Night of the Fire


One morning a fire started on a store on my block. The fire was moving towards my building so some people started to evacuate because they could smell smoke. So I woke up and my family left the apartment, but I stayed back saying that I would go to other people’s doors to tell them. A short while later my neighbor’s door opened and the husband and young daughter got out, but his wife and young son were still in the apartment. I told the husband, I would see that the wife left. She did not know that I came into her house so she only had a shirt on and a pair of panties. My cock got hard instantly because she had such a beautiful ass. Her son needed to use the bathroom so his mom and she took off his pants and put him on the toilet. She was standing in front of him while he was using the toilet so I went behind her and grabbed her ass.

At first, she was surprised, but saw she it was me and asked me why I was there. I told her that I was waiting for her to leave. She did not say anything else and turned back to her son. I went behind her and started to rub her ass. She pretended not to notice, but soon started to moan. Then I started to dry hump her and she started to bend forward. Her son was not paying attention and after finishing he left the bathroom, leaving only me and his mom. I started to unbutton her shirt and her boobs burst out. I continued to dry hump her ass while her son was staring at his mother breasts kurtköy escort jiggling in front of him. This went on for a couple of minutes. She was moaning a lot and then she stopped me. She acted as if nothing happened and turned around and asked me what I was doing behind her. I just said that I was seeing if she was ready. She asked me to leave the bathroom, so she could clean up the toilet. I left the bathroom, but squeezed her ass before I left and waited outside the door.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom, I slapped her ass. She went to her bedroom to change and I followed. Her son went to the living room to wait for her. When she saw me following her she told me she was going to change and asked me to not come in. I told her that I was making sure that she was getting ready quickly. I went into the room and sat down on her bed. I was waiting for her to change. She saw that I was not going to leave so she started removing her shirt, which was still open. My cock was getting so hard staring at her ass. I asked her if I could take something out because it was hurting. She knew what it was but pretended not to know what it was and she said okay. I took out my cock, which was rock hard. I started to masturbate to her ass.

She started to remove her panties but when she saw me masturbating, she paused for a few seconds and, I think she grinned, and then she continued to remove her panties, but malatya escort slowly. I started to see her ass crack and she was sort of spreading her ass cheeks so that I was able to see some of her asshole. I was very hard and then moved up right behind her ass. Then I put my hands on her ass cheeks and started to rub them. She shivered but she did not do anything else. I took off the rest of her panties and started to rub her pussy. She was moaning a lot, but I stopped touching her pussy cause I wanted to fuck her in her ass. She was really horny, so she pushed me against her bed. Then she bent down in front of my cock and started to suck on it. She only got a few inches at first (my cock was about 7.5 inches), but after a while she got most of it in her mouth. She was slurping really loudly and it felt so good that I was moaning loudly too.

She started to quicken the pace, trying to make me cum, so I grabbed her hair and was pushing it against my cock. After about 5 minutes I cummed in her mouth. She swallowed about half of the cum and then she removed her mouth from my cock and then let the rest of the cum squirt on her face. She started to get up and turn around, but I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her back down.

I told her it was my turn to give her some pleasure and I bent her over and stuck my cock in her ass. I started to move back and forth slowly fucking her doggystyle, mostly because she was so kayseri escort tight. She was screaming at first from the pain, but then her pussy started to get wet, so she started to rub it. She was moaning so much. I was getting a little annoyed that she was pleasuring herself while I was fucking her so I grabbed her hair and pulled causing the top part of her body to move upward and her hand to move away from her pussy. Then I started ramming into her ass and sometimes rubbing her pussy or slapping her ass. I finally cummed inside her ass and fell back. She also fell against the floor.

We stayed on the ground for a couple of minutes and then I got up. My pants were a real mess, since I did not take them off while we were fucking. I took them off and was going to go home to change before I went out again. I quickly changed and put the other pant in my bathroom. I went back to her house and found her still on the floor. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled it. She gave a jerk and started to wake up. I told her to wake up and that she had to get ready. I knew that the fire will not reach our building but it would be best if we left the building. She got up and just put on a shirt and a long light jacket that covered her body up to about her shins and then put on socks and shoes was ready. She did not even have any pants. She was looking at me and smiling the whole time. Then we left the room together with my hand squeezing her ass. She found her son watching TV in the living room and we left the apartment and into the elevator. While in the elevator, she was grinding against my cock until we reached the first floor and we left the building.

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