No Backup Plan Ch. 01: Sick Day


Max made a final fake cough as he phoned in sick for the day. It was never his plan to do this so soon after taking the job, but the excitement was too intense for him to wait any longer.

Lying in bed, he felt his cock throb. But it wasn’t time yet. Footsteps, loud bangs and chatter continued throughout the walls as his housemates rushed to get ready for work.

Glancing at the suitcase in the corner of his room, he desperately tried to restrain himself from touching his cock. The last thing he wanted to do was make himself cum before the day had even begun.

Half an hour passed until no more sounds could be heard from the other rooms. “Finally,” he thought to himself, “everyone must have left for work.”

Max hid his erection under his t-shirt just in case anyone was still around. He stood up and opened his bedroom door to check he was the only one at home.

“Hello?” he said, “Jay? Reece?”

No one replied. Max left his room and began checking each of the bedrooms and common areas until he returned, satisfied he was alone.

Closing the door behind him, he picked up the suitcase and placed it on the bed. He quickly turned the key in the padlock so he could unzip it and start preparing for the day.

Max lifted out a collection of cold metal chains and a bag of padlocks, then stood at one corner of the bed. He threaded the first two chains through the metal bars in the headboard, then another two at the foot of the bed. Clicking the last padlock in place he pulled on the chains, checking they were secure.

Picking up the remote from his bedside table, he turned on the TV and selected his thumb drive from the options. There was only the one file he had carefully composed the night before in preparation for today. He hit play for just a few seconds to make sure everything worked.

Standing quietly by his bedroom door he listened out a final time to make sure the house was empty. He closed the door and locked it from the inside, finally ready to start his session.

Max had been preparing this day for what seemed like an eternity. Up until a month ago, he had been living at home with his parents until he was given a job opportunity halfway across the country. Ideally, he wanted a place to live by himself, but the rent was costly. After seeing an advertisement online, he decided to flatshare with a few other people only fifteen minutes away from his new job.

Finally ready to start his session, he removed all his clothes. His uncut cock stood erect at six inches. He reached down and jerked himself for a couple of minutes.

With his cock still erect, he picked up an inflatable butt plug from his suitcase and squirted a significant amount of lube onto the tip. Using his hands, he massaged the lube over the toy, then used his fingers to rub some into his ass.

Squatting over the floor, he slowly pushed the butt plug gently into his ass a few inches, before taking it out again. When he was living at home, he couldn’t have any sex toys or his parents probably would have found them. This didn’t stop him playing with his ass. He started with his fingers, then moved onto carrots, eventually moving onto a banana and cucumber.

But this was the first sex toy he had ever used, and the rigid inside made it slightly tricker to insert. He tried another four times until the plug sat resting in his ass. The satisfaction he received from having the plug penetrate him made his cock pulse as it grew harder.

He inflated it a couple of times, giving him a sensation he had never felt before. The plug pressed slightly on his prostate, making a small amount of precum leak from his cock.

Next, he took out another padlock and a rubber ring with a vibrating bullet, then dropped the suitcase on the floor next to his bed. He pulled back his foreskin and attached the rubber ring, then clicked a button on the bullet a couple of times selecting the “tease” option. The device started to vibrate randomly for a few seconds then stopped.

Moving onto the bed, he took the first padlock and locked his left foot to the bottom of his bed. After clicking the lock, he pulled his leg to ensure it was secured and unable to move. He then did the same to his other leg, then placed the keys on his bedside table.

Reaching into his suitcase, he pulled out a digital padlock which locked for a set amount of time. He clicked a few buttons which set a countdown timer to two hours, then threaded it through the chain, without locking it.

He then took another ordinary padlock and secured his right hand to the other chain on his headboard, leaving only his left hand free to move.

Locking his left hand to the chain was a little tricky as he tried to position the chain around his wrist one-handed. It took him five minutes and many failed attempts to secure his wrist, but he finally succeeded and was able to click the digital padlock in place. He tried to click the release button and confirmed it would not unlock. The timer started counting down as he lay yenibosna escort with his hands and feet secured to the bed unable to move.

The first few minutes he just pulled at his arms and legs, enjoying the feeling of being entirely trapped in bondage. The vibrating bullet attached to his erect cock started to vibrate for five seconds, before stopping again for another minute.

Unable to bring his hands anywhere near his cock, he would thrust between the vibrations. But the thrusting didn’t help. The only pleasure he would receive was from the bullet vibrating, which was set with the sole purpose of frustrating the wearer.

Happy with his setup, he reached for the remote control, aimed it at the TV and hit play. A man in his early twenties sat on a couch and started removing his shirt. Happy the television was working he throw the remote onto the floor, leaving it out of reach of his hands.

Max watched as the man lifted each item of clothing slowly. Occasionally the vibrating bullet would send some pleasure to his cock but only for a few seconds.

The man, who was now naked and lying back on the couch started to pull on his flaccid cock. Max had never been with anyone before, unsure how people would react to his kinks, but he imagined what it would be like to suck on the man’s cock as it hardened in his mouth.

Another man appeared on the TV, fully dressed and started to tie the naked man’s arms behind his back. Max’s cock stiffened as the bullet teased him some more, this time for thirty seconds. He thrust his hips again, which caused the inflatable butt plug to press on his prostate again.

Some more precum left his cock at the same time the bullet stopped vibrating. On TV the fully clothed man inserted his fingers into the bound man, progressively getting faster and rougher.

Max watched the TV, occasionally pulling at his restraints and softly moaning in frustrating at the pulses of the vibrating bullet.

Over the next hour, Max watched three different videos while he was brought close to orgasm but never enough to ejaculate. He looked at the remaining time on the padlock and saw there was still another hour to go.

He looked down at his stiff erection, frustrated he could not touch his cock, but aroused at the feeling of denial. He jerked his hips, trying to stimulate himself frequently over the next few minutes. Of course, this still didn’t work.

Frustrated and exhausted he looked back at the padlock to check if any more time had passed. But he noticed there was nothing displayed anymore. He pushed at some buttons hoping the screen had just gone to sleep, but still, nothing appeared.

Starting to panic, he tried to sit up, but his feet just pulled at the locked chains preventing him from moving. He tried to reach out to the keys on his bedside table, but they were far out of reach.

“No, no, no,” he muttered to himself in a panic. Max had forgotten to charge the digital padlock, and it had run out of battery midway through his session.

He continued to panic but was hoping maybe the screen just turned off but the device would still unlock in an hour. Still freaking out, he couldn’t help but feel more aroused knowing his situation got slightly more real.

Pulling at his feet and hands he tried to slip through the chains, but the metal links were just too tight. He tried moving every part of his body, desperately attempting to reach for the keys beside him, but he was stuck.

Eventually, he was sure an hour had passed by so decided to press the release button again. But just as he had feared, the lock failed to open.

He tried to reach his hand to his phone charger, which would also have worked on his phone. But he couldn’t grasp anywhere near it.

Pulling frantically at his arms and legs he exhausted himself within half an hour, leaving him tired, aroused and still unable to move.

Several more hours passed, where all he could do was watch the same video play on repeat as his cock was brought to the edge of orgasm multiple times.

He looked down at his cock. The tease mode on the vibrator had stopped for a minute, letting his cock become flaccid. But soon he started to feel the vibrations again as the device began another tease cycle.

Lost for ideas he had no idea what to do. The butt plug continued to press against his prostate which had left a small puddle of precum over his belly.

More hours passed as he gave up on struggling and lay helpless wondering how he would escape. The only thing left to do was wait for his flatmates to come home, then home they would be understanding and release him. But he didn’t know them that well and was mortified they would see him naked and tied to his bed.

His cock was started to hurt from the constant erections. His anus hadn’t relaxed in hours, and he wanted nothing more than to remove the butt plug. But most of all he was super horny. He had been brought close to orgasm so many times zeytinburnu escort all he wanted was to stroke his cock and make himself cum.

Finally, he heard the front door unlock with some faint mutters from Jay and Reece. After a few minutes, they walked towards earshot of Max’s room. He sighed and muttered to himself “please, please, please” as he plucked up the courage to call out their names.

He pulled one last time at the chains, hoping he could finally free himself. The pulling made a loud sound as the chains scraped against the metal headboard.

“Max?” called out Jay, “Are you home?”

He stayed silent for a few seconds before finding the courage to call out. “Yeah, I’m here,” he said.

“Good, do you have plans tonight. We’re going to the pub. Fancy a drink?” asked Jay.

“Um,” stuttered Max, “Guys I think I need your help.” His face blushed as he asked them to come into the room.

“Oh, sure,” said Jay turning the door handle. But it was still locked from the inside. “The doors locked, you okay?”

“Yeah I can’t come to the door, and it’s locked from the inside,” said Max.

“What?” said Jay confused. “What’s going on?”

“Please, do you have a spare key or something?” asked Max.

Jay sighed and in a confused tone said: “Um, sure, two seconds.”

For the next few minutes, Max couldn’t hear a thing. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity he heard a key turn in the door.

“Okay, I’m coming in,” said Jay as the door opened.

Jay stood in the doorway and first noticed the TV, playing quite graphic porn. But before he could comment, his eyes gazed to the bed. At the bottom of the bed, the soles of Max’s bare feet were chained to the bed. Moving his eyes up he saw Max’s now flaccid cock dangling over his balls with a vibrator attached, and a black bulge from the butt plug in his ass.

Neither of the boys said anything for almost a minute until Jay broke the silence and said. “Oh. My. What the… Reece! Reece! Come here. Reece!”

“No, oh Jay, please don’t,” begged Max, but it was too late. Reece was running towards the room.

“What, what?” said Reece as he stood beside Jay in the doorway.

Both Jay and Reece looked at Max, then at each other for a few seconds before they both broke into hysterical laughter.

“Guys, please, can you help me,” pleaded Max, mortified as the guys laughed and pointed at him.

After they had finished laughing Jay entered the room. With tears of laughter he said “Oh shit, how long have you been like this?”

“Since this morning. Please, can you pass me the keys?” asked Max as his face blushed red.

Reece went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water for Max. He brought it back into the room, which triggered him into another laughing fit. He brought the water up to Max’s face then lifted his head gently. Max drank the whole glass.

“What happened? Why? Just, why?” asked Jay as Reece continued to laugh.

“Look, the keys are just there. Can you pass me them?” Max said again, getting frustrated at the guys.

“Sure, but you have to tell us first,” said Reece.

“No, seriously, this is embarrassing,” said Max.

Neither Jay nor Reece moved towards the keys. Instead, Jay ran his fingers across Max’s side to tickle him. “Come on, tell us what you were thinking?”

Max burst out laughing and shouted, “Stop it, stop.” But Jay continued to tickle him.

“Yeah tell us, Max,” said Reece as he scratched his fingers along the sole of Max’s foot, causing him to scream more with laughter.

“Stop, stop,” shouted Max.

The boys stopped tickling Max. “Well look here, someone would think you didn’t want us to stop,” said Jay as his pointed to Max’s erect cock.

“What’s this?” said Reece noticing the vibrating bullet on his cock. “Man, this is some twisted stuff. What were you doing?” he said.

“Come one, just pass me the keys,” begged Max again.

Reece removed the bullet from Max’s cock. “Not a bad size,” he said. Jay agreed as they both focused on Max’s rock hard cock.

Jay noticed the inflater coming from the butt plug in Max’s ass. He squeezed on it a couple of times then said “A butt plug? I would never have thought you were the sort.”

Max let out a moan as the plug inflated pressing again on his prostate. His cock throbbed, but no one touched it.

Jay peered down to the floor and noticed the suitcase. “Oh is this your toy collection?” he said peering inside. He picked up a giant dildo, a pack of condoms, some rope, a ball gag and tape.

“It’s like a sex shop in here,” he chuckled.

“Jay, Reece, please just pass me the key. This is mortifying, and I just want this to end.

“You talk too much Max,” said Jay looking down at the ball gag.

“Don’t you dare. Jay. Don’t even think about it,” said Max. But Jay was already moving closer towards his head.

“Come on,” said Jay as he wrapped the ball gag around Max’s head.

Max mecidiyeköy escort struggled, but without his arms and legs free there was nothing he could do. The ball gag was inside his mouth and strapped around his head preventing him from speaking.

“Let’s see what else is in here,” said Jay looking back in the bag.

Max moaned and tried to say “Stop”, but only mumbling came out of his mouth. He pulled at the chains and thrust his hips trying to get free, but again it was no use.

“What’s this?” said Jay picking up a metal belt with a silver tube attached to the front.

Max moaned some more.

“Reece, what’s this?” asked Jay.

“Oh yes, I think that’s a chastity belt. Is there a key in there? Does it lock?” said Reece.

“I don’t know, come here,” said Jay.

Reece stood beside Jay and inspected the device. After a few minutes, they had an understanding of how it worked. Reece took the belt and wrapped it around Max’s waist. Max shook his hips from side to side, but he couldn’t move enough to prevent them from attaching the belt.

“You see, you look like you don’t want us to do this, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stiffer cock. I think it wants to go inside this thing,” said Jay.

Reece tried to put Max’s penis into the tube, but his erection made this impossible.

Max continued to moan, still unable to speak from the ball gag.

“Oh, I have an idea,” said Reece as he took the glass into the kitchen and filled it with water. Once he was back in the room, he threw the water over Max’s naked body.

Max gasped and moaned pulling at the chains again. He started to shiver from the cold water, and slowly his cock began to shrink.

“Nice thinking,” said Jay.

Reece tried again to insert Max’s cock into the chastity device. Even though his cock was now entirely flaccid from the cold water, it was slightly too big for the tube.

“Pass me some of that lube,” said Reece pointing towards a bottle in the suitcase. He applied a small amount of lube to the tube and Max’s cock, then tried to insert it again. This time it fit easily although snug.

Jay pushed the belt together which made a clicking sound, then tried to pull at the device the see if it was removable. But it was safely attached, with no way his cock could come out.

Max was started to enjoy the experience. He was still panicking and embarrassed but was quite aroused as one of his fantasies was coming true.

“I think this key locks it,” said Jay passing the key to Reece, who then turned the key and confirmed it was now locked.

“Ah, who should get the honours of keeping the key,” said Jay.

“I think I’ll keep it,” said Reece turning to Max. “Why don’t we keep this on you for a week then you can decide if you want one of us to hold the key. Call it payment for us rescuing you.”

Max shook his head from side to side and moaned.

“Okay, okay,” said Jay moving towards the ball gag. “Now I’m going to remove this ball gag. We’ll give you the keys on your table so you can release yourself, but Reece is holding onto the chastity key. If you say anything negative, complain or disagree with anything we say then we’ll keep the key for a month. But if you behave, you’ll get the key in a week and can do whatever you want. Understand?”

Max slowly nodded his head in agreement as Jay removed the ball gag from his head.

“So how do you feel about us holding this key for you?” asked Jay.

“Okay,” said Max.

“Some people would thank us for this honour, wouldn’t they Reece,” said Jay.

“Thank you,” said Max reluctantly.

“That sounded negative, maybe you don’t want out of this thing for a month?” said Reece.

“No, no thank you Reece, thank you Jay,” said Max more eagerly.

“For what?” said Reece as he took a towel from Max’s radiator and soaked up the remaining water from his body.

“For rescuing me and locking me in the belt,” said Max.

Jay and Reece laughed at each other as they turned around to leave the room.

“Wait, please the keys, you said you would give me the keys,” begged Max.

“Oh yeah, we will. We’re just going out to the pub for some drinks, and we’ll be back later. You don’t mind waiting here for another few hours, right?” said Jay.

“No, no, I need out now. It’s been all day, please just…” started Max, but he stopped as Jay pointed towards the chastity belt and shook his head. “I mean, yes, please take as long as you want,” he said reluctantly.

“Oh great, we’ll see you real soon,” said Jay as they walked out of the room.

“Actually, I think I’m going to hold onto one other thing,” said Reece walking back into the room. “Did you make this video yourself?” he asked as he removed the drive from the television.

“Yes, it’s just a collection from my computer,” said Max.

“Good, I’ll hold onto this I think,” said Reece as he left the room and closed the door behind him.

Max lay on the bed still unable to get up. He was incredibly turned on by the events that just took place. But he was also scared. No one ever had this much control over him before. He wondered if they would even let him out of the chains later on.

All he could do was lie on the bed feeling his cock bulge against the chastity belt, hoping he would be let free when the guys came home later.

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