New Kisses


I rest on the bed, half sitting up with my back against a pile of pillows. My feet are on the bed in front of me, my knees point to the ceiling. You sit facing me, with your feet stretched out on each side of my waist, my legs between yours, and my feet tucked under your thighs. You wrap your arms around my thighs and rest your chin on my knees. We talk, we laugh, and we share stories. I giggle each time you place your lips on my knees because it tickles.

The look in your eye changes suddenly as you lift one of my feet and slowly put it on your shoulder. I raise one eyebrow and stop talking, I want to see what you’re about to do. Your warm rough hands travel on each side of my thigh, all the way down to my sweet juncture and back up again over my knee, calf and ankle. Even this simple act of affection sends ripples of pleasure through me, your hands electrify me. I watch as you bring your mouth to the inside of my ankle. So lightly you trail kisses while you watch my face for a reaction.

Then it dawns on me, I know what you’re about to do. Earlier, when I expressed to you how I’d never had my toes sucked before, your eyes almost fell out of your head with disbelief. I try not to be shy, for feet aren’t the most prettiest of body parts, and I focus on opening up myself to you and letting you enjoy cebeci escort me completely. Your lips feel so good on my skin, you raise my foot above your head and kiss down my calf until you get to the backside of my knee where you trace your tongue along the sensitive flesh there, eliciting a whimper out of me. With your other hand you’ve already begun massaging my inner thigh, just grazing the tuft of hair that frames my center. For a moment I’m not sure whether you’re going for bringing me pleasure by my feet or my pussy, and the anticipation is delicious.

You travel back up my leg and bring my foot from above your head to right in front of your face. You begin at the back of my foot, softly kissing, snaking your tongue out to taste. Then it’s my heel, where you nibble with your teeth. Wow, the sensation is incredible. You place your lips just on the inside there, atop the tattoo that reflects my astrological sign… which ironically, is the same as yours. Next you drag your tongue along my instep, the beautiful curve of my foot, and I almost snatch it away from you; I was not prepared to feel a tingling sensation up my entire leg from this gesture. I’ve been biting my lip, my facial expressions twist in pleasure. Small whimpers and gasps that escape me have only stroked your ego to çukurambar escort continue this play.

When you reach the ball of my foot, you place your tongue underneath my toes. Instantly, my hands grip your legs as they still lay to either side of me. I don’t even notice that I’ve begun to dig my nails into your skin. My whole body is tensed up, this is the most amazing sensation I’ve ever experienced. With my foot in both of your hands, your thumbs press into the pressure points in the middle, while your mouth begins to devour my toes. So softly and so lovingly, you take my second toe into your mouth first. I can’t help but curl it inside of your mouth and your tongue snakes around every part of it, reaching out to lick the soft flesh on each side in between. My hand is on my breast at this point, my eyes are closed, and my head leaned back against the pillows…

“Oh my God…..” I utter between my shallow breaths… “I can’t even explain to you what I’m feeling right now…”

I feel you smile against my skin and you say, “Good?”

“Yes.. yes, so good baby, oh my God…” with that, you travel up and down each toe, leaving no area uncovered, licking all around, in between, up and down, side to side… I feel one hand leave my foot and a loud gasp escapes me demetevler escort as I am overwhelmed with the mixed pleasure of your lips pressed to the bottom of my foot firmly, my own fingers pinching my nipples, and two of your fingers inside my wet pussy. My breathing is ragged now, too many sensations to count. Inside of me, your fingers are deep and motioning a “come here” gesture against my sensitive spot. Your thumb is pressed up against my clit, massaging and sending sparks through my belly so mind-blowing, and I find myself amazed that I feel ready to come so easily. My hips start to buck and before I realize what’s happened, my foot is back on your shoulder, and your mouth has taken place of your thumb on my clit. You place your other hand on my abdomen, rubbing in circular motions. Lord have mercy, the soft wet warmness of your tongue against my fleshy nub along with your two fingers still inside of me is too much for me to take and my hips lock in a tensed position upwards against your face as spasms explode in my belly and I deliver my juices into your mouth.

“Wow… that…. was so… intense…” I say between breaths. You just smile at me, remove my foot from your shoulder and raise the other foot to your other shoulder.

In a defeated whimper I say “I can’t take no more!!”

“Oh but baby, can’t you see that this foot is jealous? We can’t leave it hanging now can we?” With that, you begin the same treatment to the other side of my body. Before you finish with me, I have done nothing short of melted into the sheets… at your mercy… my how you please me…

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