New Home 2

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New Home 2My lawn maintenance slowly made its way through the summer months. Not every week as We all had weekends where we were not available for one reason or another. But as we got into August I was wondering what I was going to do once David and Peter went of to university. About mid August Peter called to say David was off to Uni early but he had found another one of his friends who would come and help and possibly if I wanted, carry on after he and David left as he was going to a local trades college and would be there for the rest of the lawn cutting season. I said I was sorry to hear that David had left but if Peter could recommend his friend then that would be great. So on the Saturday morning as I was pottering about the house just wearing a light dress when I heard the lawn mower start up. I didn’t bother looking out as I knew Peter would come to the back door once he had finished. I didn’t check the time but eventually there was a knock on the back door and opened up a couple of buttons on my dress as I would usually do and I went through and opened the door. First I saw Peter who was his usual self and then he called out to his friend, who I couldn’t see at the time, “Hey Terry come and meet Mrs MacDonald.” what appeared was a young black man, I was to find out he was only 20, who was over 6 feet in height and looked like an athlete. I sort of gasped out “hi” and put out my hand to shake his.His hand swallowed mine but he was so gentle. I invited them in to the house and said “Beer guys, that ok for you Terry?”He said “I would prefer a pop if thats alright. “So I said “Thats one beer, one pop and one large wine coming up. Peter, take Terry down to the Rec. room and I will bring them down”When I got down they were sitting on the settee together so I put their drinks on the side tables at each end and I sat in my usual big glider that I used when watching the TV. We chatted for a while and Peter explained that Terry would be around for the rest of the season and he can manage to cut the grass every Saturday. He worked at a Landscapers part time but did grass and some gardening on the side. He was going to college for landscaping but would be in town. I said I would have to think about it and that I usually paid the guys $25 each but if he was doing it himself I would pay him the $50 if that was all right. He smiled and said that was great. Just let me know if you would like me to start. I was going canlı bahis up to get some nibbles and asked Peter if he would come and help me.”Does he know that you guys get a bonus on top of the $25 each? I asked. “Well I haven’t promised him anything but I said you were usually good at giving a bonus at certain times. I have not said what the bonus was.” He smiled as he said that. At the same time kissing my neck and caressing mu breasts.”Well lets get these nibble down and I we can keep on chatting and I will confirm one way or another whether I want him to cut the lawn”We sat nibbling and drinking and then we all had a second drink same as before, one beer, one pop and a large wine for myself.I was wondering what to do when Peter came over and sat on the edge of my chair and slid his hands down my dress and started to play with my nipples. I was startled at first and was in a quandary about what to do but before I could decide he got on his knees in front of me and reaching up pulled my panties down , spread my legs and started to lick and suck my vagina. I looked over with a startled look on my face to see what Terry was doing but he just sat there with a smile on his face and watched Peter do his thing. t wasn’t long before I started moaning with pleasure and an I opened the best of the buttons which went right down the front so that I was completely exposed. Peter had one hand on one of my breasts when he came up for air and said “Terry come help me with these two beauties.” Terry got up and stop behind my chair and reaching over slid his hand down my back and undid my bra. Once he got rid of it he cupped my breasts in his hands, which made my breasts look small, which they were not. His finger and thumbs rolled my nipples between then which was so good. As big as he was, and his hands were of the same dimensions as his body, he was very gentle. after a short time he moved to the side and took my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. He bit them gently but seemed very careful not to hurt me in any way. By this time Peter was dropping his clothes on the floor and started fucking me in long slow strokes. I was gasping and quickly had an orgasm.I said “lets go up to the bedroom this isn’t comfortable for any of us.” So we all got up I dropped my dress on the chair and walked up the stairs in front of them naked as the day I was born. As I lay down on my bed Peter told Terry he was next on the list . bahis siteleri he smiled and pulled off his tee shirt and then dropped his shorts to the floor. I gave an audible gasp as I saw his manhood in all its glory standing out like a horizontal flag pole. He must have been over 10 inches long and very thick. he climbed on the bed and straddled me so his cock was resting between my breasts. He squeezed them together and slowly slid his cock up and down between them I watched as his cock would disappear between my breasts and then I would see this dark pink head emerge followed by this long black pole as he thrust it upwards. I reached my hand up and touched it and asked him to stop for a moment. He did and when he released my breasts his cock sprang up. I tried to put my hand around it but my fingers barely touched my thumb. I pulled it towards me which made him move up the bed and I opened my mouth and put my lips around it. God I thought this is much bigger than I thought possible and I wasn’t sure whether I could take in me. I stroked his cock as best I could and he started to move hid body back and forward which slid his cock deeper down my throat. He didn’t force it and I figured he knew what he had and how to use it, without giving pain or fear to a woman. Peter for once just sat and watched and left just Terry and I to our own pleasures.Terry was grunting as I manage to take about three quarters of his cock in my mouth when he suddenly stiffened and his cock started pouring out cum, and I mean pouring. my mouth filled up so quickly and as fast as I could swallow he continued to fill it up and it was squeezing out the sides and running down my cheeks. I almost gagged and Terry pulled is cock out which then squirted all over my breasts.”My God” I said “I have never seen or thought possible that a man could cum so much. I reached up and squeezed his cock from the base up and put my mouth around the tip swallowing what was left of his orgasm. As I let it go I realized he was still rock hard. He moved down the bed, lifted my hips in the air and very slowly, and gently, slid his cock inside of me. Luckily I was still very wet from Peters sucking and fucking and i managed to take the first couple of inches but even then I could feel my vagina being stretched to a size it had never been to. he held my hips up in the air and continued to slide in and out. Every stroked seemed to be a little bit deeper but bahis şirketleri it felt like only a fraction of an inch at a time. The deeper it went the more I felt him stretching my insides but I also felt so much pleasure. After quite a few minutes I could feel him hitting the back of my vagina and thought if he goes any deeper he will be coming out my mouth. But he knew what he was doing and when he realized he was as far as he could go, which i thought to myself pretty amazing, as I managed to take most of him. He stopped for a second or two then he started moving back and forward. He only moved a short distance to start with and even that was enough for me to have an orgasm but as he kept going he started to take more of out to the tip before thrusting back deep. He seemed to know exactly how far as I rarely felt it bottoming out but he did get faster and I felt my inside being stretched but the feelings of his huge cock against the walls of my vagina was too exciting I just lay there like a fish out of water gasping for air and I suddenly gave out a scream as my inside exploded in a massive orgasm the went on and on while he kept on going in and out. I felt like my orgasm, or orgasms went on for a long time. As my orgasm was just starting to fade out he erupted inside of me and my inside were filled with his cum. How any escaped considering hoe big a plug was inside my vagina it did and I could feel it running down the inside of my thighs. . He slowly lowered my hips onto the bed and slowly with drew his cock and when he finally came out I let like a tap had opened up between my legs as his cum seemed to pour out of me. I was soaking of sweat, my hair was wet and hanging down the sides of my faced my inside felt stretched beyond believe. I couldn’t get up and I could barely speak. Peter leaned over me and and asked “does he have the job?” a smile all over his face. I said “I think so” and I was smiling too.He said “I think we will leave you now to recover” and he and Terry went and had a shower. Before they left Terry came back in and said “You’re the first woman who has taken so much of my cock inside them and also the best BJ I have had. I think you and I will have a great working relationship.To which I just smiled and nodded, too worn out for words. Before he left he covered me up with a sheet so I would cool down too much. I fell asleep and slept for about two hours before I was able to get up and have a shower myself. I felt between my legs and found my vagina was still open from his cock being inside me but it was closing. I was looking forward to the fall months with more enthusiasm than I had earlier in the day.

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