New Mom

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New MomIt all started when i came home early from school , I always used the back door , for i know how mom is about keeping the house clean, so i was walking to my room when i heard voices in my folks bedroom, I knew dad was a t work so who was mom talking to ?All i heard was mom begging the guy to fuck her , “Yes Harder! all she said , I was shocked i thought mom loved my dad , but here she was fucking some stranger. ;Oh! Mrs Sanford your pussy is so wet i heard the guy say. I lost all respect for my mom that day , she was nothing but a whore and soon dad would find out too for he soon caugh her fucking the guy days later. and he got a divorce, and we moved away, dad soon remarried to Lisa, she was very proper , well mannered too dressed very nice i knew she loved dad very much, she was all I could want in a mom .But something just kept eating at me , I wondered if all women were like my old mom, I would have to test her so it began I would walk into their room while she was dressing, she was shocked and turned away telling me she was dressing and for me to knock before I entered . I didn`t get to see very much, but her ass did look very nice.i would sit at the table just looking at her nice round breast, her bra looked so full , I would start to get hard ones.I knew i had a big cock for a k** my age of fiftheen, I measured it hard it was ten inchesi would just watch her as she bent down setting the plate of food down , I just wondered what she was really like was she just being nice to me for dad`s sake .i left the bath room door open one time as i stood there drying off, i just finished drying my cock when i seen her , shut the door i seen her a few minutes illegal bahis later, she told me she was sorry she didn`t mean to peek.I made up a story saying it must have came open on it`s own some how , knowing that I left it open i could she she was shaken by it. I wondered if she was turned on by just looking at me since it was nice out i would just wear shorts, with no underwear on, we had a pool in the back yard, i bought some tight swim shorts, she asked me one day if they were too small , they seem tight. I seen the way she began to look at my cock. I told her no it`s the way they are made.She just walked away, I walked up behind her one day with them on she was doing the dishes , she backed into me, she said she didn`t hear me come in , she just stood thereI could feel her ass touching my cock .My cock began to get hard, i slipped and pushed her into the sink my hard cock was against her ass, she turned i noticed her nipples had gotten hard , I asked her if she would join me in the pool .She said she had to much to do , walked away.Days went on she wouldn`t look at me dad was going away on business trip , knew cause i would hear them fucking I would stand outside there door jacking my cock listening to my mom , to she didn`t talk much during sex. I gess cause it didn`t last too long..School was out for a week, I just hung out at home just to help mom , plus to test her more , now dad was away would she go find someone else to fuck , I went to the bathroom. One night I heard mom i looked in she was sleeping, but her hand was under her gownI heard her moan, i gess she was dreamingI walked up to the bed that`s when i got a look at her pussy it was illegal bahis siteleri so wet looking.Her legs spread, i seen her breast too they was uncovered she had nice hard nipples.I see her eyes open, she tried to cove her self, i told her I heard so I came to see if she was alright, she grabbed the blanket told me to leave, so i did . that morning we talked , she hugged me i felt her breast she wasn`t wearing a bra, looked at her she just smiled asked me if something was wrong, i told her no . I went to my room to change to go swimmingI just dropped my shorts, the door opened mom stood there, she said she was sorry, i could see a different look in her eyes, she then said she would join me, she came down wiith a one piece suit on, but it was so hot looking.cut low in the front high in the back showed her ass very well . It made my cock get hardI gess she knew it too, i was laying on a lounge chair, she stood over dripping waterShe was going to fix dinner, i watched her walk away my cock was so hard. I gess she heard me come in the house she was in her room , she called me i walked in she was drying her hair, she was naked , she just looked at me, she walked to me her hand ran down my body till it got to my cock she put her hand against it she rubbed it then she knelt and took it out, she held it she then began to kiss it soon she was sucking me.She stopped held her breast put them around my cock began to fuck my cock with her breast, licking it with her tongue, I held her head telling her how i dream of this, me too she said sucking my balls . We laid on the bed.I licked her pussy while she sucked my cock her pussy tasted so good, I sucked canlı bahis siteleri on her clit it drove her crazy i soon was between her legs, i rubbed my cock along her wet pussy put ti slow I felt her pussy grip my cock , she then told me I was bigger than my dad and that she thought about me while he fucked her .I fucked her i heard her moan, then she begged me to fuck her hard , I was fucking her hard her legs wrapped around me,”YES! that it she screamed , I felt her come we laid there the rest of the day, she sucked me hard twice more ,the last time she said she wanted me to fuck her ass.So I did, that morning she sucked me hard and she rode my cock while I played with her breast, we showered she asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her . I walked into womens clothes stores , she would go to try something on, she would call me she pulled me in locking the door, told me to fuck her she bent over she wiggled her ass feeling my cock my hands were full of her breast, i told her i was going to cum she told me to cum inside her . I let loose huge load filling her pussy.We went food shopping, she would tease me.She opened her blouse, she took a cucumber put it between her breast right there in the store, she was on her knees in the stock room my cock between her breast while she sucked it, I came all over her face.she just licked it up , dad would be home that night, that meant i would sleep in my bed again and school was starting back. I called my old mom asked if we could meet.We had lunch, I knew now why she did what she did cause dad had a small cock , then i told her she could have asked me for help ,I put her hand on my cock her eyes got big feeling my hard cock .I took her home where she laid in bed while i licked her pussy while she sucked my cock then I fucked her making her beg like she did for the guy heard.After I came on her face I still thought of her a whore and now I knew it .The END.

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