New Gig – New Friend


New Gig – New FriendIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and thought it was ok – until very recently. I changed employment (even tho I’m retired, I’ll never quit working) and have a new female director to whom I report. Jann is a good person. Proportional build except for rather generous tits. I’d guess her to be a 36D, but that’s strictly a guess. She has nice skin, and an excellent mouth. Anyway, I stopped into her domain (as I knew her before) just to chat a bit. One thing led to another, and the matter of staffing came about. We spoke about mutual interests and her staffing needs. Next thing I knew, I’d signed on the dotted line as a new supervisor of a very young staff of employees.After a few days of orientation and being introduced to staff, we left the workplace to do some private conversation that was not for the rank and file workers. We discussed details and goals, and terminated that chat to more personally reacquaint. We went from where we live to what we’re doing. Eventually, she asked how I handle living a single life, with no regular sex partner (that’s her condition, at the moment). I indicated my sex life was quite satisfying – with my bisexuality opening more doors than the traditional opposite sex only plan. She was taken aback, as I’d never shared my sexual orientation with her in the past.She wanted to know more, and asked for details. Jann is a very graphic, worldly person – quite willing to speak in direct terms. The more I told her about my love for cocks and cunts, the illegal bahis more she wanted to know. She asked what it was like to suck a guy’s cock, as a man. She loves to suck cocks, but she’s hetero. I told her that it’s a pleasure for me to oralize men and women alike. She was leaning forward, as though she’d get more information if she was closer. Within moments, she had broken into a sweat. As she wiped her brow, I could see perspiration beginning to drip down her cleavage – moistening her top. I finally said, “Jann, you’re reacting in a way I’ve never seen before! Is this conversation turning you on?” She didn’t draw a breath before she said, “You’re so fucking hot!” That’s all I needed. Even though Jann has a boyfriend, it’s not a real committed thing. I had no hesitancy reaching out to her – using a finger to capture some of her bodice sweat. I removed it from her cleavage, and plunged my finger into my mouth – sucking it like it was a cock. She pressed forward and planted her mouth on mine. We immediately sucked tongues, and our hands roamed about each others’ forms. We were in a restaurant, so I said, “We need to get out of here. Your place is closer!” She nodded, and grabbed my hand. Leading me like a mother leads a c***d, we went to our cars and headed to her place. We were there in <5 minutes, up the elevator, and into her apartment. The hallway door was barely closed when she grabbed me again, licking my face. She was an insane person, sexually. Since she was so sexually aroused, illegal bahis siteleri I played the game – slid my fingers between sides of her top – and pulled very hard. The buttons flew, and her purple bra was exposed. Great cleavage, and the bra fabric was soaked. I could tell because it was 2-tone. The wet part was darker than the dry cups. I always carry an assisted blade knife with me, and reached for it. Popping out the blade, I slid it under the connection between the 2 bra cups. One quick slice, and her tits were now both wet and exposed. I led her to her bedroom (small place), and pushed her onto the mattress. I jumped on her, buried my face in her cleavage – and began to open her slacks. Soon, she was exposed completely EXCEPT for her ass and cunt. My knife still with me, I used it to cut off her panties (matched her bra, so the outfit was destroyed). I told her to start masturbating while I undressed. She began to massage her clit, and I was thrilled to see she doesn’t shave her cunt. Natural is best, in my world. I slowly undressed, so I could see her manually work that slit. It was a sight to see, to be sure. When I was completely naked, I watched her continue to work her snatch. My cock was quite hard now, and I began to stroke it as I worked closely to her – hovering over her legs. She’d had all the diddling she could handle, and screamed at me to fuck her like she was a guy. Difficult, since she had such a nice body. Nevertheless, I put her on all 4s (like when I canlı bahis siteleri penetrate a guy), and pushed her face into a pillow. I entered her from behind, and reached around to massage her tits. It was great to enter her wet cunt, and I enjoyed it for awhile. She then yelled, “No, fuck me like a guy!” That meant entering her ass. My cock was so wet from her lady juice, I slipped into her balloon knot easily. While stroking in and out of her ass, I worked her tits hard – pulling, jiggling, slapping. It was unbridled sex – no pretense about our feelings for each other – because we didn’t feel that way about each other. It was simply raw sex.I continued to slam her ass and slap her tits. She was panting and moaning at this point. I flipped her onto her left side and told her to masturbate her cunt again, as I continued to slide in and out of her ass. She yelled again, screaming “I’m going to cum!” I yelled for her to increase her action on her clit, as I withdrew and slid upward – aligning my cock with her face. When I heard her breathing double in rate, I knew she was about to cum. I increased my stroke speed and timed my orgasm to hers. It was a trip, as we’d never been intimate before. She was moaning through her orgasm and I gave her a facial. Our climaxes subsided, we collapsed on the bed, and just lay there – silently. That lasted about 10 minutes or so, and we fell asleep. We were totally spent.Jann was worried, later, that it might be weird – us having “done the deed.” I said that we’d can make a big deal of it, or simply enjoy it. She chose the latter. I have no doubt there will be repeats of the event. It’s amazing how sharing my male:male sex life got her so hot, but it was better than any aphrodisiac I’d ever encountered.

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