New Tattoo Pt. 03


As much as I wanted nothing more than to go back to the shop and get some new ink, or even touch-up my current tattoos, life seemed to have different things in mind for little ol’ me.

First off, less than two months after my last ‘appointment’, I lost my job.

It wouldn’t have been so bad except I’d been there for several years and really hadn’t considered the possibility that one day I’d need to find something new. Not only that, but things were tough all over, and no places in my field were hiring.

So I guess you could say that extra ink was not high on my list of priorities for a while, regardless of the extra services which came with Betty’s particular handiwork. My days were spent trying to find a job, any job, and my nights were spent either drinking or fantasizing about my two sessions with Betty.

If nothing else, those provided a small comfort. They had certainly left a lasting impression that, just like the tattoos, wouldn’t be fading away any time soon. The smell and taste of Betty and Veronica’s feet lingered in my mind, and I found myself digging out the memory of them more times than I could count.

Nearly a year went by before I found myself in a position in which both my problems would be remedied. And, oddly enough, all because I’d decided to go out and drink rather than sit around my apartment for the first time in months.

I was drinking alone at my usual watering hole, miserable and wondering if my luck would ever change when a familiar voice called out my name from across the bar. Looking up, I saw Betty, looking as if she’d stepped right out of one of my recent masturbation fantasies.

She was dressed in tight blue jeans, a faded black top, and those lovely boots of hers. She smiled at me and I rose to hug her, happier to see her than I expected I’d be, then we both sat down and started to talk.

Betty asked how I was doing, as well as why I hadn’t come to the shop to see her. I told her about my current situation and everything that had come with it, and she sympathized. I asked how life at the tattoo parlor was treating her, and she shrugged.

“I wouldn’t know. I quit a few months ago.”

Shocked as I was, Betty wasn’t finished. “I’d been doing pretty well and had a long list of clients, but the other artists… They were still treated me like shit. I mean, even more than they had before. Eventually, I got sick of it, took my skills and my clients, and left. Opened my own shop last month.”

I congratulated her, happy at least once of us was doing well. As I did, a light bulb seemed to go on in her head, and a wicked smirk crossed her lips. She told me she might be able to help me out but, in the meantime, she offered me a free tattoo if I wanted to pop by her new shop on Friday night.

Never before have I agreed to something so quickly.

We spoke a little longer after that, her never letting up whatever she had in mind, and then she had to head off. All the while, the wheels were spinning in my head about what Betty could possibly have in store for me. Friday could not come fast enough.


When Friday came at last, I approached the front of Betty’s new shop. From the outside, it didn’t look all that different than the one she’d worked at before, except of course her name was on the sign, and she was calling the shots.

Once I stepped inside, however, I immediately noticed a rather large difference.

There were five artists inside, including Betty and, surprisingly, Veronica. All of them were women. They varied in appearance- two were quite tanned, and one appeared to be Japanese, an all of them were inked to various degrees. They were all rather attractive, but, more importantly to me, and what got my blood boiling almost immediately, was that all five of them were wearing boots.

Some were knee-high, others ankle, but all of them were leather and all of them seemed like they’d been pulled right out of one of my fantasies. Already my mind was awash with wonder about how each pair of feet smelled and had Betty not run over to greet me I doubted I’d have remained standing.

Veronica followed behind her, and after I gave the two ladies hugs, I noticed something else odd. There were no other clients in the parlor.

Before I could question that, I heard the sound of the door being locked behind me by one of the other ladies.

“So,” a sultry voice spoke from behind me, “This is the infamous Jeff.” The speaker walked around me to join Betty and Veronica, and she was certainly a stunner. Her tanned skin was offset by her long brown hair- almost down to her ass, and her chest was barely contained beneath an old AC/DC shirt. Her tight jeans were stuffed into the top of a pair of dusty, brown knee-high heeled boots, and with them, she was at least two inches taller than me.

Betty stepped in between us and smiled. “Yup. Jeff, this is Cheryl. And those are Sandy and Rey. cebeci escort Ladies, this is the Jeff I’ve told you all about.”

My eyes widened at that statement, and I stared at Betty uneasily. “What exactly have you told them?”

She smirked sheepishly, but before she could answer, Veronica cut in. “Let’s just say everyone here is looking forward to you getting inked.” Then she giggled and joined the rest as they made their way to the back of the shop, where Betty’s section waited for me.

I looked over at Betty, who patted me on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. I think you’re gonna enjoy what we have planned for you.”

With a gulp, I followed her over to her station, curious to see what they had in store for me.


The other four women were seated by the head of the cot. They looked at me like hungry lionesses, and I had a gut feeling I knew what was coming, even if no one had said it aloud. Veronica’s comment was all I needed to know that Betty and her former apprentice had spilled the beans about my particular interest.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t all that bothered by that.

I’d kept my fetish for women’s feet under wraps for a long time, assuming most ladies would find it weird or creepy. Betty and Veronica had changed my opinion only slightly, but seeing a whole mess of ladies anxiously waiting to see what I would do to their feet was getting me hard already.

Betty motioned for me to sit down on the cot, then asked me to remove my right shoe and sock. When I asked why she simply smirked and said “I told you I was giving you a free tattoo. I just didn’t say what or where.”

For a moment I was taken aback by her comment but, seeing as I was more or less outnumbered, I refrained from saying anything. Odd as it was, I trusted Betty.

Besides, she did say at the bar she might be able to help my financial situation, so probably best to keep my mouth shut.

Once I laid on the cot, Betty lifted my leg so that it was bent at the knee and the top of my foot was in the perfect position for her to work. I didn’t know what she had in mind but, given I rarely went around without socks, I wasn’t worried it would be something embarrassing.

She started prepping, and as she did, she looked over at the ladies sitting around me. “Well Jeff, these girls have heard all about your love of stinky feet. Time to show them some love. Who wants to go first?”

The Japanese lady, Rey I believe, practically leaped at the chance. She looked down at me and grinned. “You are going to love my feet. People always tell me they are very smelly, and that’s when I haven’t done anything. I’ve been in these boots all day just for you.”

Then she slipped off her boots- a pair of white ankle boots, and revealed her bare feet in all their glory. They were nowhere near me and I could already smell them, strong and vinegary as they were. The other girls turned their heads but Rey didn’t care. She moved her feet over to my face and planted them over my mouth and nose. “Smell them.”

I didn’t need to be told twice, nor did I even have to do anything. The strength of their scent made Veronica’s seem tame, and even without effort, it clawed its way into my nose. Instinctively I took deep breaths, in a vain attempt to not suffocate but also to make sure I got as much of Rey’s scent into my lungs as possible. Betty had begun to work on the tattoo, and without looking up, she told her colleague

“Ask him to lick them. He loves the taste as much as the smell.”

Rey looked down at me, torn between surprise at my enjoyment and a desire for more. “You want to lick them, Jeff?” I nodded. “Then lick my stinky feet!”

My tongue slipped out and made its way along the sole of Rey’s foot, lapping up the sweat which had accumulated throughout the day. It tasted bitter but I loved it and had the choice been mine I’d have licked them until they were spotless. But that wasn’t what these ladies had in mind.

“Alright,” Veronica said, slipping off her own boots. “We have to share him tonight ladies, and now it’s my turn.”

There was a brief bit of contention between the ladies but it was quickly put to bed by Betty glaring at the lot of them. Rey pulled her feet away and slid them back into her boots, and after a moment of fresh air entering my lungs, Veronica’s familiar feet replaced them.

I didn’t know if she’d worked out this time, but it didn’t seem to matter. They were as rank as they’d been the first time I’d experienced them, and the lack of stockings only meant there was nothing in-between my face and her soft, smelly soles. Veronica’s foot scent took up where Rey’s had left off, and I barely had to try and breathe it in. But I did anyway.

The thick, cheesy scent of Veronica’s feet was a welcome experience, and though I had jerked off countless times to the memory of her and Betty’s feet on my face, fantasies were çukurambar escort nothing compared to the real thing. “Did you miss these Jeff?” Veronica asked, and I could only moan in response.

I heard Betty’s familiar giggle as her needle continued to create whatever tattoo she was putting onto my foot, and the next thing I knew Veronica had removed her feet from my face as well. My cock- which had been rock-hard since I’d arrived, was at its wit’s end, and I knew the ladies weren’t done with me.

Sandy- the other tanned woman, was next apparently, and her boots- a pair of black ankle ones, almost refused to slide off. Her feet were so sweaty they were practically stuck to the leather, and the thought of them made my cock twitch. Once she got them off though, they were immediately on my face. “My turn Jeff. Hope you like ’em super sweaty.”

I did.

The feeling of Sandy’s feet on my face was something else entirely. I’d never experienced feet this sweaty, once they made contact with my face I thought I would drown. The soles adhered themselves to my mouth and nose and I had to fight to breathe through the dense, slippery sweat.

But my God did it smell amazing.

Sandy’s foot scent was thick and heavy, the aroma so strong that I got light-headed. Without being told I slid my tongue out, both to taste the sweat and to possibly make it easier for me to breathe. Even as it slid along her sole though, the scent remained, burying me beneath it and forcing me to fight for air.

After a few minutes, Sandy removed her feet, and the ladies graciously gave me a few moments to get some air. Betty continued her handiwork, and the ladies who had already had their way with my face watched me with glee. There was only one left, and as I started to get my head together, I looked up and saw Cheryl carefully remove her dusty brown boots.

Cheryl’s expression betrayed nothing. I couldn’t tell if she was into this or simply going along with it, but once her boots were off she lifted her feet to my face and held them just above my nose. “So, you wanna smell my feet do ya?” I nodded, staring up at the soles that hovered just out of reach. “Then beg.”

I blinked for a moment, then looked over at Veronica, who simply shrugged. Betty didn’t even look up from her work. If they had any problem with this, they didn’t show it. What else could I do?

I begged.

“Please Miss Cheryl, it would be my honor to smell your stinky feet. Allow me the privilege of being beneath your soles.”

The assembled ladies burst into laughter, and Betty had to stifle hers to make sure she didn’t mess up her work. Cheryl looked down at me with an expression that was a mix of disgust and wickedness. She was a cruel one, I could tell, but I honestly didn’t mind. My cock was in the driver’s seat and, after all the feet I’d had the chance to experience thus far, I would do anything for me.

“Good boy. Now smell.” She dropped her soles onto my face and I immediately did as ordered, breathing in the scent of Cheryl’s feet. Though they lacked the pungency of Rey and Veronica’s, as well as the sweat of Sandy’s, they made up for it by simply smelling amazing.

The scent that wafted off her feet was incredible, second only to Betty’s. A mix of sweat and leather made for an incredible perfume which I gladly took in breath after breath of, and still, it wasn’t enough. I practically shoved my nose in between Cheryl’s toes in an attempt to get more of her scent, and she and the other ladies giggled at the sight of me digging around in there.

I was in Heaven.


After a few minutes, I felt the needle exit my skin, and Betty finished up whatever she had put on my foot. Cheryl removed her feet and, though I was disappointed, I knew they weren’t finished with me yet. Betty removed her gloves and rose from her stool, walking over to where my head rested at the end of the cot.

“Having a good time Jeff?” She asked with a grin, knowing the answer without my saying a word. “Thought so. Now I told you I might be able to help you out, and I meant it… The girls and I talked it over. We love this shop, but it needs a janitor. Someone to clean up when we’re done for the day. I know it’s not the most glamorous of jobs but, you know it’ll have more than a few benefits included.”

As she spoke, she took a seat alongside the other girls and removed her boots. After all the ones I’d had so far, part of me was still waiting for hers. The ones that had got me here in the first place. I watched her slide each boot off to reveal those beautiful, tattooed feet of hers, all the while her offer played out in my head.

On one hand, janitorial work wasn’t the best in the world. On the other, after being unemployed for nearly a year, I didn’t exactly have many other options. A job was a job and, unlike practically anything else out there, this one came with demetevler escort benefits no other one would.

Who needs health insurance when you have women’s feet?

Before I could answer, Betty placed her feet over my face, and that familiar rank scent of her beautiful feet washed over me. Even if I hadn’t already been on board, I would have been at that moment. Knowing that I’d have a paying job, as well as the opportunity to experience this again? It was a no-brainer.

I took a deep breath of Betty’s feet and kissed all along her soles. The other girls watched but this time there were no giggles. They were almost in awe of the affection I was showing their colleague’s feet and had Betty not removed them, I probably would have licked them clean as well.

“So, what do you say Jeff? Want to be our janitor and footboy?”

Looking up at Betty, I smiled the biggest smile I’d ever had. “I’d say I’m in.”

The ladies erupted with joy and though my cock was still rock hard I was honestly happy knowing how happy my decision had made them. But they weren’t through with me yet. Betty had one last thing planned to make our new arrangement one-hundred-percent official.

Rising from her seat, she went back to the other end of the cot and unbuckled my belt. She then removed my pants and, without being told to, I removed my boxers.

At first, I thought I was in for another handjob, or perhaps one of Veronica’s blowjobs, but not this time. This time, I watched as Betty slid off her pants and her panties, revealing her glistening snatch.

Slowly, Betty crawled on top of me and mounted my cock, her slick pussy practically devouring my erection. The feeling of her warmth sent sparks through me, and that was before she looked over at her fellow artists and gave them the order they and I had been waiting for. “Smother him girls.”

Within minutes the other four ladies had slid their boots back off and planted their feet on my waiting face. Eight sweaty feet collided with my mouth and nose, and I had no idea whose I was smelling or licking, just that I was doing so and loving every minute of it.

My nose was clamped between two toes as others slide into my mouth, all the while soles were slipping and sliding around my face, covering me with sweat and mashing it into my skin. And all the while, Betty bounced along, her cunt rubbing my cock as she rode like a pogo stick.

It was incredible.

My cock and my mind and my mouth and my nose had no idea what to make of anything anymore, drowning as they were in a sea of pleasure. My whole world was feet, and that was fine with me. I had a feeling it would be that way for quite some time. Still, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer in my current state.

With four pairs of sweat-drenched, scent-soaked feet crawling all over my face, as well as Betty’s sopping wet pussy sucking away at my erection, it took everything I had not to explode. I was trying my hardest to make the moment last, not wanting to lose the sensations of all those teasing feet, nor that of the gorgeous woman riding me like a bronco.

After a few minutes, however, I had no choice. My cock surrendered and exploded deep into Betty’s waiting pussy, which continued to ride me even as Betty herself screamed out a held in orgasm of her own. The two of us might as well have been alone, lost as we were in that shared moment. But we weren’t, and even as I came my cries were muted by the collection of feet on my face.

Slowly, all four ladies slid their feet off, Veronica replacing them with a damp rag she used to gently wipe my face. Betty then collapsed on top of me and, as she lay there, my cock still in the folds of her pussy and her chest heaving against my own, we kissed like never before.

It had taken me three ‘appointments’ to realize that I was in love with this woman.

And it appeared the feeling was mutual.

We stayed that way for a few minutes, and once we broke our embrace the other girls helped Betty up but left me there for a moment. Then, one by one, they each offered me their feet to kiss in thanks for everything. I did so happily, ending with Betty’s own, which I gave a tad bit more attention to, as this had all be her doing.

Then I sat up and watched the ladies leave, each of them saying goodnight and commenting that they couldn’t wait to start ‘working’ with me. Once they were gone Betty pointed down at the free tattoo she’d given me and, once I saw it I couldn’t help but smile.

Across the top of my right foot, she had tattooed three simple but true words.

‘Property of Betty’.

And I was. Now and forever. I kissed her again, then pulled on my boxers and pants. “Guess I should start tonight, huh?”

Betty smiled, then pulled me back onto the cot. “Not yet… I think I have something else that needs cleaning way more than the shop.”

With that, she offered me her feet once more, and I took those sweaty, stinky works of art in hand and got right to work.

I couldn’t have thought of a better end to the night if I’d tried. This was the start of a wonderful new career opportunity for me, as well as an incredible relationship with Betty.

And her feet.

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