Night of Passions Ch. 03


12:08 a.m.

My eye centres on the bedside clock. Its green numbers are staring into the night as I slowly come back into focus, bright green blurs in a room of ghostly shadows cast by the full moon outside.

My body is still pressed against yours Chantal Rose, as I remember the passions of a few scant hours ago. I feel your hair on my face, smell your scent of rose and vanilla and the earthier scent of our lovemaking. Gently squeezing your breast I roll away from you and out from under the sheets and walk across the room to shut off the dim room lights. With the lights off, I can see the faint line of your body composed on the glass of the window. The out line of you cheek, the points of your nipples on the glass, the globes of your breasts around them, faint ghostly shadows reflected into the room by the moonlight.

I pad across the room, walking into the chair with a thump on my way to the closet. I rummage around in the bottom of the open suitcase as it sits on the luggage stand, until I find the small bottle that I’m searching for. The full moon outside fills the room with ghostly shadows that contrast with the green glow of the alarm clock……. 12:08 a.m.

I return to the bed and slip back under the sheets, back into the warmth of our bed, out of the coolness of the room.

Snuggling down under the blankets and sheets, I spoon up to you again and you wiggle away slightly from my now cooler body. Your breathing is slow and shallow. I try to spoon again, pressing my self against you, wrapping my arms around you and you sigh gently and push back into me. I cup a breast, nibble your neck. I try to hold back a sneeze as your hair tickles my nose.

A soft sigh escapes from your lips as you roll onto your tummy, canlı bahis şirketleri the bed sheets slipping down your shoulders. I prop myself up on one elbow and massage your neck, the ball of my thumb resting on the nape of your neck. I take long strokes along the top of your shoulders, dragging my fingernails across your soft skin, working my way downward. One slow motion pulls the sheets down to your waist. The moonlight shows me a strong back, the ghostly paler marks of your bathing suit straps cross your back. I trace a light touch down your back, along your spine, making a long slow lazy trail over your skin, just brushing the top of the bed sheets as they sit bunched up on the small of your back.

A final slow trail down your back, I take the sheets in my hand, toss them from your body. The moonlight illuminates strong legs, topped with a firm bum. A darker shadow rests between the cleft of your cheeks. I stroke the top of your legs along the crease where your legs join your body. You rock your hips and I know your nestling your button into the smooth cool cotton sheets and you open your legs slightly.

I trace my finger between the cheeks, feeling your warmth, smooth, except where I find the tight little pucker. A soft moan escapes your lips.

I take the bottle of oil that I had just retrieved from our luggage and pop the top open, drizzle a little of the oil between the cheeks of your bum. I take my fingertip trace between the cleft, top to bottom, then along your pussy lips. The warmth of the oil encourages you to open your legs a little more.

I re-trace an oiled finger between the cheeks again and hesitate at the tiny pucker. You respond by wiggling your bum for me and you sigh softly. I reach out canlı kaçak iddaa and take one of the bed pillows, and slide it under your hips, lifting your bum into the cooler night air. You to spread your legs alittle bit further apart as you lower your hips and nestle against the pillow, slipping your hand between your thighs you lay a finger along your pink slit, your palm on your button.

I take to oil bottle, drizzle a little more at the top of the cleft of your bum, letting it run down between the cheeks over your most private spot. My fingertip parts your cheeks, finds your rosebud, circles around it. I can feel it relax and then tighten under my touch, as your not sure, wanting, but reluctant.

I get behind you, straddle your legs.. ..pull you up and back so your on your knees, your face pressed against the bed sheets, your hand staying between your thighs. Your pussy lips draped over your single finger. Your button is a hot nubbin on the palm of your hand. Your full breasts hang heavy and move in time with your fast breaths. Each inhale and exhale causing your nipples to brush over the sheets, teasing them to become long, hotter, puffier.

I part your cheeks, my cock, straight out in from of me, throbbing, bouncing in time to my heartbeat, nudge your darker rosebud with the swollen crown of my cock.

Feel you resist..

I pause, circle you with a fingertip, feeling you slowly relax under my touch.I take my cock in my hand, hold it to you.

You relax and I push gently.

You close your eyes, gasp, and slip your finger between your pussy lips.

I enter you.

More oil and you yield slightly and I hear you gasp again, as my cock pushes its way in, feeling you clinch and relax as I start canlı kaçak bahis to take you, fulfilling your most intimate of desires.

More oil. Some going around my cock, allowing me to slip even deeper into you as I thrust. A small trail of oil flowing past, downwards, past your rosebud, onto your pussy lips, as they are split by your finger, running down the inside of your inner thigh, onto the bed sheets leaving small damp patches.

I hear soft moans of desire coming from deep in your throat and you lower yourself back onto the bed, your hips on the pillow beneath your hips. This drives your hand tight against your swollen button, forcing your finger deeper into your pussy. Your wetness spreads over your pussy lips, onto your fingers, onto the cotton billow sham.

Suddenly, your body tightens, your breath stops, and you shudder, releasing a deep moan from deep in your throat, your eyes close as you climax.

You have me trapped, held tight in you, unable to move and yet so close to my own release. You finally relax and I pull out of you, slip my cock head along your pussy lips, stroke my cock and I cum, spurting over your lips, your inserted finger, onto your button.

The sensation of my hot cum, sticky on you, in you, over you as you circle your swollen, tender button with a finger covered in cum, makes you climax again. A softer, gentler orgasm but at the same time, more pleasurable as a second wave washes over you, making you sigh deep in your throat making you shudder again, your breasts pressed hard against the bed sheets, nipples engorged and hot against your skin. A long drawn out throaty exhale with my name, ” mmmm David”

You purr.

You turn to me, your hands in my hair and kiss me on the lips. I lean down, kiss your nipples, diminished, soft and pink, surrounded by the other little bumps around the outside of your areola.

Your lips brush against my ear, “ C’est bon, mon amour” and I whisper back, “ Oui, c’est bon, mon Chantal Rose”.

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