” She asks. “What for?” She’s looking at me curiously.”Well, remember how hot we both got the last time?” I remind her. “You and I hadn’t even done anything yet. It’s what led to us finally getting together. I just thought it would be fun to try it again, as more of a threesome, with you really joining in this time. What do you think?” I ask, wondering if I’ll have to use the trigger again.”Sure.” Nicole says, slowly. “Whatever you want, Nick.” She says, hesitantly. What the hell, we need a little more enthusiasm here.”Think about it, Nicole.” I say. “You’ll eat each other’s pussy’s and one of you can suck or fuck me while I eat the other one. It’ll be fun.” “What time does she get here?” Nicole asks, “We need to shower and clean up from this morning.” That’s more like it. We take our time showering, soaping each other and enjoying the slipperiness of our bodies rubbing together. We dress and are finishing lunch as the doorbell rings.”Hi Carolyn.” I say, as I open the door, immediately embracing her luscious body. “You look amazing!” She does, in a light blue blouse, curving snugly around her ample bosom, unbuttoned enough to show a considerable amount of her chocolate-brown cleavage. Her tan knee length skirt is stretched tightly across her rounded ass cheeks and my cock springs to attention as I watch her walk across the room.”You remember Nicole, don’t you?” I say, introducing them again.”Sure, you were pretty quiet the last time we were together.” Carolyn says.”I was actually just an observer last time.” Nicole says, walking toward Carolyn with a lustful look in he eye. “This time I want to play, too.” She says, embracing Carolyn and kissing her on the mouth. Carolyn is surprised, but doesn’t balk at the attention.”Hmmm.” She says, breaking the kiss. “We’ll have to see.” She says, eyeing Nicole’s tight ass and small tits, before turning her attention back to me. “I’m so glad you called me, Nick.” She says. “And now I even have a name to call you. I’ve thought of nothing else since your call.” She walks over to me and pulls my shirt over my head. Leaning her head down she bites at my nipples while she unfastens my belt. I’ve got her blouse unbuttoned and I’m unhooking her bra when we hear a car pull up outside. “Oh fuck!” Carolyn yells, looking out the front window. “It’s my husband! Shit!” She’s pulling her blouse around her. “He must have followed me here! Oh fuck!” “Calm down.” I tell her, taking the transmitter out of my jeans and putting the ear buds in my ears. “Don’t panic, I’ll handle everything.” I tell her, walking to the front door. “What’s his name?” I ask, just before I walk outside.”Carl.” Carolyn answers, clearly panicked. As I walk out, I hear Nicole say, “Don’t worry, Carolyn. Nick will fix everything. You’ll see.” I meet Carl on the sidewalk. Tuning in his frequency, I hit the transmitter button.”Hi Carl, I’m Nick.” I say calmly.”Hi.” He says in my favorite monotone.”What are you doing here?” I ask him.”I followed Carolyn to this house. I think she’s cheating on me.” He answers blandly.”Carl, have you ever cheated on Carolyn?” I ask, thinking this is a good place to start.”Yes, with my brother’s wife.” He says. Now that’s very interesting, Carolyn fucking his brother while he’s fucking his brother’s wife. I see a potential swap situation in their future. Right now, I’m trying to decide if I want to send him away or have him join us. I’ve never fucked with another guy around; it might be interesting to see what happens.”Carl, Carolyn is inside ready to enjoy an afternoon of sex with Nicole and I. You don’t see anything wrong with that as long as you get to join in the fun. Have you ever fucked a white girl, Carl?” I ask him.”No, but I’ve thought about it a lot.” He answers.”Well, today’s your lucky day. We’re going to have a happy foursome today with Carolyn, Nicole, you and I. There’ll be no jealousy and you’ll be completely accepting of Carolyn coming here. In fact, you’ll thank her for letting you fuck a young white girl. Do you understand?” I ask.”Yes.” He answers. “It’s okay that Carolyn is here with you and Nicole, and I get to join in and we’ll all have sex together.””Very good, Carl. One more thing, when you and Carolyn leave you can suggest that you get together and do the same thing with your brother and his wife, I’m sure she’ll be receptive.”Carl and I head into the house. Carl is a handsome man, a little darker than Carolyn, with a firm muscular build. He has close-cropped hair and I can’t help but notice his firm biceps, as we walk in the house together. I’m glad I have the transmitter on my side. “Hi baby.” Carl says, walking over to Carolyn and giving her a kiss. “Nick here just invited me to join the fun.” He looks Nicole up and down and smiles. “Thank you for making this possible, baby. I think it’s going to be real fun.” He says, almost leering at Nicole’s body.”What’s he talking about, Nick?” Nicole asks, now she’s the one panicking. “Well, instead of a threesome, Carl wants to make it a foursome. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” I ask. “I’m not sure.” Nicole says, while Carolyn bahis şirketleri is just standing there with her mouth open, amazed at everything. “What did you ‘suggest’ to him, Nick?” Nicole wants to know.”I just said that Carolyn, you and I are going to be fucking, but since that’s an uneven number it would be even better if he joined us.” By this time, Nicole is backing away from Carl, shaking her head. “Think about it, Nicole.” I say, “You’ll suck and fuck Carl’s cock and then you and Carolyn can put on a show for Carl and I. What do you say?” Nicole immediately reverses herself and starts walking toward Carl. “Let’s see what you’ve got, Carl.” She says tugging at his shirt and running her hand up and down the bulge in his pants. I walk over to Carolyn and again start unbuttoning her blouse. She just looks from me to Carl in disbelief and lets me take her blouse and bra off without moving. “Oh my.” Nicole sighs. “Carl, my god!” She says. I turn around as Nicole has Carl’s sweatpants down around his ankles and is running her hand up and down his large cock. It’s thicker and longer than any cock I’ve ever seen and I’m amazed when I see Nicole drop to her knees and suck the head of it into her mouth. The sight of her white cheeks puffed out around his large black cock is very erotic. I soon have Carolyn naked and we move to the couch to watch. I shed the rest of my clothes before I sit down next to Carolyn. Running my hands over her luscious brown tits, we watch Nicole pump about six inches of Carl’s cock in and out of her mouth.”Oh fuck, baby.” Carl moans. “That feels so good.” He has his hands on the back of her head and is pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Carl is thrusting his hips forward and Nicole is bobbing her head back and forth, matching his rhythm. With his shirt off, Carl’s six-pack abs and muscular chest are a sight to behold. I lean down and start sucking on Carolyn’s thick nipples while my fingers comb through her velvety black bush. Sliding my hand between her legs I run one finger up and down her pussy lips and she involuntarily spreads her legs. She still seems to be mesmerized by the sight of Nicole giving her husband head. Nicole has both of her hands wrapped around Carl’s cock, one next to the other, to keep him from slamming the whole length in her mouth. She keeps the hand closest to her mouth on his cock while she moves the other one to his balls. Carolyn and I watch Nicole fondle Carl’s balls while she pumps his cock in and out of her mouth with a loud slurping sound. I slip two fingers into Carolyn’s hot pussy while I continue to suckle her nipples. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming, sweet thing!” Carl yells, holding Nicole’s head with his hands he pumps his cock faster and faster into her mouth. Tensing his leg muscles and clenching his ass cheeks, Carl shoots into Nicole’s mouth, while she frantically pulls her head back along his shaft, swallowing his huge load. Licking his cock clean, and then standing up, Nicole never breaks eye contact with Carl as she drops her clothes on the floor around her. Carl is grinning from ear to ear as he admires her puffy pink nipples standing erect on her small, white tits. He lets out a low whistle at the sight of her triangular brown bush pointing toward her puffy wet pussy lips. With both of them naked, she pulls him over to the couch and sits down next to Carolyn, spreading her legs.”Goddamn, girl! You are so fucking hot!” Carl says, looking between Carolyn and Nicole, taking in the striking contrast between the small breasted, tight-assed white girl and the voluptuous brown body of his wife.”Come on, Carl.” She says seductively. “It’s my turn. Let’s see how big your tongue is.” She laughs, as Carl drops on his knees between her legs and starts licking from her knees to the top of her thighs. I turn my attention back to Carolyn, kissing my way down her body and positioning myself between her beautiful brown thighs. Carolyn’s attention is all on Carl, who now has his face buried in Nicole’s pussy, when I replace my fingers with my tongue between her thick pussy lips.”Oh fuck! Eat me Carl!” Nicole has her hands on the back of Carl’s head pulling him tightly against her pussy as she humps her ass off the couch and into his face. Carl has his hands on her breasts, pinching her nipples as he tongue fucks her pussy.”Mmmmm.” Carolyn is finally responding to my onslaught on her pussy, as I suck her clit into my mouth and pinch her pussy lips with my fingers. Shoving my two fingers back inside her hot, wet pussy I pump them furiously, as I continue sucking her clit. She’s now bucking up against me and grabbing handfuls of my hair, pulling my face tightly against her fiery pussy. Carl and I work our tongues on the girls’ pussies filling the room with loud slurping noises.”I’m cumming!” I hear Nicole yell, as I continue to manipulate Carolyn’s clit with my mouth and twist my fingers around inside her pussy. Glancing up, I see Nicole in the throes of orgasm, bucking wildly against Carl’s face, her teen sized tits jiggling all around. Finally, she collapses back on the couch, releasing her grip on Carl’s head. “Oh fuck, baby!” Carolyn gasps. “Keep that up, just like that!” She’s pulling my face tighter against her pussy and my tongue is flicking the tip of her clit, which I’ve sucked entirely inside my mouth. I’m teasing her pussy lips with my fingers, pinching, twisting and flicking them from side to side. Carolyn squeezes her legs tightly around my head, nearly suffocating me, while her body spasms through an explosive orgasm. Relaxing her legs, her juices gush out around my fingers and I quickly position my mouth to catch as much of her nectarous flow as I can. Pulling my head back from Carolyn’s pussy, I see Carl positioning his huge cock at the entrance to Nicole’s pussy. Her head is leaned back, her eyes are closed and I’m not sure she’s aware of what’s coming. Carolyn sees it the same time I do and abruptly sits up.”Oh baby!” She yells. “Wait a minute. She can’t take that without some help.” This gets Nicole’s attention and she looks down just as Carl is rubbing the thick, black head of his cock against her pink pussy lips. “Whoa.” She says, sitting up and pulling her pussy back. “Just a minute. Let me get ready for that monster.” She says, smiling at Carl. “Here, baby.” Carolyn says to Nicole. “I know how to do this, I’ll help you.” Carolyn leans over and pulls Nicole’s legs up, bending them up to her shoulders, then pushes them wide apart. “Hold your legs out like this with your hands.” She tells Nicole. “This will give you the widest opening for him to slide into.” Turning to Carl, she tells him, “You are not going to just shove your big black cock into her little, white pussy! You’ll split her apart!” Reaching down and grabbing Carl’s cock she starts rubbing his cock head up and down Nicole’s pussy lips. “I will feed your cock into her, slowly.” She says. “Mmmm. Okay, baby. Whatever you say.” Carl says, clearly enjoying the sensations.Carolyn is sitting next to Nicole on the couch. She has one hand around Carl’s cock, feeding it into Nicole’s pussy. With her other hand she starts massaging Nicole’s clit. “This will keep you lubricated and allow you to take more of his cock inside of you.” Turning to me, she says, “Why don’t you go around the other side and suck on her titties; the more stimulation the better.” I quickly do as she says, kissing Nicole on the mouth before leaning down and sucking her nipple into my mouth. “Ohhh! It’s so big!” Nicole moans, as Carolyn feed Carl’s cock into her tight, young pussy. Carolyn has pushed about four inches of Carl’s thick cock inside Nicole’s tight pussy and she stops to let Nicole get used to it’s girth, while continuing to rub Nicole’s clit. With me sucking her nipples and Carolyn playing with her clit, Nicole is soon pushing her pussy against Carl’s cock trying to get more of it inside of her. Carolyn pumps Carl’s cock in and out of Nicole’s pussy, pushing it farther in with each stroke. When she has about two-thirds of the length inside Nicole’s pussy she tells Carl to slowly stroke it in and out. Carolyn keeps her hand around the base of Carl’s cock to keep him from slamming the entire length into Nicole before she’s ready. “She is so fucking tight!” Carl breathes. Nicole meanwhile is bucking wildly and already trembling from several quick orgasms generated by the simultaneous stimulation of her clit, her tits and her stretched out pussy. Carl is breathing hard and trying to keep the slow pace of fucking going, but it’s easy to see that Nicole’s tight pussy is driving him to the brink of eruption. Carolyn finally let’s go of his cock and tells him to fuck Nicole.”She’s ready!” Carolyn announces, while she keeps her fingers working feverishly at Nicole’s clit. Carl lifts his whole body up and pushes his cock into Nicole’s pussy, burying it to his balls. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Nicole yells, thrusting her pussy up to meet Carl’s invasion. Then he’s fucking her, the entire length of his cock is pulling out and slamming back into her pussy, her slick lips stretched wide around his thick throbbing member. I can’t believe she took the whole thing inside of her. I keep sucking, pinching and twisting her nipples and I feel her shudder through several more orgasms before Carl erupts inside of her. She collapses back on the couch, shaking and shivering from the intensity of her multiple orgasms. Carl stays buried inside of her while he catches his breath and then slowly pulls his spent cock from her quivering hole.”That was so hot!” Carolyn exclaims. “Get over here and fuck me Nick. My pussy is dripping wet from watching that.” Carolyn seems to have accepted Carl being here, joining in the fun. She’s bending forward and leaning her hands on the back of the couch, her dark brown ass wiggling invitingly in the air. I look up from Nicole’s teen sized mounds and see Carolyn’s large brown tits hanging down over the couch next to us. They are swaying back and forth, as she wiggles her ass and her rigid black nipples are pointing down at the seat cushions. I kiss Nicole on the lips, while she’s still catching her breath, and move over behind Carolyn. I rub my throbbing cock up and down her pussy lips a couple of times before sliding it all the way into her sizzling pussy. She pushes her round ass cheeks back against me and we start pounding against each other, picking up a tense, urgent rhythm. Nicole smiles at me and lies down on the couch, sliding her head under Carolyn’s tits. “Oh yeah! That’s fine!” Carolyn says, as Nicole sucks her thick, black nipple into her mouth. Carl sits on the couch, watching me fuck his wife, while Nicole sucks on her tits. I can see his large, black cock starting to recover, as I slam my hard cock into Carolyn’s pussy. Nicole reaches between Carolyn’s legs, running her fingernails under my scrotum as I pound Carolyn’s pussy relentlessly. Her fingers sc**** across my balls and then I hear Carolyn moan.”Ohhhhh! Yes!” Carolyn cries. “Play with my clit! Oh fuck! Keep doing that!” Nicole is still sucking on Carolyn’s tits, but her fingers must have found her clit. Carl’s cock is fully erect and I can’t help but stare at the size, still amazed that Nicole took the whole thing. Carl gets up and walks around the back of the couch. Leaning forward, he positions his huge, stiff cock close to Carolyn’s head.”Come on, baby.” Carl says, pushing his cock forward toward her face. “Take it in both ends.” Carolyn lifts her head up, opens her mouth and Carl pushes half of his long, thick cock into her welcoming mouth. Carl is tall enough that his balls are dangling on the back of the couch, while he fucks Carolyn’s mouth. Nicole, lying on her back, sucking Carolyn’s tits and playing with her clit, reaches her other hand up and starts fondling Carl’s balls.”Oh fuck yes!” Carl yells, stepping up the pace of his thrusts in and out of his wife’s mouth. He’s holding her head in his hands and starts matching the rhythm Carolyn and I have going, thrusting in while I’m pulling back.”Mmmmmm!” Carolyn is moaning around Carl’s thick cock. Nicole has her thumb and index finger around the base of Carl’s cock, while running her other three fingers across his balls. Watching all of this is too much for me and I slam hard against Carolyn’s ass cheeks, shooting my load deep within her burning snatch. “Ohhhh!” Carl yells. “Swallow this, baby!” He cries, jerkily shooting his cum into his wife’s mouth. The simultaneous release of cum in Carolyn’s pussy and her mouth drives her own climax and she clenches her pussy muscles around my cock, her legs shaking violently from her orgasm, as she swallows Carl’s cum. “Jesus fucking Christ!” Carolyn yells when Carl pulls his cock from her mouth. “That was amazing!” She’s panting and falls down on the couch next to Nicole, pulling my spent cock from her sopping pussy. Nicole sits up and embraces Carolyn, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss while they cup each other’s ass cheeks, pulling their bodies tightly together. I drop into a chair to recover, as I watch Nicole’s small, white mounds disappear between Carolyn’s beautiful brown orbs. The intensity of their kiss is matched by the urgent exploration of their hands on each other’s body. When Carolyn’s fingers brush across Nicole’s pussy lips, Nicole bucks her hips forward, humping Carolyn’s hand. “Oooo, baby!” Carolyn says breaking the kiss. “You need to cum again, don’t you?” Carolyn asks. Nicole just nods, spreading her legs so Carolyn can slide her fingers inside. With Carolyn finger fucking her, Nicole shoves her tongue back into Carolyn’s mouth, kissing her more fervently than before. Carolyn again breaks the kiss and pushes Nicole back on the couch, kneeling on the floor between her legs. “I haven’t done this in years.” Carolyn says, replacing her fingers with her tongue, feverishly devouring the mix of juices in Nicole’s pussy. Carl and I just look at each other, smiling as we watch the show. Carl’s cock is almost fully recovered again, and mine is sticking up pretty straight, as well. Nicole is sprawled back on the couch, her knees pulled up and her legs spread wide, while Carolyn is on all fours eating her pussy. Carl walks over and kneels behind Carolyn, positioning his long, thick cock between her sopping pussy lips. With one quick thrust, he buries the entire length inside his wife’s cunt. “Oommmff” Carolyn says, her moan muffled by Nicole’s pussy. Nicole opens her eyes and sees Carl slamming into Carolyn from behind, pushing Carolyn’s face harder against her pussy. Smiling, she grabs a handful of Carolyn’s hair and starts bucking faster against Carolyn’s mouth.Watching all this, I’m stroking my fully recovered cock and looking for a way to get in on the action. I’m thinking about sucking Nicole’s tits again when she catches my eye, licks her lips and looks at my hard cock. Wondering if this is going to work, I stand up on the couch and place my feet on either side of Nicole’s body. Leaning my knees against the back of the couch on either side of her, my cock is aimed right at her mouth. Wrapping her free hand around it, she opens her mouth and sucks it in, flicking her tongue around the head. I start pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. With her head against the back of the couch, she can’t move away, as I push more and more of my cock into her warm, wet mouth. With his hands gripping her hips, Carl is slamming into Carolyn, their bodies slapping together from the ferocious onslaught. Carolyn’s face is still squashed against Nicole’s pussy, held there by the combined pressure from Carl behind her and Nicole’s grip on her hair. I have Nicole’s head pinned against the back of the couch while I drive my cock farther into her mouth. The room is filled with grunting, slurping and moaning sounds, as we all push towards the ultimate climax of the day.”Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Nicole’s lips are vibrating around my cock as she tenses her body and clamps her legs around Carolyn’s head. Her body is shaking as her orgasm rumbles through her. She moves her hand to caress my balls, triggering my release. I pump my load into Nicole’s mouth, as I listen to the loud slurping of Carolyn’s tongue, lapping up Nicole’s juices.”Oh fuck!” Carl grunts, slamming hard into Carolyn and holding her hips against him as he spews his cum inside her already trembling pussy. Carolyn pushes back against him, he loses his balance and they tumble to the floor, still connected. My cock slips from Nicole’s mouth, and I slide down her body, trailing a string of cum over her tits and her stomach. Straddling her body, I clamp my lips over hers, tasting my cum in her mouth, as we kiss. When we recover, a weird awkwardness settles over the group. With nothing in common but our nakedness, we slowly gather up our clothes, vowing to get together again. Before they leave, Carolyn takes me aside.”Just what did you say.” Carolyn asks. “How did you get Carl to join in?” She wants to know.”I can be very persuasive.” I tell her, and she just raises her eyebrows at me. “We had a man to man, Carolyn. I questioned him about his fidelity and also pointed out that you had a young white girlfriend for him.” I shrug. “You saw how excited he was about that.””Whatever.” Carolyn says, kissing me and rubbing my crotch. “It was fun, Nick.””Hey, Carolyn.” I say before she rejoins her husband. “I think Carl might like to do this with his brother and his wife. You might want to consider it.” I smile. Carolyn just looks at me, shakes her head and walks out to join her husband.”So, Nicole.” I say, when we’re alone. “What do you want to do now?””I don’t know.” Nicole answers. “But I don’t want anything in my pussy for a while.” She laughs. “I’m a little sore.””I know what we can do!” I announce, excitedly. “Why don’t we clean up and go on a date. We’ll go to dinner and see a movie. We’ve never done anything like that.” I tell her. “What do you say?” “Oh Nick, I love it!” Nicole answers. “I’ll go home, shower and change. You can pick me up in an hour.” Nicole starts for the door and turns back. “Nick, let me borrow the transmitter. I want my parents to agree to let me spend the night here.” I hesitate, and then realize she can’t use it on me.”Here.” I say, giving her the transmitter. “Be careful with that thing.” I tell her smiling.An hour later at her house, I’m not even out of the car and she comes running out with an overnight bag and a big smile. She’s wearing a beige blouse and a tight, black skirt. She has make-up on, her hair is perfect and she looks stunning. I’ve never seen her in anything but jeans or sweats. When she gets in the car, her skirt rides up and I smile.”You look wonderful.” I tell her as I lean over and kiss her lips, tasting her lipstick and breathing in her perfume. “Tell me again why we want to go to a restaurant?” “Because it’s a date!” She says, slapping me playfully. “Thanks, Nick. This is a great idea!” We go to a local Italian eatery at the mall and have a great time. We talk all through dinner about everything; school, teachers, music, sports and I even learn that Nicole is in the drama club.We’re about halfway through the movie, the popcorn is gone, and Nicole’s head is on my shoulder. I have my arm around her, holding her against me, when I feel her hand in my lap. She’s running her fingers up and down the length of my zipper and my cock is responding accordingly. She keeps it up, squeezing and teasing my cock through my jeans for the rest of the movie. My cock is rock hard and I make sure we don’t wait for the credits. The bulge in my jeans is obvious as I hurry us through the lobby and the parking lot to my car.”What’s the matter?” Nicole says, laughing. “Why are we in such a hurry?””You know why, you little tease.” I answer, laughing with her as we get in the car.”I’m not a tease.” She says, smiling. “You’ll see!” Before we’re out of the parking lot, Nicole has my zipper down and is pulling my cock through the fly in my jockey shorts. “What are you doing?” I ask, trying to steer us out of the mall parking lot. Nicole is kneeling on the seat and bending her head down toward my erect cock.”What I’ve wanted to do for the past hour!” She says, sliding her warm mouth over the end of my cock and bobbing her head up and down.”Oh fuck!” I moan, pushing the seat back and tilting it more to give her better access. “Nicole!” I sigh, as I thrust my hips up to meet her mouth, while still trying to drive. “This isn’t working!” She says, undoing my belt and opening my jeans. She maneuvers my jockey shorts over my cock and I lift my ass from the seat so she can push my jeans and jockeys down below my crotch. “That’s better.” She says, cupping my balls with her hand and sucking my cock back into her mouth. “Shit!” I yell, swerving back into my lane. I’m trying hard to stay focused on driving, but Nicole is taking my cock into the back of her throat and teasing my balls with her fingers. With my pants around my thighs, I have limited movement and I’m slow in moving my foot from the gas to the brake at a traffic light. Stopped a little across the line, I lean my head back and listen to the slurping sounds of Nicole’s mouth on my cock. With my left hand on the steering wheel, I slide my other hand over Nicole’s ass, squeezing her cheeks through her tight, skirt.A horn honks and I look in the rearview mirror, but I can’t see anything because I’ve slid so low in the seat. I adjust the mirror and push the gas pedal, again focusing on staying in my lane. Nicole’s head is bobbing up and down faster and faster and I’m thrusting up to meet her mouth. I slide my hand under Nicole’s skirt and I’m surprised when I feel her bare ass cheek. She’s either not wearing any panties or she’s wearing a thong. Further exploration reveals a thin strip of material between her ass cheeks. I fondle her smooth ass as she continues sucking my hard cock.”Fuck!” I yell, when I see the blue light flashing in the rearview mirror. I look at the speedometer and see that we’ve slowed to 15 miles per hour on a 45 mph highway. “Shit, Nicole.” I say, pulling my hand back and sitting up straight. “We’re being pulled over!” She looks up over the seat and then reaches in her purse, pulling out the transmitter. “Here.” she says, “Take care of it, I’m busy.” She slides her mouth back over my cock, like nothing’s happening. I frantically push the ear buds in, lower the window and start spinning the thumb wheel. Got it!”Hello, Officer.” I say, as I push the button. “Hello.” He says in a low monotone. He’s looking in the window with a glazed look in his eyes. Nicole is bobbing up and down on my cock with a renewed intensity. I think she’s trying to make me cum while the officer is standing here.”There is no problem here officer. You will react like blowjobs are a normal part of every driving experience.” I jump as the passenger window is pounded on.”Sit up and lower this window!” A female officer yells from the passenger side of the car. Her flashlight is shining on Nicole, but Nicole doesn’t stop.”Take care of that, too, Nick.” Nicole says, before sliding her lips back down to the base of my cock.”Have you ever had sex with your partner.” I ask the officer at my window, barely able to speak because Nicole has me on the brink of climax.”No.” He answers, flatly.”Have you ever wanted to?” I ask, nearly panting.”I said, ‘Sit up and open this window!” The other officer is yelling and tapping on the window with her flashlight.”Yes, sir, I sure have.” He says.”Tell her she had better come around here and talk to me. Then go wait in your car for her.” I tell him. “And you’ll forget you even stopped us.””You’d better come around here and talk to him yourself, Julie.” The officer says as he walks back to his car. I’m dialing the transmitter like crazy, while pushing my cock against Nicole’s mouth. Okay, this must be her frequency and I push the button.”Hello, Julie.” I pant, thrusting my cock into Nicole’s mouth, as the officer reaches my window. “Hello, sir.” She says very calmly. She’s about thirty, with short blonde hair and her uniform blouse is tailored to cut tightly across her large breasts. “Julie, blowjobs, as you can see, are a natural part of the driving experience. You will go back to your squad car, undo your partner’s uniform pants and give him the best blowjob of his life, swallowing all of his cum. You will forget you even stopped us. You’ll think you pulled over for the blowjob.” “Yes sir.” Julie answers and I watch her ass swish back and forth as she walks back to the squad car. I see her remove her hat and lean across the seat, disappearing from view. I put the car in gear and drive toward uncle Harry’s house.”She’s doing it!” I laugh. “She’s giving her partner a blowjob!” “That was so cool, Nick!” Nicole says, as she takes a breath. Lowering her head, she devours my entire cock in one smooth motion, pushing it into her throat. “Oh God! Nicole!” I moan, trying to keep my foot on the gas and push my cock up at the same time. Sliding her lips back along my shaft, she pumps my cock in and out of her mouth in rapid-fire motion the rest of the way home. Just as we pull into uncle Harry’s driveway, I can’t take it any longer. Pushing on the brake, I raise my ass off the seat and erupt into Nicole’s mouth. Sucking and swallowing, she milks several loads of cum from my jerking cock before sitting up and licking her lips. “That was too fucking amazing!” I tell her. “You are unbelievable!””I don’t usually do that on a first date.” She says, smiling.”But you do sleep over, right.” I laugh. “Come on.” I say, pulling my pants up and getting out of the car.Inside the house, we shed our clothes on our way to uncle Harry’s room. Lying naked on uncle Harry’s bed, I lick and suck Nicole’s pussy to a burning orgasm while giving my cock time to recover. We finish with a slow, grinding fuck of such impassioned intimacy that we fall asleep with our bodies still locked together, my spent cock nestled inside her drenched pussy. Sunday morning, I wake up snuggled against Nicole’s back. My morning hard on is rubbing against her ass and I cup her tit and pull her tightly against me. “Good morning.” She says, pushing her ass back against my hard cock. “God, it feels good waking up with you.””Mmmmm.” I answer, massaging her tit and rubbing my cock up and down the crack of her ass. “So, what do you want to do today?” I ask.”Whatever we do, I don’t think we can top yesterday.” Nicole says, dreamily.”How did you like fucking Carl?” I ask. “That was pretty intense.””Oh my god!” Nicole answers. “I felt like I was losing my virginity all over again. He was so fucking big!” “Yeah, made me a little self conscious.” I tell her.”Don’t worry, I couldn’t do him very often.” Nicole says, reaching behind her and grabbing my cock. “You are the perfect size for me.” “Speaking of losing your virginity.” I say, cautiously, rubbing my hand over her ass. “There is one place where you’re still a virgin.” “Oh, I don’t think I’m ready for that, Nick.” Nicole says, turning to me face me. “Think about…” I stop. I’ve got to get myself under control. She’s had enough ‘Think about it, Nicole’ suggestions for one weekend. We’ll just do something else today. “Think about what?” She asks, her eyes locked on mine.”Think about whatever you want to do today.” I answer. “I have some urgent business to take care of.” I add, heading into the bathroom. “Then, let’s have some breakfast.”When I come out of the bathroom, Nicole is already in the kitchen, toasting bagels. She’s still naked and I kiss her neck, wrapping my arms around her body. “Breakfast in bed and stay naked all day!” Nicole exclaims. “That’s what I want to do today.””You’ve got it!” I answer, tweaking her nipples as she spreads cream cheese on the bagels.”Mmmmmm! That feels nice.” She says, turning to me, pushing her finger in my mouth to let me lick off the cream cheese. “Let’s take these in the bedroom.” She says, picking up the plate of bagels and walking down the hall. Back in bed, I smear cream cheese on Nicole’s tits, sucking it off her nipples until they are fully erect. Not to be outdone, Nicole rubs her bagel against my cock, coating it in cream cheese and then licking it like an ice cream cone. When she has it almost clean, she takes my fully aroused cock into her mouth and sucks up and down the shaft, removing the remaining cream cheese. We continue playfully, sucking and fucking until the morning is gone and it’s time for me to drive home. We take a shower, lathering each other and slithering our slippery bodies together, neither of us wanting our time together to end.”I don’t know about next weekend, but definitely the weekend after.” I tell Nicole as I’m taking my stuff to my car.”That’s okay, I’ll just call Carl.” She teases.”Would you like to get together with them when I come back?” I ask, excitedly. This was my first experience with group sex and I found it incredibly exciting.”Maybe.” Nicole says, smiling. “I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.” She says. “At first I was scared to be with more than one person during sex, but I came so fucking hard with what everyone was doing to me.” She says. “Fine, call them and let’s see what happens.” All right!All the way home, I relive the weekend. Starting with Miss Edwards on Friday night, then the foursome with Carolyn & Carl yesterday and even the blowjob in the car and the police officers, this was the most erotic weekend I’ve ever spent. To top it off, I’ve got a message on my phone from Susan.”Hey, little brother.” The message starts. “Mom says you’re down with your girlfriend. That’s great, I just hope you’re saving something for me. I’ll be home next Saturday morning. Will you pick me up from the airport? I can’t wait!” There’s a pause and then, “Oh Sherrie isn’t coming, but I’ll try to take care of you. See ya!” Wow! I can’t wait to see Susan again. I wonder how my suggestion to mom about Susan and I will work.

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