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Gary picked Ronny up and cradled him with one hand behind his back and the other holding his butt! Ronny reached around and opened the door and Gary carried him into the room and onto the bed! “My darling husband! I love you with all my heart! I am yours tonight! Take me and use me for your pleasure! From this day forward I will be your loving wife! My mouth and pussy are here to serve your magnificent cock for as long and as often as you desire!” “Oh Ronny you have given me more pleasure than any husband deserves! Your smile, your lips, your gorgeous body! And your pussy, oh your pussy is more than I could ever hope for! Your lips taste so sweet and when you moan into my mouth I’m in heaven!” “Oh hunny come here and kiss me and show me how much you love my mouth and pussy! I want you to fuck me for as long as you have strength! I am yours my love now please give me what I crave!” Gary laid down on top of Ronny and began to kiss his open mouth! Ronny wrapped his legs tightly around Garys waste and began caressing his back, gently tingling his spine with his fingertips Gary’s tongue entered Ronnys open mouth and began dancing with Ronnys tongue! The heat began to turn up and they were moaning and panting with passion! “Gary my love I need you in my pussy!” Gary knew Ronny loved to have his cock in any hole he chose! He just needed to be filled with his lovers cock! Ronny needed it more than most! Gary lifted himself up and scooted up so his cock was at the entrance to Ronnys mouth! Ronny opened wide and with his hands on Gary’s ass he engulfed the object that was the center of his universe! There was no foreplay necessary! Ronny swallowed his lovers cock until it was buried deep inside his throat! Garys cock found it’s home and moved in! Ronny, using his throat muscles expertly milked his husbands cock! He closed his eyes and pictured in his mind the most perfect place he’d ever been! He’d been there so many times! Ronny wrapped his arms around his husbands waste and drew him in! He let Garys cock slide out only long enough to breath! After a deep breath he forced his lovers cock back where it belonged! He milked it hoping for his reward! Gary tried to hang on but as with every time before, Ronnys throat won the battle! Gary leaned his head back and with closed eyes thanked the gods for the perfect throat his wife so expertly used! “Oh God Ronny! I cant hang on any longer! Stop my cum please! I want my cock in your pussy! This wasn’t anything Ronny hadn’t done many times before and with grace pinched his lovers cock to edge him on to a much larger prize to come! Ronny allowed His husband to pull out of his throat! An act which took a lot of self control! Ronny craved his lovers cum! He sacrificed his love for Garys cum so that his lover could have his pussy! Ronny laid back and lifting his legs placed them behind his head! He locked them in place so that his arms and hands were free to service his master! Gary leaned down and kissed his wife’s pussy! He forced his tongue into the beautiful star it so wanted to experience! His tongue probed deep! Ronny held his husband’s head at his pussy to let him know its where he belonged! Ronny felt tingles which racked him! His lovers mouth had many times made him feel loved and needed! Gary continued to devour his wife’s pussy and savor the juice it produced for his pleasure! Garys cock longed to be home and would not be denied! He gave his wife’s pussy one last kiss and brought his cock up to the entrance of its home! Ronnys pussy desired Garys cock so badly that it actually opened to receive its desire! Garys cock entered Ronnys pussy and Ronny cried! “Oh Gary I love you more than life itself! Please make love to me! Be as rough or as gentle as will make you happy! My pussy is yours and will always be! Ronnys pussy took all of his lovers cock until it was as deep as it would go! He milked the cock in his pussy using muscles that had pleased this cock before! Gary was in a state of bliss! He pushed his cock in and out of his lovers pussy! His cock was probing depths that pleased it! It sought the pleasures only his lovers pussy could give! Slowly his cock increased its effort! Ronnys pussy was receiveing the pleasures it sought! Gary continued to show his love for his partner! “Oh God Babby I’m cumming! Aghhh Goddd I cant take this! I’m gonna explode!” Orgasm gripped Gary as he plunged deep into Ronnys pussy! Shot after shot of cum entered his lovers pussy! “Oh Gary my love I want your cum so badly! Please let me taste your seed!” After Gary came down from the ecstasy of his orgasm he dropped to his knees and buried his mouth into his wife’s pussy! He lapped up all the cum he could hold in his mouth! Holding his full mouth closed he met his lovers lips! He released to his lover all he had! Ronny devoured the treat his husband gave him and with his tongue reached into Garys mouth to retrieve every drop left! “Mumm that tastes heavenly! Thank you love for that gift! They kissed a lovers kiss and spooned there bodies together to sleep! There marriage had been consummated by the act of love they had performed! Damn that was HOT! Gotta breath now! Those two are like the perfect couple! Ronny is such a dedicated slave to Gary! He would do Anything Gary asked and as he shows Gary time and time again he is willing to sacrifice his pleasure to give Gary what he desires! Wow, such love!! A knock on our door woke Stevey and I from our sleeping! “Yes, come in its not locked” Stevey was tightly spooned to Me with his cock resting at the entrance to my pussy. Dad slowly entered and smiled at the sight before him “You two look absolutely adorable! If i wern’t here on a very important mission, I’d join you!” He came over and gave us a very loving kiss on our cheeks! “I’m here because Steve wants you to be a part of him giving his virginity to Tom and me! He said it was very important to him that the two boys that turned his life around to the pleasures of gay sex be there to witness and take part in his first fuck!” I looked at Stevey “That sounds awsome! What do you think Stevey wanna help Daddy loose his virginity?” “Wow what an honor! Lets go hunny!” We walked in with Dad and saw Daddy laying in bed looking absolutely gorgeous! “Oh boys thank you so much for coming!” Said Daddy. Tears were forming in his eyes. “This is the happiest day off my life besides the day you were born Stevey! Would you boys join me in bed and help Eric take my virgin pussy?” We climbed in bed and both layed on either side of Daddy! Our lips joined together and our tongues sought out each other! It was a beautiful kiss! While we kissed, Dad and Tom started kissing and licking Daddy’s man pussy to prepare it for Dads cock! Tom and Dad had decided that Dad would have the honor of taking Daddy’s cherry because he was Daddy’s first love! Dad brought his index finger to Daddy’s pussy star and slowly started to enter it! “Oh Eric that tingles!” Cried Daddy! “Keep going please!” Dad pushed his finger in as far as he could push and began to rotate it pushing to reach as much man pussy as he could. He started to work it in and out and with each stroke he would move it in a circular motion for the maximum pleasure! “Oh God Eric! More please my pussy needs more!” Dad obliged and worked a second finger in stroking even more of Daddy’s pussy! Stevey and I sat up and straddled Daddy’s head offering our cocks to his lips! He reached out with his tongue and began to lick each of our cocks eventually taking one at a time into his mouth! “Oh God Eric I need your cock!” Pleaded Daddy! Dad gave one last spreading stroke into Daddy’s pussy and withdrew! Tom had been busy sucking Dads cock to prepare it for penetration! Dad signaled to Tom he was ready! Dad looked at Daddy busy sucking Steveys and my cock! “Are you ready hunny?” “Yes my love take me now!” Daddy was almost screaming! He was really sexed up! Stevey and I watched as Dad brought his cock to Daddy’s pussy star and pushed the head in. “Oh God that hurts!” Dad began to pull out until Stevey and I stopped him “No Dad leave it in!” “Daddy, Stevey and I are going to give you something to take your mind off the pain!” “Dad as soon as we do I want you to quickly push your cock all the way and ignore any cries you hear! This is going to hurt Daddy but he will recover faster this way! Trust me I know from experience!” “Ok everyone ready?” Daddy was panting and sweating! “Now!” I shouted! Stevey and I shoved our cocks deep into Daddy’s throat and held his head with both our hands! At the same time Dad shoved his cock deep into Daddy’s pussy! “Aggghhhh Aggghhhh!” Daddy screamed into our cocks buried as deep as we could go down his throat! Daddy was squirming as we held him down! Tom helped by holding Daddy’s legs! Dad looked really afraid! He was crying knowing the pain Daddy was feeling etiler escort but he held! It wasn’t long before Daddy started to calm down! He was choking on our cocks so Stevey and I backed out so we were just in his mouth! We released our hold on his head and he backed off a bit but continued to suck on our cocks! Daddy signaled that he was ok and Dad breathed a sigh of relief! He remained buried deep in Daddy’s pussy! Stevey and I pulled out of Daddy’s mouth so he could talk! “Are you good Daddy?” I asked! “Oh Johnny that was a gutsy move! The pain was intense but I know I would have backed out completely if your Dad pulled out when I screamed! Now oh my God now its amazing! Thank you so much!” I looked at Dad and smiled. “You were awesome Dad! That was some serious shit! How does Daddy’s pussy feel?” “Oh son I’m in heaven! He’s so tight! My God its like it was when I first took you!” “Ok boys! I think Steveys and my work here is done!” We left the men to continue their sex play and went back to our room! “Oh Eric your cock feels amazing in my pussy! You can fuck me now! Please start slow, when you push in make sure its all the way! I love it when its all the way in!” “Tom hunny I sure would like to suck on your cock while Eric fucks me! Can you do that sweety!” “I aim to please Steve babby!” Tom said as he shifted to that side of the bed. Eric was slowly fucking Steve now! Pulling his cock out until just the tip was in Steve’s pussy then gliding it all the way in! “God Steve Babby your pussy is amazing! So warm and tight! I love the way your pussy holds my cock! Its almost as if you’ve done this before!” “Oh Eric hunny you are the very first cock to ever enter my virgin pussy!” “Now lets have that cock Tom! My pussy is not the only virgin hole that needs to be fed!” “God Steve your hot tonight! Now just watch your teeth and work a little on my balls! Just do what feels good!” “Mumm Your cock tastes much better than I dreamed it would!” Steve said lifting off Toms cock for a second. “I know now why you enjoy it so much! I’ve been missing so much!” “Time to make up for lost time!” said Eric as he slowly fucked Steve’s pussy! Tom began to explore Steve’s throat with his cock! Each stroke of his cock went a bit deeper into Steve’s throat! When Steve would gag Tom would back off a little! “Steve lover if you relax your throat like swallowing something large this will be easier! I always ignore my gag reflex and concentrate on what I want in my throat! And a cock is definitely something I want in my throat! As Eric fucked Steve’s pussy Tom began exploring deeper into Steve’s throat! A rhythm began so that as Eric plunged deeper so did Tom! Steve was being spit roasted by the two cocks he most desired! As all good things go the men doing the roasting were getting pretty worked up! Steve’s throat and pussy were doing everything necessary to stimulate the cocks they were pleasuring! As Tom and Eric were closing in on their orgasms Steve was about to have his first hands free orgasm! “Aghhh, Mummph,ahhhhhmph!” Cried Steven with Toms cock buried deep in his throat! “Imph cummphing!” He choked out as cum flew into the air and landed on his chest and face! Steves cock was errupting with force beyound his control! The orgasm he was feeling was immense! His cock was dancing in the air spewing cum everywhere! The sensations from Steve’s pussy on Erics cock as his orgasms erupted drove Eric wild and a few deep strokes later Eric exploded in Steve’s pussy! The cum was flooding Steve’s pussy so quickly that it almost spurt out of his pussy around Erics cock! Watching Steve and Eric expload brought Tom to an orgasm which started deep in his bowls and delivered an eruption of cum that threatened to choke poor Steven to death! Tom painfully backed off so his eruption of cum landed in Steve’s mouth flooding it with multiple shots of warm cum! Steve swallowed as rapidly as he could but a lot of cum flowed down his chin and cheeks to land on his chest! Steve loved the taste of Toms cum and the feelings of both his lovers cocks deep in his mouth and pussy! He held them tight and willed them to stay hard and able to keep him full! He did not want them to go anywhere! His pussy muscles clampt tightly around Erics cock keeping him hard and in the place it belonged, deep in Steve’s pussy! He closed his mouth around Toms cock and using his throat muscles held tightly to its prize! “Oh My God Steve that I think was the most amazing fuck I’ve ever had!!” Cried Eric! “Your mouth and throat were made to milk a cock!” Said Tom. Steve finally released his lovers cocks and laid on the bed in complete ecstasy! Dad and Tom laid down on the bed either side of Daddy and started to kiss his whole body licking up the cum from his face and chest! “Wow that was a lot of cum” Tom said “And it tastes like hunny!” Dad said smiling with cum smeared on his face. “I don’t know about you two but I’m spent” said Dad. ” I’m pretty tired to” said Tom. “I think that this night will be in my memories till the day I die! I have two of the most loving men to share my life with!” Daddy said as he kissed each one. They created the Daddy sandwich which was becoming the thing with them when they slept! Daddy spooned up to Dads back with his cock resting at the entrance to Dads Pusey and Tom spooned up to Daddy’s back with his cock resting at the entrance to Daddy’s pussy! They soon fell asleep! Stevey and I woke early next morning and after a long tongue tangled kiss headed to the bathroom to relieve ourselves! “Stevey we need to have a serious discussion!” I said “Johnny hunny what’s wrong?!” Stevey said with some alarm in his voice. “Sit down lover I have a confession to make! In my haste and blinded by the love I felt for you, I did something that was a bit impulsive! I wanted to please you and wear a dress and even promised to change my sex! I think because Ronny was doing it for Gary it would be something you would like as well! Its been on my mind ever since and I cant shake it! Stevey my love would you be terribly hurt if I didn’t want to change into a girl?” “Oh Johnny what a relief!! No, absolutely no I would not be hurt! As a matter of fact I was hoping in the next couple days to convince you not to!! I love you as the boy you are! With all those beautiful boy parts I love!! Oh God am I happy!” Cried Stevey “Oh Stevey I love you so!” “I know Ronny really wants to change for Gary! And Gary looks at Ronny like he’s a girl all the time anyway! Its right for them but not for us!” “I think we need to talk to our Dads right away so they don’t make to many plans! If I know my Daddy he will already be lining up doctors to perform the operations!” Said Stevey. “Lets go wake them up, its time for breakfast anyway!” I said “Shhhs lets be real quite and sneak in!” I said. So we slowly opened the door to their room! What a beautiful site for a man loving boy! Daddy had rolled over so his back was on the bed with his cock sticking straight up in the air! It was glistening in the light that came thru the door from the cum still left on it! Dad was laying sprawled out on his back with his left leg over Daddys leg and his cock was standing at attention with cum glistening on it as well! Tom was still spooned somewhat to Daddy with his left arm and leg draped over Daddy’s left side! Our mouths were watering at the site and it took us all of 10 seconds to know what we desired next! We snuck up to their bed and carefully crawled on until we were close enough to pounce and with a quick look at each other and a wink from me, Stevey dove down on Daddy’s cock and I did the same on Dads cock!! “What the….!” Cried out Daddy as he felt and saw Stevey engulf his cock down his throat! “Damn Johnny…..oh God Damn that’s amazing!” Dad said As he also had his boy devouring his cock! We began to really show our Dads just how much we loved them! We simultaneously deep throated our Dads cocks and held them deep in our throats! We were using our throat muscles to milk our Dads cocks as we looked at each other and caressed each others throats feeling the cocks deeply embedded within them! Tom was mesmerized by the action he was witnessing! Two gorgeous boys deepthroating their Dads cocks was more than he could handle and with a major hard on began to desire the two boy pussys sticking up in the air in front of him! He crawled to get between our pussys and leaned down to lick and kiss the stars to heaven! “Mumm you two taste delicious!” Tom said as he began sucking our pussys and lapping up the tangy juice our pussys gave him! Tom began to spit on his cock to lube it up while he eyed my pussy for entrance! “Johnny boy I’m going to fuck you OK!?” “Yes Tom I’d love that!” I said taking Dads cock out of my throat for a second. As I devoured Dads cock again Tom brought his raging cock to the entrance star to my pussy! He gently pushed in and his cock entered my pussy! “Oh Tom that feels wonderful!” I said once again releasing Dads cock to let my love know he was where he was supposed to be! Tom began to slow fuck my pussy as he explored the deepest realms of my body! He held my waste and began to rock his way to boy lovers heaven! Stevey and I were riding our Dads cocks with our throats giving them and us great pleasure! “Oh My God Eric! What a way to wake up!” Daddy moaned as Stevey milked his cock! The bed began to really rock as Tom increased his fucking rhythm in my pussy sending me into fucking heaven! He was filling my pussy as Dads cock filled my throat! Daddy was pumping up into Stevey’s throat while pushing Stevey’s head down, penetrating further depths of his sons throat! Tom pushed a finger into Stevey’s pussy and began to finger fuck him! We were all in a state of sexual lust that took over our bodys! Toms deep penetration of my pussy was sending me over the top as I increased my efforts on Dads cock! We were all moaning loudly as we began releasing our orgasms! Mine came first! Toms and Dads cocks sent me skyward into space and I began to erupt on Dads legs rope after rope of cum sprayed out of my cock! As my pussy clampt tightly around Toms cock during my orgasm Tom cried out and began flooding my pussy with his man cum! Cum filled my love chamber and overflowed around his cock as he wildly pumped into my pussy! Toms finger fucking of Stevey’s pussy combined with Daddys cock pummeling deep into his throat brought Stevey to a mind blowing explosion! Cum flew wildly from his cock covering his Dads legs! Dad and Daddy watched as our orgasms flooded the room with cry’s of exticy which began to send them over the top! They looked at each other and with knowing smiles erupted deep into Stevey’s and my Throats! They drove their etimesgut escort cocks as deep as they would go and deposited huge ropes of cum down our waiting throats! We swallowed as much and as fast as we could and both backed off enough to enjoy the taste of the sweet man cum our Dads gave us! We all spent the next few moments licking up the cum we left like a treat for after sex enjoyment! After we had our fill of the love juices from our bodys we all kissed each other and renewed our pledge of love! “Hey listen guys Johnny has something very important to share!” Stevey told our Dads and Tom. “Ok son we’re all ears! What’s this important thing you want to share?” Said Dad. “Well I hope you all won’t be hurt but Stevey and I talked and I really don’t want to transition to a girl! Stevey really loves me as a boy and I want to keep it that way!” “Johnny we couldn’t be hurt! The decision was always yours to make! We’re glad you want to stay a boy! Besides we love your boy pussy a lot and I’m afraid a girl pussy just wouldn’t be the same!” “Oh thanks Dad that means a lot! Tom proved to me just now being fucked in my boy Pussy sure has its benefits!” I said laughing Tom blushed but gave me two thumbs up! “So now I think showers are in order! As much as I love the looks of our boys covered in sweat and drying cum we do have to get dressed for breakfast!” Dad said with a glow in his eyes! “We’ll stop by Gary and Ronnys room to let them know its time to get ready for breakfast!” Stevey said as we left to go to our room for our shower. We knocked on their door and slowly opened it to see Gary buried deep in Ronnys pussy fucking wildly! We closed the door without them even noticing us! “I guess they’ll be at that for a while!” Stevey said as we giggled! “Those two may never end their hunny moon!” I said. We showered together as did the men. We took extra time to wash the deepest parts of our lovers entrances and to make sure our cocks were sparkly clean! It was all we could do not to have another orgasm during the lengthy cleaning of our cocks! We got dressed and headed to the men’s bedroom! On our way we peaked in on Gary and Ronny to find them deep in a lovers embrace with tongues exploring each others mouths! “Ahem!” I coughed to get their attention! “Oh hi Johnny.” Ronny said with a smile. “We’re headed for some breakfast. You want to join us?” I said. Ronny looked at Gary who was still looking dreamily at him and said “I think we’re gonna pass on breakfast guys! Gary wants me to suck him and that will be more than enough breakfast for me!” Ronny said as he looked deeply into his lovers eyes! “We’ll stop by after breakfast to see you! Have fun!” I said to them as they went back to their throat exploration! “Wow those two are something! Ronny will do anything for Gary!” Stevey said. We got to the men’s bedroom as they were finishing dressing. “So is Gary and Ronny joining us?” Daddy asked. “No I don’t think they plan on leaving their bed at all today!” I said smiling. “Like rabbits they are!” Said Tom laughing! “Ok so off to breakfast!” Daddy said. He had called for the limo and had made reservations for a brunch at a secluded restaurant which catered to parties affording the guests complete privacy from other guests! Daddy had arranged for a gay waiter to attend to our needs! He was a gorgeous boy around 18 with the skimpiest outfit on! He was dressed in a g-string tong with a fishnet tank top exposing his gorgeous nipples that were pierced with diamond studs! His cock fit snugly in the tong leaving nothing to the imagination! He was wearing thigh high white stockings showing off his slender legs! He wore sneakers on his feet that finished off the dish he presented! “Wow can we have him as the first coarse!” Said Tom as he was drooling! His cock as was all our cocks got very hard gazing upon the waiter! “Gentlemen and boys it will be my pleasure to attend to ALL your needs this morning! You have reserved my services and this room for as long as we need! I welcome you to disrobe and I will attend to your cloths! We quickly took our cloths off as our waiter folded them and placed them on a table against the wall. “My name is Billy and as I said all yours desires will be met!” “What would everyone like to drink?” He took our drink orders as we sat around the table! He soon returned with our drinks and rubbed up against each of us as he placed the drinks in front of us. God he was hot and had us all very erect by the time our drinks were placed on the table! Billy put on some sexy music and while the nude kitchen staff rolled in our brunch he began a very erotic dance removing all but his stockings and sneakers! He worked around the table massaging our shoulders and rubbing his cock on our necks and backs! Everyone’s cock was rock hard as the nude kitchen staff brought the food to our table again rubbing themselves all over us! “Now I will place the food you desire on your plates and serve you!” Billy said as he picked up the first plate. He stroked each plate liberally with his cock as he plated the food we asked for. He even put his cock in our drinks and swirled it around and gave us each a taste of his magnificent cock! We all were so horned up it was almost difficult to eat! Billy offered to serve each of us his cock with food from our plate on it! This became a very erotic way to enjoy our breakfast! Because of the constant sucking of his cock as he fed us he was nearing his orgasm! “Now as a special treat I will cum in the mouth that you select!” Billy said. Everyone looked at each other with anticipation in our eyes! “My vote is Johnnys mouth!” said Dad, everyone agreed because as Daddy said if it weren’t for me none of the people in the room would know each other let alone be lovers! I haven’t been this excited in a long time! Billy strolled over to me stroking his cock! I got down on my knees and opened my mouth wide to accept his cock! “Would you like me to fuck your throat or just jack off in your mouth!” Billy asked. My answere was pushing forward driving his cock deep into my throat bottoming out with my nose resting in his beautifully shaved pubs! He began to fuck my throat taking it all the way out to just the tip then plunging deep into my throat and holding it there for my throat muscles to milk it! He was magnificently slow giving me all the pleasures of the professional throat fucker he was! Everyone at the table was wanking to the show going on before them! Billy was a real expert at this and continued the show so that everyone could reach their orgasm before he gave me my treat! Tom reached his first and sprayed his cum onto his and my plates! He was followed shortly after by Daddy who selectively unloaded his orgasm onto Dads and Stevey’s plate! Dad followed Daddy even before the last drops escaped Daddy’s cock and covered Daddy’s and my plates with his cum! Stevey, trying to make my pleasure last finally succumbed to his orgasm and sprayed his cum in my face and got Billy’s cock as well! The long awaited moment arrived as Billy fucked my throat with more speed and deeper thrusts! My God I truly was in heaven! He was filling my throat with his cock as he erupted with rope after rope of warm man cum! I choked a bit and he backed out to let the last of his cum coat the inside of my mouth! I savored every drop and leaned in to kiss Stevey and share my prize! After a long and very wet kiss I thanked Billy by licking his cock clean! Billy continued to serve us as each of us devoured our cum flavored food! I’ve never had a breakfast quite like this and probably won’t for some time to come! “Thank you everyone! It has been my great honor to serve you this morning! I hope the rest of your day is filled with a lot of fun, laughter and sex!” Daddy reached into his wallet and pulled out 10 $100 bills and handed them to Billy! “Thank you for a very special time, your the best!” He tipped the kitchen staff very well also! We got dressed and the limo picked us up for the rest of our mornings events! We decided to go back to the B&B to see if Gary and Ronny wanted to join us. “Hey guys” Ronny said as he answered the door. “We wanted to know if you guys wanted to join us for the afternoon.” I said. “Gary and I called my folks and told them of my plans to transition to a girl for Gary! They were very happy and told me they always knew I was more female than male! They are coming to get us and should be here soon! They want as to move in with them so they can help with the expenses and just be there for us! We talked with Garys parents and they are very excited for us! They decided they would pay whatever my parents cant! We are so happy!” “Ronny we couldn’t be more happy for you! And if there is anything I can do to help please don’t hesitate to ask!” Said Daddy! “You boys have fun and stay in touch! You know where we’re living!” Dad said. Stevey and I gave Ronny and Gary a big hug and a kiss and said our good byes. “Ok boys what should we do now?” Said Daddy “Well it would be really tough to beat breakfast!” I said laughing “Ya that was pretty awsome!” Said Tom. “Hey how about we go to the gocart track and ride some gocarts! That would be fun!” Said Stevey “Ya and then do some cloths shopping!” I said “Sounds like a good plan!” said Daddy The gocart park was a lot of fun and Tom proved to be the best driver! “Maybe a race car could be in your future!” Dad said. “Maybe you never know!” Said Tom. “The way you handled the track I think I’d like to see you drive a real race car!” Daddy said. “I know a racing team out of Bangor and I’m sure with a bit of persuasion they’d let you take a turn on the track! Would you like that Tom darlin!” “Wow me in a real race car! Ya that would be fun! And if I suck nothing lost!” “Oh Tom after watching you drive I really don’t think you’d suck!” Daddy said. “Ok everyone now can we go shopping!? Things have been happening so fast I really don’t have much in my wardrobe! I think only a couple pairs of jeans, some shorts and a few Tee’s!” I said “Im sorry son I completely forgot about cloths! Other than the suits we bought for the adoption we really haven’t gotten much at all unless you count the dress!” Dad said laughing “You really did look sexy as hell in that dress!” Stevey said “But I think that will be hung in the closet as a momento of a one time fling!” We all agreed and got back in the limo to go cloths shopping! We decided the shop the tuxes were bought at run by the gay sales person would be fun to see again! “Maybe a private fitting!” Daddy said as he smiled an evil grin! We all laughed and decided that would be real fun! Sex with breakfast and now sex while cloths shopping! What a day this is turning out to be! We arrived etlik escort at the shop and found our favorite host! After a brief discussion and some money exchanged the sales host cleared the store of the few customers and closed and locked the door with a sign saying private fitting we’re closed! The sales host was obviously excited as his cock was jutting through his pants! “I think we should get this party started!” Said Daddy as he grabbed the sales host and planted a very wet kiss on his mouth. “Now since we are going to get to know each other in a very carnal way we should know your name!” Blushing a bright red our host told us his name “I’m Stan! And its my great pleasure to meet your every need!” “Ok Stan do you like boys?” I asked as I reached out and grabbed his cock thru his pants! Stan shook with pleasure and answered by dropping to his knees and kissed my cock thru my pants “I guess that’s a yes!” I said smiling an evil grin. “Ok I think this is going to be a very interesting afternoon!” Said Stevey as he too grabbed Stan’s cock and brought him around and pushed Stans face into his cock! “I think we have way to many cloths on and I think it would be a lot of fun if Stevey and Johnny take Stan here for a ride!” Said Dad “Would you like to be fucked by these two gorgeous boys Stan?” Stan couldn’t answere, he was stunned and just drooled looking at Stevey and me! “I take that as a yes!” Dad said laughing “Boys would you like to spit roast Stan here! I think he’d really enjoy that!” “Dad I think that’s a great idea!” I said Stevey and I got our cloths off and began disrobing Stan. He got into the action and showed he was a very willing participant! Dad, Daddy and Tom disrobed and sat together on the couch reserved for the patrons observing the fittings! We got Stan on his knees and began feeding him our cocks! He eagerly swallowed them and proceeded to switch back and forth on our cocks! We encouraged him with our hands on his head! He really was a very good cock sucker and looked like we weren’t his first boy sex! The men were stroking each others cocks as they watched the show in front of them! They were really enjoying themselves as a lot of tongue kissing took place as well! Stan was really enjoying himself and didn’t seem to be able to get enough of our boy cocks! I looked at Stevey and he really looked like he was enjoying Stan’s mouth as was i! “I would love to taste his pussy!” said Stevey “Ya me too!” I said “Now Stan you crawl over to the men on the couch and pick a cock to suck!” Stan chose Daddy’s as he was in the middle! Stevey and I got down on our knees and began to lick Stan’s pussy! He was delicious! We slobbered his star to get his juices to flow! We just couldn’t get enough of the acidic tang of his man juice! We probbed his love canal with our tongues! “So Stan how do you like being ordered around by a couple of 9 year olds!” asked Daddy. Stan was in heaven and couldn’t talk. His mouth was full of Daddy’s Cock and he was in tears with the feelings he was getting from our tongues in his pussy! “Oh Mr. Wilson I’m in heaven! I’ve never been treated like this before! Their tongues are amazing! I would do whatever they asked of me to have them continue!” Stevey got up first and lined his boy cock up to Stans pussy! I kept kissing his pussy until Stevey was ready to penetrate! Stevey took Stan in one quick thrust! “Oh God oh God Aghhh that feels so good!” Exclaimed Stan, Stevey began to punch his cock hard into Stans pussy! He pummeled Stan’s pussy until Stan screamed! Stevey pulled out and I quickly entered Stan continueing the punishing pounding we were giving him! We would switch off about every ten strokes! We were slamming his pussy as hard as we could, screaming out our pleasure! Daddy held Stan’s head down on his cock driving his cock as deep as it would go down Stan’s throat! Dad and Tom held Stan’s head down so he couldn’t move as Daddy punished Stan’s throat causing him to gag and gasp for breath! Stevey and I were in heaven fucking Stan’s pussy with punishing thrusts! We slammed hard into his pussy with each thrust loving our flesh slapping his flesh! With the intensity of the sex taking place it didn’t take long for Stan to loose it! He came with such force he almost passed out! Daddy gave Stan his cum in a huge thrust down his throat! Stan gagged and choked struggling to swallow everything Daddy was giving him and ended up with cum running down his chin and onto his chest! Stevey saw what Daddy gave Stan and began to shudder with his orgasm! “Aghhhhhhhh I’m cumming!” and pounded his cock into Stan’s pussy driving his cum deep into the depths of Stan’s bowls! Stevey pulled out leaving streams of boy cum running down Stan’s legs! I quickly replaced Stevey’s cock with mine and began a punishing fuck of his pussy! I grabbed his hips and with all my strength began to punish Stans pussy! I plowed deep and hard and almost knocked Stan down as I forced my cock deep inside Stan! Stan cried out with pain and lust as I continued to slam my cock home into his pussy! “Aggghhhh I’m cumming!” I screamed as rope after rope of boy cum forced its way into Stans pussy! Stan was a mess of boy cum and between Daddy’s cum running down his chin and Stevey’s and my cum running down his legs from his very used pussy he was a mess! Dad and Tom were not to be left out and were jerking their cocks furiously to an explosion of cum which was directed at Stan’s face and chest! Stan just sat back on his legs and received with great pleasure the cum which Dad and Tom soaked him with! His eyes were cemented closed by ropes of cum and his nose, mouth and eyes were smothered in cum! We were all spent but wanted to show Stan how much we appreciated him so we each began to lick the delicious cum from his face, chest and legs! It was a wonderful treat! “I’ve never been fucked like that before!” Stan confessed! “I would never have thought being fucked by 9 year olds would be so wonderful! You’ve turned me into a boy lover for sure!” Stevey and i gave Stan a long and sensuous kiss to show him how happy we were for him being such a great sport! Stan was all business when it came to fitting me with a wonderful wardrobe! There were a lot of kisses and occasional sucking during fitting! My outfits where a wonderful fit made for a gay boy my age! I gave Stan a long and passionate kiss to thank him for being such a wonderful sales host! I think Stan fell in love that day! He was glowing with lust as we checked out of the store! I bet his boyfriend will be a very happy gay tonight! We went back to the B&B to get our things and check out to head home! “I think this has been a very memorable time to cherish as long as we live!” Dad said, “tomorrow its back to business!” We returned to the cottage and the limo driver said his good byes after Daddy tipped him very well! We all gathered in the main room of the trailer and reminisced about the last couple of days! The adoption and wedding with the days that followed! The sex the last couple of days was amazing and gave us many wonderful memories! “Ok Steve I have to ask! Lately you’ve spent a tremendous amount of money! My last count was over $12,000!” Roughly a years salary for me! Just how much money do you have?” Dad asked. We all looked at Daddy and Stevey sidled up to his Dad and said “you cant hide it any more so out with it! They deserve to know after all we are all married!!” “Ok at the last statement from my accountant the family’s holdings are in the neighborhood of $120,000,000 my net holdings are somewhere in the neighborhood of $60,000,000! Toms, Dads and my mouths dropped! We were in shock! “$60,000,000 really! Just what does your family do?” Asked Tom. We have been in the shipping and transportation industry for the last century! We have a fleet of ships and barges that run the entire East coast with oil and oil products! We own a large fleet of trucks that deliver goods throughout the country and Canada! We have several thousand train cars carrying products thruought the east and central rail lines and various real estate holdings in Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Maryland! A long with stock investments, etc etc. Dad took some time dragging his jaw off the floor! Tom was about to pass out! Stevey was chuckling and I joined him! “I need to ask! Why run a small construction firm when you could own the largest in the country!” Dad asked. “Its quite simple really Eric! I never would have met you!! I wouldn’t have fallen in love! And would have never found the pleasures of boy love! You would not have approached me if you knew I was rich! I would have intimidated you and you would have remained at a distance! In other words a life without love or companionship! “I would have never thought of it like that” said Tom “I guess being rich isn’t all it seems to be!” Our money is only good when it enhances our lives! Not lavish ourselves with luxuries we don’t really need or cherish! I read from a true human being, rich as hell, named Eric Murphy! “If you cant help the person in front of you! What good are you!” “Being rich can be a real hinderence to doing good because your never where people of influence think you should be! You’re expected to donate to charities that only mean something to the ultra rich! You cant be on the street and help the homeless man because youre afraid of being recognized!Wealth is more of a curse than a joy!” “I want us to have a comfortable life with nice things to share! I also want a life dedicated to loving your neighbor and helping them live their dreams!” “Steve you’re a very beautiful man! I am blessed knowing you and even more loving you!!” Said Dad “I’m happy to say you complete me! Youre a rich man but rich in love and compassion!” “I cant imagine life without you! I dedicate my life to following you in your mission to helping our greater community!” Dad said and he leaned in taking Daddy in and giving him a very long and sensuous kiss! Tom joined the kiss and with tears running down his cheeks looked Daddy in the eye and said “Your the most beautiful human I’ve ever known! I cant stop crying you’re so beautiful! I will dedicate my life serving you! I will be that person you desire me to be!” Stevey and I kissed knowing we have the most wonderful Dads Any boy could hope for! Thank you so much every one for staying with me! I am and always will be a boy who loves his man! Boy/man sex is the most rewarding sex ever! I love sex and just cant get enough of telling you my story! I hope you like what I write! I hope you find the sex in my stories stimulating! Please let me know! I feel so alone sometimes when no one tells me what they think! There is so much more to tell! Our future is bright with constructing our home and experiencing stimulating boy/man sex! I promise to keep focused on what you need to wank as well as telling a wonderful story of love! Till next episode stay horny and hard! Think of that boy that excites you! Remember his face look upon his picture and explode with cum! Love you Eric! Happy wanking! Johnny

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