Not who he was expecting to find on a dating site


Not who he was expecting to find on a dating siteIt was Friday night and Kevin was out with his mates in the pub, as the evening progressed conversation turned to the usual topic, who each was going to try and pull for the night, looking around the bar, no-one really stood out, Neil had identified his target and was about to go in and said “come on mate, you can have her friend”, Kevin responded that he was bored of the usual, they haven’t got a clue what they are doing. Take last week, I went home with this bird, she seemed to think that the harder you jerk it, the more a bloke likes it, it would have been more pleasurable sticking it in a blender, the blow job was all teeth, she also seemed to think my cock was a trampoline when riding it, what I Want to know when do they get “experienced”. Neil responded “what you need is a night with this older bird, I’ve met a couple of times. I met her her on one of this hook up sites, she’s 52 and mate she’s great, look at these”. Neil pulls out his phone and shows kevin some pics he took on his phone, “look at that rack, them nipples are massive and then the great part, look at the hair on that pussy, proper 70’s porno bush. Go to the website look up her profile “boredlonelybush” and drop her a line, tell her you know me and you never know.” Kevin got home and signed up to the website, straight away in the search box, he typed boredlonelybush and within a fraction of a second, up come her profile. The was a photo of her in stockings and suspenders, you could make out the bush in the panties. Kevin tugboat his belt and freed his cock, as he flicked through her pictures he was slowly stroking his cock, he then noticed there was a video available, clicking on it there was 2 minutes and 53 seconds of a close up as a pink dildo slid in and out of that wet hairy pussy. As the seconds ticked down and with about 15 seconds left, Kevin felt his balls tighten and with a wave of pleasure he cum so hard. Once he had composed himself, he clicked on the contact icon and began to type out an email. He mentioned that he knew Neil and that he was hoping she would like to meet up and pressed send. Kevin continued to check for a response, and nothing. Returning from work on Wednesday Kevin clicked on the website again, if she was going to respond there’s got to be others out there who would want to meet him. Determined to find someone else, he logged in. It was then he notice the envelope icon had the number 1 in a red circle to indicate that he had mail. Clicking on the icon he finally saw what he had been waiting for. Enthusiastically he opened the email. It was to the point a telephone number and the words “call me”. Kevin reached for his phone and dialled the number on the screen, his cock semi hard at the thought. “Hello” he heard down the receiver, “hi, i am kevin, the friend of Neil’s”. “Oh, Hi kevin, how are you.” It was at the moment Kevin’s heart stopped, he knew that voice, that voice was his mums voice, he took the phone away from his ear and what he had failed to notice was that the second he pressed dial, the number on his phone phone changed to read “mum”. “Mum, is that you?” The call then cut off. Kevin sat in shock, he’d seen pictures of her, he went back to the website and all the photo’s including Neil’s dikmen escort pictures lacked one thing, a face. Al the rooms appeared to be hotels. Kevin had cum to a video of him mother masturbating. He could bear to think about it, his mother had been fucking his friends, his mother was on a hook up site, his mother was a whore. Every time she called and begged to speak to him, he hung up. Friday afternoon, whilst at work, Kevin received a call from his dad, saying his mother was worried about him and why he wasn’t taking her calls. Kevin couldn’t bring himself to break his fathers heart. But agreed to go round for dinner that night. Dinner was excruciating as Kevin and his mother couldn’t bring themselves to talk to each other. His father stood up and said “I’m going out, I don’t know what’s gone on, but sort it out.” With that his father left. Kevin finished his meal and headed up to his old room and sat on the bed. Seconds later there was a knock on the door, “Kevin, please talk to Mummy”. Reluctantly Kevin opened the door before slumping back on the bed. “Kevin, please let me explain, I just like the company, it makes me feel special and in ways you father can’t make me feel anymore. I love him, but…” . “Mum, you’ve fucking my friends and you’re on that site”. “I know baby, but no-one was meant to know, it was my secret, I feel terrible”. “You only feel bad because you got caught, mum, I wanked over you photo’s and video, I shot my load to my own mother!”. “Baby, I’m sorry, but you liked them though, if they made you cum”. “That’s what. You took from that, that I liked them because I cum over them, I didn’t know they were you, otherwise…..”. “Baby, it’s ok, I want to make it up to you”. Placing her hand on his face, Kevin pulled back, “please don’t be like that Kevin, I love you and I want to make it up to you”, placing her hand back on his cheek, she slowly leaned forward, pressing her lips against his. Kevin pulled back. “Mum, what the fuck are you doing?!”. “Kevin, I know why you contacted me and you liked my pictures”. “I didn’t know they were you!”. “Pretend they weren’t, what if I wasn’t you mother, I would have been someone else’s mother and you wouldn’t of had a problem with that”. Again she leant forward and embraced him, he pulled back again, but not as much, their lips remained in contact and slowly his mums tongue began to explore his mouth. After a few seconds he broke the kiss off and said, this is wrong. “Kevin, I can see the bulge in your pants, you can’t hide anything from you mother and never could”. She leant in again, her tongue straight into his mouth, this time he embraced the kiss and his tongue danced with his mothers. He felt a pressure on his chest as his mother gestured him to lay down. “Kevin, please allow me to do this. Let me show you how much I want to make this up to you”. She lifted his shirt and began to tackle his belt, tugging at his jeans and boxers she had finally freed his cock. Rock hard the second her hand touched it. She looked at a few seconds, her hand slightly stroking it and then she lowered her mouth over the head of his cock, it was heaven, there we’re know teeth tearing at his skin, his mother knew how to suck cock, her hand beat faster and her tongue worked esat escort wonders on his cock, he couldn’t hold it and his back arched and shot after shot of cum pumped into his mothers mouth. The 1st shot took her by surprise, but she retained every drop. After she swallowed his spunk, she released his cock from her mouth. “Thank you baby, for letting me do that, are we friends again?”. “Yes mum, we’re friends again”. “So, now that we are friends, what was it that you liked so much about my pictures?” “Mom, please, you have big tits and the thing that I loved most was your hairy pussy” “hairy pussy huh, love that bush do you, well your fathers going to be gone a while”. With that she stood up and pulled her jumper over her head and let it drop to the floor, she then reached behind her an dun clipped her bra, freeing her big tits. Kevin eyes drawn to her big nipples. She unbuttoned her trousers and they also fell to the floor, she hooked her fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled them down, as she returned to standing her full dark bush became visible. She walked back over to the bed and straddled Kevin, cupping his head she pulled it towards her breasts and he took one of those big nipples in his mouth, the nipple grew as he gently sucked it and his mother let out a gentle moan. She felt the touch of a rehardening cock on the cheeks of her arse. “That’s what I love about younger guys, more than one session in them. Ok baby are you ready?” “Ready for what?” Kevin asked. “Swap places with me baby” she lay back on bed the bed and opened her legs, with two fingers she gently rubbed her clit and then spread her fingers opening her pussy. “Kevin, don’t keep Mummy waiting, stop staring and get your tongue down there”. Kevin bent forward and extended his tongue for the first taste of his mothers sweet tasting pussy, her hair tickled his nose as he enthusiastically eat her pussy, he hips began to sway and kevin probed her with two fingers as his tongue delved deeper into her pussy. “Baby, I can’t take it no more, fuck mummy, put that cock deep into mummy’s pussy and fuck her hard”. She reached down and grabbed his shirt pulling him up and releasing his mother from her soaking wet hole, she tugged at his cock to ensure it was hard enough and guided it towards her pussy. “Come on baby, don’t keep mummy waiting”. He teased her pussy with his cock as he wanted his mother to be gagging even more to receive him, eventually he leaned forward and the first inch of his cock, entered the hole from which he once entered the world. Slowly he leaned further in, until his whole cock was now buried deep in his own mum. He began thrusting deep into her, her legs wrapped around his waist pulling tightly into her. His balls slapping against her arse. He felt her pussy grip his cock as the first orgasm her son had given her ripped through her body, if he hadn’t have cum already this evening, that would have been to much. “Baby, fuck mummy from behind”. The two scrabbled around and into position and again he teased her by delaying putting his cock back in her. “Stop teasing baby and fuck mummy” he again entered his mothers open hole, a gentle noise was heard as the air was expelled from her pussy. “Baby, I sorry, I hate it when that eryaman escort happens”. Kevin didn’t care, his mothers pussy felt so good on his cock. His mothers face was buried in a pillow when she orgasmed for a 2nd time. “Baby, I want to do something special for you, something that until now, I’ve only ever done for you father, do you want to?” Without knowing what it was, he nodded. Finish getting undressed and then follow me. Kevin hurried out of his clothes and then followed his mother into his parents room. “Sit in the chair for a second Honey” Kevin went over to the chair in the corner that was used by his mother when she was applying her make up. His mother reached into her bedside drawer and removed two items. The pink dildo from the video and a small bottle of lube. Popping the lid of the lube, she trickled some down the side of the dildo and over the head and began to rub it in. She then bent over, her arse in the air and she applied some more lube to her arsehole, sliding a finger inside. Her lube covered hole, glistened in the light of the room, slowly she placed the dildo against her hole and applied pressure, slowly the dildo disappeared into her tight hole. “When it’s your turn, be gentle at first”. She begun to pick up the pace a little and that pink dildo was thrusting in and out of her arsehole. “Ready baby?” Kevin stood up a walked over the the bed, his cock hard at the sight of his mother fucking her arse with a dildo. She tossed the dildo to the floor and her arse gaped a little as Kevin got into position, placing the head of his cock at her red arsehole he put it in slowly, she moaned and reached behind her, her finger tips pressed against his thigh as she let him know when he was ok to move deeper, his mother moaned, soon he was all the way in and slowly begun to thrust into his mothers back door, her arse was tighter than her pussy and she kept squeezing his cock, Kevin couldn’t hold it any longer and as his stokes grew shallower, his mother knew. “Cum in you mothers arse kevin, fill me up”. Kevin pushed forward for the last time with almost all his force, his mothers faced pushed deeper into the bed as his balls emptied deep into her hole. For a few moments they remained in that position as their sweaty bodies remained as one. Kevin withdrew his cock and a small stream of spunk escaped his mothers arse and ran down the back of her thigh. “I think you know this has to be our little secret Baby”. “Yes mum, I know”. “I still feel really bad about how you found out, I will take down my profile, if you promise mummy this is not a one off” . After all the bad fucks pick up in the pub, this was a no brainer for Kevin. “Sure mum, how could I not agree to that, just so that no-one else get to do that of course”. “Of course” she responded. “Come on baby, let’s shower and tidy up”. When Kevin’s father returned home, they were sitting cuddled up on the sofa watching TV. “Made up I see”. “We have” Kevin’s mum responded with a gleam in her eye. “Kevin’s staying here tonight, I hope you don’t mind, Sweetheart”. “Whatever” his father responded. Once they had all gone to bed, Kevin could hear his parents through the wall, his father was asking his mother for sex. “But Kevin’s in the next room” he heard her say. “He used to live here and we used to fuck, what’s different now? Come baby it’s been weeks since we have”. Kevin for the next two minutes heard his parents fucking until he heard the sound of his father cumming. Then silence, he now fully understood, why his mother signed up to that website.

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