Female Ejaculation

Subject: No Stopping Hope this is ok to publish in Gay, adult/youth. Thanks. …………………….. PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY! Adult/youth (m/b) There’s no sexual contact, but a hot encounter. Maybe, maybe not. In the mind of the reader. ………………… No stopping. Holidays are such a good time for those occasional, sudden happenings. There’s been quite a few over the years. Some more involved than others. Holidaying in France, in a town called Langres, I was walking round the town, getting to know the place. It’s a pleasant, walled town with a long history. There’s not a lot to do, but it’s pretty and nice countryside. I was moving on to Dijon after 3 days. Waking along the walls it leads to old ramparts and walks through wooded areas near a housing estate. I was walking round, about 8 in the evening. It was still warm and the path was quiet, going down dips and through some thicker bushy areas. Ambling along, I saw a little colour through a bushy area, probably a dog walker. As I got closer aydın escort I realised the figure was standing still. A bright stripy t shirt, then a naked ass! I stood silent watching. Jeans were down to the knees and blue underwear half way down the thighs. It was then clear it was a he, and he was jerking off. I stiffened up and gently squeezed at my cock. Looking more, I could see he was a young guy, short dark hair, a smooth and dimpled ass was clenching and slow thrusting into his hand. From the darker skin colour I reckoned he was one of the Arab lads in the town. It looked as though he had something in his other hand, which I thought would be a mag or phone. He was very slim, but his ass a beaut. I unzipped and took my cock out and began jerking, watching his ass teas me. The jeans and underwear down like they were was hugely sexy and I was massively turned on. I didn’t care if he saw me, I was leaving the next day. I pushed my jeans and boxers down like his and moved forward, stroking as aydınlıkevler escort I moved. A few meters away, he suddenly turned and saw me. In the shock he dropped his phone. He bent quickly to pick it up, giving me a quick flash of his dark hole, or at least the little patch of hair between his butt cheeks. He was obviously flustered and was pulling his jeans up as quick as he could. I stood still wanking my dick. He was fucking cute, about 15, 16 at the most. His cock was a solid piece of good boy meat. I walked a bit closer, stroking and waggling my cock. He stopped and looked, watched me. I was only a couple of meters away now. I almost came on the spot when he pushed his jeans and underwear back down and gripped his cock and started jerking fast. He had a good, dark bush of hair round the base of his dick, and down to his very tight ball sack. His cock was a very nice 6 or 7 inches, cut, his hand pulling his skin quickly back and forward below a lovely shaped, ayrancı escort deep-red cock head. We looked at each other as we jerked, up and down from face to cock. I stepped a little closer and was about to cup his balls. His smooth face, with a hint of fluffy hair on his upper lip, was very flushed and he suddenly drew in a big breath and pushed his crotch forward. He was coming. I quickly cupped his balls and gently squeezed as he shot a big load onto the side of a tree. He was shaking slightly. I turned and let my own load splat on the tree with his, mixing with his and running down the tree trunk and on the ground. He watched as he recovered from his orgasm. I flicked and squeezed out the last drops, as he did. Then took a paper hanky from my pocket for him and me and cleaned off more. That gorgeous cock was beautiful in its now fat, flaccid state. I couldn’t resist, and squeezed an ass cheek, a very firm ass cheek, and said “merci”, what else could I say! He nodded and pulled his underwear and jeans up as I did. He turned and walked off towards the housing blocks. I watched him for a few seconds, then a glance at our loads on the tee and ground, and I headed back into town. I’ve no idea if he was gay or just a very horny teen. Whatever, I was more than happy he didn’t stop his fun.

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