New Neighborhood


I had just moved into a new neighborhood and was getting used to the feel of it. I enjoyed walking, and so (almost) everyday I would go on a 30 minute to an hour walk, through my neighborhood and sometimes to some trails and paths close by. I loved staying fit, doing my best to keep in shape.

One day, I was on my normal walk and a man approached me, stepping out of his garage and towards the sidewalk. He looked a bit older than me (I’m 28, he looked about 38-40 tops), he was large and tall, and he approached me suddenly.

“Hey, how’s it going today?” he asked.

“Good, what’s up?”

“I was wondering if you could come help me with something. I’m trying to sell a shelf and I don’t know how to work a phone camera too well. I was wondering if you’d come inside and help me snap a picture of the shelf real quick.” He held up his phone as he said this, looking confused.

Immediately, my heart started racing. It started racing because I felt this was an odd request (who doesn’t know how to use a phone camera nowadays? This wasn’t an old man or anything). My senses told me to get out of there. He could be a serial killer or something, why else would he be trying to lure me into his house? Did he actually need help with anything? My gut instinct told me to leave, and anyways, I had to be at work soon and was running late.

“Listen,” I said, “I would love to help, but I’m running late for work (which was getting to be true), so I have to go.” He looked very disappointed when I said this.

“Look, it won’t take long. You said you’re busy, going to work? What about after or maybe you have some free time?”

“No,” I said, a little more stern now, just wanting him to leave me alone. “I have to go, sorry.” And I began to walk off quickly, almost angrily now. I kept up my pace, but glanced behind me, and saw this man standing in his driveway still, his camera in hand.

When I got home, I relaxed for a minute and processed what had happened. My heart was racing, a bit of adrenaline, because this guy creeped me out a bit. “There’s no way he wanted help,” I thought to myself. “Maybe he was going to murder me. Maybe there’s a serial killer in this neighborhood and I can stop him…” But then my mind went to another place. I had been a little frustrated and scatterbrained lately, dealing with my own problems of sexual lust and identity issues, not knowing if I was truly straight, gay, bi, or what.

I suddenly imagined the scene again, and the imploring look on the guy’s face and how he really wanted me to come in. I passed by a mirror, thinking this, and noticed how I looked. I had on a tight shirt and shorts, my bubble butt sort of sticking out, I looked hot, though I hate to be vain or proud. But I looked pretty good today. And then I imagined this guy seeing me, the way he was eyeing me when we talked. My dick started to get hard. I imagined what if, maybe he wanted something else. My breathing got heavy again. This time not out of fear, but lust and curiosity.

I began to imagine actually going into his house, what could’ve happened. The shelf would be there, and he’d hand me his phone, telling me to get a good angle. I’d open up the camera and point it at the shelf, ready to snap the shot. But then, maybe he’d get behind me, looking at the phone in my hands.

“Just want to make sure you get a good angle.”

“Ok,” I’d say, my hands shaking slightly.

But I steady the phone and get a good angle, ready to click the shot. And that’s when I’d feel him, getting close to me (I let this fantasy play out in my head, as I lock myself in my bathroom, starting to rub my hardening dick).

He would get behind me, closer, his hard, large dick gently pressing against me. His hands would slowly drift down, resting gently on my sides.

“Yeah, that’s a good angle,” he’d say, close to my ear (I began moaning softly, beating my hard, hard dick as I thought this).

“Yeah?” I’d say back, with nervous, shallow breath.

“Mhmm,” he’d mutter in my ear as he leans down, softly kissing my neck.

“Oh!” I’d say, jumping slightly. His hands would start to move upwards, going along my sides, under my shirt. (I began to moan as I masturbated, the image so hot in my head). I would feel his dick hardening even more, pressing against me as his hands roam up further, going to my stomach, softly rubbing at my stomach and abs. His kisses tender and soft on the side of my neck.

I didn’t get much further into my fantasy before I began cumming, cumming loads all over, there was so much! I stood there for a minute, hot and sweaty, before cleaning up. I grabbed a quick shower and dressed for work. Now showered and clean, I stood there, puffing sensually on a cigarette, playing what had happened, and fantasy over and over in my head. Maybe he actually was a murderer though? I laughed to myself. But something about how he looked at me, the tone of his voice, so gentle, I don’t know. It seemed like maybe my fantasy was more along the lines of what would’ve happened, if I had only gone merter escort in to help. It gave me goosebumps. I shook them off and went to work, slightly confused but happy, and kind of hopeful, hopeful maybe something would actually happen.

Over the next few days, I didn’t see the stranger again on my daily walks. There wasn’t too much activity at his house at all (I would pass it on my walks, eyeing it, hopeful that maybe he would hop outside again). But it was always nothing.

And then one day, I was walking down the road, and he approached me. This time though, he was driving a convertible car and pulled up alongside me, on the road. I stopped and froze up. In my current state of mind, I had forgotten about it (mostly) and when he approached, I felt my masculine side kick in and my adrenaline was pumping. What did he want this time? Was he going to try to kidnap me? Good luck. I walk and exercise all the time, even doing martial arts. I might not be the most masculine guy, but I can defend myself when needed.

“Hey,” he said to me, “I’m trying to sell this car. It needs a bit of work, but it’s a classic, know anyone that would be interested? Maybe you?”

“I don’t know man, probably not.”

“Oh,” he said, looking down and looking a bit sad. “Well maybe you have a friend or somebody?”

Suddenly, I thought of my one buddy who worked on cars. Maybe if I mention him, it’ll move the conversation along and he’ll go away.

“Yeah, actually I have a buddy who works on cars, he likes sports cars and vintage stuff.” I was talking on auto pilot now, the whole neighborhood felt frozen around us. Suddenly, the other interaction with this guy (and my fantasy of it) came flashing into my head. I suddenly felt very aware of my body, the small beads of sweat going down my back, curving around my bubble butt.

“Cool. Well maybe you’d want to hop in and see how it drives with me (he patted the seat as he said this)?” He had a determined look in his eye. A million things ran through my head. But it was daylight, he was in a convertible, I don’t think he’d try to murder me in a setting like this, so what’s the worst that could happen? It was a really nice car.

And so I had to make a decision, a split decision. I felt the words spurt out before I could even think, “sure,” I said. A smile crept across his face and I stepped forward, opening the passenger door and climbing in the seat. My heart was racing a bit, but I calmed myself and put the seat belt on.

He held out his hand and said “The name’s Brad, you?”

“Skyler,” I said, reaching out my hand into his massive hand and we shook, maybe a little longer than expected, but nothing weird. I drew my hand back into my lap and we started to drive off.

“Where are you going to drive to?” Was all I could think to say.

“Oh, just around the block a bit, so I can show you what this car will do, then I can drop you off wherever. I want 6 thousand for it.” And I started thinking, maybe he really is just trying to sell the car. But still, I felt flustered. My dick was getting hard and there was no stopping it. But I shifted in my seat and hid it.

We came to a stop sign and he took a left, an empty road. “Here, let me show you a bit what this thing can do.” He put his foot down accelerating quickly, and reached his right arm out as he did this, laying it against my stomach. “Hold on,” he said.

And as he accelerated, he kept his hand pressed firmly against my stomach. He began to move his hand in a small circle, feeling my abs and stomach. I did nothing, I sat frozen as he felt up my stomach and held me back. He slowed the car down and moved his hand back, but he did it very slowly, sliding it down my stomach, over my leg and thigh, and back on the wheel.

My cock was growing so hard, this all felt like a surreal dream. He definitely felt me up a little, that had nothing to do with the car. I was speechless, staring at the road ahead as he pulled back into our neighborhood.

“So what do you think?” he asked, looking over at me and smiling. I looked at him for a moment, but put my head down, shyly. I was so nervous, but so curious and turned on. Could my fantasy about hooking up with another guy, being seduced, could it all finally be coming true?

“It’s… good.” was all I managed to say.

He laughed and drove slowly through our neighborhood, getting close to where his house is located.

“Say, it’s a hot day out, and I’m sure you’re a little thirsty from walking out here, want to come back to my place for a minute? I’ve got ice cold water bottles in the fridge, we can talk about the car a little more… Only if you want.” He looked over at me with pleading eyes. I almost said “No thanks I have water at home” but my cock was doing the thinking, and I had never been touched, felt up like that before. Something as simple as him rubbing my stomach had me hard, and so I said, “Sure, sure, ok,” and then got very silent and still.

We pulled into his driveway mutlukent escort and he got out first, walking towards his house. I stood up slowly and got out of the car. I turned away from him as best as I could, trying to hide my erection. He didn’t seem to notice it as he unlocked his door. I followed behind as he flicked on the lights. His house was pretty empty, there was a shelf right in front of me (oh god, the shelf! I thought for a second). He stepped out of the main room, towards his kitchen. I stood there, still half erect and curious, feeling like a slutty school girl wanting and waiting to be fucked as he came back in, two waters in his hand. I cracked mine open (good, seal is not broken. no funny stuff) and took a few gulps.

“You can set your water down on the table over there, if you want,” he said, motioning to the nearby table. I walked over to it and set my water bottle down, and I felt him following me, getting close behind. I gulped loudly. His body pressed into mine, softly, and I felt the outline of his growing cock, pressing in between my ass cheeks. I let out a small yelp.

“So, why didn’t you want to help me take a photo of the shelf?” he asked, his voice low and raspy. He moved his hands down and rested them on my sides, my hips (just like my fantasy!)

At this point, it was hard to say anything. My dick was growing so hard, pressing against my jean zipper. “I, I don’t know. I was nervous I guess, and I had to be at work.”

“I don’t know,” he said, pressing his cock (which I could feel hardening against me) deeper in between my ass cheeks. “I think you’ve been a bad boy. You made me wait so long.” I couldn’t say anything as his hands went from my sides to around the front of my pants, popping the button. He quickly unzipped them and forcefully threw them down, resting around my ankles. I let out a sound I’d never heard myself make before, a small squeak/gasp. I nearly fell forward from this, but his strong hands quickly returned to my sides, steadying me back against his hard cock.

“I, I’m sorry,” was all I could think to say at that moment. He let out a small laugh and began to move his hands from my boxers, around to my front again. This time, he moved his hands up, under my shirt and began to slowly rub at my stomach and abs. I let out another small squeak noise as he did this. That area of my body had always been so sensitive, it’s like he knew exactly where to touch me. I was so turned on, my dick rock hard, tenting in my boxers, straining against the fabric.

“It’s ok,” he said, whispering softly, “You’re just going to have to make up for it now.” And he bent down and placed a few small kisses on the side of my neck, another sensitive spot of mine. I audibly moaned when he did this and he laughed again.

“I’ve been wanting to see this cute body of yours, to feel this soft, little ass.” He placed a hand on my ass and squeezed it, through my boxers. The feeling was electric, his big hands on my soft, round ass cheek, it’s exactly what I wanted. I made a small whimper of approval. “But I don’t want to rush it, I want to take it slow, to enjoy you.” He said this close to my ear again, filling me with goosebumps.

“Maybe I’ll just run my hands over your soft ass a little, like this.” And he placed his other hand on my ass, massaging and squeezing through my boxers. He pulled my boxers down a bit, revealing the very top of my ass cheeks. “Yeah, this is turning me on,” he said. My cock only grew harder as he played with and fondled my ass. He ran his hands down my cheeks and hooked his fingers in the bottoms of my boxers. He pulled them up, until the sides of my boxers were up, nearly wedged into my ass, my cheeks exposed. This turned me on so badly, I felt like a slut with my ass cheeks hanging out, my boxers riding up in between my ass crack.

He ran his hands up and down, over my exposed ass, and as he did this, he pressed his body close. I could feel how hard his cock was through his jeans, as it pressed against different parts of my body, against my leg, my ass cheek. I was so exposed and turned on. My hard cock poked out through the hole in my boxers now, red and veiny, dripping little drops of precum.

“Mmm yeah,” Brad said as he moved his hands up, back around to my front. This was too much. He was going to make me cum without even touching my cock. Instantly his hands were under my shirt again, moving up. My shirt moved up and down with him as he groped at my stomach area again, going up a bit, to my upper abs.

“Oh, god,” I moaned.

“Ever been with a guy before?” he asked, so cool and calm into my ear, licking at it.

“Ughhh, no, no. I like this though.”

“Yeah?” he kissed at my neck, his hands sliding up more, going towards my chest.

“Mhmm, yeah. I’m so hard right now.”

“Yeah, me too. You’re really hot.” And with that, he reached my chest. He ran his hands up and down, rubbing against my nipples and down to my stomach, back up, caressing my chest. My dick otele gelen escort twitched violently as I ohh’d and ahhh’d, pumping more precum to my tip. He took one hand away, and unzipped his own jeans, letting is cock out. He returned his hand to my chest and pulled me back against him, his exposed cock pressing against my half exposed ass cheeks. And it felt even more massive, naked and against me. The feeling of it was so warm and hot, I wanted it up against me, and so I pressed my ass back against him, arching.

His hands felt so good on my chest, massaging my muscles. He let his fingertips glide over my nipples, softly pinching at them. Another sensitive spot of mine, sending shivers down my body, directly to my cock.

“Uhhh,” I moaned in approval.

“Yeah, you’ve been so naughty, making me wait for you, for this little body of yours.” He slapped my ass cheek playfully and I yelped out a little, in pure pleasure.

“Ohh, sorry,” I said again, whispering.

“Here, let me take this off of you.” He pulled my shirt up and over my head, tossing it to the side. Then he let his hands glide down my back and readjusted my boxers, back down over my ass cheeks. He then pulled them down, slowly, over my ass, until my ass was completely exposed to him. My dick still poked through the opening, so hard and erect, keeping my boxers held up. I now stood there, almost completely naked in front of him, my ass hanging, cock hard as hell. “I must be dreaming,” I thought to myself, my mind wild with lust.

He placed his hands on my hips and turned me around so gently, facing him. I felt shy still, but my eyes immediately went to his massive cock, seeing it for the first time. It was so large and veiny, tall and thick like him. I immediately wondered how much of it I could get into my mouth. I wanted to drool all over it.

He grabbed hold of his huge dick with one hand and started stroking it slowly, a crazed look in his eyes. As he did this, he started to run his hand, mostly his fingertips up and down the front of me, against my nipples, my chest and stomach. My hands and most of my ass rested on the table behind me, steadying myself as this stranger softly felt up my body.

“Such a nice body, those walks are doing you good.” His fingers twirled around my nipples. “You’re skin is so soft.” I panted heavily. He moved his hand down, over my stomach now, groping at my upper pubic hair, closer to my pulsing cock.

Then he placed both hands on my sides again, and brought his body against mine, our dicks touching gently. He popped his jean button and they fell to the floor, his large dick bursting through the hole in his boxers. He was wearing a tucked in unbuttoned shirt that flapped to his sides, a white shirt underneath. As he held me and pressed our dicks together, I reached my hands out, running up, under his white shirt. His stomach was large and strong like him. I roamed up further, feeling his mid stomach area as he held me, humping his dick against my body.

He pushed my hands to my sides and reached around, grabbing hold of my exposed upper ass. “Uh,” I said, a little startled, biting my lip. It was pure pleasure every time he touched my ass like that. He humped me with a little more force now, mashing his hard dick against any part of my body he could, up and against my stomach, and then down and inbetween my legs, against my legs. My cock would slap against his dick or against his body as he did this, every little contact with him sending pleasure through my whole body.

He squeezed my ass even harder as he continued humping me, grunting as he did this. “Yeah, yeah, I want to cum all over your cute little body. Look at you.” He got very close to my face as he said this, looking into my eyes. I was so horny, but I couldn’t look at him, only towards him, my mouth hanging open as we humped. He slapped my ass again and pulled me towards him, our hard, sticky cocks grinding together.

“Ohh, oh god,” I said. He slid a hand up my back and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my lips toward his. He pressed his lips forcefully against mine, letting our lips stay locked for a few seconds before pulling away, returning both hands to my ass, forcing me on and up against his gigantic dick.

My boxers were barely hanging on, I loved how I felt, like a naughty chick with her clothes half ripped off, being humped by a horny guy who wanted me, my body. Neither of us were saying any words now, only muffled grunts and moans as we humped, or should I say as Brad humped me viciously, banging me against the table, my cock upright, rubbing against his strong body.

“You’re such a little slut. I knew it as soon as I saw you, I had to have you.”

“Yeah?” I moaned, Brad’s giant dick slapping against me, against my medium sized dick.

“Are you gonna be my little cum slut?” He said, gripping my ass and sides forcefully, pulling me into him, nearly ontop of his cock.

“Yeah, yeah,” I managed to get out, my voice cracking.

“Good,” he said, and slid my boxers down. He did the same to his boxers and pressed his hard cock against mine, grabbing them both in his large hands. “Oh!” I said, looking down. Our cocks were both hard and veiny, wet from our precum. He held them with a tight grip. I loved the feeling of his dick against mine, I had been fantasizing about this for so long now, it felt surreal.

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