Not What You Expected… Pt. 02

Harley Quinn

My mind raced with what we would do to each other once we got in that shower, and I got a full raging hard on as we walked hand in hand to your bathroom. You looked over at me and stopped, turning me to face you.

“You just came. What’s going on here?” You said giggling, grabbing my erection and pulling me in for a kiss. I pushed my tongue in to your mouth and moaned softly as you stroked me. I cupped your plump breast in my hand and broke the kiss, circling your aureola with my tongue. “You’re ad was right.” You panted, your warm fingers squeezing my shaft. “You do have a talented tongue.”

I licked your nipple teasingly and stepped away. You reluctantly released your grip on my penis as I said, “Let’s go get that shower, huh?”

You bent over slightly to turn on the water and I examined your round ass and the adorable creases where your ass cheeks meet your thighs. I stepped up behind you and cupped a cheek in each hand.

“Oohhh… My god that’s nice. Mmmmmm…” I said.

You tossed your hair to the side and looked at me over your shoulder. “I’m glad you like it…” you purred.

“Mmmmmmm… That I do…” I dropped to my knees then and ran my tongue along the creases I had just been admiring. You moaned and widened your stance, exposing your once again very wet pussy. I licked the length of your slit, continuing up almost to your asshole, remembering how you had licked there for me only moments ago. My tongue traveled back down the length of your slit and you moaned when I tongued your swollen clit.

I stood up and allowed you to step in to the shower. You turned to face me, the water cascading down your back. My cum had dried on your neck and chest and my hard cock ached for more. I picked up the bottle of body soap and squeezed some out on to my hand. I rubbed them together and rubbed the lather all over your body. I started just above your breasts, where I had left you the stickiest…

“Mmmmmm…” You moaned as I cleaned my mess off of you. The water was warm and steamy but your nipples were hard with excitement. I rubbed the soap over your shoulders, gently turning you to face the water. I got some more soap and lathered up your back. I got down to your ass and playfully ran a finger down your crack, until I grazed your dripping pussy lips.

I rubbed your lips and whispered, “I don’t think that’s all pendik escort shower water…”

You smiled and shook your head. “It isn’t…” You turned and kissed me then, your hands reached around for my ass and gently squeezed. You dropped to your knees and took my penis in to your mouth. I had gone mostly soft, and you could now get all of me in to your mouth. You held me there, grabbing my ass with both hands and rubbing my growing cock with your tongue. I flexed my cock, trying to get hard faster.

“Mmmmmmm…” You moaned in appreciation. You took me out of your mouth and stroked me. I ran my fingers through your soaking hair and you said, “God I want you inside me.” You then kissed me along the underside of my raging cock without breaking eye contact.

My heart felt like it was beating outside of my chest. “Was that part of our arrangement?” I tried to sound cool about it but my voice cracked with nervousness as I said it.

“It is now…” You said with a smile as my swollen head disappeared again in to your mouth.

I grabbed your hair and looked up at the ceiling. “God! You’re good at that!”

You moaned and bobbed your head and I thrust in to your mouth. The shower water ran down my chest and stomach and all over your head.

“You taste so good baby.” You said, stroking me as you looked up at me longingly.

“I want you on the bed.” I said.

We didn’t even bother with towels. You ran to the bed and I chased after you. You jumped on to the bed and rolled on to your back. You spread your legs wide exposing your beautiful glistening pink pussy to me. “God I want that magnificent cock inside me!” You said, spreading your lips with your fingers exposing more pink.

I took a moment and looked over your magnificent body. How your breasts fell to the sides of your ribs when you were on your back, the roundness of your hips and the way your dark pubic hair looked so soft and inviting.

I crawled between your legs and took a big long deep lick of your juicy pussy, making you squirm. I thrust my tongue in deeper, and you moaned loudly.

You grabbed my hair and made me look in your eyes. “I need that cock inside me now!!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I said with a wink. I grabbed your hips and pulled you to the edge of the bed until your ass was almost hanging off. I grabbed my kartal escort cock and teased your pussy with my head, rubbing up and down and side to side. I swirled it around until I finally pressed against your opening. You stared at me wide eyed as I stretched the walls of your tight cunt. I stared back in to your eyes with furious passion. You were so tight, I had to pull back and push again, harder. You gasped and closed your eyes, tossing your head to the side and your fingers dug in to the mattress as my head finally penetrated you.

I slowly began rocking then, concentrating on finding your rhythms. Your pussy squeezed as I thrust, and I flexed when you squeezed. I buried myself deeper and you convulsed, back arching, your mouth wide open without a sound. Your eyes closed tight. I pulled back and pushed slowly in, deeper and deeper until you had taken all of me. I stayed right there, flexing my cock and trying to get even deeper. You squeezed me with your pussy and wrapped your legs around my waist.

You opened your eyes and looked in to mine. You got a look of deep gratitude and I thought how fucking adorable you truly were. I pulled back and thrust now, over and over, slowly and methodically…

“Yes. Yes! YEEESSS!!” you moaned, grinding your pelvis against me as I thrust. I took a breast in my hand and sucked the nipple as I buried myself deep. “OOHH! FUCK!!” your pussy tightened and I felt your juices flow down my balls. I pulled out and rolled you over on to your stomach. I straddled your ass, my cock sliding in to your crack and my balls grazing your pussy. I massaged your back and shoulders as I gently fucked your ass crack. You moaned and wiggled at my touch. My hands explored your sides, you lifted your head and rested on your elbows so I could fondle your breasts. I tweaked your nipples and you moaned in pleasure. I ran my hand down your back and slid off of you, lying next to you on my back, my cock now deflated. I didn’t cum that time, and my balls ached.

You rolled on to your side facing me and I again marveled at how your large natural breasts settled against the bed and each other. I stretched out my arm and you rested your head on my shoulder. You rested your hand on my thigh, just one finger lightly touching the head of my flaccid penis.

“Are you real?” You asked.

I maltepe escort pinched my own nipple. “Ow! Seems real, yeah.”

We both laughed. Your hand cupped my balls, your talented fingers slowly rubbing my taint.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” I closed my eyes and kissed your hair, enjoying the feel and smell of you.

You popped up on one elbow and startled me. With impish glee you asked, “How long will it be until I can ride you?”

“I don’t know, I…”

And my cock was back in your talented mouth, growing harder with every caress of your tongue and stroke of your hand. “Jesus, baby. I need your pussy on my face!”

You spun around obediently and straddled my head and went right back to sucking my once again raging hard cock. I grabbed your ass with one hand, reached for a breast with the other, and buried my face in your pussy. You furiously stroked and sucked while I furiously licked, sucked, and nibbled.

You gave a hard suck until I popped out of your mouth, and you crawled toward my feet until you could reach back and guide me in. You sat down hard, burying me deep. You began grinding hard against me and I dug my fingers in to your hips. Your body reminded me of waves of water as you rode me. You leaned back and put your arms to either side of me, bouncing and riding me now. Your hair was in my face but I didn’t care. I was focused on how you were fucking me. I reached up and grabbed your breasts, feeling for your hard nipples and tweaking them.

“Oh oh oh fuck baby fuck.” You said.

You slowed down a little and I moaned softly. You sat forward and got up. You turned around and licked me up and down before climbing back on, facing me. You bounced hard and fast and I grabbed your ass and licked between your bouncing tits.

I felt your juices running down my balls again. As you moaned so loudly. I wrapped my arms around you. “Oh baby that’s it. Cum for me baby.”

“Gah! Ah! Oh god!” You cried, burying me deep for another wave. “Oh god! OH GOD!!”

I hardly ever cum on bottom, so I rolled you over then and climbed on top, ramming myself in to you.

“FUUUCK! FUCK MEEEEE!!” you screamed and I did, thrusting hard and fast over and over until I felt my balls tighten. I pulled out and straddled your shoulders. You took me in to your mouth and I exploded down your throat.

“OH FUCK YES!” I yelled as I grabbed the headboard to steady myself and you sucked me dry, swallowing every last drop.

I collapsed next to you, and you looked in to my eyes, caressed my cheek, and whispered, “Best. Personal ad. Ever.”

I chuckled, nodded my head, and snuggled in against your breast…

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