New neighbor.

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New neighbor.If you read the other story about the neighbor then you will know where this starts. A new divorced lady moved in next door. She is from the city and moved here to be close to her daughter and grandk**s. We hit it off right away as far as being friends. She and I grew up in the same area, and have a lot in common. She is older than I am, but has an amazing body, and her daughter…….Oh my God!!!!! She also has a son, but he has only been around once or twice as far as I have seen. I get invited over for drinks and the pool just about every weekend. My wife has gone by, but she is content to stay in and watch tv. Not much of a drinker. So after lots of mutual flirting it happened today (Friday)! I will get to the story, but need to give some info first. She (Dianne) moved in last year. She is divorced, and her husband was a dick from what I here. The guy was a cop, and in the city they have a hard job. Some times that goes home, so I can’t blame the guy. I’m the guy she goes to for things like fixing something, or where to shop for things, etc. We say hi all the time, and she has her family over every weekend to use the pool. The boys are about5-6, and I got them toy guns for X-mas. Because of the pool, I’m around this chick and her daughter drinking in swim suites all the time. Early this summer I got her daughter high, and we made out, but that was a big secret, and hasn’t happened since. So here is the story.This morning it was 80 and humidified when I woke up, and rain was expected so I called off work. The rain was due to hit the city at 9:00, but not hit me until 2:00 so I had the day to enjoy. The sun was shinning. The wife left for work, and the day was set for me! I started popping beers at 8:00am lol So I’m on a bursa escort hammock, drinking a beer, listening to some tunes, and enjoying a Fri. off. From over the fence I hear “Hey John what are you doing home”. I explain that the day before it was 95, and I was welding overhead in a leather jacket all day. Dianne invites me over for a dip. I grab my cooler, and head over. She gives me a hard time about drinking at 8:30 in the morning, but is soon having one with me. After a dipthe fence I hear “Hey John what are you doing home”. I explain that the day before it was 95, and I was welding overhead in a leather jacket all day. Dianne invites me over for a dip. I grab my cooler, and head over. She gives me a hard time about drinking at 8:30 in the morning, but is soon having one with me. After a dipe are chilling on the deck and drinking. Her daughter Dee Dee is supposed to come by later with the k**s. They like seeing me because I’m the fun guy to them. There dad isn’t really involved with them, and I don’t have a son anymore so I enjoy seeing them. We play ball, have fun in the pool, etc. At this point it is about 10:00, and we are out of beer so I run back to the house to refill the cooler. We are drunk!!!! So as we are sitting in lounge chairs occasionally jumping in the pool she points out that she is getting red. I ask her if she wants to go in, but she instead just puts on some sun block. She tells me that my back is getting red, and I could use some as well. So now I’m on her folding chair between her legs and she is rubbing lotion on my back. She tells me I have a really nice back, and I right out say, “we should hook up, nobody is around”. she says “John you have a nice wife, you can’t do that to her” What I heard in my perverted bursa escort bayan mind was: I would if you weren’t married. I turned around so now I’m facing her. Her legs are spread, and her feet are on the deck because I was sitting there, and now mine are spread as well and I’m facing this chick in a bikini. She was now rubbing lotion on my chest, and I’m trying to close the deal. lol I grab her chin, and pull her in for a kiss. We did kiss, but she laid back and said something like, “John you are so silly” with a giggle and smile. She has a really cute face, and the way she looked in the sun glasses was so cute. She looks a lot like Sally Fields (Gidget) At least that is the best way I can describe her. For being mid 50’s she is hot! I’m still straddling the lounge chair, and now her legs are up on my thighs. I always cut the netting out of my trunks, so it has to be clear to her that I am rock hard. She grabs my dick, and with a laugh says, “John go jump in the pool” (meaning cool off). I do just that and jump in. Once in, I throw my trunks on the deck, and ask if she is coming in. She has had about 7 silver bullets, and is just laughing. She is laying on the lounge chair, and the bottom up her feet are so cute. I tell her she has really cute feet, that she is a hot mama, anything to keep her in a good mood. After some flattery, and me asking her to give me a beer, she comes and sits at the end of the deck with her feet in the pool. I’m now up by her and we are drinking and joking. I’m in the water but between her legs rubbing her thighs, as she kinda’ splashes with her feet. I start kissing by her knee, then up her middle leg right up to her bikini. I move her bikini to the side, and I’m eating her out. Her pussy was like a teen escort bursa girls pussy! Shaved, inny if that makes sense. It shocked me because she was older and has k**s. She was liking it but stopped me because the neighbors might see. I ask her for my trunks, and she gives them to me. I tell her I’m going to pee in her pool, and she says “you better not!” So I say lets go inside. Dripping wet we head in to use the bathroom. I really could have just went in the pool and not said anything, but I wanted to get her out of sight. After a piss I pull her in tight for a kiss. So here we are. Dripping wet in swimsuits making out in her hallway. I am rock hard, and just drop my trunks. She went right down and was blowing me. I was cold from being wet, and her mouth felt so warm. After blowing me for a few minutes I pulled her up, and took her to the sofa. I didn’t bother to get rid of the bikini. I pushed it to the side and stuck it in. She was very wet so it went right in. I was fucking her crazy! She was worried before what the neighbors might see, and now I was thinking about what they were hearing. Being divorced, and me knowing her routine it was clear she needed a good fucking, and she was getting it! As much as I was enjoying myself, I knew this must be like a fantasy for her. I’m like 15 years younger and giving her the fucking she has probable needed. After pounding her missionary for a good while, I pick her up, pull off the bikini bottom, and bend her over the arm of the sofa. I was hitting her pussy hard! It is 1:30 in the morning as I write this, and my groin area is bruised from the pounding. When I came I pulled out and shot it on her back. She didn’t really like that, but I got tissue and cleaned it up. It was fun as hell and our secret. Later that night I was bbq’ing In the yard with my wife, and she invited us over. Her family was there. We had a few drinks, and our secret. I hope I have an update soon. This could be a good thing for a while!

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