Newly in Love


Jared’s going to love these, Ali thought as she pulled on her mint green, lacy panties. It’s nearly been six months and she couldn’t wait to celebrate the small milestone by fucking his brains out.

She zipped up her favorite little black dress with a sweetheart neckline that showed off her cleavage. Jared was much taller than Ali and she liked to think of him stealing glances down her top all night.

She pictured his hands sliding beneath the fabric to be greeted by a bare nipple. She shuddered at the thought, and felt her fresh panties already starting to moisten. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Perfect timing, Ali thought. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door, opening it with a smile on her face. Looking up to Jared, who was also smiling, “Hey baby!” She kissed him, and then took in the sight of him. He’d dressed up a bit for dinner in a black suit with white shirt and no tie.

He also drank her in, “Wow! You look amazing in that dress.” His eyes traced down her body and he pulled her back in, letting his hands drop down to grab her ass as he kissed her again. She loved when he did that. “Let’s go!”

The restaurant had small curved booths where you sat side by side and more often than once, Ali felt Jared’s hand slide up her thigh underneath her dress. Each time he grew bolder in his movements, all while keeping up the conversation like nothing was going on.

After they’d finished their meal and were just opening their second bottle of wine while waiting for dessert, he finally stopped teasing her and let his pinky halkalı escort finger slip into her panties. He wiggled it against her clit.

Ali almost cried out at the sudden friction and tried to pull his hand away, but Jared stayed firm on her clit, relentless in his desire to make her cum in public. “Shh,” he whispered in her ear, “just let it happen baby.” And Ali came hard, squeaking a little and squeezing her legs together.

Her face reddened and she playfully slapped him, “I can’t believe you just did that to me!” He pulled his hand out of her dripping wet panties and wiped it on his napkin. Just then, the waiter came with their dessert, a piece of delectable cheesecake.

“Mmm, that definitely got my appetite back, let’s dig in.” He grabbed a fork and pierced the cheesecake, “Open your mouth.”

Ali complied, closing her eyes as he fed it to her, “Mmnh that’s so good!” They devoured it and headed back to her place. Ali was thankful her black dress concealed the wet spot they’d created.

Ali tried to unzip Jared’s pants as soon as they got in the car. She wanted to make him cum with her mouth. He sat back in the seat moaning as he thrust into her mouth, his hand firm on the back of her head. “Fuck!” He cried out as he exploded into her, holding her head in place until he’d finished.

She licked him clean as he put the car in gear and raced back to her place, “I am going to fuck you so hard, you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

As they shut the front door behind them, he pulled her into him and kissed şişli escort her deeply, thrusting his toungue into her mouth. Ali could feel his erection, growing against her stomach.

Jared pulled her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed, kneeling on the floor between her legs. He flipped her over and pulled her down so her knees were now on the floor and he had her bent over the bed, ass facing him.

He slid her dress up to her waist and took a moment to stare at her perfectly plump ass in her lacy panties. He grabbed them by the top and took his time pulling them down, admiring her bare, dripping pussy as he did so. “God I love how wet you are,” he said. “Don’t move.”

She could feel his hot breath on her pussy just before he stuck his tongue out and began to lick her. He broadened his tongue against her clit and then proceeded to flick the tip against it, a tiny little slap directed on her most sensitive spot.

Ali moaned with desire, “Please Jared..” she whimpered.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me. Now!” She begged as she began to cry out in her second orgasm of the night. Jared didn’t waste any time shoving his cock inside her as she climaxed around it. He fucked her hard and fast now.

“Mmnh you feel so tight around my cock…” he grunted, pushing her head down and pulling her ass up as he knealt behind her on the bed. “This feel ok?” He asked as he pushed his thumb into her tightest opening.

“Ah!” He surprised her and she froze as he began to fuck her asshole in sarıyer escort and out with his thumb. He leaned down to kiss her neck and back of her shoulders and she started to move back against his cock and his thumb. enjoying the new sensation of having two holes filled at once.

“Mmnh, your ass is so tight baby, have you ever had a cock up there?” He asked as he slowly pulled his out of her pussy. He slid it back and pushed it against her backdoor.

“Um, no,” Ali replied, with a little fear and excitement in her voice, “but I’m yours baby. Just be gentle.”

“Oh yes, I’ll go slow.” And he started pushing in until just the tip was inside. “Just tell me to stop at any time baby.” He started to thrust in and out, going a little further in then out each time.

Ali braced herself as Jared’s balls finally slapped against her pussy and she was surprised to find it didn’t hurt. At least not in a bad way. She felt open and Jared was being so tender, “oh baby, please, fuck me harder,” she found herself saying.

She didn’t need to tell him twice. Her ass was so tight around his cock, it had been excruciating not being able to let himself loose on her. He pulled nearly the whole way out and then slammed back into her hard. “Is this what you want baby? You sure you can handle it cause once I start, I’m not stopping.”

He was pulling out slowly again and Ali felt her ass clench and the sweat from his body dripping on her back and lost control. She slammed her ass back against him and screamed, “Yes! I want it hard…” and she started thrusting back and forth on him, “…mmmnn please give it to me baby.”

He grabbed her hips and pulled her as far back onto his cock as he possibly could and felt her orgasm around him. Her contractions around his dick, pulled until he came seconds later. They collapsed on the bed together and dosed off in minutes.

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