Northern College girls caught shoplifting, brought


Northern College girls caught shoplifting, broughtThe big bellied southern sheriff walked into the store where we’d been caught shoplifting, Well well, whata we have here Pauline? These girls tried to walk outa here with these items, they said they just forgot to pay. You got any ID’s? 19 and 21, not minors, I’ll take it from here. He cuffed us and roughly put us in the back of the car. He laughed as I asked what was going to happen to us? He stopped at a gas station, and told a guy to go get Judge Cobb. He took us into the jail, and put us in separate cells. Damn Yankee bitches come down here and try to rip off our merchants. Judge Cobb won’t take kindly to that. Please, we’ll do anything, just let us go, we’ll never come back here. He walked to the cells rattling the keys. Anything ya say? He unlocked the cells, lead us both down a hallway. Unbuttoned our shirts and fondled our breast. Unzipped his pants, pointed and said you know what to do. We thought this was yenimahalle escort our chance, and both worked at his stubby little dick. Taking turns putting it in our mouths, licking it’s length, and soon he groaned and spilt his load.He locked us in the room and left. He soon unlocked the door and laughingly said, These girls will do anything, Yep that’s what they said. These two guys were younger, in better shape, and once they opened their pants, very well hung. Our shirts and bras were ripped off, our pants removed and our pussies fingered roughly as they laughed. Gonna be my first yankee girl fuck. And with that I felt my pussy being probed with the tip of his cock. The other guy bent my sister over a chair and entered her from behind. They both came quickly, and switched partners. They lasted longer this time, but not much. The sheriff said, put yourselves back to together, Judge’ll be here soon. The judge listened to the sheriff, looked tunalı escort at us, said we smelled like a couple of whores. 30 days at the county work farm sheriff, see they get there first thing in the morning.Heheheh, you girls gonna be prizes at the work farm. Dyke bitches will fight to have you. the black boy guards will be swapping you like marbles. We got fried bologna and biscuits, washed down with tepid water. Yes, sheriff bossman, I understand, they stay locked up, I can fuck’em, but only once each. Drive ’em to the farm first thing in the morning. The sheriff left, and this black guy stood at the bars grinning. Nice young white pussy for Ol’ Teddy, ain’t had no white gals in some time, If you was southern girls, you’d be off limits, Heh heh, I’m sure gonna enjoy this night. he entered the cell took my hand and walked me to the other cell. Unlocked the door and locked us both in with my sister. He said for us to shuck our clothes, and cuddle tandoğan escort so he can watch. My sister whispered to be ready to move when we had the chance. She walked to him, undid his belt and pulled out a shiny black cock that went from her wrist to her elbow. She held it in both hands and started licking it. I joined her and it got hard as a rock. She turned around and lowered herself onto it. He grabbed her hips and pulled her onto it. She bounce up and down on that big cock until she trembled in orgasm. She climbed off and he didn’t soften at all. He smiled and said I want you on all fours, I got in position and felt him enter me. God it was like taking a baseball bat in me. and when he started rocking back and forth I came hard. shit did he fill me up. My sister smacked him on the head with a chamber pot just as he spurted his load into me. We tied him up, gagged him. locked him in the cell. found the car he was to drive us to the work farm and made Virginia by morning. Found a greyhound station and turned our tickets in for new ones to Boston.Got on the bus and slept until the first stop, We went to the lunch counter and ordered breakfast.Two guys sat beside us and asked if we attended UNH or just stole the backpacks.

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