New York Flight


I had just got to LAX & checked into my flight, the announcement? Shit now what, my flight had been canceled & I had to take another flight later, oh well life goes on. I finally got onto my flight to N.Y. the trip was a total disaster, first the filght was packed, my non-stop turned into 4 stops. I finally arrived, shit the wrong airport now I had to take a train to the correct airport to meet my friends. As I was departing the airplane I noticed two men following me. I was very tired & realy didn’t pay a lot of attention. I called my friends told them of the disaster trip & told them I will call them as soon as I get to the correct airport. I arrived at JFK & made my call to my friends, great they are on their way. I found a nice quite place to seat & relax while I was waiting. All of a sudden the two men following me flashed a badge said they were security. They requested me to go with them to their office, no problem I did nothing wrong. As I entered their so called office I was told to empty my purse on the table, no problem. I walked over to the table & emptied my purse. They went though all of the items on the table, as I started to question what they were looking for. Someone came up from behind me & put a cloth over my nose & mouth. escort kocaeli I got very light headed, but didn’t passout. The next thing they did was pull my top off, tare my bra off. Then pushed on to a table were they pulled my shoes & pants off, then tore my panties off. I could barely move due to the drug they had put on the cloth. As I laid naked on the table, my arms were pulled above my head & strapped to the table. Their was hands all over my body pinching my nipples, fingers in my pussy. I started to kick then my legs were strapped to the table, their I was naked strapped spread eagle on the table. I couldn’t speak, not sure if it was fear or the drug. I looked around & now saw 10 men naked all with hard cocks, looking at me like I was desert. The next thing I new I had two men sucking my tits, one eating my pussy and one stuck his dick in my mouth. I was told to stop fighting it would do me know good, I realized thy were correct. I decided the safest way to get out of this a live was to do as I was told. I relaxed & did as I was told. I started sucking this guys cock & noticed my body was starting to enjoy all of the attention I was getting. It didn’t take long before my first of several orgasms hit me, my body started to shake & my pussy started kocaeli anal yapan escort getting very wet. All of the men started to laugh & said this bitch was ready for this. The first cock in my mouth shot his cum, the guy eating my pussy replaced his mouth with his big fat cock he didn’t take his time he just slammed it into me. I felt the head of his cock hit my womb, I was now on fire completely out of control, all my body wanted was to be fucked as hard & as long as they could. My hands & legs were unstrapped, Now free to move or used as they wish. I was lifted off the table & my legs pulled apart, another man with a hugh hard cock laid on the table as I was placed on top of his cock. My pussy was very wet & I slid down on it very easy. I was pushed forward, I felt a cock being pushed in my ass & another being pushed in my mouth. I was fucked like this for 20 minutes then one by one they filled my body with their seamen. When they were done. I was lifted off the table & three more men toke their place, this went on for about two hours man after man pumped their seamen in me. After two hours of this gang rape I could barely move. I was strapped back to the table, my legs were pulled up & opened, my izmit yabancı escort hands were strapped to the table. My torn panties & bra pushed in my mouth so I couldn’t scream. Then a man I had not saw before seat on a chair between my legs, he swabbed some liquid on & in my pussy, my pussy now was numb. He inserted a clamp type device & started opening my pussy as wide as it could be stretched. A thin metal tub was pushed in my pussy when it got to my womb he worked it from what I could tell another inch or two. I felt a slight suction on the walls of my womb, he laughed & said I was ovulating. He told his friends he had collected several eggs ready to be transplanted. He pulled the tube out of my womb & replaced it with a larger tube just in my womb enough to hold it open. He examined me again & said she is ready, for the next hour I had every man fill my pussy with their seamen. Once they had filled my pussy with their baby making seed, the tub holding my womb open was removed. My panties pulled from my mouth & shoved deep in my pussy. Then I was rolled onto my stomach ware they stuffed drugs deep up my ass. My bra removed from my mouth, I was told not to go to the police, if I did they will find the drugs & I will go to jail. I was told not to go to the doctor or remove my panties from my pussy for at least two days. If I did they would find me & do it again. I was told that a new baby is now in me, I got dressed & realized I was in their for three hours.., .

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