Subject: Never went to Granada – Chapter 3 – STROLLING ALONG LAS RAMBLAS. Chapter 3 — STROLLING ALONG LAS RAMBLAS. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Walking down Las Ramblas, I started thinking of the journey here and I was really excited. We’d just been watching the Columbus Monument in Barcelona, with one of his fingers pointing at the sea. We’d gone up to a place inside this monument where we could have a coffee and there we were and later we were watching some of the harbor of Barcelona. Later we have been close to the wax museum having a second coffee in Bosc de les Fades Café, a beautiful bar wonderfully decorated so you had the impression you were indeed inside a fairy forest. Now we were strolling along Las Ramblas till we reached Plaza de Catalunya. And as we did, I remembered the journey to this town. No sooner we had entered France, first I had also located an earth lane and parked below some tall pines and again we’d jacked each other off, each with his own dick. We were increasingly hornier and needed to at least see each other cumming. And when we returned to the car, me driving now, Cyril had indeed started to jerk himself off again and soon his left hand was searching under my pants, took my hard dick out and started to masturbate me. And thus he was for three minutes and I was feeling for the first time the thrill of being masturbated as I was driving, a hot new experience, hotter knowing it was being my sexy brother who by now had got used to doing it. But I still had to live the hottest sexual experience of my life when suddenly I noticed him swallowing my cock. Oh, how I hoped now that he liked it and wouldn’t stop. -Don’t know if by now you could be angry at me, Johnny, but last night I woke up istanbul travesti in the middle of the night and had to jack off looking at your dick and I even imagined I was sucking it and just then I thought that since today you’d be driving and it would be me jacking you off, I could also surprise you by doing this. Are you angry, Johnny? Please tell me. -I can only be angry if once you’ve had the guts to suck my cock, you suddenly stop. Nothing can be worse than suddenly feeling someone who’s sucking your cock stopping in the midst of the blowjob. -I won’t stop, Johnny. Let me add that the taste of my brother’s manhood is so hot that I know my mouth would often need to do it. What a surprise! I’ve fucked some cunts but never licked them, but now I know the taste of a dick, I can tell you that what I need to have in my mouth is a dick, especially my sexy brother’s dick. -And you still think that your brother can get mad at you for your lust, don’t you? -Well, maybe. -On the contrary. I’d like to always have this lustful brother and I would sincerely like you to give me many more blowjobs, and so that you’re comfortable to do it whenever you want, I’ll also do it to you. Tonight in Barcelona, I’ll also return this favour. Maybe one day we would even go as far as fucking each other, but you know what? Not even that scares me if it’s something we both agree to do. I’m not frightened to have sex every day with this hottie, Cyril Clay. And so I kept on driving for many more kilometers. France was moving as my brother’s tongue was moving. And thus we travelled the Côte d’Azur and didn’t stop in Monaco. I had to cum in the hottest place I had ever cum: my lustful brother’s mouth. After that, we stopped in a service area and all my words were grateful to Cyril and encouraged him never to be shy with me and be as lustful as he wanted. Later we resumed the road till we stopped to have lunch in kadıköy travesti a service area, already in Spain. He even jerked himself off again and jacked me off as we were driving on the roads of Gerona. Finally we were in Barcelona and went straight to see the Columbus Monument, as I had said. Finally we reached Plaza de Catalunya. Now we wanted to go and see La Sagrada Familia. What a beautiful cathedral. It is unfinished. Gaudi died before it could be finished. There were other beautiful constructions by Gaudi in Barcelona, but we only went to Park Güell. We spent the afternoon there, me with the increasing desire to return the blowjob to my brother. Curiously I wasn’t frightened to do for the first time something I’d never done, like giving a blowjob, but was all the afternoon horny. My brother was as horny as me, I could guess it in his face and unsure that I would also do it. Park Güell is so original that I can’t find the words to describe it, just as original as all the works of Gaudi but it was worthwhile to spend the afternoon there and we still had time for other things. There were many things in Barcelona that unfortunately we had no time to see, like Tibidabo. But we went in the evening to see Plaza de Espanya and Montjuic Castle and we went up to see the famous Montjuic Mountain, with many things to see. We didn’t stop to see Miró Museum and besides it was already closed. Miró is a famous Spanish Painter. Finally we headed to our hotel in Gran Vía. It was wonderful to be again in a new hotel and being just as expectant to do what we really wanted to do. So just looking at each other, we both first stripped quickly of everything again. We were eager to again sleep naked. I told Cyril to be first to enter our bed and when I jumped in I went straight to my brother’s lips at the time I started masturbating him again. It was just a way to make him harder than he already was but bakırköy travesti the moment came when I did was I was looking forward to do and in a sudden movement I moved straight to his balls, poked out my tongue and started to lick them. What a hot masculine taste! How hot to know besides that it was one intimate fraternal taste! I would have been hours at his balls but it would be the first time in my life I would suck a cock and Cyril must be nervous, unsure yet that I would do it, but it was not only totally easy to do, but incredibly arousing to do and the taste surpassed anything I had ever tasted. -Oh, why on Earth have I never sucked a cock earlier? Had I known how well it tastes, I would have chosen boys to have sex with, and only boys. So get ready to see your brother sucking your cock in no hurry, totally happy and with the hope that you can take hours to cum in my mouth, which of course you sooner or later will. -Oh, thanks, Johnny. And oh my God, how good you are! -Don’t ever fear that I stop now. On the contrary, now I have the certainty that I wanna give you at least a blowjob every day of my life. -So do I, Johnny. -And as far as this journey lasts, we can have blowjobs even when driving. Tomorrow you’ll be the first one driving and I’ll give you a new blowjob then. Later I will drive and you can suck my cock a second time if you wish. -Of course I wish. And now forgive me, Johnny. I’m cuuuuming! –He warned me so I could take my mouth of his dick if I wanted, but of course I also wanted to savour brotherly jism. And after drinking it, I had no more doubts: I wanted to savour his juice every day. Now we decided to sleep. The next day first it would be Cyril driving. We would follow the route on the Mediterranean Sea. Later at Alicante it would be me driving. We were both sure tomorrow we would give each other two blowjobs at least. One when driving, and a second one in our hotel in Granada. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: https://luces-delatierra.blogspot/ or in English pot/

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