night of the party


night of the partyMistress was very disappointed with me. despite the circumstances i knew i would be punished. Being allowed to serve at one of Mistresses bigger gatherings was a sign of how satisfied she was with my progress. so having been prepared along with Mistresses other female servant I was to bring drinks to her 12 female guests in an aroused state. walking naked & with aching erection & silver ball/cock ring on display I held drinks on a large silver tray. across the room Mistresses female servant entered also naked carrying a smaller tray of expensive treats. I didn’t know how Mistress treated her other servants but I had been shaved down below & extensively masturbated but denied climax for several weeks in preparation for the gathering. Mistress believing an erection skillfully kept at the edge of climax to be the hardest & most appealing to her guests.Despite my nervousness at entering a room full of strange females in such a state of arousal I made it round half the table before trouble of Mistresses slightly tipsy female guests made a grab for my erection as I reached her side. Having both hands holding a full tray of drinks & instructed to do whatever was required by Mistresses guests I had to stand still. hot female hands on my already aching dick quickly brought the first ooze of pre-cum. i realised the female guest, an attractive middle-aged blonde was continuing her conversation while she fondled me – almost as if she treated my naked arousal as an afterthought. one of her fingers smeered pre-cum around gaziemir escort the end of my dick & she put the sticky finger in her mouth, smirking as she tasted me. as she took a drink from the tray I felt her other hand grip the base of my shaft tightly & begin masturbating me HARD. unable to move I looked round for a way to escape but everyone else was seemingly in deep conversation & as my gaze met Mistresses brown eyes she pointedly looked away from me.I desperately held still in the hope the female guest would let me go before the inevitable happened. but as I looked across the room I saw Mistresses short haired, naked female servant, her heavy breasts glistening with sweat & a small patch of brown pubes leading down to obviously aroused labia, staring straight at my swollen, aching erection.feeling my orgasm building I opened my legs to pull my dick free but the female guest tightened her grip around my erection. by this point the guest was roughly fist jerking me & I could almost feel the hot semen forcing it’s way past the tight metal ball ring ready to explode. My buttocks tightened as I instinctively started thrusting into the hot hand jerking me off.Then just as I pulled my hips back to do the thrust into her fingers I knew would bring me to orgasm……the female guest released my erection. stood at the side of a table full of strange women my exposed erection twitched uncontrollably. i desperately clenched my buttocks trying to prevent orgasm as I frantically held onto the silver tray full gaziemir escort bayan of expensive glasses. i felt the spunk surge up my aching shaft & my legs nearly gave way as the first of several uncontrolled ejaculations splashed onto the female guests tight leggings, the table cloth & finally dribbled down my shaft to drip off my hairless i got control of myself i realised the room had gone silent. every guest was staring at my dripping erection. in the quiet I realised that despite the release of my orgasm my erection still ached, straining against the heavy silver ball/cock ring. the silence broke & despite being the cause of my climax the female guest leapt to her feet screeching. not knowing how to react I looked to Mistress. she pointed at the door leading to the rest of the house -so i escaped to the relative peace of the kitchen. unsure of what Mistress intended I placed the silver tray & thankfully unbroken glasses on a counter. my clothing being upstairs I decided I should at least try to clean myself up. however I had barely started running some water when I heard the door behind me open. To my surprise Mistress explained that this particular guest was know to “take advantage” anytime she could. however that didn’t mean Mistress was happy about the incident & punishment would be given. feeling shamefully aware of my sticky & still swollen erection I realised Mistress was also staring at my dick. Mistres instructed me to return to my small, bare room with just a mattress on the escort gaziemir floor & no door – not to stop off in the bathroom to clean myself. my aching erection still straining against the heavy, silver ball ring I realised it wouldn’t be removed anytime soon as Mistress turned & left.i had been in my tiny room, settled naked onto the bare mattress, for awhile. unable to sleep because of my still aching erection I knew better than to pleasure myself in an attempt to reduce my lust – Mistress always knows. then in the darkness I realised Mistresses female servant was stood, naked in the doorway. without saying a word she entered the room & pushed me down on the matress. then she began licking the dried, sticky jism from my belly & legs. working slowly with her tongue until she reached my genitals. the nude servant pulled my ballsack & licked up all the sticky spunk that had dripped onto the skin. then, her wet tongue having covered my balls in saliva, she reached my erection – licking every part & finally roughly pulling my foreskin back to clean the swollen tip. my erection was twitching with my heartbeat & I attempted to pull the nude servant over me so I could plunge my erection inside her pussy & fuck her hard. the closest I got was my hand making contact between her legs, feeling the heat & wetness of her arousal.Then it was over. having been silent the whole time Mistresses nude servant stood up, giving me a glimpse of her licking her lips as she left. in the doorway as the nude woman left I saw Mistress watching from the darkness. as both women left I curled up on my side, unable to jerk myself to orgasm. I could smell the naked servants desire on my fingers & I instinctively started licking her juice off my fingers. full of lust I eventually fell asleep, wondering what form my punishment would take in the morning.

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