Subject: Nice Substitution I welcome you to use my e mail address as I would enjoy the comments. This is a true story and I had no need to embellish it. My email hoo This is a true story about docking that happened recently. I was going to get together with a friend but he cancelled at the last minute. I was horny as all get out so I went to the local park. It was slightly raining and I thought the park crew and police would not be working it, which is good. I also was not too hopeful about scoring though either. I drove to the out of the way bathroom and there was a pick tuzla escort up there with a 50ish bearded man inside (my type of guy). I got out and went into the bathroom and went to the handicapped stall in the back, and left the stall door open. Pretty soon I could hear the bathroom door open. I had my dick out stroking facing the stall door. The gentleman peered into the stall and saw me. He came in and locked the door. I was leaning against the back wall and he came over pulled his longish, slim, cut dick out and we started stroking each other. His dick was perfect for pendik escort docking with my long foreskin and thick dick. A perfect fit, especially since his was so hard. I placed it inside my foreskin and started squeezing with my left hand. I could tell he was enjoying it as he started humping and pushing me up against the wall as he took his hands and started pulling on my pant legs. I felt like I was being raped, but in a good way. He was so hot he leaned in and nibbled my ear and I could feel his hot breath in my ear. This was making me so hot that I took a chance and aydınlı escort started to kiss him on the lips. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I started to suck on his tongue. It felt like forever, but it probably only lasted a minute or two before I felt my foreskin start ballooning and then cum squeezing out between my fingers. My gentleman friend must have felt guilty because he gave me a strange look and almost ran out of the stall. I could hear him cleaning up at the sink while I began licking my fingers and squeezing the last of his cum out of my dick, again licking my fingers. I would have given him my e mail if he had stuck around so he could meet me again sometime, but now when he comes back looking for me in the rain and needs relief, he will never know if He will find me there or not. His loss.

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