New Excursions


My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years just about, and last night we tried new things for the first time, the first time either one of us had done them with anyone. I had showered earlier in the day and shaved my pussy for him looking forward to a long, orgasmic night. He was all sweaty from working hard in the sun mowing the lawn so we pulled out the bed and he went to take his shower. While he showered I stayed behind locked away in his room. I changed into a mini plaid skirt with lace panties and a strapless bra that unhooked in the front and back. He loves it when I wear plaid miniskirts and slutty schoolgirl clothes for him in bed. When he finished showering he came in dressed with a lemon flavored Popsicle. He had mentioned to me before an idea he wanted to try where he’d fuck me with a flavored Popsicle then eat me out and fuck me with his dick. I figured this was tonight’s plan.
He took off his clothes revealing his fresh clean body and hard dick. He climbed onto the bed and opened up the Popsicle, and started licking it staring at me. I laid sprawled across the bed with my legs spread so he could see the wet spot on my panties as I fingered myself and teased him, then he abruptly told me to take off the fucking panties. I smiled lustfully and reached to the sides of my laced panties and slid them off me slowly showing him my shaved, clean and soft, wet pink pussy. He jerked my legs apart and began rubbing the tip of the lemon Popsicle across my clit teasing me. He has fingered me with ice cubes before but this was far more intense feeling. I twitched with a horny sensation and my nipples began to harden beneath my strapless bra.
I slid up the bra and unhooked it in the front and began to rub my soft pink nipples teasing him more. In return he shoved the Popsicle in my pussy and started fucking me with it violently. It was so cold and intense and unexpected I cried out. It felt so good to have something so different and cold inside me fucking escort kocaeli me. I tugged on my nipples and arched my back as he drove the lemon ice pop in and out of me making me cry for it faster. I could feel the cold wetness of the Popsicle and my juices running down my pussy when he removed it finally. He teased my clit with his fingers for a minute then spread my legs again and slipped between them.
I begged him to eat me out but he was in too much of an hurry to feel my cold wet pussy on his huge dick. He slid up and down my clit with his throbbing head for a second then slowly slid his whole dick into me as he groaned and said it felt good that cold. His penetration felt even better than the Popsicle. It made his dick feel ice cold and needle pointed every last nerve I had to make my pussy clench and tighten around his dick. He slipped in and out slowly then threw my legs over his shoulders and fucked me as hard as he could making me scream. He then slowed again and pulled out so just the head of his cock was inside of my twat and teased me more.
I liked him teasing me like this, so I asked him if I could suck his dick. He replied quietly just by pumping me full of dick for a few more seconds then pulling out and laying on his back and wiggling his hard shaft at me smiling. I kneeled on the bed with his legs between mine and slipped his hard dick in my mouth sucking and kissing its tip for several minutes, enjoying the taste of the cold lemon Popsicle and my pussy juices all over it. I teased at his cocks head until the lemon flavor faded then shoved him down my throat as I looked up at him innocently. He told me he liked it when I sucked his dick looking at him like that, and I could feel him stiffen even more as he said this and I did it.
He reached his hand down towards my pussy as I swallowed his dick and I moved both legs over to his side spreading them invitingly for him to use his fingers on my pussy. He rubbed my clit for several seconds as I continued kocaeli anal yapan escort to ram his long shaft down my throat. Finally with his arm around the back of me resting just beneath my small pale ass he shoved one finger into my small tight pussy and I moaned on his dick as he did so. He continued to fuck me with his fingers changing from his pointer to his middle to shoving both in and rubbing my clit and each drive he pushed inside of me he jerked my body forward as I continued to choke on his stiff dick.
I stopped for a few seconds to stare at him with a pleasing smile as he fingered me, and to my surprise he took one of his wet fingers from my pussy and shoved it in my ass as he kept fingering my pussy with the other. My eyes widened with surprise seeing as though I hadn’t expected it but much to my surprise it felt even better. I dropped my head back to his dick and sucked faster and deeper as he fingered my asshole and pussy at the same time.
We went on like this for several minutes, I had never felt so naughty in my life with him fingering my like this as I sucked his dick. Finally he pulled both fingers out and grabbed my hips pushing me up and over. He kneeled behind me on the bed and shoved his dick into my pussy as hard as he could doggy style. I moaned louder as he slipped his dick in and out nice and slow then faster slamming me with every bit of his meat he could. He wrapped his fingers through my bright red hair pulling me back on his shaft faster and harder making me his naughty fuck slave and I loved every second of it. Sliding his hands down he held my hips pulling me off and back onto his dick in this position some more and then leaned over my back reaching under my tits and rubbing my clit as he stilled his dick inside of me and bit at my neck teasing me yet again and causing me to squirm on his cock.
I begged him to fuck me harder, faster and meaner to give me his dick as fast and as hard izmit yabancı escort as he could and he slammed into me with his entire weight making me cum all over his bare dick and I shivered in relief on him. He slowed so I could feel every last second of my explosion and enjoy it to the best, then he asked me if he could stick his dick in my ass. Neither of us had done anal at all in our lives and I’ve heard it hurts but I told him he could try seeing as though it felt nice having his finger in my ass. I first made him promise to stop if I said it was hurting me. He slipped on a condom and fucked me doggy in the pussy for a few more minutes then pulled out spread my ass cheeks wide and started to push his tip into my asshole. He had just gotten the tip in when I cried out for him to stop. He pulled it back out and I groaned in pain for a few minutes. Then I told him we would try it again when we have lube.
He removed the condom and I licked the tip of his dick until my asshole stopped hurting then I climbed on top of him and rode his cock with my pussy. I squatted on his dick and bounced up and down on him weightlessly for several minutes then rested my legs back down on the bed and fondled my clit with his dick teasing him. I shoved him back in once I thought I had teased even myself enough and he groaned. Then unexpectedly he reached behind me and shoved his finger in my ass again as I rode his dick with my pussy. I don’t see how exactly and didn’t expect it to feel so good, but it did. The feeling of his cock pumping in and out of my wet pussy and his finger sliding in and out of my ass at the same time was too much for me and I twitched and came on his dick again I could feel him even better penetrating the walls of my tight twat, and right as I began to explode all over his shaft for the second time he blew his load inside of me too, filling my small sensitive pussy with his thick and creamy warm cum. We slowed as our climax came to an end and he kissed me with his finger sitting in my ass still and his cock and thick load in my pussy. It was the most intense, and lustful sex I have ever had. Next time I see him I anticipate feeling his cock in my ass all lubed up and slippery.

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