Nothing but fun!


Nothing but fun!He opened the door to her and took a long look at her. She was wearing a short black skirt, black fishnets with knee boots and a low cut top that showed her amazing big tits, he remembered she had told him that they were 36DD.”You came” he said as she walked in. He was suprised that she was there as they had met through a website and she had told him she had a boyfriend. Although that didn’t matter to her as she had met him by cheating on her ex-husband. He offered her a coffee to which she said “I’m here for something hot and black hun but it isn’t coffee” She then threw her arms around him and kissed him fiercely. He grabbed her arse with both hands and lifted her up against the wall, he quickly realised that she had no knickers on. The very though of her little tight white cunt made his dick hard.He put her down and lead her into the living room, they sat on the couch and kissed some more as she rubbed cock in his pants. “Is this really your first time with a black guy” he asked. She nodded in reply and said “You going to show me what I have been missing” He stood up and unzipped his pants. As she watched him get his cock out, she lay back on the couch, spread her legs and started to rub her shaved cunt, getting herself wet for him. He dropped his pants and revealed his 9in thick black cock. “OMG” kadıköy escort she gasped, I’ve never seen one so big. He offered it up to her tight cunt as if to size it up. “might not fit” he told her. She smiled and said “we will make it fit”She sat up and took it in her hand, rubbing it and kissing it before she slipped the big head into her mouth. She sucked him with expert skills, making him groan with pleasure before slipping her mouth down the length of his cock. She began to gag on his cock but before she could pull off him, he grabbed hold of her head and held it there a bit longer. “Good girl” he whispered before letting her go. “You suck good, like a little white slut should” He saidShe sat back and gasped for air, then she pulled her top off over her head reveal her huge tits and big pink nipples. he grabbed hold of one and squeezed it hard before bending down and sucking her nipple until it was hard. she moaned with pleasure and he carried on sucking her nipple and slipped his hand down to her now dripping pussy. he stopped sucking her nipple and pushed her back on the couch, lifted her legs over his shoulders and started to run his tongue up and down her wet slit. She was screaming with pleasure as his tongue was flicking her clit over and over again.He started to slid his large fingers inside her ümraniye escort tight cunt and she gasped with delight. His big fingers curled upward hitting her G-spot as he pushed them in and out fast and hard. She was moaning and screaming with pleasure when suddenly she squirted her juice all over his hands. it was the first time she had done that and she was very shocked and a little embarrassed.”I think you wet enough for me now” he said as he stood up in front of her. He rubbed himself till he was fully hard and when she saw this she got a little worried. He picked up his phone and asked her if she minded him taking some pics of the “main event”. She shook her head as he took one of her naked body and face. He knelt down in front of her and spread her legs as wide as they would go, taking another pic of her, getting her cunt and face in the shot. He rubbed his cock up an down her wet cunt before slowly forcing it inside her tight hole. She moaned in pain at first but she stretch open for him the pain soon became pleasure, he continued to take pics of him fucking her as he got faster and harder. She was enjoying every second of being fucked by this big black monster cock. She came twice before his big cock made her squirt, running juice down the sides of his cock. “Can I cum in you” he asked her. She shook ataşehir escort her head. He told her to beg him not too! “Please don’t cum in me” she said. He carried on fucking her hard, teasing her that he was about to cum unless she begged him properly like a white whore should “Please don’t cum in my tight white cunt” she begged. He pulled his cock out of her and shot his load all over her big tits, then pushed his cock in her mouth to clean off.He stood up and cleaned his cock while she lay there on his couch covered in his cum. “Can I use your shower” she asked “Can’t go home to him covered in you”. He pointed her in the direction of the shower and she when I got in it. While she showered, he opened her bag up and found her phone. He expected it to have a key lock on knowing the things this girl got up to, but to his surprise the screen lit up and he was able to get into her message box. Within seconds he had found the name “Sexy Boy”, he quickly punched the number into his phone.She came back down from the shower all dress as if the afternoon of fucking hadn’t happened. “I’m gonna have to run” she said ” The boyfriend will be wondering where I am, will defiantly have to fuck you again though hun” He led her to the door and gave her a kiss before she run off to her car. He shut the door to her and opened up his phone. “Your missus fucking my black cock this afternoon” he typed in to the message box. He attached a pic of his cock inside her and one of her face and cunt. Then sent it to her boyfriend. “sleep with my mates wife will you” he muttered

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