No Substitute for Jasper


Jasper has a handlebar moustache which was altogether off putting when I first met him after an arrangement on the online gay line.

He never said he had one but then I don’t suppose it is necessarily the sort of thing one would mention.

He had sent me a picture. He didn’t have a moustache in th3e picture, but I discovered that is because it was taken before he grew one.

He said he had grown it for a part he was playing in his local amateur dram society so I couldn’t really ask him to shave it off on the premise I didn’t like it.

But now I am glad I didn’t ask and glad he didn’t shave it off because it made for the most delightful episode in our intimacy that I had never imagined could be so nice.

The first time we met was electric. We had talked online about what we liked to do – like going to gay clubs, shows and the like – but also what sort of things we were up for.

“Best to get it out in the open” was Jasper’s notion and then we could decide if were are right for each other.

That was nice, there was no beating around the bush with Jasper and I appreciated him for that. On the premise I was the taker and he the giver was just fine. He said that was just what he was looking for and wasted no time in asking about my ass. Crazy me I sent him a picture in an email attachment and I thought afterwards; was it too much information?, me imagining the picture of what I think is a well curved tight ass, that looked really good in nice tight jeans, could be plastered all over the internet.

But it didn’t come to that and that is why I think much of Jasper. He complimented me saying quite bluntly and candidly that he just couldn’t wait to fuck that.

That statement did make me all of a flurry I have to admit. For a long time I had fantasized about how it would be with a gay lover, how it would feel. Call me sad or what but I have actually experimented with things like tool; handles, candles and even a hard carrot which hurt me a bit because I hadn’t out enough Vaseline inside

But it turned out after much experimentation that a bulbous screwdriver handle served to be the most beneficial of all and there I was, stretched out in a prostrate position on the carpet in my bedroom, with a mirror placed conveniently beside me, exquisitely watching the handle squelch in and out of my anus, imagining it was a real live cock, closing my ataşehir escort eyes then when the insertion was deep and enjoying the sheer ecstasy of a screwdriver fuck. I even sucked the think making myself believe it was the real thing!

That was fine for a while but then I got to thinking; ‘just imagine how it would feel with a real cock up there, a full blown flexi-cock that would fuck the ass off me’ and above all, I wouldn’t be setting the motions which would be so very exciting, rather than pre-empting every movement I was making.

So that is when I made the bold decision to find someone on the chat lines, and look for a suitable candidate and just let go and come out with someone of equal leaning, who would love me too and make me feel complete and wanted.

It was hard going at first and I soon came to realize that many sad guys on the net just fantasized – sending each other dirty messages and pictures of their cocks which were probably copied anyway, and when it came to the meet, they’d make an appointment and I would really get excited and then – nothing! The sods never turned up and there you were standing there like a statue thinking if only..

But Jasper was different, he was the sort of gut I got to know quite well online and when we met on a cold damp afternoon in a zoo car park it was divine simply to accept his invitation to sit next to him.

I guess in my anxiety to make a good impression I was wrong to be so bold as to try massaging him in the car. Because there were a number of people coining and going so he quickly took my hand away from that delicious bulge which felt heaven, the heaven I had been waiting for, for so long.

“Just hang on a little while, it is too public here, Pete. Let me find a little nook in a country lane where we can get more acquainted, because that was very nice what you were doing. Look and you will see how it has grown? ” It was so big there beneath his trousers I could see it judder which was so absolutely delightful and appealing, to have at last a real flesh ripe cock to please me – not just a hard and clumsy screwdriver handle which could never be the same, I had already discovered that in just feeling Jasper and when he pulled up in a well sheltered lane I was to be treated to the full McCoy. He was just as eager as was I, that was apparent when he unzipped, avcılar escort opened his trousers and hooked out a real wonderful fleshy hard pink cock..

“There you are, Pete – this is what you wanted huh?”

I nodded appreciatively And showed him just how I wanted it. I don’t know what compelled me to do it, it was something I had often dreamed about and now it seemed almost unreal it was really happening.

Levering its length upwards he presented it to me and in a moment I felt the warmth of it, the taste and the scent of it inside my very appreciative mouth,

Jasper groaned and moaned and I have to say I really took advantage of his offing and just chilled and sucked to my heart’s content

After some minutes elapsed we both came out of our trance and he whispered just how wonderful that was, I showed my appreciation by just simply stroking it and delicacy teasing his foreskin tight back so as to take in the scent through my nostrils ,as I gently licked the tip and tasted his p-hole which really was divine and so nice to do.

Then he moved himself on his seat so he could nestle his balls, and they looked a delight not to be missed, I was in a frenzy by then simply because already Jasper was edging his hands into the crease of my ass, over my tight jeans and, opening uo for him I felt him begin to nudge me between which really sent rockets firing and I just chilled and sucked his balls, enjoying the sheer feel of his hands and fingers exporting me down under in such a delightful way.. “Now let me have some of you, Pete” he smiled and there he was, already my jeans were down to my knees and he was fingering me over my boxer shorts which were a delight.

“It is a nice one, Pete” he complimented as he pulled me out from the seam of my boxers, starting to stroke and feel me in the most delightful way. His touch sent electricity running up my spine and just the feel of his mouth starting to suck me was something else!

“Jasper, that is so nice. I so want your fuck. I guess you know that?”

He juggled my balls a bit and then his fingers were where I wanted his cock to be soon, He wanted me to move to the back seat and lean over it to display my ass to its best advantage and Wow! Did he go for it

“Does that hurt Baby” he asked as he started to insert about two of his fingers and rim avrupa yakası escort me, with the aid of something he found to lubricate me.

It was heaven, I was quite well stretched having screwed myself with the proverbial screwdriver the night before. I knew he was big, his picture proved that before I had seen him in the flesh, and now that full length of what I thought was well into seven inches (he said eight) was soon to fuck me.

“You smell so good Pete, I love your ass, just as good but better than it looked in the picture, bend a little more baby so I can play for a bit, then I promise you won’t be sorry!”

I steeped myself a bit more so I was leaning well over the edge of the back seat. There was something beautiful in just letting myself go for another to enjoy, not just me by looking into a mirror, this was a real guy nudging and slapping, stretching my ass cheeks wide apart, his mouth and tongue doing things I could never have imagined. So wonderful things that felt so good.

But there was something more too when he started to kiss and lick my balls, running over them towards my hole – the so very delicate way he teased his mouth there, it was something that was really sending me to another place, just the absolute thrill and touch of his moustache there. I could really feel it and it was so divine, and when he cupped my chin and gently edged my face around so he could kiss me, I closed my eyes in sheer ecstasy as I tasted that kiss, his tongue deep throating me, the combined taste of his cock and that which he had tasted in me was perhaps the most intimate thing I have ever experienced and now I was so ready for his fuck. I was crying out for it. He massaged me some more, rubbed some more lubricant well into my ass hole, maneuvered himself to find the perfect position and then…

He was there, his stiff throbbing cock well lodged inside my aching holes, so very much enjoying it, all I ever wanted, so much better than substitutes, and this was the real thing inside me. I felt him build and build so wonderfully, he really knew how to best fuck me, the little sideways jerks, the twisting inside me, my hole wide open for him, he really went for it and I was soon well and truly fucked,

He withdrew that monster and I felt something was missing, he massaged it with so much fervor – his face flushed and his breathing heavy, his head back as he came so strong,. Spurting his hot cream over my ass, I felt it sliding down between and soon my hole was anointed and initiated with its first real time reality fuck.

Our new relationship was still in its infancy but I knew a whole new window had opened in my life and there would never ever again be any substitute for Jasper.

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