Nickles and Dimes Ch. 07

Big Dicks

“Hi, this is Ms. Baird calling.”

“Who,” Ilysa said politely knowing she should recognize the name and the voice, but having been just wakened from a deep sleep, her thoughts were muddled.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sylvi. My mind was still in the office, it’s Kaytee. At NextGen?”

“Kaytee, I’m sorry, too. I’d been asleep.”

“Well, now, I’m sorry for having wakened you. How many I’m sorrys is that?” They both laughed. “You awake enough to talk?”

“Sure. Or at least I’m getting there. What’s up? Don’t tell me Mr. Roberts wants a repeat performance so soon?”

“Jeez, don’t offer. He’ll take you up on it. As far as I can tell you and I are all he has going right now. As it is, it’s an unusual day when his hands aren’t up my skirt or down my blouse. When he says, ‘Kaytee, please order lunch in for the two of us’, I know I’m going to get pounded into the couch so I order something I can eat cold.”

They laughed again.

When they’d regained their composure, Kaytee said, “I’ve been thinking about your boyfriend. Was his name Steve?”

“Yeah,” Ilysa said suspiciously.

“Uh, I kind of like what Mr. Roberts does and I was thinking about what you said about your Steve.” She hesitated.

Ilysa cut in, “You’re going to call him and say, ‘Steve, I’m a friend of Sylvi’s and I’d like to get fucked in handcuffs’? “

“Something like that,” she giggled. “I could bring my own whip and handcuffs.” Kaytee started to laugh, but when Ilysa didn’t join her, she quieted.

“He’ll want to stick it in your ass,” Ilysa warned her.

“Uh, OK.” Kaytee’s voice trailed off.

“OK. It’s your ass.” She paused. “Well, he’s not as rough as Mr. Roberts,” she mused. “But I wouldn’t want to knowingly subject myself to . . . , ah, to . . . , that.”

“I know I’m kinda weird, but I like it. Please don’t think poorly of me because I like to do kinky things.” Kaytee pleaded.

“No,” Ilysa said. “I’ve got my own issues,” she said. “I like men and women and I sleep with both of my bosses and their wives, sometimes in the same bed so I’m not one to talk. Forgive me for sounding surprised.” She took a breath and brightened her voice. “Give the name of a good bar, a day, and a time. I’ll bring him. We can meet, perhaps accidentally. Go back to his apartment or yours. Not mine. I don’t want him overnight in mine just yet.”

“You don’t mind sharing, do you,” Baird added hurriedly. “I just need to get laid sometimes and a cop with a big, ah, gun sounds, well, perfect.”

“No. I don’t mind. How would you feel about a threesome?”

“Beginning to sound too good.”


“You are going to take me out for dinner, drinks, and a formal apology,” Ilysa said to Steve on the phone. “We’re going to Paddy’s Place. I hear they have great drinks, good food, and it’s so noisy that you’ll have to scream to apologize. What’s your schedule like?”

Stunned, Steve said nothing. Ilysa waited. Finally, he said, “Friday. I have a date, but I’d rather scream an apology at you than sleep with her. How about I pick you up at six?”

“Make it eight. I’m not sure how long I can tolerate you.”

“Ouch. Eight it is.”


As promised Patty’s Place was noisy. They found a high table in the bar where they sat with their heels hooked over the chair supports. She tried to look disdainful, but he’d brought her a large bouquet of flowers and a beautiful card. He was being quite chivalrous. He’d even kept his hands off her bare knees.

She had dressed comparatively conservatively given that they were going to a bar on a Friday night. She showed a good bit of cleavage but not so much she looked like she was going to fall out of her bra. “After you apologize, we can dance.” It was a pronouncement.

He took her hands and began what seemed to be a practiced, but sincere apology. Ilysa figured no girl could have refused him. As he concluded he got down on his knees and said, “Will you forgive me?”

Many at the bar thought he was proposing and applauded. She dragged him to his feet and gave him a solid kiss further increasing the volume of applause and cheers.

“OK. Let’s dance.” A path to the dance floor opened for them. They danced for some time getting closer and slower. They ended on the edge of the floor not dancing, just holding each other and moving slowly.

Back at their table, some water, and several drinks later, a salutation from nearby cut through some of the noise, “Hi, Sylvi.”

“Kaytee! bakırköy escort Small world!” She gestured toward Steve as Kaytee approached. “Please join us,” Ilysa offered. Then, by way of introduction, she said, “Kaytee, this is a friend of mine Steve Callaghan. Steve, this is Kaytee Baird.” They acknowledged the introduction as Ilysa continued. “Kaytee works at NextGen Plastics. She keeps the CEO in line. Steve, I’ll let you tell Kaytee what it is you do. I can’t wait to hear how you explain yourself.”

Steve thought briefly then pulled out a set of handcuffs startling both women. “I arrest bad guys.” He put the cuffs away as the women looked at each other. Ilysa was crude enough to think that Kaytee might have had a small climax right then.

“Sit, sit,” Ilysa urged gesturing toward a vacant chair. Kaytee sat at the crowded little table her knees bumping both Steve and Ilysa. Her hand squeezed Ilysa’s knee in thanks.

“What are you drinking,” Steve asked signaling a waitress.

“They have a house Sauvignon Blanc that isn’t half bad, I’ll take that,” Kaytee responded with a smile. She looked immediately away from Steve toward Ilysa. “How’s your business going? Seems like the economy is doing well so I would expect that shipping is strong.”

She led the conversation through the economy, touched on politics, then switched to entertainment. Finally she asked Steve to regale her with the latest in cop capers. Happy to have the floor at last he began telling stories about being an undercover cop in the city. He was at his charming best.

“Can I see your gun,” Kaytee asked with a look that was almost a leer.

Trying to ignore the pun, but failing, Steve responded, “If I pulled it out here, there’d be hell to pay.”

“If you won’t show me your gun, will you dance with me?” Had she been chewing gum Ilysa would have swallowed it at that point. “Do you mind, Sylvi?” Ilysa shook her head. She was glad when the two left the table for the dance floor. For the first time tonight she felt she could relax. She watched as they flirted, now dancing with abandon, then closer. Each round brought them even closer. When they returned to the table, Ilysa had finished Kaytee’s wine and ordered yet another round for the table.

Conversation alternated with dancing. Dancing alternated partners. The dancing partners got closer and closer. Last call came. “You fit to drive,” Ilysa asked Steve, “or do we call an Uber.”

“I think I can do it. If it’s too bad, we’ll call the cops and have them give us a lift.” He signaled for the bill. Kaytee offered to pay her share. “Nope,” Steve insisted, “on me.”

Steve’s Taurus had not improved with age. With some chagrin he explained that as an undercover car it needed to be scruffy and even a bit dirty. “If I take a city undercover car, I can’t charge for mileage and I make a bunch of money off mileage.”

Kaytee explained that she had come in a Lyft so she didn’t have to worry about getting a DUI from some randy cop. “It’s OK to be picked up by a randy cop in the bar, but not outside the bar,” Steve countered.

“You got it,” Kaytee agreed.

“How about my place for a nightcap,” Steve suggested. The girls looked at each other as their level of excitement ratcheted up a notch.

“Do I have to worry about my virtue in a strange man’s apartment,” Kaytee wondered from the backseat.

“Not when you have the protection of a sworn lawman,” Steve pronounced grandly.

“We’ll see,” Ilysa commented slyly as she found Steve’s crotch. “Certainly with two of us there, we’d both be safe. Isn’t that right, officer?”

Steve smiled, but said nothing.


Steve’s refrigerator yielded two bottles of a nondescript white wine as well as beer including that which Ilysa had liked so much.

“Can we turn some quiet music on,” Ilysa asked, “or will the other tenants complain.”

“We can do it quietly,” Steve responded noting that Ilysa was looking through his CD collection.

She found an old Natalie Cole album. As Natalie’s sultry voice formed a cocoon Ilysa put her arms around Steve and began to move slowly. Once around the small room and she held out an arm to collect Kaytee into the circle. She kissed Steve, then kissed Kaytee.

Surprised Steve kissed Kaytee waiting for a negative response from Ilysa. Receiving only a follow up kiss from Ilysa, he sensed he was in for a good night.

“I’m tired,” Ilysa said as she sat. “You beşiktaş escort two continue on. You make such a cute couple.” Her slurring voice trailed off as she sat and closed her eyes.

Kaytee nibbled at Steve’s ear. “What do you do with the bad guys after you’ve handcuffed them?”

Steve cupped her breast. “Want me to show you?” His hand was between her legs. She spread her legs and with her head on his shoulder murmured quietly “Yes, I’m a really bad girl.”

“Do you want to take your shirt off before I cuff you?” He tugged her shirt up bringing it partially out of her skirt. Without stopping her dance Kaytee unbuttoned her blouse and tossed to the couch where Ilysa lay.

“I’ll bet you know how to get that other thing off.” He did. Still dancing she held her hands together in front of her face. He produced the handcuffs and put them on. She continued to dance pulling his head forward for a long, wet kiss letting her breasts rub against him.

His shirt proved to be no challenge nor his pants. She slipped past him. “Wake up. You’re the only one still fully dressed,” she said to Ilysa.

Ilysa roused herself. Looking at the partially dressed couple, she said, “I feel quite out of place. But do I have to undress myself?” He speech was still slurred.

“I can help with that,” Steve volunteered.

Ilysa stood and held her arms up. He moved in close to unbutton her. “No handcuffs and be gentle,” she told him. She did not slur when she spoke this time.

Surprised, but not put off he replied only, “Yes ma’am. But I may nibble your nipple.” She squirmed.

From behind, Kaytee reached under Ilysa’s skirt and pulled off her panties. Kaytee held Ilysa’s skirt up for Steve who fondled her as he sucked her. With his finger inside her, Kaytee let Ilysa’s skirt fall. Eyes closed Ilysa ground her hips against Steve. On opening her eyes she found herself the first of the three to be completely naked.

“Oh, no,” she squealed as she led a battle to strip the others until the three were equally naked.

“Come with me,” Steve told the women taking Ilysa by the wrist and Kaytee by the linkage between the handcuffs. Gently he led them to the bedroom. “Lie on the bed,” he commanded. Neither needed any encouragement.

Kaytee lay immediately on her back spreading her legs widely. Steve switched the handcuffs to lock her to the headboard. Edging Steve out of the way Ilysa lay down on top of Kaytee. The two began rubbing their pussies, their clits together, letting their breasts tease each others nipples.

Steve watched stroking himself. He could see the sheet getting damp under them. He knelt behind the women as they ground against each other. Feeling him kneel on the bed Ilysa arched her back raising herself toward where she knew his longing cock would be. With some effort he entered her and the three of them continued. Kaytee could feel his cock as it slid back and forth inside Ilysa. She pushed harder against Ilysa while Ilysa pushed back hard against Steve.

The women held out longer than he could building their intensity with every stroke. Steve held Ilysa tightly by her hips as he filled her. He stayed inside her helping the women each reach their height of pleasure. When it was over, the three sore, exhausted bodies lay tangled on the damp sheets. Slowly they untangled and lay together suffused in the afterglow of sex.

In due time, wanting more from this smorgasbord of sex Steve unlocked the cuffs on Kaytee. He lay atop her feeling the softness of her breasts and the hardening of her nipples. She put her arms around him pulling him into the valley of her outstretched legs. He entered her. Ilysa amused herself by stroking his balls and Kaytee’s swollen lips. As they came close to their climax she allowed his cock to slide along her fingertips so she could feel his cum racing into her friend.

“You’re not done yet,” she said as Steve finally rolled off Kaytee. “Lick me.” She pushed his head into position and lay in ecstasy as Kaytee sucked her nipples while Steve licked and sucked her clit.

Ilysa clung tightly to the sheets as the pair worked her slowly to a passionate climax. Her groans of pleasure turned to sighs of exquisite delight.

Ilysa held Steve’s face against her pussy squirming with the action of his tongue long after the climax had passed.

As from a distance she heard Kaytee. “Now me.”

Steve and Ilysa worked Kaytee into her own frenzied climax. Steve beylikdüzü escort lay drained after Kaytee called loudly on the gods in her ecstasy. Ilysa sat over him idly stroking his wilted cock. She leaned over folding herself almost double to kiss this giver of pleasure. “Did you get enough,” she said speaking to it as though it were a child.

Steve groaned even as his sore penis hardened under Ilysa’s attentions. She took it in her mouth. It tasted of Kaytee and herself bringing memories to her pussy of the wonders of the night. It hardened more. Steve lay back. It hurt to be hard, but it was such a good hurt. Ilysa continued stroking with her hand, her mouth, her tongue until she was able to extract one last thrill, one last climax.

She lay down and they slept.


When they awoke in the morning, the naked trio stumbled together into the kitchen where they found a way for three people to make coffee.

Breasts bumped breasts, mouths found mouths, fingers slid gently across bare skin. Steve sported a hard, but sore cock. “Don’t touch” was heard as an errant finger sought a sore pussy.

As the coffee brewed, the three formed a line into the shower where again they explored each other recalling the pleasures of the previous night.

They dried each other and in another ragged line headed for cups to be filled with coffee. Seated with towels draped more for warmth than modesty they said little, but looked at each other recalling the thrills.

Kaytee looked at Steve. She moved the towel which covered him. “It’s still hard. Does it stay that way.”

“I think it does,” Ilysa answered raising an eyebrow as she looked at Steve.

“It sometimes rests,” Steve allowed.

Kaytee got up looking around. She found her purse and brought it to the table. “I was a bad girl last night. I interfered with the evening you two had planned. And I did things no good girl should do.” Her hand was in her bag. “Maybe I need to be punished.” She extracted a riding crop.


It was some days later that a rough baritone voice said, “Ms. Baird, I have a warrant for your arrest on charges of participating in lewd behavior and fleeing the scene. You’ve been sentenced to yielding your body to me in my apartment. You’re instructed to bring your riding crop.”

“Keep talking officer,” she was whispering as she sat at her desk. The connecting door was open. She knew Mr. Roberts would be straining to hear every word, especially if she whispered. “I’m taking off my panties.” He could hear the squeak of her chair. “Just the sound of your voice is enough. I’m going to rub the phone against my clit. Listen.” Momentarily a scratching sound came to him. “I wish you could taste me.”

She held the phone tightly against her ear as she stroked her pussy. “I’m going to take you out dancing tonight,” he said. “I’m going to strip you naked, then take you on the dance floor so everyone can see your beautiful body. When we’re in the middle of the floor, I’m going to bend you over and fuck you.”

She was stroking harder and faster.

“When I get you back to my apartment, I’m going to tie you and thrash your bottom with your crop.” She could feel Mr. Roberts standing beside her. She pulled her skirt up and pushed her chair back so he could watch her masturbate. She held the phone away from her ear.

He unzipped and pulled himself out. She opened her mouth for him and began to suck and lick. Releasing Mr. Roberts she cooed, “Take that big thing out of your pants.”

There was silence. She could hear him breathing. “You made it hard.”

“Stroke it. Are you in your car?”


“Keep talking. Keep telling me what things you’re going to do to me. Tell me when you come.” She began sucking Roberts again.

He talked telling her of things she longed for him to do. She stroked herself and sucked Roberts while both listened. “Ah, ah,” she began as her pleasure began to peak, then began to violently gag as Roberts filled her mouth.

“What’s wrong,” he murmured more interested in his impending climax. She let it run down her chin onto her blouse as she cleared her throat. She motioned for a Kleenex which Roberts used to clean her. She turned toward him and pointedly indicated he should finish her off on his knees.

Surprised, but little put off, he knelt and brought her slowly to a climax. “God what a mess,” Steve said. “I got it all over. See you tonight. I’ll pick you up at seven.” He disconnected the call.

Kaytee held Roberts’ head against her pussy letting him use his tongue for the last bits of pleasure.

“I owe you,” she said quietly. “Come on.” She rose and led him into his office. “You want a blow job or something else.”

“Strip,” he said.

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