New Neighbor


The thermometer outside hit the day’s high point at one hundred and ten degrees that summer day. There I was, stuck in the middle of summer, doing chores. Usually I would have put off my chores until my room mates came home that way I could get a little help or reel them into doing them for me. One thing I hated, was doing chores back home. Dishes were the doom of me. I hated the way they turned my hands all prune-like and how I had to take off all my jewelry and such just to do it. However, even though the weather outside was terrible, my newest chore was one to compensate. Wash the car.

The car, a Mini Cooper. Of course, it wasn’t that big, therefore, I wasn’t really seeing prune hands ahead of me for working with the water. And since the weather was so hot, I was able to cool off in the mean time. Picking up my bucket, scrubbers, wash cloth, and soap, I headed outside. Normally I would have just taken the car to the nearest gas station with car wash. Why waste your time when with a fill up of gas you could get your car washed for only four seventy nine more?

Closing the front door behind me, I looked out at the cute car. I remembered buying it with my two room mates. Amelia and Wendy. Two girls I had grown to love over my years attending the nearby university. Nine months ago we had decided to get a place off campus after spending two years living with each other in a small dorm. The second thing we did was buy a car for all of us to take around.

Amelia was this cute little bouncy brunette. She had these deep, stunning blue eyes and a petite figure. When you would first meet her you thought ‘how cute! She looks like a little doll!’ She is that cute. She also has this bouncy personality that makes people want to be around her because she is always where the fun was. She is the one to go to parties and then bring the party home.

Wendy. Now there is a story. Wendy grew up in Australia. She has like the biggest IQ of anyone I have ever known. You know how you hear about people with big IQs being total jerks? That isn’t Wendy. She is actually one of the nicest girl’s you will meet. She has this caramel like skin that tends to glisten in the sun, and these almond brown eyes. A total guy magnet. Amelia makes the parties, Wendy takes all the guys home from the party.

Then there is me. This average girl. Not too bad of a body though. Size 5 last time I went shopping. I’ve got an average IQ and not too heavy on being the social butterfly, although attention is nice every now and then. Together the three of us are dangerous together. It’s great.

Anyway, about the car. We bought Cooper, our Mini Cooper, because we were tired of bumming rides from people and knew we needed a mode of transportation since we were no longer living on campus. It was used since we are all starving college kids away from home, and it was quite affordable. The only real problems were that the engine was slightly bad and needed some repairs. The oil needed to be changed and the tires rotated. We stuck it in the driveway and there is remains (that was over a month ago). In the meantime, we borrowed Amelia’s cousin’s car that lives down the road from us.

I walked out with my Converse sneakers rubbing against the hot concrete of the driveway, and over to the car. Even though we hadn’t used the car in a little over a month, it contained a lot of dirt. It hadn’t been washed since the way we took it out in the muddy rain and every piece of dirt decided to stick to it.

I walked over to the faucet and turned it on. Sticking the hose into the bucket, I filled up the bucket with clean, clear water. Looking up, I noticed a moving van across the street. “Cool,” I said and turned off the water. The Warren family had lived across from us since we moved in. A little over a week ago though, they moved. Bradley Warren, the father, was an officer of some sort in the military and of course, military moves around like every two years or something sometimes. It seemed the place was sold before they even left. To whom I had no idea though.

I turned the nozzle on the hose to a stream high power and started spraying the muddy car. I could see the dirt coming off of it which was pretty gross but a bit amusing. esenyurt escort After it was wet, I opened the car door and turned the stereo on. The radio was playing Fall Out Boy’s newest single. I blasted it as loud as Amelia would allow me to (if I overdid it, she said I would blow the speakers out). I did as she told me because she bought the radio since the old one was crap. Now, it had an XM radio in it.Anything

As the song went into the chorus, I sang with my average voice, bellowing out the lyrics as I started to scrub the car with a soapy old car scrubber. I lathered up the hood good and nice when I heard someone yell over the radio.

“Hey! Do you think we can borrow a measuring tape?!”

Jumping, I managed to splatter the guest with the soapy scrubber. I covered my mouth in shock and then went around to the window of the car and turned the radio down.

“I am so sorry!” I apologized as a blonde guy wiped bubbles from his cheek.

“It’s no problem,” he told me with one of the cutest smiles I had ever seen. It made my heart melt and flutter at the same time. I smiled a little wide, which caused him to grin at me.

“Are you the new neighbor across the street?” I asked, gesturing the house with the moving van. He nodded.

“I’m Ryan,” He introduced himself.

My hand slipped nicely into the one he outstretched to me. I introduced myself and then reasked what it was that he had wanted before getting a wash, himself. After getting it out of the tool box in the house, he thanked me and left. For a moment, I was in awe. Of course, I had forgotten to ask him why he was moving into town and if he was the only one in the house. Stupid me. Shrugging it to the side, I went back to washing the car. If the weather had made me hot before, it was nothing compared to after Ryan left.

“Hey girlie,” came Wendy’s voice around ten minutes later. She was dressed in her running clothes, going for a run during the earlier part of the morning. She ran to the end of town and back. A good nine miles. Track star. Enough said.

“Hey Wendy,” I said, looking up from the car.

“I see we got new people in the Warren place.” She stopped next to me, looking out and over to the house across the street.

“Yup,” I replied with a nod.

“Anything good we can borrow from them and not return?”

I laughed and sprayed her with the water house. Within two minutes, we were both drenched and running around the car, throwing water at each other and drying towels. It was a blast. Of course, that was the way we were around each other. After the squealing and yelping died down and we began to dry the Cooper, Amelia came home.

“Guess what!?”

“What?” we asked in unison.

“You missed a spot,” she pointed to a spot that both Wendy and I were working on. Smirking to each other, we made this silent plot. Wendy continued to scrub to distract Amelia while I went around to the water hose. When Amelia realized her outcome, she took off running down the driveway. I ran after her with the hose and nailed her on the street in front of our house. Unfortunately, Amelia wasn’t my only victim. Ryan got another blast from me. I bit my lip as he made his way up our driveway, his whole front wet.

“I’m sorry Ryan.” I apologized again, trying not to laugh.

“It’s okay. No problem…again,” he replied in good humor and handed me the tape measure. Amelia and Wendy stood by, and I forgot they were they until Amelia cleared her throat, grasping for attention. I shook my head clear.

“Oh, right!” I smiled and turned sideways, facing my room mates. “Ryan, these are my room mates, Amelia…and Wendy. Wendy, Amelia, this is Ryan. He is our new neighbor.” The three greeted one another.

“Well, I had better get going. My brother wants to start putting our stuff together in the house. He thinks that living with him, his best friend, and his fiancé is going to be fun.”

“You don’t think so?” Wendy asked in a playful manner.

Ryan’s blue eyes locked with mine. He smiled and shook his head. “Not particularly, but the neighborhood might be worth it.”

I smiled and nodded. “It -definitely- is.”

Ryan nodded to me, eyes still locked avrupa yakası escort on mine for a moment, and then he finally pulled away. “It was nice to meet you all. Thanks for the measuring tape.” All three of us were doing the exact same things when Ryan left. 1) Watching how his butt moved, 2) Gawking, and 3) dreaming of seeing him naked in bed.

Wendy and I knocked on Ryan’s door the next following evening. In her hands was a plate of cookies. She was the cook of the group, and a darn good one. Amelia was off with her boyfriend getting drunk. She wouldn’t be home until the early morning, and since we didn’t have classes and none of us were leaving for home until one more week, we really had no worries about staying up or being out late.

Ryan’s brother’s friend answered the door. “Can I help you?”

“We’re your neighbors,” Wendy spoke up. I nodded, my hands in my tight, jean pockets.

“Ahh, I see,” he said and gave us a curious expression. Wendy turned on the charm and pretty soon, we were in the living room, laughing at jokes and drinking a beer. About an hour later, I found myself a little too intoxicated for my liking, and a bit tired. I bid goodbye to the group and walked out. Honestly, I had hoped Ryan would have been there. I wanted to get to know the blonde hottie better. He had been out looking for a job though. As I closed the door, who should come home, but Ryan. I smiled wide but tried to appear casual as I walked down his driveway (a little awkwardly from the alcohol in my system).

“Come to get the rest of my family wet?”

“Nope, you’re the only person I want wet,” I replied a little seductively. He took it in good humor, as always, even laughed.

“Is that a fact?” he asked amused.

“It is,” I replied playfully and winked.

“Where you headed?”

I pointed. He moved my hand to the right house. I had been pointing at the alley two houses away.

“I’ll walk you.”

“You don’t think I can cross the street on my own?”

“What if I said no?”

I laughed. He turned with me and we started walking down the rest of his driveway. When we got to the curb, he stopped me. I looked at him curiously.

“Will you hold my hand, and walk me across the street?” he asked playfully, holding up his hand.

“I thought you were suppose to be walking me across the street?” I asked playfully back.

I slipped my hand into his as we laughed and started walking across the street. When we got to the other curb, neither of us let go. We walked all the way up my driveway and to my door. I knew it was unlocked but he didn’t know. I wasn’t about to tell him. Not yet.

‘Dang! I forgot my key.” I stomped. It wasn’t a lie. I just didn’t -need- the key.

“We can go back-“

“No,” I interrupted. “Then I’ll want to stay and drink more.”

“Well, what’s wrong with that?”

“I won’t be alone with you,” I retorted playfully. We both laughed lightly and then he rested his hand on my jawline and leaned in. I felt his lips against mine and smiled as he kissed me. I returned the favor and our lips moved as one for nearly five minutes straight. It was very nice indeed. When we separated, our eyes locked again

Before I knew it, I had opened my door and he was following me in. My jacket dropped on the floor in the living room, followed by my belt, pants, and shirt in the hallway. I lay on my bed, my legs sprawled in my thong and sports bra, as Ryan walked into the room. Looking up at him with a sexy, alluring expression, I noticed he was only left in his pants and boxers. He walked over to the bed and then crawled onto it and over me. I looked up at him, our eyes locking once again, and licked my lips.

“You’re drunk,” he told me.

“And you’re horny,” I replied to him.

We laughed and he leaned down and kissed me once again. My hand moved to his waist band where I unbuttoned his pants. He stopped me though with a hand. I broke the kiss and looked at him, as if to ask ‘what?’ He smiled and leaned into my neck, kissing it heatedly. Not being able to take it, I let a soft moan slip. In a flash, I had pulled him to the bed and switched places, anadolu yakası escort hovering over him instead. He looked up at me and watched as I moved to his pants. However, my hands were on his uppertorso. It was my mouth that did the undressing. As my chin hit the crotch area of his pants, as I worked the zipper down, I could feel his throbbing member, aching to be free. I had full intent on doing as the muscle desired, but first, I had a desire. A desire to get his pants off the rest of the way.

I sat up, inbetween his somewhat spread legs. My hands moved to the bottom cuffs of his pants and I pulled at them. They slowly, inch by inch, made their way down his body until his pants were at his ankles. He kicked them off with ease and turned his attention back to me.

“Ever since I saw you, you playing with the hose, getting yourself wet, I’ve been wet since. I’ve wanted you to play with my hose. Last night, I went to sleep, imaging you handling me the way you did with that hose. Drinking my desired goodness and-“

I covered his mouth. I had heard enough of his confession to have really heated me up. Because once I had met him, all I thought about was feeling his hose. I leaned down into his ear. “Tonight, you’re going to get what you want,” I told him seductively as my hands moved to his thighs. He closed his eyes. I could tell he was aroused. I couldn’t believe I had made him aroused. That he had imagined me playing with him. My hands worked their way to his pulsating shaft. I could feel it on the other side of the fabric he claimed as boxers. It was huge. I got wet and hot, thinking about it inside of me, filling me with passion.

My hands moved to his waistband as my eyes locked with his. Our eyes did a game of foreplay all of their own. I moved his waistband aside and slipped a hand inside of his boxers, feeling his aroused skin. It was so big! I couldn’t even take it all in my hand. My hand slipped up and down his aching member before I moved my fingers to his left sac. I didn’t even need to feel his right one. My hands quickly took off his boxers. For the first time, I got a look at him. What my room mates and I had imagined in our dirty little minds, I was seeing it for real. And it was better then I had imagined.

I moved my hand to his throbbing organ and began to work my magic on him. From my first touch, he was unable to stop moaning with each movement I did on him. He was so aroused, there was really no need for foreplay. He wanted me and he wanted me now. The next second, he flipped me onto my back on the bed and hovered over me. I looked at him innocently although I knew that I wasn’t in the least bit, innocent.

He opened up my legs, wrapping them around him, and slid his enlarged shaft into my opening. I moaned and breathed deeply, taking it all in. He picked up a rhythm and soon, he was giving it to me with no mercy. I loved it. I was unable to keep in screams and moans as his sacs hit against my skin. My hands reached out for the best posts but I was too far. They had to deal with the bed sheets instead. I dug my nails and hands deep into them and gasped for breath as he worked me.

I could feel that point of no return, ebbing it’s way closer. The point that a girl feels all ecstacy. That’s what I wanted and that is what I would be getting. My insides pulsated violently until he moved just barely within me and that was it. I let out a scream I am sure anyone on the street would have heard. “Oh gawd Ryan! Yes!” I moaned and grabbed onto his shoulders. He was not done with me though. Oh no. I thought so but he was still working away, not giving me a chance to recuperate before he was sending me over my second orgasm. However, at my second exotic release, my body tightening around his working member, I felt him shake. He was going to come into me. I wasn’t so sure of that and so I pulled at his shoulders, locking our eyes.

“I want to taste you,” I told him desperately.

“You’d better hurry,” he said through gritted teeth. He was holding back for me. I found it touching. I nodded and pulled myself away from him. I pushed myself down the bed, but it wasn’t totally in time. He got my neck and chin. The rest of him went gracefully into my mouth. I swallowed him down my throat. It was hot but delicious. He tasted great. I swallowed him and then sucked the remaining drops within him. His member went limp but we both were thankful for the work it had done. Breathing heavily, we locked eyes once more and shared a passionate kiss before he got dressed and headed back to his house.

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