nice panties

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nice pantiesI sometimes like to wear panties, because I love the way my smooth cock and balls feels against the silky material. Only those that have worn them knows the joys of it. This encounter occurred just last month and was totally unexpected. If youve read my other stories or seen my videos, you know that I love to suck cock and will do so every chance I get. But on the days when I have errands to do and suck I am not necessarily looking. So one morning I was exceptionally horny and really wanted to suck some cock, but I had so many errands to run and stuff, was meeting my sister for lunch etc, but at least I could wear my panties under my clothes and feel good thru-out the day. I chose a pretty thong this day with lace trim around the waistband and leg openings. I went about my day and would give myself a little rub every chance I could. When I had lunch with my sister, I couldnt help but wonder if my panties were sexier than hers and the other women in the restaurant. After lunch bursa escort I had one more stop to make, at the big super store to pick up something for dinner and some other things. I concentrated on my shopping and totally forgot that I was wearing panties, until I passed the womens department. I usually just quickly glance at the panties and lingerie as I slowly walk by. But this time I saw a beautiful pair of black and red panties that I just knew would feel great against my dick. I stopped and leaned over to find my size and was feeling the silky material to be sure they would do the trick. I quickly dreamed of cumming in them. Just behind me I heard a male voice say, “nice panties”. I turned to see a middle aged gentleman standing there. I picked up the pair I was admiring and said, “yes, you think she will like them”. He whispered, “I meant the pair you’re wearing, I could see them when you leaned over”. I was shocked, to keep from being embarrassed I always try not to let it show when bursa escort bayan I wear my panties in public. I smiled sheepishly and said, “thanks”. He reached under his shirt and into the waistband of his pants and pulled his underwear up just enough to show me that he was wearing a pair of pink panties. I smiled, and he said, “do you play”. I told him yes sometimes. He suggested we go to the mens room and show each other our panties. I told him I lived nearby and if he’d like to follow me, we will be more comfortable at my house. I quickly put the panties I was admiring in my shopping cart and headed to the checkout with my new friend tagging along closely behind me. I couldn’t wait to get home to try on this new pair of panties. I checked the rear view mirror and my new friend was right behind me. Once at home, I put a shemale porn video on and directed him to make himself comfortable in the living room while I put groceries away. I then stripped in the kitchen and put the new panties escort bursa on. Oh, they felt just as I had imagined and my cock appreciated them by swelling up. I walked into the living room in nothing but my new panties and he was on the sofa in just his panties. Before I could sit down, he reached out and rubbed my cock thru my panties. He then pulled it out and leaned in and began sucking me. I looked down to see he was rubbing himself thru his panties. He wasnt real big, but he was hard and I wanted to suck him too. I pushed his head away from my cock and got down on my knees and began licking his hard cock thru his panties. He really loved that. Then we got on the floor into a 69 position with me on the bottom. He asked me to suck him thru the material of the panties. He freed my cock from my panties, but they still covered my smooth balls, which he rubbed as he bobbed up and down on me. I felt my cum building up and knew I was going to explode any minute. He swallowed it all as I kept on sucking him thru the panties. Finally he came, and that was a unique experience with him cumming into the panties as I sucked. We both cleaned up and he left with a pair of soaked panties and a mouthful of my cum

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