New Beginnings Ch. 08


I was still torn between two recent encounters hat I experienced. Finally meeting my hot neighbor and finding she had a fine fully functional cock and hooking up with my ex and getting over my bad feelings for her.

Tara my neighbor proved to be as exciting as I had fantasized but with something extra in her cock. I had not changed my thinking of her as a hot woman but getting to know her she was more than that. She was a nice person, loving, giving and warm but troubled with hurdles life had thrown her way.

Jane on the other hand was the last woman I had a relationship with before exploring the bisexual side of my life. She had left me for another. Well not just another but another woman and an ex of mine to boot. So, I had demons of my own.

Now almost a year later I was fully comfortable with my sexuality. Man, woman, with a cock, without out with a pussy I was learning they were people first and treating them as such was better for me. If we were attracted to each other there were no preconceived boxes they had to fit into. It made life so much simpler.

So when Ben, my first male lover called and asked me if I wanted to spend a day in the sun at the beach together I was glad to hear from him. We were headed to a beach with a nude section and even an area where things got pretty wild from time to time so I was excited about that.

When the time came for him to pick me up we headed to the beach both expecting something to happen and open to almost anything.

The trip was long enough for us to get caught up and I filled him in on most of my recent adventures but saving my time with Tara to myself not knowing how she would feel about anyone knowing about our personal time together.

I did tell him about Jane as he knew most everything anyway and thought she might be up for some fun for the three of us.

By the time we were at the beach we were both hard and when he saw my shorts bulging said that we better get to the fun end quick.

There was a semi hidden access to that area and as we reached the sand found only a smattering of singles and a few couples. We lay our blanket down and opened the cooler for a cold one then spread lotion over each other. Touching each other’s ass and even covering cocks and ball sacks had us back to quite hard. Teasing each other we decided to enjoy the rays for a while.

It was shortly thereafter that another couple was making their way towards us. A naked man and woman headed our way. Both were fit and good looking. The guy seemed somewhat familiar but I couldn’t place him until Ben whispered that he was a member of the gym he managed. I remembered seeing him around and even in the showers. I had thought I had seen him watching me out of the corner of his eye when we were showering but never explored the situation as there was always someone else around.

He was in pretty good shape and as I remembered a nice looking cock that was semi hard a couple of times I caught him checking me out. She was also in nice shape, brunet top and bottom as neither were shaved as Ben and I were. Nice tits, full and long tight legs of a runner. I wondered what her ass would look like

As they got closer I saw the man say something to the woman and she quickly looked at Ben and me. It must have been interesting as she looked at us with more than a passing interest. More than a naked woman can look at two naked men when she was with a naked man herself. As they passed close she smiled and he nodded as to acknowledge that we men knew each other somewhat.

They lay their things only about 20 feet from us and after settling in pretty much as Ben and I had they went through their lotion ritual. She took a couple of opportunities to show us her ass and it was fine. A nice handful in each cheek and just enough sag to make her look womanly not a girl. I like girls but appreciate a woman with some experience.

We all lay silently waiting for something to happen to decide the tone. She must have decided to make the first move as Ben nudged me to point out that she had reached over to stroke her partners cock. He quickly came to hardness and as Ben and I had almost lost our erections we silently watched her stroke him.

I took the dare first and reached to take ben’s cock in my hand and stroke him. She and I both being the farthest from each other leaned over to watch each other. She seemed only a little surprised to see one man stroking another’s cock in so a public place, or anywhere for that matter. But, she didn’t stop watching. Ben and the other guy silently lay there watching and no doubt enjoying everything.

I said to Ben: “Watch this.” And leaned over and took his cock into my mouth sucking half of him in. The woman’s look of surprise was such that she had to cover her mouth with the hand she was stroking with. The guy was equally surprised.

Ben only said: “You fucking dog, what are you up too?”

The other guy was the first of them too move when he took her hand from her mouth and placed his behind her istanbul escort head. Still surprised she leaned forward to take the end of his cock in her mouth but did not break eye contact with me. It was as if a silent challenge passed between us. Who could suck cock better, her or me?

Challenge accepted I went to work on Ben. He later told me that he and the guy were exchanging glances while watching each other get sucked, but that lady and I were locked in with each other. She was good, she worked his balls as I did but I could take down all of Ben while she could only get about 80% of her lovers cock into her mouth.

We both worked hard on our lovers cocks but Ben was the first to cum. I could tell by his nuts pulling up and his general behavior as I am a guy and we have been lovers for some time. The other guy was right behind Ben but he said something to his friend and at the last minute she moved his head and finished him with her hand.

Ben was quite vocal and the woman seemed embarrassed to finish her lover by hand. I chanced a look at the guy and saw something in his eyes as I held Ben in my mouth forever sucking every last drop of his cum form him.

As Ben and the guy were lying back to enjoy what had just happened, the woman, still looking like something was still embarrassing her said something and before we knew it they were picking up their things and leaving. As they left she had not looked at Ben or I but the guy could not help glancing at me. Something passed between us and I winked at him and smiled.

Watching them leave I could only look at her nice ass and wonder what it would be like to bury my face between her fat cheeks and devour her.

Suddenly feeling Ben takes my hard cock into his hand I am brought back from my fantasy and heard him say: “You fucker, you embarrass her and have the balls to look at her ass like that. You are just a dog! And you know he so wants his cock in your mouth, I bet she never swallows and it is always a bone of contention between them.”

“Well hell I’d suck his cock, swallow his cum AND then eat her ass until she begged me to show her how to swallow. How about you?” I quickly answer, still watching her ass disappear out of sight.

“He has told her something about us or at least you. I am real interested to know just what.” Ben continues.

I told him about the guy checking me out in the shower and am real interested in knowing what they have and will be talking about on the road.

“Too bad they left or they could watch you fuck me in the ass! You do want to fuck me don’t you?” Ben says as he leans over to take my cock into his mouth and suck me.

“Well to tell you the truth I was just wondering if she ever took it in the ass, but, you my slutty friend I know you do.” I tell him.

As he rolls over onto his knees I easily spread his ass cheeks as only familiar lovers can and kiss his anus.

“Oh fuck me, do you know of all the guys that have fucked my ass you are the only one who eats me first? I fucking love having my ass eaten and you are the best.

Spurred on by his compliment I eat his ass out with pleasure and vigor. I reach between his legs and cup his nut sack and roll them in my hand. This brings even louder moans from his lips. I can feel his cock reharden but ignore it concentrating on his anus. I love eating, pussy or ass, especially clean ass and Bens is just sweaty enough to be nasty.

As I look up to speak to him I see a young naked guy watching us. He is in his early 20’s and all he has on besides a hard on is sandals. He is holding a pair of shorts in one hand and a nice looking cut cock about 7 inches. He is shaved and quite cute.

As I reach for the Astroglide we have set out handy I tell Ben to look up as I move to lube my hard cock to ready it for his ass hole.

As I slather lube over my cock and Ben’s ass hole I say to the young man: “Hey cutie, want some of this?”

He steps towards us and says with some trouble: “Yes, please.”

I ask him how long he has been watching and he says long enough for me to show the woman how to suck cock.

As I am fingering Ben’s ass hole I ask him if he wants some of this? He says: “Yes.”

I ask: “Do you suck cock?”

Again he replies: “Yes.”

Finishing with Bens ass I stroke my cock slowly so that he can see it and ask: “How many cocks have you sucked, a lot?”

“Enough to know I like it.” He replies braver now.

So I say to him as I reach under Ben and stroke his hardness

“Have you ever sucked a cock as nice as my friends here?”

“No, never, but I would love too.”

“Have you ever been fucked, in the ass, by a cock as nice as either of these?”

“Yes, maybe, but yours are pretty nice.”

As I press my cock head to Ben’s anus he relaxes and opens himself for me and I easily slide half way into his colon.

I ask him. “Would you like to be fucked by one of these fine cocks or suck them?”

“Either, kadıköy escort both, I would love to do anything with you guys.” He stammers.

“Well before we decide, why don’t you slide under Ben here and show him how well you suck cock and we will decide what to do with or to you for that matter.”

The words are barely out of my mouth when he drops his shorts and works his way under Ben and I hear Ben groan as he must be taking Bens cock into his mouth.

As I push the rest of my hard, hot cock into Ben’s guts I ask: “Is he any good buddy?”

“He’s not bad, oh fuck, I take that back, he is very good.” Ben says as the boy swallows his cock.

I resume fucking Ben’s ass and our motion causes Bens cock to fuck the boy’s mouth. Ben leans forward to take the kids cock into his mouth and I can see him working him over pretty good.

After everything that has happened I cannot last any longer and as I speed up my fucking of Ben’s ass I cry out that I am cumming. Being an old pro at ass fucking Ben has been working my cock as much as I have been fucking his ass and he tightly squeezes me on the back stroke and my orgasm overwhelms my senses. This is one for the books as I can feel the kid fingering my ass hole too. He must be able to feel my nuts flex as he pushes his finger into my ass hole just intensifying everything. He fucks my ass to the same rhythm as I am fucking Ben’s.

But when I push deep into Ben’s bowels to dump my load the kid keeps working my anus. As shot after shot of my cum enters Ben’s guts I feel the kids finger working mine. If I only had something to do with my mouth I would be out of my mind.

I start making long slow strokes in Ben’s ass as my orgasm comes to an end and the kid slowly pulls his finger from me bringing one more small but knee quivering shot of cum from my cock.

As I roll away I watch Ben fuck the kid’s mouth and suck him too. It isn’t too long before Ben raises his head and tells anyone within ear distance that he is cumming. And he does, furiously fucking the kid’s mouth. The poor lad’s cock is waving madly in the breeze looking like it needs attention, and my mouth is just the place for it. I kneel between his legs and quickly cover most of his cock in one swallow. He takes one of his legs under his knee and raises it showing me that he too wants some anal action and I oblige.

I suck my middle finger to lube it up but when I reach for his ass hole I find he has come ready for action as he has some type of lube up his colon already. After his actions with us I am changing my thoughts on this kid. He may be young but he knows what he is doing.

Soon I hear Ben’s familiar cries as he starts to cum in the kid’s mouth. I easily slide another finger up the kid’s ass and go to work on him. I don’t know how close he is but want him cumming with Ben.

My fingers, mouth and tongue must be working as he raises his hips up to push his cock deep into my mouth and shoot his load too. Loads of hot sweet boy cum fill my mouth and throat. I cannot hold it all and some runs out around his cock and down my chin. I can’t believe how much this kid cums. Ben has finished and is sitting back on his haunches watching me suck the kid off.

With no cock to fill his mouth the kid says: “Oh suck that cock, suck me daddy. Suck my juice.”

As he finally finishes using my mouth I pull away and look at him and say: “You are something kid, you come prepared to be fucked all lubed up. He sucks pretty good huh Ben? And you cum like a race horse. What is your name and just how young are you?”

“My name is Benni, with an I, and I’m 20. Is that young or old enough? You suck cock pretty good for an old fart too. What are your names?”

We make our introductions and Ben reminds me of some dinner plans we all exchange contact info, knowing I will want some more of Benni.

I ask why Benni with the I?

“Because I can take it in my hand, in my mouth and in my ass.”

I ask: “So Benni are you a top or bottom?”

“I’m pretty much a bottom but your ass felt pretty good and I wouldn’t mind dipping my cock into it.” He answers.

“Well my new friend we will be in touch.” I reply as Ben and I pack up our things and say our goodbyes.

Days Later

I was back in the gym late at night and taking a long hot shower. I had just had a good work out and was enjoying the hot water when I noticed another man enter the shower near me.

Still enjoying my shower I glance towards him and recognize him as they guy that was sucked by his lady partner at the beach. He was turned half towards me and I could see that his cock was semi hard and hanging down near full size. Just the way I love them. I like feeling a cock harden in my hand and especially my mouth. I turn fully towards him and stroke my cock. I come to hardness quickly as I like being watched. He is staring at my hand and the cock within.

Wanting to see how far he will go I walk to him and looking in kağıthane escort his eyes take his cock into my hand.

Slowly squeezing and stroking him I say: “You remember me don’t you?”

As I caress his ass cheek with my free hand he moans: “Yes.”

“Does your wife ever swallow your cum?”

“No, never.” He replies as I continue to stroke his cock and run my finger down his ass crack and over his anus. He is turned so that the water is running down his back and over my fingers as they slide up and down his ass crack.

“You know that I swallowed his hot cum when he came don’t you? I bet you would like that wouldn’t you?” I ask as I feel his cock at its’ hardest and standing straight up.

As his knees weaken and spread he uses one hand to hold himself up against the wall. As his head rolls back and his eyes close he mutters: “Oh, yes.”

“You should have stayed and seen what I did next. I bet you would have loved it. Do you want to know what I did to my friend next?” I asked stroking his throbbing cock and running my finger around his anus.

“Yes, yes please tell me everything. I thought about you all night and my wife and I even fought about it.” He confessed.

“After he shot his hot load down my throat, his hot tasty sweet load, I did something I bet you never experienced. Have you ever had a man suck your cock?”

“No.” was all could say.

” Well after I sucked him off, I ate his ass out! I licked, rimmed and tongue fucked his tight little ass hole!” I say as I now have my finger tip in his anus. As my finger easily enters him to the first joint he spreads his legs and pushes his ass to me. I am thinking this guy is as ready for anything I want as I have ever seen. Knowing that I am his first male lover excites me and I could cum easily and am glad he hasn’t touched my cock.

“How would you like me to suck your fine cock? If I was your wife I would have this beauty in my mouth all the time.” I stroke his excellent cock. It is about 6 or more inches and cut. He doesn’t trim or shave his junk and I would change that but for right now I just want to freak him out that he is doing this with a man.

“You want me to suck your cock don’t you?” He can only nod his head.

“Then you have to look me in the eye and tell me what you want.” I push.

“I want you to suck me.” He stammers.

“Suck what?” I ask as I lower myself to my knees in front of him. I have his cock almost to my lips and know he can feel my hot breath on the tip. I have moved my other hand between his legs under his balls to return my finger to his ass hole. I push it half way in and his knees buckle pushing his cock forward and I take the head into my mouth and run my tongue around it.

“Oh, fuck, suck my cock, please and keep touching me back there.” He says.

I push my finger in so that I am cupping his balls and touch his anus with another finger. Running the new finger over his hole I push it in deeper to come up next to the first. I slowly work his ass and finding his prostate caress it.

This causes him to push even more of his cock into my mouth and I welcome it by sucking harder and running my tongue under it. It easily fits into my mouth and I make love to it, knowing what he wants. I suck and work my head back and forth fucking him with my mouth.

He is moaning and groaning as he puts his hands on my shoulders trying to guide my mouth on his cock. But I want to take control and have him know that he has been sucked off properly for maybe the first time in his life.

He really seems to enjoy me fucking his ass as I suck him off. This makes me think he is ready for something new in his life. I am hoping I can be the one to show him the pleasures of man love.

As I am fucking his ass with my fingers and he is fucking my mouth. I want his cum, I want him to cum in my mouth so I say to him: “Cum for me, give me your juice. Let me swallow your cum, you need to feel your cock shoot in a mouth for a change.”

This pushes him to the end and almost shouting he is saying things like: “Oh Fuck, Oh God, I’ve never had a blow job like this. Swallow my cum, let me shoot into your mouth.”

And he shoots into my mouth and I hold his cock as deep into my mouth as I can. I let him take charge of his orgasm and he takes short strokes but keeps his cock as deep in my mouth as he can. I take a couple of long heavy shots down my throat before he pulls part way out and I can catch and taste his load.

When he stops cumming I hold him until he pulls from my mouth. I gently suck his shaft as he pulls it from my mouth until it drops across my lips leaving a string of cum between my lips and his cock. He sees this and holds still until the string breaks.

I have slid my fingers from his ass as he pulled his cock from my mouth. I stand next to him so that my hard cock rubs his hip. This awakes him from his post orgasm dream state.

As I reach to cup his cock now semi hard and sensitive, I rub my hard on on him and say: “You want this cock don’t you?”

He seems afraid now that he has cum and mutters something about his wife must be ready to leave by now. She had been working out with him and was in the women’s showers.

“You have waited all your life for this cock; she can wait a few minutes.” I say as I guide his hand to my hot cock.

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