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New Sexual FriendGosh, after all this time I was finally able to have an adventure that it was hot and that is cool but could not ended with cum, it was matter of time. but let me tell you what happened on that day, last Saturday; so my family went out to visit some relatives they were coming back later at night , I tried to be off from work as soon as possible thinking that I wanted to find someone and have an adventure. It was little late when finally get off from work, so I was going back home since I was alone, in the Transmetro (public bus) there was a guy looking at me, I knew this guy was looking for something also so from time to time I also look to the guy, he was not bad but not to attractive either all I thought was “this is my chance” , we were off the Transmetro I was about to follow that guy when someone I know talked to me so I missed that guy, I thought he was going to stop by the public restrooms in that bus terminal, so I looked for him there, could not find it, instead I found another guy that was already in front of the urinals toilets. I knew he was that kind of person looking for something so I stand next to him and pretend to be peeing, I looked at his big cock that was hard already he was rubbing his hand on it, he looked at mine that started to get hard, when no one was closer I grabbed his cock, I have it on my hand for a little when we hear someone coming in, there were guys already on some of the toilets rooms, some were empty.This guy moved to one of those empty rooms but before going in he grabbed my hard cock and so I knew he wanted something, people was coming in and out of the restroom, we had no chance, so then he came out of toilet room and I was looking at him letting him know that I was interested in some adventure, then I walked into a toilet room and waited for him but never came in because there were şişli escort still many people outside in the restrooms, I got ready to go home, while I was washing my hands this guy came close to me, was a little older then me, and that is ok, we were talking and he asked me where I live, and for pure casualty we live in the same city and residential , really I said? so he said let’s go home better I ‘m alone at home today, so yeah we took the bus to our town, on the way we were talking about sex about other things, job, etc.then there was so much traffic that took us longer to be at home, I was little worried because I needed to come back home soon since I had things to do before my family come back, we got lucky and finally we were in our residential place, we walked to his house I live just like 8 blocks away.When at his home, he called his wife to let her know all was ok and he was already at home, she and k**s were coming back next day, on Sunday. so I was feeling so sweaty, took a quick shower to wash my body he was already waiting for me at his bed just wearing his underwear, I enter the room just covering with the towel he borrowed me, guy went to restroom and washed himself, so when he came back to his room I was already on his bed just covering a little my cock with the towel, he was on the bed lay on his back next to me, we were talking little more but I did this time first move so I accommodate myself on bed to have my head close to his cock and leave mine close to his face, I thought that he was going to suck mine, since when we were talking, before getting there he said he liked to be versatile so I was like ok, is going to be fun, he finally got all naked, I put the towel away and fun started.I sucked his cock so good, my head was moving up and down, and I was having his cock in my mouth, I tried to deep throat then şişli escort bayan he was pushing his cock up and down, it was like that for few minutes, after a while I sucked his balls, and he started to lift up his butt I knew where that was going so I ended rimming his hole mmmm mmmm, he was moaning and enjoying it, guys get relax with my magic 🙂 he was touching my ass and grabbed my cheeks for a little time he jerked off a little my cock. he did not suck me maybe because we don’t know each other, but well I was there to do my job so I did it, then I was laying on him, rubbing my beard on his neck, cheeks, ears and he was saying that makes me feel horny, so I did it for a while I get on him and I tried kissing him at the beginning he did not kiss back but later he did, then he was grabbing me so hard against him, then I told him that my arm was starting to tremble? shake but it was the position I was. so he said, now you lay down, I thought that this was the moment when he was going to do something to me and cover my body with his but no, instead he was feeding me his cock, which I like it too, he was sliding it in and out of my mouth and pushing it deeper and deeper, for a while and then I was rimming him again, after a little he sat on my cock and was moving his ass, then he asked me to penetrate him I said ok let’s do it and I did, he was on all four, I wore a condom he got some lube on his ass and I did my job. My boyclit was feeling good I last a few and did not cum because he told me to stop if I was feeling I was going to cum, he said let’s wait for it, ohh by the way he used his hole muscles to squeeze my cock.Now it was his turn to fuck me and damn this part was so hot, he wanted me to be on my back but with my ass to the edge of the bed, his hard cock was trying to get into my pussy I had some lube on it alreay, mecidiyeköy escort he wore a condom, so when he finally was sliding in ohhh my gosshhh it felt a little bit painful but so good, I was moaning and feeling so good, I was enjoying it so much, I haven’t done it for a while so yeahhh, he was moving his cock like in circles, then shoving it, pushing it slow and then hard, and my legs were up on his shoulders, then for a moment my feet were holding his head he liked it, and he was fucking me harder and deepeer ohhh wow!!!! it last a very good time fucking me so great, even thought he said sometimes he cums fast. I was lucky he last awesome minutes giving me what I needed so badly, a good fuck, I was trying to let my cock feel that passion and shoot my cum just with the pleasure of being fucked, I had no chance to jerk off because I was concentrated on the feeling in my pussy and I was waiting for him to get close to cum so I could jerk off and cum at the same time, but then he was tired and stopped a little, he said was going to change condom.I went to restroom cleaned up myself with a quick shower, so then when I was back he already had another underwear on, so I thought there was no more to do. and I was worried about coming back to my home before my family, so we stopped there but neither one of us came, 🙁 but I have his phone number and so we will be in communication for when we can get a chance to meet again, when I was leaving his house he told me that if I could come back later it was ok, but I was not able to , so when I was here at home before talking a shower I recorded a video of me jerking off , I was so horny and my balls were hurting you know like that blue balls pain that happens sometimes. I think that is why in the video you can see I shoot a lot of cum rope after rope of cum mmmmm mmmmmm, so it was a great adventure, I have a new friend and closer to my home, all was cool, hot and I was wishing for more, so badt we could not cum, but next time we are going to for sure. Cant wait to find another chance and please enjoy the video, the last one I posted.

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