Disclaimer: This is a story in which a fictional character cheats on his wife. If you find this sort of thing offensive, I recommend not reading any further. You have been warned, so please don’t send me feedback or post comments telling me how wrong it is for men to cheat. This is fiction.


I think the best word to describe my reaction to seeing Nikki sitting at the bar would be “dumbfounded.” I only knew her name because she’d been my server at lunch the previous week at another establishment. I’d been completely mesmerized by her and had made sure to confirm her name when I’d looked at the check. There may have been a little bit of a moment between us during that lunch though I’m sure it was just wishful thinking on my part. After all, I’d been married for more than twenty years and she was probably about half my age. I’m pretty sure it was her eyes, which were big and beautiful, though her lips were big and luscious, too, and her body, though slim, had certainly drawn my attention each time she’d passed or stopped at our table. When I got back to the office and still couldn’t stop thinking about her, I entered her first name and the restaurant name into a popular search engine and genuinely found myself surprised. It wasn’t the first thing listed, but there was a blog that it turned out she’d written, though the restaurant was listed in the body of the blog, not as her employer. It was really just random chance, more or less, that I was able to find out more about her, and see her amazing eyes in her profile photo, as a result.

I probably spent too much time that afternoon, I guess you would say, cyberstalking her. She had a fairly large digital footprint, though some of the “toes” were pretty neglected. I did manage to find out her last name and on most sites she went by the same username. I wasn’t looking for her address or whether she was in a relationship; I was mainly interested in photos of her because I didn’t get to that restaurant very often and, if I suddenly started hanging out there more often, that would be traditional stalking. I figured with a few photos to remind me how beautiful she was I’d be good and that would be as far as it would go. The universe, however, had different plans, ones that went beyond feeding me a too easy search result on that popular search engine.

I was with a group of current and former coworkers at World of Beer and we’d only been there long enough to order when she caught my attention. I don’t think she’d noticed me and wasn’t sure she’d recognize me if she did so, while trying to remain engaged with my companions, I was contemplating what to do, if anything. She was sitting alone, drinking slowly and checking her phone, so I figured she was waiting for someone. As more time went by and more of my own beer was consumed, I decided that, maybe I’d at least say “hi” and chat with her if she remembered me while she waited for her friend or whoever to join her. I actually had to screw up my courage first to do it, then finally just got moving.

“Be right back,” I told my companions as I stood and grabbed my beer. She’d mostly had her back to me but had glanced toward the door often enough that I was absolutely certain that it was her. I walked around to the direction she was facing and her reaction was nothing like I was expecting.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed, her eyes going even wider behind her glasses than they already were.

“I hope that’s because you recognize me,” I replied, “and not because you are expecting a blind date and are incredibly disappointed.”

“Oh my God, no,” she laughed, “Of course I recognize you. Friday lunch, salmon burger, Ska Euphoria.”

“Wow, impressive!” I replied, “Its Nikki, right?”

“Yes and I am not surprised that you remember,” she said, shaking my hand as I introduced myself. I wasn’t sure what she meant by that so I asked.

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

“Well, just the way that you spoke, I knew that you didn’t see me just as a means to getting your lunch,” she explained, “You thanked me, you looked at me when you were talking to me, in the eyes, not in the boobs, and the last time you were in, you remembered me from when I worked at River North.”

“I didn’t even think you remembered me remembering you,” I replied, feeling pleasantly surprised.

“Well I didn’t remember you from River North,” she said, “but it meant a lot that you recognized me.”

We chatted for a few more minutes and she never looked at her phone or toward the door even once, which made me feel pretty good, but I figured my companions were probably getting curious about who I was talking to for so long.

“Well, you’re obviously expecting someone and I should probably get back to my friends,” I finally said, reluctantly.

“Actually I’ve been stood up,” she said with a frown, “I was just going to finish my beer and take off.”

“Why don’t you come hang out with us?” I suggested, “The two people I had lunch with are both there and just about all of us are also beer snobs.”

“What makes you think I’m a beer snob?” she asked with a twinkle in ataşehir escort her eye. I knew because of my cyber-sleuthing mostly, but I certainly couldn’t reveal that.

“You’re at World of Beer, obviously not drinking a Coors Light,” I said, indicating the dark liquid in the tulip glass, “You work at FreshCraft and formerly worked at River North. I stand by my assumption.”

“Well you’re absolutely right,” she replied, “and as long as your friends won’t mind, I’d be happy to join you.”

Grabbing her things, she followed me back to our table where I introduced her but didn’t have to remind Maegan or Jeffrey where she worked. She remembered both of them, as well, and talk quickly turned to what everyone was drinking. She fit right in with us and, the more time I spent around her, the more smitten I was becoming. It turned out that, despite the difference in our ages, we actually had quite a bit in common. Had I not been married, I wouldn’t have hesitated for a moment to ask her out on a date, but I didn’t keep the fact that I was married a secret. If nothing else, I expected that I would have a new friend with many common interests. I didn’t expect that things would go anywhere beyond that.

When it got to the point where I needed to take off, she seemed to be comfortable enough that I expected she would stick around with the others who still remained.

“All right, I’ve got to go catch a train,” I said, after returning from the rest room and grabbing my jacket.

“I’ll walk with you,” Nikki said, “I’m heading that way, too.”

I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to spend more time with her and no one appeared to think it was suspicious or unsavory. We said good-bye and headed out the door, chatting as we made our way toward the closest light rail stop. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately as things turned out, I just missed the train I needed to catch. This meant another 15 minutes before the next one would come but it also meant another 15 minutes spent with Nikki. I decided I’d just walk up to the next stop up the line since I had the time to kill and Nikki continued to accompany me. About halfway there, she said something that made me think once again that the universe was working in some mysterious way as far as the two of us were concerned.

“This is my apartment building right here,” she said, offhandedly.

“Are you kidding?” I asked, then pointed across the street, “That’s where I work.”

“Do you ever feel like there are forces at work beyond your control?” she asked.

“I certainly feel like that right now,” I replied.

“Do you want to come up to my apartment?” she asked.

“I can’t even tell you how badly I want to,” I confessed, “but I don’t think I’d want to leave and that’s just not going to work.”

I didn’t resist kissing her, though, as we stood there on the sidewalk, still a block away from the next light rail stop. Her arms went around my neck as I placed my hands on her slim waist and our tongues entered each other’s mouths. We made out right there in the wide open for a moment before our lips separated and we stared into each other’s eyes, both of us smiling. We got moving again though we still had nearly ten minutes before the train was due to arrive.

“It would be pretty easy for me to slip out of work to come over, if you’re still interested beyond tonight,” I finally said, breaking the silence.

“I will definitely still be interested,” she replied, “and I’m sure I can work around your schedule. Even when I’m working lunch, I’m around in the morning, then again in the evening. When I work dinner and happy hour, I’m around most of the day.”

“I’ve actually got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning early,” I recalled, “What if I just took the entire morning off and came by straight from the train instead of going into the office?”

“That would be fantastic,” she replied enthusiastically, “What time are you thinking, so I’m sure that I’m up.”

“Probably 9:30 or 10,” I figured.

“I’ll already be having coffee by then,” she said.

“Well, if you haven’t showered by then,” I replied, “I can always join you.”

“It had actually crossed my mind that I’d need to get up early to be presentable,” she said, “but if you’re willing to risk seeing me just out of bed, I’d love to have you shower with me.”

“Since I can’t wake up next to you,” I replied, “I’ll take the next best thing.”

We were at the light rail stop by then and gravitated toward a shadowy area, where we started making out again. This time when her arms went around my neck, my hands went down to her ass, which felt like perfection. My cock was stiffening as our tongues explored each other’s mouths and I’m sure she must have felt it. If she was as aroused as I was, I knew her pussy must be dripping wet and I vowed to myself to make sure she came as much and as intensely as I could the following day. We finally parted when we could hear the train approaching and she walked over with me, though we tried to appear innocent and platonic under the glare of the platform ümraniye escort lighting. She realized that we hadn’t exchanged numbers, which would have made coordination the next morning more complicated, so we did that really quickly as the train was arriving.

“Wait, what are you going to the doctor for, if you don’t mind my asking?” she asked as I was boarding.

“Raging case of gonorrhea,” I lied just before the door shut. My phone chimed a moment later.

“Ha ha, I’ll pick up some condoms,” read her text. I was so glad it didn’t say “LOL.”

My appointment was actually just an annual check-up with my dermatologist and I’m sure I must have seemed completely distracted, both there and at home the previous evening. At least at home I had the excuse of having been out drinking and at the dermatologist I’m sure they couldn’t have cared less. I let Nikki know when I was on the train so she knew when to expect me. I hoped she hadn’t decided to go ahead and shower, anyway, and not just because I wanted to lather up her hot body; I also wanted to inhale the pheromones she’d been rolling around in all night long.

I made it from the train to the lobby of her building without encountering any of my coworkers outside my building so it felt like the universe was still working things in our favor. I hit the buzzer and she let me up but she didn’t warn me that the elevator moved as slow as molasses in winter. When it finally opened on her floor, I saw her standing in the doorway to her apartment smiling knowingly at me. She was still in what looked like pajamas and an open robe and her hair looked a bit unkempt which immediately returned me to a more positive outlook. We started kissing right there in the doorway, gradually maneuvering inside as she managed to get the door closed and locked. My hands went back to her ass as we made out passionately just inside her door then I lifted her and carried her as she wrapped her legs around me. I didn’t even bother heading to the bedroom, since I didn’t know exactly where it was and I’d seen the couch not far from the front door.

I set her down and she sat on the couch as I knelt before her. We continued making out as I finally fondled her braless tits through the t-shirt that served as a pajama top. Her nipples were hard and, though I wanted to get my hands on her bare tits and lick and suck her nipples, I suspected just as I had the previous night that her pussy was probably incredibly wet. I dropped my hands to the waist of her pajama bottoms and started to work them down. She raised her ass for me then I was sliding them down her legs. Once they were off, she spread her legs and I admired her trim bush, which was just a small patch above her otherwise hairless pussy. She leaned back as I lowered my face toward it then ran my tongue up along her slit. She moaned as I lapped up the nectar that was flowing, savoring her pungent secretions. She was definitely at least as wet as I’d expected but maybe even more so.

I’d been looking forward to eating her pussy since the previous night so I was savoring the opportunity and not even really thinking about how incredible it was going to be to fuck her given how wet she was. My immediate goal was twofold: to make her cum as intensely and as many times as possible and to relish the time spent with my face between her thighs, since it still felt completely surreal that it was even happening. As I focused my licking more on her clit, I slipped a finger into her and found her pussy not only incredibly wet but quite snug as well. I have to admit that, at that moment, I did actually think about how it was going to feel to slip my throbbing cock into her. It didn’t make me want to finish eating her pussy more quickly, though. I strongly suspected that this was not going to be my only opportunity to eat her or fuck her.

The longer I ate her, the louder she was moaning and the more she was writhing on the couch. I was stoked that I could provide her with so much pleasure right off the bat, especially after essentially leaving her high and dry the previous night…though I somehow doubted that she had been even remotely dry. She was holding my head, humping her pussy toward my face, but had not removed her robe or shirt. I glanced up occasionally, past her hard nipples pressing out against her shirt, to see her eyes closed behind her glasses but her mouth hanging open to allow nearly continuous moaning to escape. When she started tensing up and arching her back, I figured that she was right on the verge of cumming…the first time, at least. I had every intention of continuing to eat her right through this orgasm and as many more as she’d let me before she stopped me. I glanced up again when the moaning suddenly stopped but it looked as though she was holding her breath in anticipation of her orgasm hitting. When it did hit, she let out a cry and her entire body started shaking violently. I continued eating her, though it wasn’t as easy, as she rode out an orgasm that appeared to be just as intense as I’d hoped it would kadıköy escort be.

When she finally went still, breathing heavily, and I was still eating her pussy, now flooded with even more of her succulent juices, she had to grab my head and ask me to stop.

“Seriously,” she said, as I looked up disappointedly, “you’ll make me lose my mind if you keep going. That was beyond any orgasm I can ever remember having. Thank you.”

She leaned down and kissed me, undoubtedly tasting her flavor on my lips. I straightened up, still on my knees, and started to slide off her robe while we continued kissing. She let it fall down her arms then wrapped them around my neck. I caressed her tits through her shirt again then slipped them up under it, feeling her hard nipples against my palms and the soft, smooth skin of her bare tits. When I started pulling her shirt further up, she pulled her lips away from mine and raised her arms, allowing me to remove it. I didn’t go back to kissing her because I was admiring her perky tits before I went back to caressing them. It didn’t take long before I had lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples, causing her to start moaning again. She was running her fingers through my hair but soon started trying to pull my shirt up. She was completely naked at that point and I was still fully dressed so I did what I could to assist her in removing my shirt.

“Stand up,” she directed as she tossed my shirt aside. I stood and she went to work on my belt so I slipped out of my shoes. She quickly had my pants open and was sliding them down, leaving me only in briefs, which were very tented out, and socks. Once I’d stepped out of my pants, she pulled off my socks then fixed her attention on the bulging front of my underwear. She ran her hand over the bulge briefly before taking my briefs down as my cock sprung out in her face. I was looking down to see what she would do and, as she made sure my briefs made it to my ankles, she was just staring at my throbbing, bobbing tool. As I stepped out of my briefs and kicked them aside, she cupped my balls in one hand as the other gently caressed my shaft. The feeling was so outstanding that I was pleasantly surprised and honestly relieved that I didn’t immediately start shooting my load into her face.

When she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my shaft, I was certain that I was done for and hoped she’d be okay with a mouthful of jizz. Again I was surprised and relieved when I didn’t shoot off right away and was able to savor the feeling of her hot mouth moving up and down my tool. She only sucked me off for a moment before removing my cock from her mouth and looking up at me with a sheepish smile.

“Here, why don’t you sit down,” she said, shifting to the side and patting the couch cushion. As I sat, she was moving her robe but, at the same time, she’d reached into one of the pockets and extracted a condom.

“For the raging gonorrhea,” she explained with a smirk as she handed it to me. I tore it open and rolled it on as she started moving to straddle me. As she lowered herself, I guided my sheathed cock toward her approaching pussy until it was positioned between her hairless lips. We both moaned as she continued to descend and my cock was engulfed within her hot, slippery confines. I held her waist as she brought her lips to mine but, as we started to make out, I moved my hands up to caress her tits. She started to move slowly up and down on my tool and, even through the condom, her pussy felt absolutely incredible. I was happy with the initial slow pace because I kind of felt like it would help me to last longer, though I expected she’d gradually pick it up. While I was savoring the feel of her pussy sliding up and down my tool, I also wanted to be able to hold out long enough for her to cum again. It wasn’t like I was thinking about baseball or something, though; I was definitely in the moment and conscious of every little detail and sensation.

I got the distinct impression that Nikki was also relishing our first sexual encounter which really wasn’t a surprise based on the previous night but it was still an ego boost for me given, as I’ve mentioned, the disparity in our ages as well as my marital status. To have a woman as young and sexy as Nikki interested in me despite how much older I was and my being married was not something I ever really considered or would have expected. Was I feeling any guilt? Not at that precise moment. I couldn’t think of anything other than the soft flesh of her tits against my palms, the sensation of her tongue exploring my mouth and the snug, slippery feel of her pussy sliding up and down my tool.

As she began picking up her pace and riding me harder, it became more difficult to continue making out so she ended up pulling her mouth from mine and straightening up. I leaned back against the couch and let my hands drop to her upper thighs as I watched her perky titties bouncing. I started to push up into her each time she came down on me so she was receiving the full length of my shaft. I also ran my hands around to caress the soft, smooth flesh of her ass as it bounced up and down on my lap. With her mouth clear of my tongue, she was moaning loudly and nearly continuously as she apparently approached another orgasm. It felt as though her pussy was becoming even hotter and more slippery, though I wouldn’t have even thought that possible when I’d first slipped into her.

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