Noisy Neighbour

Big Tits

Not too long ago, a young man moved into the flat next door. He seemed kind enough. He’d smile and say hello whenever he passed me in the hallway, and once he even helped me carry my groceries up to my flat when one of my shopping bags broke. That’s when he introduced himself as Darren. He’d be a great neighbour if it weren’t for his frequent sessions of passionate lovemaking. I never once saw his partner with him, but every other day, he’d make her shriek in pleasure for well over an hour. It was so distracting, especially since her sounds would make me so hot and bothered every time. I’m approaching my forties, and for a long time, I’ve been very happy without a partner. Sex wasn’t something I craved, heck, I barely thought about sex since I broke up with my last boyfriend years ago. But hearing the noises she would make would drive me crazy. I even caught myself pinching my nipples or rubbing my mound through my clothes on some occasions.

One day, I’d decided I’d had enough, and knocked on his door to talk to him about the noise. I wasn’t mad, more just tired and a little sexually frustrated.

He opened the door. “Oh hey, Mrs Brown. What’s up?” he said, his welcoming smile becoming a concerned look, probably because of seeing my tired expression. I wasn’t married, but I let him calling me ‘Mrs’ slid. I had more important things to talk about.

“Darren, hi. Umm… this isn’t easy to say, and I don’t want to seem… erm, like I’m over-reacting, but…” I wrapped my dressing gown tighter around myself and crossed my arms under my chest. “I’ve been hearing you and your girlfriend making love every couple of days and… well it’s just too loud, really.”

Darren’s eyes widened slightly at the news, and his hand went to scratch the eryaman escortlar back of his head. “Ah right, sorry about that. I guess I have to be more careful whenever I bring girls over, now that I’m living in an apartment.” Girls? Not girlfriend? So, he’s just a playboy who goes from girl to girl? Or maybe they were all his girlfriends? The thought made me shiver.

I readjusted my gown again, catching his eyes dart to my cleavage before returning to my eyes. “Girls, right. Just, maybe go to their house from now on if you can.” We made our brief goodbyes, and I went back to my room. I suppose it made sense that they were different girls. A young man who can make girls scream the way I’ve heard them scream would be out getting every girl he could.

What would I do if he decided he wanted me, too?

After the little talk I had with him, an entire week went by with no noise whatsoever. I was honestly quite surprised, and the peace was much appreciated. I did feel a little bad and hoped he was still… well… enjoying himself elsewhere. But then, on a Sunday morning, I woke up to the familiar sounds of another girl being ravished by Darren. This one in particular seemed especially… passionate, chanting and talking to him. “Oh, yes… You’re so good… uh… How are you this good!?… Fuck…” Her excitement was rubbing off on me, and I started rubbing my thighs together to quell the desire between my legs.

Whoever he had in there this time, she must have been insatiable. They went at it for hours, through the morning into the early afternoon. It was too much. I had masturbated twice already, and I was still far too horny to function properly. Something had to be done. I really didn’t want to have to do this while they were still ankara escort bayan going at it, but I threw on my dressing gown and slippers (I hadn’t gotten dressed yet since I’d spent practically the whole morning in bed playing with myself) and went to knock on his door again.

The girl couldn’t even bring herself to be silent, her moaning had stopped but I still heard her mewling for a while. I heard some scampering around, and then not too long later, Darren opened the door… wearing only his boxers.

“Mrs Brown, hey. Sorry, we’re being too loud, aren’t we?” My eyes hadn’t moved to look away from his crotch since he started talking. The tip of his penis was hanging out the bottom of his boxers. He was huge! I mean, maybe I should have guessed that by now, and I knew he must have been bigger than average, but how could I have expected this size!? “Look, just let me erm… finish up back here and… err…” I tore my eyes up from his crotch to look at his face after he had trailed off. He was looking down to where I had been looking and he returned his gaze to my face. “Ah. Sorry, that happens a lot.”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t think of anything to say. Nothing from my prior experiences socialising with people told me how to react to a scenario like this. My breathing deepened as we stared at each other in silence before Darren spoke up. “So, uh… Mrs Brown?”

“Miss.” I corrected on impulse, my hand moving to my thumping heart and then down to my breast.

“…Miss Brown,” he said with a smirk, “do you… would you… like to come in?”

About half an hour later, my feet were bobbing in the air as I lied on my back being ploughed by Darren’s big dick. I clutched the headboard as my third elvankent escort bayan orgasm swept through me. After he’d already made me cum by fingering me and eating me out, it didn’t take long for his dick to do the same. My gown had been flung onto a chair at a desk and my slippers were cluttered by the side of the bed. My panties were stuffed in my mouth and in all the chaos I didn’t even notice when my bra was removed. I was no different to any of his other girls, squealing and screaming and announcing my orgasms like I wanted the whole apartment complex to hear. Maybe I did want that. Maybe I wanted to drive someone else into a sexual frenzy the same way I had been in the morning.

As I was approaching my fourth orgasm, I urged Darren on. “Yes… Oh god yes… Uuggghh…Pound me… Make me one of your girlfriends… Aaaahh…”

This made Darren slow his pace a little, transitioning to slower, longer strokes. “One of my what?” he laughed, “You mean… hah… you want to be one of the girls I bring round? They aren’t my girlfriends, some of them have boyfriends, but…ugh… yeah, you can be one of them.” This man was incredible. Some of them were in relationships? I powered through my next orgasm, enhanced by the thought of girls making excuses to their boyfriends so they could be fucked out of their minds by Darren.

Before I knew it, I was lying on my stomach, spread-eagled, while cum leaked from my worn-out vagina. He had cum inside of me twice and I came too many times to count. I was in a haze, but I remember barely noticing Darren roll off the bed and enter the bathroom before returning to the bed with a girl. She must have been the girl from earlier. I guess she hid in the bathroom when she heard me knocking. She fell on the bed and looked at me. As I slowly turn my head to face her, I saw her expression go from uncertainty to bliss in seconds as the neighbour continued what I had interrupted. I turned onto my side and rubbed my pussy, hoping he’d still have some energy for me afterwards.

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