Not Her Husband – Part 3


I’m really going to enjoy fucking her tight ass, the stranger thought.He licked a finger and shoved it into her ass but he could get only about half inside because her muscles clamped down. Sure, he could force his finger all the way in but he liked it when the woman enjoyed what he did.“Come on now, kitten you need to relax your ass muscles. If it’s this hard to get my finger in, there’s no way I will get my cock in,” he told her.Beth tried to relax – but it didn’t work. “Bear down like you’re trying to go to the bathroom,” he said.She did and he was able to slide his finger right in.“Good girl.” But, once his finger was in her ass, Beth gripped him again. He tried to pull his finger out but it was like it was in a vise.“Okay, baby doll, you need to press down again so I can get my finger out.” She did as she was told, and loved the feeling of him removing his finger.“You didn’t get a toy to stretch your hole for me like I told you, did you?” Beth blushed. “No, I wanted you to be the first thing kaçak iddaa in me,” she said.“Well, if you’d done what I told you to do, your ass would not be this tight. Now, it’s going to be painful when I fuck your ass.” “Please don’t be mad,” Beth begged.“Hey, I could never be mad at you, kitten.” He got out the lube and put a considerable amount in his hand and coated his cock. Then he put the tip of the tube in her ass and squeezed some in, just like he did before fucking her pussy.He had Beth reach back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks. Then he put the tip of his monster cock at the entrance to her virgin rosebud. Even with all the lube it was very tight and, as he tried to force the head of his cock in, Beth  screamed.“I don’t think this is going to work, kitten.”“What? Why not?” she asked.“Well, the way you’re screaming, you’ll wake up the whole block.” “Wait, what if you put the ball gag back in?” she asked.“I don’t know Beth,” he said.“Pleeease!” she begged. “I really want kaçak bahis to do this.”He smiled. He loved it when they begged. “Okay…. but I think I should cuff your hands, too, in case you change your mind and try to fight me.” Beth agreed to being cuffed.He picked up the ball gag and told Beth to open wide. As she opened her mouth to accept the ball, he shoved it in deep, much deeper than Beth thought was possible. It actually hurt her jaw and she tried to grunt but no sound escaped around the ball.He secured the straps behind her head and whispered in her ear, “Are you okay?” Beth nodded. He then said he would cuff her hands above her head to the headboard instead of behind her back. “You’ll be more comfortable,” he said. And I will have more control over you, he thought .After cuffing Beth’s wrists to the headboard, he moved down and slapped her ass a few times with his cock.Beth felt his cockhead against her virgin rosebud. He wasn’t rough at all. He reminded her to press down again illegal bahis so it would not be so difficult for him to insert his cock. Again Beth did as she was told. It hurt when he forced the head in but not as much as she’d feared.He told her, “Okay, Beth, I am going to go slow but I’m going to put my cock in all the way without stopping.” Putting both hands on her hips, he fed his cock into her tiny hole without stopping. My god, she thought. The pain was unbearable  but there was nothing she could do. She tried pulling her hands free of the cuffs but it was no use. He just kept pushing his cock into her and the pain got worse with every inch.Beth struggled, desperately pulling on the cuffs, and she tried to scream, to beg him to stop, but the ball gag was so far in her mouth no sound escaped.He guessed he was hurting her but he didn’t care. She was so fucking tight it felt wonderful and there was no way he was going to stop now. Beth thrashed around, trying  to buck him off but it was no use. With her hands cuffed it was useless. He knew it and so did she.For a little woman, she sure has some fight in her, he thought, and kept forcing his cock into Beth’s tight ass until he was in up to his balls.

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