Not a word was spoken

Not a word was spokenIt was summer, hot and a cool breeze was drifting in thru the windows. I laid on top of my covers with a sheer top on and nothing else.As I lay there sleeping I begin to dream… a dream of pure indulgence, of decadence, of pleasure. I’m lying on my back, eyes closed. I feel hands touch my body, caressing me. Running them up and down my body, slowly and purposely avoiding my breasts and between my legs. Wanting to tease me awhile first. I feel my nipples get hard thru the night shirt as the caressing raises goosebumps. The caresses move teasingly to my breasts. Finger tips tracing the outline of my breasts, brushing up against my nipple. I catch my breath at the erotic sensation it produces. It continues down the outline of my body circling across my leg to my inner thigh. Slowly working its way up between my legs. I part my legs in anticipation. The hand glides over my pussy and continues up my stomach. I arch my back…wanting.As the fingers move back to my breasts, tracing lightly and slowly and teasing, I feel a pressure on my nipple thru my night shirt. Lips? Yes. My clit twitches as the lips brush my nipple lightly. Back and forth over it. I want to hurry the process and feel the mouth open and take my nipple bahis siteleri into it but I lie there and wait. Knowing it will happen. Now my nipples are hard and erect. Fingers replace lips as they rub both of my nipples between the fingers. I moan. It feels so good. I feel myself getting wet. The hands again trace the outline of my body. Stopping at the hips this time. Gently pushing my legs apart. I open them eagerly. And wait. Minutes pass. Then the hands begin unbuttoning my night shirt, slowly from the bottom towards my breasts. My breathe has quickened. When the last button is unhooked, my shirt is laid opened at the sides. I lay there totally naked. Waiting to be taken. The hands trace themselves up between my breasts. Cupping them.The thumbs rubbing my erect nipples and making them even harder. My sensations being sent to between my legs as my clit begins to ache. Wantonly. Then it stops. The hands leave my breasts and I lay there waiting, waiting to see what will happen next. Seems like an eternity goes by. And then I feel it. Lips gently touching my nipple. Parting themselves, taking my nipple into the warmth of it. The wetness. I gasp. Gently it begins to suck on me. Pulling on the nipple lightly. The urge for me to slide güvenilir bahis siteleri my hands between my legs and play is overwhelming. I fight it. Hoping the mouth will visit me there as well.The mouth moves to the other nipple, I arch my back eager to feel the sensations again. The mouth closes down on it urgently this time. No tease. Just pure lust. I can feel the twitch of an orgasm building between my legs.The mouth sucks eagerly at my nipple. A hunger beginning to build. It begins hungrily sucking on one nipple then the other. My breathe quickens and my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. My clit is swollen. It needs to feel the sensations of this mouth.The mouth pulls away and begins sliding its way down my stomach. The tongue licking its way as it goes. I spread my legs, in anticipation. I want that mouth on my clit. I moaning as it teases its way down. Just as it gets there, it dives between my legs with reckless abandon. No teasing now. Just desire and a need. The mouth closing around my clit and sucking on me. Then the tongue licking it and making it swell even bigger. My orgasm is coming and nothing is going to stop it. As it hits my body, I arch my back. The mouth tightens on my clit, sucking harder. Wave canlı bahis after wave my orgasm hits. And then I start squirting. My cum splashing everywhere as the mouth continues to suck. My god, it goes on forever as the mouth sucks harder n harder. As the tremors begin to subside. The mouth pulls away. I lay there. My knees up and legs spread wide open, wetness all over my covers and down the crack of my ass and down to my knees.Then I feel it. It slams into my pussy. I scream as a cock drives deep into my wetness. My eyes pop open wide. Only to see this man on top of me. Pounding his cock deep into me. And it felt so fucking good that I didn’t care who he was. All I know is I wanted his cock. Over and over. Pounding me and making me cum. And cum i did. The second one hit me. I began bucking as he banged on me. We slammed our bodies together as I squirted again. He stopped and flipped me over onto my knees and plunged his cock into my ass. Fuck his cock felt so good driving deep into my ass. As I bucked against him I felt his cock get bigger. I knew he was going to explode in me. I came again. The hardest so far. My cum squirting all over the bed. I’m screaming my pleasure as I feel his cock empty into my ass as his body convulsed. Each time driving his cum into me. His cum filled my ass and began running out and down onto my pussy. As he pulled his cock out of me I collapsed on the bed. My body totally spent. A few minutes went by when I heard the soft click of my back door.

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