Never Again

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Never AgainNot againBisexuality brings all sorts complications. Last time I found myself on my knees with a nice 6 ½ inch cock in my mouth I swore to myself I was going to stop. But, pretty soon I found myself on my knees again with that wonderful sweet salty cum splash in the back of my throat.The hurricane was coming through the state and many people were off work. I mean how many hours can you watch storm damage on CNN. So, I went to local bar to have a beer and maybe some conversation not about a hurricane. Pretty soon I’d struck up a nice conversation with a good-looking guy to my left. I had no expectations of hooking up with someone. It was just at a regular bar, having a regular beer, talking regular guy talk.I can’t say exactly when it became obvious that more was going to happen. Maybe is when he slapped me on the back when I said something funny and rubbed just a bit too long. Maybe it was when I grabbed his knee underneath the bar. All I know is a quickly emerged we were to go to get naked. illegal bahis He told me that he lived very close to the bar and I was happy to go to his place. While I followed his car over there could feel my hard-on through my jeans just growing.I can tell you damn thing about his apartment. Just like in the movies there was a trail of clothes between his door and the bedroom. As it worked out he went down on me first. I lay on my back on the bed with my legs spread wide and him between my knees bobbing that head up and down my long shaft. His technique was great. Just the right amount of suction and stroke to really get those balls turning. I warned him I was getting ready to blow. That’s when he just started edging me along. I get ready to cum and he’d back me down. After a minute, I would be ready to come again and he calm things down. I was beginning to think I was never going to cum. And then with a grace and ease that surprised me I slipped right down the back of his throat. Deeping throating illegal bahis siteleri an average cock is not that common so when I slid past those tonsils into his throat I came like a firehose. He just swallowed wave after wave of my cum. I swear I could hear him happily humming as he was swallowing my load. This dude loved, I mean loved, to suck a dick. After a few minutes, it was my turn to make him go crazy. I prefer to be on my knees with a man face-fucking me and he have no objection to that position. I wanted him to feel as great as I had felt so I started by taking long slow licks from the base of his cock to the very tip. The pre-cum was oozing and I licked it up. I have always enjoyed the taste of pre-cum. Pretty soon I started adding little swirls on the helmet. I run my tongue around and around that little head and I was rewarded by more pre-cum and loud moans. Then it was time to get busy. With one hand, I began to tease his little puckered hole and gently scratch the underside canlı bahis siteleri of his testicles. With my mouth in that nice little round O I applied the suction and started bobbing up and down. As the tension mounted I added my other hand to stroke the base of his cock. With one hand, I gently massaged his testicles, with the other hand I stroked the base of his cock and with my mouth I sucked and bobbed. His moans got louder and I could feel those testicles pull up tight and I knew I was getting ready to take what I so desperately wanted. And there it was the first splash of that sweet-salty man juice. I really don’t have the deep throat skill yet. I do like the feeling of cum as it slides over my tongue and wave after wave slid across. I sucked that cock like it was the very source of life. Soon, I could feel him soften a bit and move into that hypersensitive stage so I let go.We talked about getting together again but I don’t really think it’s going to happen. I’m not interested in alternative relationships. I think it might be nice to have a regular jack off buddy to feed my need in relative safety and anonymity. But then again relationships are complicated. All I know is I’m never going to do this again; until the next time.

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