Subject: Not a Man Yet It was a nice day in early summer and I decided to go for a little walk in the woods outside of town. I had been out there for about half an hour when a boy on a bike was riding past me. He waved at me and I saw that it was Finn, who lived just down the road from me with his parents. “Hey there, what’s up?” I said as he stopped next to me. “Just trying out my new mountain bike,” he said. “I got it for my confirmation last week.” I had sent him a card with some cash for his confirmation too. Remembering myself at 14, I knew that he had probably appreciated getting money more than any other presents, except maybe this shiny new bike. “Oh, right, you’re a man now,” I said, smiling. “Well, at least in the eyes of the church.” “Yeah, right,” he laughed, “who cares about what the church thinks. I only went through with it because I knew it would pay off in the end.” I knew what he meant, I had felt exactly the same at his age. “Still, you’re almost a man now,” I said. “Definitely not a little boy anymore.” I looked him up and down. Finn was fairly slender, with messy blond hair that was now hidden under his helmet. He was wearing a tie dye t-shirt that was dark with sweat, and some tight bike shorts. I tried not to stare at what those shorts were barely hiding. His arms and legs were nicely tanned already, which made the soft blond hairs even more visible. “Maybe not a little boy anymore, but I’m quite happy to still be a boy,” Finn said, getting off his bike and pushing it along next to me. I sneaked a peek at his firm butt and quickly looked ahead at the path again. We walked in silence for a bit. Apparently he had decided to keep me company, which I didn’t mind at all. “Besides,” he suddenly said out of the blue, “I’m still a virgin.” “Huh?” I asked, wondering if I had heard him correctly. “I haven’t had sex yet, so I cannot be a real man anyway, right?” “Who told you that?” He shrugged. “No one, I just thought that was part of being a man.” “If having sex is what makes you a man, I wouldn’t have been a man until I was … well, never mind that. Though I guess it depends on your definition of sex anyway.” “What do you mean?” he asked. “Sex isn’t just intercourse. If you help someone get off or if they get you off, it counts too. So if you ever fooled around with a buddy and came, you had sex.” “Nope, I still haven’t had sex yet. I can’t think of any of my friends who I would want to do it with.” “That’s too bad,” I said, “it’s much more fun with boys anyway.” “Of course you’d say that,” he laughed, “you’re gay.” “Well, true, but that’s not what I mean. Imagine there was a naked girl in your bed right now, what would you do with her?” “Uh, I dunno,” Finn replied, blushing a little. “Right. But if it were a naked boy, waving his boner at you, you would know what to do with it.” “True, because I play with my own pretty much every day and know what feels good,” he said. “That actually makes sense.” He smiled at me, and I couldn’t help but notice that there was a very obvious bulge in his bike shorts now. It actually looked like he wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath them. Finn caught me looking at his crotch, blushed a bit more, but didn’t try to cover it up. “You know,” I said, “if you want to take care of that, you could find a nice mossy spot under a tree and do it right here. It’s always fun to do it out in nature.” “What about you?” Finn asked. “I’ll just keep walking and give you some privacy.” Finn stopped walking and half turned around, facing me. He leaned against his bike, pushing his hips forward a bit. My eyes were drawn to his crotch again where his dick still seemed to be growing. “Or you could show me what you do when a naked boy waves his boner at you,” he said, pulling off his tie dye t-shirt. I stared at his hairless chest with the small brown nipples. A bead of sweat was rolling down his body, into the treasure trail of soft blond hairs below his belly button. And then I was suddenly looking at Finn’s boner, out in the open, as he freed it from his tight shorts. Finn’s uncut dick was pointing straight up, sitting in a small nest of thin blond pubes. “Well?” Finn asked, shaking his hips again. “Uh, sorry,” I said, quickly looking around for any other people, “I wasn’t expecting this at all.” “So do you ataköy escort want to help me become a man? I mean, I know you’re gay, but I don’t know if you actually like boys.” “I do like boys,” I replied. “Well, young men, anyway. I’m not into kids who can’t even shoot yet. But I told you already, you don’t need to have sex to be a man.” “Oh, I know that, but I’m really horny and I want to have sex. And yes, I can shoot!” Finn looked at me with his big gray eyes and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist him. I said, “Let’s go a bit deeper into the woods.” The boy grinned. Not bothering to put his dick back into his shorts, he pushed his bike off the path and between the trees. Putting a hand on his bare shoulder, rubbing his back down to his butt, I guided him to a spot where a couple of fallen trees had formed a little enclosure. It was grown over with ivy and some other creepers, but inside there was soft moss on the ground. A perfect hiding spot. Finn leaned his bike against the trunk of one of the fallen trees and casually took off his shorts, shoes and helmet, sitting on the ground completely naked. He looked so hot that I couldn’t resist taking out my phone and snapping a picture. Finn grinned broadly and struck a few poses for me. At one point he even pulled back his legs, exposing his small pink hole. “Are you just going to take pictures, or are you coming over and do something?” Finn asked after about a dozen pictures, getting a little impatient. I put my phone away and sat down next to him. Finn leaned back on his elbows. His rock hard dick was resting on his stomach, jumping up and down slightly with his heartbeat. The head was almost completely covered by his foreskin; only the very tip was exposed, and I could see a small drop of liquid oozing out of the slit. Putting my hand on his belly, I gently started to rub his soft skin. Moving up to his chest, I could feel his small nipples getting hard as I pinched them, which made Finn giggle and moan at the same time. As much as he was enjoying what I was doing, I could tell that he really wanted me to go for his dick. And to be honest, I wanted to go for it too! Using only a single finger, I traced Finn’s dick from his balls up to the head. That little contact was enough to make him draw in a sharp breath. When I slowly pulled the foreskin all the way back, he just sighed and closed his eyes. Finn’s boner was just the right size for his age and it fit into my hand like it was made for it. It felt to me like he was getting even harder and hotter as I slowly stroked him. Leaning down I stuck out my tongue and gave the head a quick lick. Finn’s eyes shot open and he gasped again. I asked, “Is this okay?” “Hell yeah!” he replied and closed his eyes again. So I wrapped my lips around his dick, letting my tongue swirl around the head and under the foreskin. I could taste a bit more of his precum, sweet and just a little bit salty. Rolling his balls in one hand I took his entire dick into my mouth until his pubes were tickling my nose. Finn’s breathing got faster and I knew that he was getting close. Suddenly his ball sack tightened in my hand and he arched his back, almost pushing his hips off the ground. Moments later a nice load of cum hit my tongue. The boy could definitely shoot! I continued licking and sucking until I had gotten all he had to give before letting his still hard dick slip out of my mouth. Finn was laying there spreadeagled with a goofy grin on his face. “How are you feeling?” I asked. “Like a man!” he replied, chuckling. “Seriously though, that was amazing. Can we do that again?” “Well, it certainly looks like you’re still horny,” I said, pointing at his boner that was refusing to go down. I was just about to start wanking him again when Finn said, “Are you going to get off as well? I’d like to see you shoot too!” How could I refuse such an offer? After listening for a moment to make sure that we were still alone in this corner of the woods, I took off my shorts and underwear, freeing my aching dick. Finn stared at it, apparently impressed by its size, even though I’m just a bit above average. I straddled his hips, letting my dick rest on top of his. Finn reached out tentatively and put his hand on my dick, squeezing it a little to get a merter escort feel of how big and hard it was. Even though he knew how to play with his own dick, he obviously wasn’t quite sure what to do with someone else’s. So I put my hand on top of his, grabbed both of our boners and slowly started to wank us. With my other hand, I reached between his legs, below his balls, until I found his tight hole. “Are you going to put it inside me?” Finn asked. “Your dick, I mean.” “Nope,” I replied, “as tempting as your cute ass is, I’m not going to do that here in the woods, without any lube.” “What about your finger?” I pulled my hand out from between his legs and held a finger in front of his face. Finn gave it a quick sniff, then he put it in his mouth and licked it for a few seconds before I pulled it back out. With his saliva coating my finger and the sweat in his crack, I had enough lubrication to carefully push it into his tight hole. Finn moaned and then gasped when I touched his prostate. Picking up speed, I continued to wank us with one hand � two, if you counted his own � while massaging his prostate with the other one. I was so focused on making Finn feel good that I was almost surprised by my own sudden orgasm. Before I could warn the boy, I shot my cum all over him, onto his stomach, his chest, even his face. And while the last of my cum was still oozing out of my dick, Finn erupted again as well, adding a much smaller load to the mess I had made. “I have never seen so much cum at one time,” Finn laughed as I was slowly pulling my finger out of him. “It looks good on you though. Hang on, I’ve got to get a picture of this!” I pulled my phone out of my discarded shorts and snapped another couple of pictures of Finn, covered in our cum, with his dick now lying limply on his belly. “You’re not going to show these to anyone, are you?” he asked. “Of course not!” I promised. “I’ll just use them to blackmail you for more sex. Just kidding, don’t worry.” “I know you’re kidding, but that actually sounds kinda hot.” I put my clothes back on before helping Finn clean up the mess a little. Some of my cum had landed almost on his lips, and he licked it off with his tongue. He seemed to like the taste of it because he scooped up some more from his chest and put it in his mouth, savoring it. Eventually he looked presentable again, though he would definitely need a shower when he got home. I waited for him to get dressed and we walked back to the trail where Finn cheerfully waved good bye and got onto his bike, heading for home. I didn’t see Finn again for a few weeks. Then, shortly after the summer holidays had started, I spotted him riding his bike down the street. I remembered what he had said about me blackmailing him, so I decided to send him a message. Attaching one of the nude pics I had taken of him to a text message, I wrote, “Get your ASS over to my place right now! The back patio door is open, and I want you naked as soon as you get here! Or else … ;)” I hit send and looked out of the window. Down the street, Finn paused on the sidewalk and pulled something out of his pocket. Then he put it back, turned his bike around and started pedaling like a mad man towards my house. When he disappeared around the side of the house I waited a couple of minutes before entering the living room. Finn was already inside, completely naked, with his clothes piled on the floor. His dick was proudly pointing straight up, and he was grinning mischievously. I had to laugh at his eagerness. “Boy, you must be really horny,” I said, staring pointedly at his dick. “First of all, it’s ‘man’ now, not ‘boy’,” he replied, winking at me. “But you’re right, I was hoping that you would see me and call me over. If I hadn’t heard from you soon, I would have come over here anyway.” “So what do you want to do?” Instead of replying, Finn dropped down on his knees in front of me and pulled down my shorts and underwear. I had been semi hard until then, but when he wrapped his hand around my dick and pulled back the foreskin I was fully hard in seconds. And when he took me into his mouth with barely any hesitation, I almost came right away. “Slow down there, buddy,” I panted, “and watch those teeth! C’mon, let’s go to the bedroom where it’s more comfortable.” bahçeşehir escort I left my shorts and underwear right there on the floor and stripped off my t-shirt on the way to the bedroom too. Finn jumped onto the bed and pulled his knees to his chest, exposing his bubble butt to me. “My ass is here, as you commanded,” he said. “It’s all yours!” I sat down on the bed next to him and gave his butt a light smack. “Are you sure about that?” I asked, leaving my hand on his butt, rubbing it. “I mean, there are plenty of other things we can do to have fun, we don’t have to go all the way.” “Yes I’m sure,” Finn replied. “Ever since you put your finger inside me, I have wondered what being fucked would feel like.” He was still pulling up his knees, so I rolled onto my stomach, right in front of his butt, and spread his cheeks apart. His small pink hole was winking at me as if it wanted to say hello. Finn smelled clean, with just a hint of sweaty teenage boy. I stuck out my tongue and just barely touched his hole with it, making him draw a surprised breath. Our eyes met over his boner and I winked at him before pushing harder with my tongue. Finn began to squirm as I was working it deeper inside him. “Fuck!” he moaned. “Soon,” I said, “when you’re good and ready.” I pulled open my nightstand drawer and grabbed the lube and one of the small vibrators I kept in there. Finn hissed when he felt the cold lube on his hole, but it quickly turned into a moan when I slowly pushed a finger inside him. For a few minutes I massages his prostate, first with one and then with two fingers, before pulling back out. Finn made a disappointed little noise like a puppy when you take away his favorite toy. The disappointment only lasted for a second though when I replaced my finger with the vibrator, turned on low. There was already a small puddle on Finn’s stomach from the precum he had leaked, which I quickly lapped up. Then I sucked his rock hard boner into my mouth and cranked up the vibrator at the same time. Not surprisingly, Finn came almost right away. I kept his dick in my mouth, savoring the taste of his cum while I was slowly fucking him with the vibrator. Soon I could taste fresh precum, and I knew that I would be able to make him shoot again soon. The second round took about five minutes. I was trying to take it slow, but Finn was thrusting his hips up and down, fucking my face. He obviously did not want to go slow. When he fed me his second load it was smaller than the first but it tasted even sweeter to me. “Please,” Finn panted, trying to catch his breath, “I’m ready for your dick!” Leaving the buzzing vibrator inside Finn’s ass, I lubed up my own aching dick and positioned myself between the boy’s legs. He pulled his knees back a little more, spreading his cheeks wide. When I finally penetrated him, Finn didn’t even wince. On the contrary, his smile grew with every inch of my dick that was shoved into his tight butt. Once I was all the way inside I waited for a moment to let him get used to it. I wanted to take it slow, not just because it was his first time but mostly because I knew that I wouldn’t last very long in that hot tight ass if I just started to fuck him like a rabbit. So I fucked him slowly, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting forward again. Bending down, I licked some sweat off Finn’s chest and nibbled on his small hard nipples. He gripped my sheets with both hands, eyes closed and moaning with pleasure. Even at this slow pace it didn’t take very long before I knew that I was getting close. Instead of just cumming in Finn’s ass, I quickly pulled out and moved up to straddle his chest. Finn opened his eyes in surprise, but when he saw my dick in front of his face he knew exactly what I wanted. Lifting his head up a bit, he took me into his mouth just in time. A second later I erupted. Finn tried to take it all and swallow it, but it was too much for him and the last couple of shots landed on his face as he had to let go of my spasming dick. “Look at that mess,” I laughed a few minutes later when we had both recovered from our orgasms. “Why do you always end up drenched in cum?” “Maybe next time you’re gonna be the one who gets cummed on,” he replied, grinning. “Oh, there’s going to be a next time?” “Hell yeah!” Finn exclaimed. “My parents are going on a trip next weekend, and I’ll be allowed to stay home alone for the first time. Then we can have sex in my bed, and I’m gonna be the one on top!” “You can top me any time you like!” I said, giving his dick a quick squeeze before leading him to the shower to get both of us cleaned up.

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