No, I am not a Cocksucker Gay

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No, I am not a Cocksucker GayI had known Don and his wife Tina for years. My wife Candy and Tina grew up together and have been best friends since birth basically. By osmosis, Don and I became friends over the years, despite being very different personalities. Don is about 6 years younger than me (I am 48) and a lot less motivated. I went to college and earned an MBA and advanced to VP of Operations for my company. Don came from successful parents but did not do well in school, mainly due to lack of effort. To appease his parents, he signed up for the army when he had no interest in college. He claims he was special ops and did a stint in Iraq. He used an old knee injury as an excuse for a medical discharge, two years early. Eventually he took a job as an auto mechanic. Even then, he never volunteers for overtime or in any way works to advance his career beyond basic grease monkey. He does however always have time to watch sports and drink beer, which is basically the basis for our friendship. We get together to watch, The Chiefs, The Sooners, The Thunder or The Royals once a month or so. Cindy works as a social worker, so money is tight for them. While my salary alone dwarfs their combined incomes, Candy is a corporate attorney, so we earn several times their income. Because of this Don has always felt inadequate compared to me. That animosity has kept our friendship somewhat distant. Despite Tina and Candy being so close we have rarely done things together as couples. We took a group vacation, one time, to the Bahamas right after Candy Graduated law school. Don was so uptight about money the trip was basically a dud. He would not let us help by paying for some activities, so we only partook of free activities where we could bring our own beer. We beached and hiked for a week, eating sandwiches and cheap fast food. After that, Candy and Tina began taking a “Lady’s Week” vacation and have for almost 20 years. I would usually go with my son (our only c***d) on a “Boy’s Week” when the ladies did their thing. Now that he was in college, that tradition may be gone for good. Of course, Don usually spent the week drinking beer and watching sports. So, this year I was home alone while Candy and Tiny had their week. As a result, Don and I decided to get together for the OKC Thunder game Friday night, after I took the girls to the airport. They were heading to San Diego. For beaches, shopping and spa time. Lucky for Candy, Tina did not mind if Candy paid for things, so money would not be a stressor for Candy (particularly with Ron).We lived in a High-end housing development outside of Kansas City. Ironically, we lived right next door to Tina and Don. When we bought our house, it was next to Don’s parents’ house. Candy saw it and loved it so much, we had to get it. I never quite imagined it would end up as Don’s house. I had assumed he would never be able to afford it, but his parents, at least, planned well and left him the house. It was fully paid for with the funds to retain it and pay taxes and expenses for the rest of his life. His pay went for food, utilities, beer and their gym membership. I, on the other hand, worked my way through college and climbed the ladder from the ground up to purchase our house and pay off the mortgage. My family did not have much money, so I had to claw my way up. Don’s house was free, and apparently not appreciated since he can barely manage to leave the gym or the couch, long enough to mow the lawn. Don was a perfect example that you can’t appreciate the value in things if you don’t earn them yourself.The other thing he always seemed to have money for was tattoos. He seemed to get something added every year. He stopped showing them to me, as It was clear from my reaction, I thought they were trashy and ugly. That was part of my problem with Don. I did not do a good job of hiding my emotions or thoughts when it came to him. It’s not that I thought I was better than him, it’s just that I did not respect him, because everything was handed to him and I have had to work for everything I have. I would never get a tattoo or grow my hair long. I dress for success and work hard. This mentality has paid off over and over. Don doesn’t work hard or try to work hard. He has tats on his arms and legs and long black hair he puts in a pony tail sometimes. I just cannot grasp living like him, and my disgust shows on my face from time to time. This added to his feelings of inadequacy and made it uncomfortable for the four of us to do things as a group. His feelings are magnified when his wife sees firsthand what a motivated person can accomplish. So, over the years we have developed our social patterns that have worked so far. I think there was also some jealousy over our son Justin. Tina has a medical condition that does not allow an egg to implant in her uterus, so they have never had k**s. I tried to speak to Don about adoption a few times, but he cut the conversations off. That also added to the tension of group activities. It is another shortcoming of mine that I never told him how much I admired his acceptance of Tina’s condition. I would have guessed his fragile ego would not allow him to deal with the situation without blaming her or rubbing it in her face that she prevented him from having a legacy. It was quite the opposite. He managed to make it clear that he loved her and did not feel like he was missing anything. He did play catch with Justin and went to his sporting events when I was traveling for work. I think that helped him to fill the void, not having his own c***d left in his life. I just wished he had been more productive in life. Maybe, he would be able to afford a surrogate or other medical konak escort solution. Because of his ego we developed parameters for our sports get-togethers. We had to meet at his house at least half of the time. I could only bring a 12 pack and maybe one snack item and that is it. As time went on, there were less and less get-togethers at my house. For the last couple years, it has been strictly at Don’s house. Friday evening, I dropped the ladies at the airport about 7 and got to Don’s in time for tip-off. OKC was playing the Lakers and I decided what the hell. I was on my own and still enjoy the fact we own the Lakers now. Always good to watch the Thunder slap up on the Lakers. I brought a twelve of Michelob Long necks and Doritos. Don greeted me at the door wearing sweats and an OKC T. I had on jeans and a Westbrook Jersey. We went on down to the man-cave in the basement. His father added it not long before he died. There were 2 recliners with, heat and massage and sound if you wanted. Don had splurged for a fifty-inch 4K, a nice setup for watching games.I loaded the 12 pack into the fridge after pulling out two. We downed them quickly watching the pregame talking heads. “I got something for us to try,” he said, jumping up from his recliner and going to the fridge. “One of my Ops buddies showed me this concoction. It’s good and sneaks up on you a little. Let me know what you think.”He brought out a large tumbler of ice and a yellow colored drink in a pitcher. He poured two glasses full. I took a sip, and it had a touch of lemon, but a sweet overall flavor and a kick of Tequila at the end. “Not bad. It seems a little frou-frou for you though. You like this?” I asked surprised.”I do, and it has a kick. We have to introduce this to the ladies. He tells me, he gets lucky a lot more often when he gives his wife this stuff.” he said smiling and plopping back into the recliner.”Some of us don’t need to get our wives drunk to get laid,” I said joking. I quickly realized this was another case of me coming off as arrogant. A good example of the tension that always existed between us. I thought about trying to step it back but didn’t, even though I would take any help to increase sex with Candy. Between work hours and stress, we were lucky to make love once a month.”I think Candy will love this. How do you make it?” I asked hoping to cut the tension.”It’s a secret recipe. If I told you I would have to kill you,” he said raising an eyebrow like The Rock.”It does go down smooth, I can see how it could bite you later” I replied, taking a big drink. It was rather addictive, and we had knocked out the pitcher before the end of the first quarter. “Want some more or do you want to go less frou-frou?” he asked sarcastically”I’ll take some more. Best not to mix alcohols,” I said standing up to hit the restroom. “Whoa I can feel the effects already.” I wobbled as my head spun a bit. I steadied and walked up the stairs to the bathroom. He followed with the empty pitcher. When I came out of the bathroom he was in the kitchen pouring the tequila into the pitcher. He poured what must have been at least 10 shots worth. There were 3 open Red Bull cans on the counter and some powdered lemonade mix. I pretended not to notice and headed back down. He came down a few minutes later with another pitcher and some pretzels and jalapeño cheese dip.”38-30 OKC,” I said giving him the update since there was a commercial on. “Westbrook is on fire as usual. I still can’t believe we’re not doing better with George and Anthony on the team. But were still better than the fuckin’ Fakers!” “Agreed Brother. I think there’s still time to gel before the playoffs. If anyone can beat the Warriors, its Russ!” he said believing.The jalapeño dip made the drinks go down even smoother. So, the second pitcher was gone by half time. By the end of the third quarter, we were halfway through the third. The stairs were a challenge to get up and down when I needed another bathroom break. The game was becoming a blowout, but the Lakers did make a 4th quarter run to make it somewhat interesting.After the third pitcher we switched to beer to make sure I could walk home after the game. I was feeling it big time after 3 pitchers, but the Red Bull mixed in had me wide awake and ready to party on. “Great game. I like our chances for an upset in the playoffs. I’d love to see KD cryin’ after we take them out and then send Lebron home empty handed again,” I said trying not to slur. “What next any other games on?””I got something for you Andy. Wait till you see this in 4k,” he said working the remote. “Anal Nurses 3! It’s a classic,” said Don with a big grin. “You remembered,” I said laughing. I had shared my affinity for anal porn in college. There was something about watching women take it in the ass and loving it that got me going. I had tried to steer Candy that way a few times over the years, but she shut it down quick. “Candy ever let you fuck her ass Andy?” asked Don slyly. I usually went by Andrew professionally, but friends called me Andy. I mainly avoided the shortened version due to the Andy and Candy jokes that inevitably came out. I seriously did not mind Don calling me that, but I did mind sharing intimate details of my sex life with him. Especially with the relationship between Candy and Tina. There was no way I would risk something getting back to Candy. But, there was enough alcohol in me, my judgement was not at its best.”No… not for lack of trying. She has no desire to explore that cavity if you know what I mean,” I said disappointed. “How about Tina?””I got her to try it one time, but, even with lube, she said it hurt too much and she would konak escort bayan never do it again. Could use a couple of these Bitches tonight! Damn,” he said pointing at the screen.A busty blond nurse was bent over the exam table as the hung doctor was sliding about a 10″ meat probe in her tight bung hole. “Damn Doctor Johnson! You sure are doing a thorough exam!” she grunted as she closed her eyes.My dick stiffened quickly as the 4K big screen showed her stretched sphincter gripping his cock as he slid out and then pucker back in as he drove it home. “Holy shit that is super HD! Damn Don, you are torturing me. You’re gonna make me shoot my load on your surround sound chair!” I said adjusting my boner.”Try this,” he said picking up the remote for the chair. “Put it on heat and massage setting 4. You really need to try it with your pants off. There are tissues right there if you need them,” he said pointing at the table between our recliners. There was a box of Kleenex sitting there. “Oh man, you jack off in these chairs?” I laughed and squinted at the thought.”Look at that picture quality!” he said emphatically.The candy striper was now seated on the floor below the nurse, with her back to the exam table, looking up and eating the nurse’s pussy while the doctor fucked her ass. The nurse screamed wildly, moaning and whining with her eyes closed and mouth open. She looked like she was howling at the moon with a series of rapid fire screams of unbridled bliss. My cock was throbbing and wanted to be freed from my jeans.I was drunk enough and horny enough that I was thinking about it. “I gotta get me one of these for home,” I said patting the arm of the chair.”Go for it man, I won’t tell anyone. Crank one off if you need to. The ladies are gone for 10 days,” he said grinning.”No way,” I said cringing. “I’m not a perv Don, I don’t get off masturbating in public.””Public? It’s just us, I’m telling you, it’s a great sensation…But if your dick’s too small, I understand being shy,” he said smugly. “I will if you will.”The doctor pulled out and blew several jets of spunk on the nurse’s ass. Not thinking, I set the chair to the settings he suggested, sending a vibrating massage through my ass and balls. “Damn!” I said startled. “That is good. (Then the heat kicked in.) Oh yeah! That’s amazing.”I unbuckled my pants and pulled them down putting my naked ass and balls against the heated vibrating recliner. My six-inch boner was fully hard and throbbed as the air hit it.”Born free…” I sang, laughing as I kicked my pants and underwear all the way off. “Oh God yes, I’m getting one of these,” I said rubbing the arm of the chair.”Told you,” he said untying his sweats. “If I had to choose between the chairs or Tina…I just might choose the chairs,” he joked.I watched in amazement as he uncovered his hard-on. It was probably twice the volume of mine. I now understood what Tina saw in him. He was watching the next nurse talking to a patient that was lying in bed. Since he seemed oblivious to me, I continued to look with envy at his impressive tool.As he kicked off his sweats, his boner swayed on his belly. I looked down at mine suddenly embarrassed. As I looked back, Don was still focused on the screen. He had his dick in his right hand and the long neck beer in his left. He held his dick pointing straight up toward the ceiling with the beer right next to it. His dick was slightly longer than the bottle, and almost as thick.I quickly moved my beer bottle far away from my hard-on, as I watched the busty nurse started to notice the patient’s boner tenting his hospital gown. “Oh dear, Mr. Harris, I think you have a little swelling problem,” she said rolling back his gown to expose an equally impressive tool.My feelings of inadequacy grew along with the patient’s cock. I looked at the screen, Don, and then my own tool. Suddenly a Sesame Street tune came to mind. “Which one of these things doesn’t belong here? Which one of these things just doesn’t belong?””Now these are my kind of nurses!” said Don, stroking himself slowly, staring at the screen.I could not help but notice how purple his dick head was. When his hand slid down to the base it stretched the skin tight, highlighting a slight tilt of his dick head back toward his body. Mine is perfectly straight. The rim of his head was within the diameter of his shaft where mine protruded. “Oh yeah, take that in your mouth baby,” said Don startling me.I looked up and was relieved he was still affixed to the screen, as the nurse began to slide her lips slowly down the patient’s shaft. She took that massive cock almost completely in. You could see her neck expand as it went into her throat.”Fuuuck,” I sighed watching.”You said it brother,” replied Don starring at the screen.I noticed he had no hair on his balls and a well-trimmed tuft above his dick. I have never trimmed my pubes. He had a large vein running up the right side of his shaft and curving underneath about mid-way up. His pole widened just below his dick head creating crease between the rim of his head and his shaft. I was fascinated by the shape and the rim of his head blending right into the diameter of his shaft. “Oh yeah suck it like you mean it!” said Don in a raspy perv voice. He was still starring at the screen, and I was again lucky he had not noticed me staring. The nurse was really going to town sucking the patient wildly and moaning with pleasure as she bobbed up and down his length. I looked back at Don, thinking he is the same size as the porn star. I wondered if Tina took his cock like that.”God, I wish I could get Tina to do that! I would blow in about 2 seconds!” he said sounding sad and pathetic.”I escort konak get ya man. Candy does not show that level of excitement with a dick in her mouth,” I said in agreement.”Wife syndrome I guess,” he said sighing. “Once you’re committed the party is over! I could blow just watching this!” “Me too. This chair is magic!” I said looking at my fully hard cock. It was so hard my head was not touching my belly as it levitated in the air.He turned back to the screen holding his cock in his right hand. His hand didn’t even cover half his length! My hand covered most of mine. I could not touch mine or I would cum instantly the chair had me so revved. The heat, the vibration, it was amazing. A big drop of pre-cum oozed onto my belly. Luckily my shirt was pulled up beyond my cock.”Damn, the heat is too much,” Said Don, removing his shirt.”I know what you mean,” I replied removing my jersey. I was getting sweaty.The nurse was still pounding his cock as an orderly came in the room to clean up and managed to get in unnoticed. He immediately pulled out his dick and began to stroke it, watching the action. Her saliva was dripping down the shaft of the patient’s cock. My eyes were drawn to Don’s impressive dick again. Without his shirt his flat stomach showed the effects of all the time he spent at the gym. Visible abs have not been something I could relate to since college. However, I am in good shape compared to most.He had a large eagle tat on his chest and most of both calves and half of each thigh were covered. The purple head of his huge cock was like a flashing neon sign. I just couldn’t stop looking at it.”Can you imagine fitting that in your mouth Andy,” asked Don, startling me back to reality again.”What?” I asked confused. When I looked at his face, he was looking at me smiling. He pointed at the screen, where the nurse was now getting butt fucked by the orderly and had nearly the entire length of the patient in her mouth moaning and wiggling her head as she held it all in for what seemed like forever. How she did not gag was beyond me. She pulled off and took a few quick breathes and then squealed with ecstasy as orderly fucked her ass and she fingered her own clit in small rapid circles. Then she dove back onto the cock.”How can she do that without gagging,” I asked looking back at Don and then back at the purple head.”Practice, I guess. You OK Andy?” he asked I looked back at his face, wondering if he noticed me staring. “Yeah, what do you mean?””It looks like you’re about to pop,” he said pointing at my dripping boner. “But you’re not watching the movie.””Of course, I am,” I said trying not to let my eye’s go back to his purple neon head.”OK, well I need another beer, how about you?” he asked standing up, with the purple headed monster pointing at me. It waved back and forth as he shuffled sideways between his chair and the end table between us. He stopped, and it hung there pointing at me.”Well are you gonna suck it down or what?” he asked impatiently.I broke my stare and looked up at him confused. He smiled and pointed at the beer in my hand. I came to my senses and chugged what was left in the bottle and handed him my empty.”I think those drinks are making you a little loopy Andy. It’s good you switched us to beer or you’d be playing nurse about now.,” he said opening the fridge with his boner waving in the air.What did he mean by that I thought as the nurse was now sucking the remanence of cum off the patient’s cock. With a load on her face and hair. How could she concentrate? I wondered as she held his dick in one hand and was fingering the shit out of her clit and getting pounded in the ass. She screamed “AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!” as the orderly pulled out and blew 4 or 5 quick ropes of spunk on her back. She shook her head like a wet dog.”This chair is too much!” I said turning it off, before I came all over myself without even touching my cock.I turned to look for Don, just in time for his purple mushroom to pop me in the cheek. It bounced off and wobbled in front of my face as he slowly wiggled by, this time stepping between the table and my recliner. It was so warm…”Whoa, sorry dude, I was just bringing you a beer, you didn’t have to kiss me for it,” he laughed.”Dude that’s gross!” I said grabbing my beer and watching his cock wobble.I took a drink, “Thanks,” I said noticing a drop of pre-cum hanging on the purple helmet. I could smell his perspiration as he stood there. His balls really did not have any hair on them. They were pulled in tight to his shaft, in a nice round package. His tattoos, spiraled around his muscular thighs, leading my eyes, back to his stiff cock. The eagle’s talons straddled his belly button its legs spanning his rippled stomach. The wings opened on his firm pecs…Oh crap, I’m staring! I jerked my head up to see him smiling smugly down at me.”Andy, you’re drooling buddy. If you want to suck my cock, just ask, I could certainly use the release,” he said calmly. “No one would ever know but us, I promise.” He said it so calmly, I found myself thinking about it, “OK…”It hit me, and I shook, my head, “OK! You’ve lost your fucking mind Donny, you’re fucking queer, I’m not. You just bend on down and take my load cocksucker!” I said sternly. Part of me really hoped he would. My cock was throbbing and still levitating.He stepped in closer, turning his body a little to his right, swinging his purple headed b**st over my chest. “You can’t take your eyes off it Andy,” he said calmly. “And look how hard you are buddy.””That’s not fair! You know I have a thing for anal. That nurse got me like this. You set this up! Go ahead asshole, I’ll let YOU suck ME off cocksucker!” I yelled grabbing my dick and pointing it up at him.”Me thinks you dost protest too much, Andy boy,” he said swinging his rod from side to side. “How about a bet?” Looser will be the winner’s cock sucking bitch. You win I will suck your dick, but if I win…”

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